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Gold`s Gym Golds Gym Christine Swain Dishonest Manager Provided Stalker Member with Female Fitness Model Private Information Mount Dora, Florida
6th of Nov, 2011 by User917493
The stalker and his bunch of co participants and encouragers keep on removing tirelessly this review I had posted in other websites ( showing their obvious guilt ), but this letter is everywhere. I was granted a Temporary Injunction against this man that belongs to the Gold`s Gym Mount Dora, but does not go in there to workout , goes in there to loiter around and stalked me and harassed me and " mobbed " others guys ( that I don`t even know ) to hate me. I am a married fitness model loyal to my husband and with perfect conduct and have being a member since this facility opened. Have complained to the old management and to the current female manager. Who appears to have an agenda with me, since in meetings with me and my husband she says she is aware and that I always go and do my thing and keep to myself. But around the guy and even to police she had a different story, in my absence. Coincidentally after her transfer to this facility from another one about 5 to 6 months ago, upon general manager position, my stalker had gotten really bold and fired up. Suspiciously enough, every time I complained she never wanted to have a meeting between me and this member face to face in her presence, for reasons unknown. I have filed 2 police complaints. The Gym has cameras to prove his stalking and following me around and people see his obnoxious behavior of bullying and stalking. He would find out about my complaints to management and come back even stronger. He retaliated more. Every time nothing happened, he got worse. He followed me around the Gym and shouted awful comments around and towards me and laughs. Starring and gazing me and my body. It had become a nightmare. We had an attorney write a letter to the Gym that this harassment could become a dangerous situation and since I have signed up for safety in the facility he demanded in his letter that they cancelled his membership to avoid any serious issues in the facility. Me and my husband were founding members of that location with over 5 years of membership, never generating any problems. After e mails to owner he finally called my husband to set a meeting and when we thought it was to tell us some good news, ( this was n July 26th at 2:30 pm ), since any business owner would not want the trouble of something occurring inside his facility or that was generated in there, so we went on the hopes that this man`s membership was being cancelled. I had made a registry, since the facility has security cameras, of what had happened to me and where inside the Gym and parking lot and saved in written for my records containing the dates and hours. This gentleman, one of the owners, started the meeting by suggesting " I changed my workout hours ", when I have been at that same time slot since the Gym had opened ( I had requested my attendance sheets and had it printed out ). To our amazement, towards the end of the meeting, had the idea of " collecting writen statements " from this man`s friends from the Gym ( same ones that man tries to mob against me ) , saying that he had done nothing wrong to me and that he would collect letters of people saying that I had " been rude " to them, when I am known for not even speaking to anyone in there and just going to workout and leave. The agenda against me was being confirmed. It was real. We were baffled that anyone that calls themselves fathers could act in such disturbing manner. We have also the e mail exchange with the owner, including my " Termination " by e mail just hours after I was granted my Temporary Injunction, and Gold`s Gym had been served their copy in that same day in the morning, according to manager and The Sherriff`s department that we called and verified that they got served too besides the Respondent. Even though we have requested a formal paper, I have never received any official letter or document terminating my membership or as the reason or motive why I was terminated besides this e mail from owner: " Taking into consideration the circumstances regarding your complaint, we find ourselves in the middle of a "she said/he said" situation. As business owners, we do not want to facilitate, or as you put it "be an accessory" to such and have determined that removing Gold's Gym from this situation to be the best and safest solution for all. Therefore, we are terminating your membership immediately and refunding your current months dues. While we understand this may not be to your liking, we are not the police and cannot be expected to act as such. We encourage you to take whatever steps are necessary to protect yourself and we will cooperate/assist if we can. Thank you in advance for you understanding with this matter. " He wasn`t " removing Gold`s Gym from this situation " he was choosing to keep the stalker. And punish the victim. I am still appalled that I have worked out in there for so many years being unaware of how unsafe and unimportant I was to them. Paid every month non stop since I had joined that facility. Was a loyal member. How can a business retaliate a woman that is taking action against her obvious stalker? They were an accessory to his stalking, helped it get really bad lately and waited for me to take action to expel me from the Gym humiliated. Gold`s Gym took upon themselves to make a " mockery " out of my Injunction and acted like their own " Judges ". My Injunction hearing in August 9th was nothing short of strange. I was not even allowed to have my witnesses which was the best one, my husband, that has seen that man talk in his habitual aggressive manner yelling at me with his hands just a couple inches of my face. I did not bring my attorney, since I thought that my five pages written statement in that Injunction explaining all of my ordeal and my two Police Complaints and this member`s known behavior at the Gym ( manager had told me there were other complaints besides mine about him also ) were going to be sufficient for being Granted a Permanent Injunction. There was the Court Room Bailiff in there, a female Police Officer that called our names in for the hearing, It was a quick hearing. I was not granted my Injunction, since Gold`s Gym had terminated me and the Injunction included Gold`s Gym as the main place where it all was happening. Some attorney`s that I have consulted with have the opinion that since Gold`s Gym was in the Injunction, that would be a Violation of the Injunction. But the Justice System in Lake County did not see it that way. We have ( attorneys and us ) the audio transcript from that Injunction hearing obtained at the Court House in Tavares. Since I wasn`t granted protection and was pretty much on my own luck, I already had the feeling that it was going to be a matter of time until he would try to find other ways to continue the harassment since he could no longer victimize me at the Gym and parking lot anymore. Apparently is ongoing in that Gym the defaming and obsessing with me, since I have had people ask me and my husband things and say that they`ve heard it in there about me to this day. Huh? Meanwhile, I never even knew this man`s name until my second Police complaint when Mount Dora Officers went in the Gym to get his story, and that second Police Report print came out having his name within. An attorney had advised us about the Florida Anti Stalking Statue of 2009 ( ) so we decided to take my case to the State`s Attorney Office. After days of our meeting I received a letter dated August 3 of 2011 that says " ... DECLINE TO FILE charges in the above entitled cause based on the following grounds: INSUFFICIENT EVIDENCE TO PROVE CHARGE. " . The Gym has cameras, but I never heard of them being subpoena for this investigation. My word and my husband`s witnessing of all of my pain and suffering and damages we were going through did not matter either. I can`t describe how it is to feel let down and unprotected like that, including by the Justice System. And as a result of nothing happening to this man in terms of Justice, he got on a " power trip ", and eded up feeling in the position of filling some frivolous, bogus small claims case against me, claiming " defamation of character and stress " ( really ?? ) , where amongst other things he wrote on his Affidavit about me on the second paragraph last line on those words: " Because of her behavior, she was banned by all Golds Gym`s owned by the current owner ", when all what I have from Gold`s Gym is an e mail from the owner, which I copied and pasted the text above in this letter. I have an attorney Countersuing, since I am the one with real issues and losses here . He also attached to his law suit a copy of a PRIVATE e mail sent by me on July 20th 2011 complaining of my ordeal in that Gym, addressed to Gold`s Gym manager that she maliciously handed to the stalker, and this e mail contains my private information such as my e mail address and my cell phone number and private facts disclosed that should never land in this man`s hands, How do you attach to a law suit filed in Court a document that was never intended to land on your hands? Brilliant intelligence. The ethics of Gold`s Gym management and their disregard for my safety never ceased to surprise.This man thinks that because he didn`t get arrested and the Lake County Justice System ( quite famous even on the Internet ) has failed me, he is in the clear and feels protected by the lack of justice and feels immune to the laws. When it is notorious his harassing and stalking and even after I have left the Gym people in there have told my husband that it continues in my absence, the defaming, talking, plotting, and his bragging about his own versions of things and what has happened, because he feels immune to Justice. In his small claims Affidavit he names two Police Officers including the one present at my hearing as his witnesses ( ??? ), probably to intimidate me? Make me fear for my life???? Any more???? I would not want to be in his witnesses list, since I recognize them all as co participants or encouragers of his acts. There are other findings about his " witnesses " . And their pattern of acting the same ways over and over... This man didn`t even show up for the second mediation. Claiming he was late and didn`t know what time the Mediation was going to be, when in the Court Documents there it is his signature acknowledging that this mediation was at 9 in the morning. He is a farse, a liar, has no character. I have done nothing wrong, I AM THE VICTIM HERE. I have all of the copies of the paperwork and several attorneys are aware and have copies themselves. I have also contacted the Consulate of the Country I was born, so that they are also aware. The paperwork was also sent to a few news channels and their legal departments as a safety measure. Some channels got interested on doing a story and publishing it. To this day I continue to be cyber, phone stalked, and group harrassed by his friends and acquaintances. I have had torelocate, because I could not live in a town where a maniac is immune to Justice and can do whatever he pleases and get no punishment. Racism maybe??? I do not not live around there anymore, but he still tries to find other ways to continue his stalking. Including the small claims law suit, that is in reality an easy sure way of " keeping tabs " or seeing me in Court time and time if I had not hired a lawyer and feeling like he is control of something since he can even see me anymore. Being a loyal paying member of Gold`s Gym Mount Dora for almost 5 years has cost me a lot. It cost me a lot of money, time and caused me a lot of pain. I hope this doesn`t happen to other women and that Gym`s everywhere don`t participate on the harrassing of it`s members and that they don`t provide private e mails and data to people that should not have them. Ethics and regard for others safety is what needs to be learnt by Gold`s Gym Mount Dora and its manager.

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