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Governor John Kasich - Ohio State Medical Board of Ohio Carries on cases at the State Medical Board for objecting to the wrong care for 19 years, wi
23rd of Nov, 2011 by User262089
Joe Paterno & Governor Kasich - The McQueary 'Play' of Doing Nothing: Governor John Kasich carries on cases at the State Medical Board against women MDs for objecting to the wrong medical, orthopedic, etc. care for 19 years - with no patient complaints - just piles of lies, cheating, and no end in sight at taxpayer expense. This is a type of case that no other State Medical Board does because it is unethical to NOT allow a woman physician autonomy over her own medical care. A woman MD can't refuse the wrong medical care in Ohio.

The 'parent' Medical Board of Ohio wants to dictate what diagnoses women MDs (not DOs) should have, what treatments they should get or not get, who they should refer to, and where they should practice or not get a medical license. Then Anita Steinbergh D.O. isn't responsible for anything despite being a Board Member for almost 20 years, and Mr. Whitehouse (the Executive Director) can't pick up his phone. Meanwhile, the Governor ignores the problem by having his secretarial staff hang up on any call about this situation - he's working on career planning. Governor Kasich is planning that Ohio is just a temporary stop - there's those guest appearances on ABC's Pan Am.

To go along without any thought of a 'moral obligation, is a 'sinkhole' that every Governor since Celeste has fallen into because of the lack of reforms at the State Medical Board of Ohio. Cases are still conducted with 'confidential' files, no evidence, no care-to-function of the physician allowed, no statutes of limitation and no sense. Meanwhile, the statute of limitations for suing the State Medical Board of Ohio is ephemeral. Male physicians can get their files, but women can't, in Ohio. Anita Steinbergh & Mr. Tom Dilling were asked about this in 2000, and the answer was that The Medical Board of Ohio can do anything it wants for its 'friends' regardless of any law.

Governor Kasich campaigned to solve the problems, but has done nothing except to make it more difficult for women with serious fractures to get any pain medication. No new appointments, no review of decade-old cases with no physician complaints, and no interventions - he expects things to stop on their own before he leaves office - like McQueary in the Penn State locker rooms.

Like Mike McQueary, the Governor claims to be 'distraught,' but not to intervene physically to stop anything - heard that one before. Governor Kasich isn't meeting a moral obligation that all of us have, to say something about 'killing' another person by not allowing them a job, or medical care.

If the State Medical Board doesn't agree about the care, the women physician with her license suspended won't get any care until she signs the 'confession,' or admits the Board's case - ridiculous as the case is with no patient complaints. The more ridiculous the case, the longer it goes on - there's no statute of limitations.

The Medical Board of Ohio, because of the need for statistics about bad physicians, is now going after women physicians who complain about bad care problems. They don't fix anything, the Board just says that the woman physician needs the Board's help to not 'make too much of bad care.' It is an impairment in Ohio to notice that standards have slipped. But there are no guidelines on 'not making too much.'

What happens is that a newly Board-certified woman MD gets a staff appointment at a hospital in the Cleveland area, and suddenly becomes a target of the old boy establishment. The 'hunger games' begin to get her off the staff, or disable her with some medical, or orthopedic, quasi-intentional mistake (an IED of sorts). This happens as she is trying to put her personal life together; get married, have a child or two, and make a home for herself - common things that all the guys have, but which women don't get the time for when they have to keep covering for the males.

So the woman MD is make to feel out-of-place, her fractures are left uncasted as a 'message,' and she complains and loses her medical license - what the boys planned all the while. The orthopedic didn't even stock cast material, and the Hillcrest ER didn't use stockingette or take x-rays of the fracture - but they did have a microwave for Dr. Nice to 'buzz' pizza, and the pizza.

Then the woman MD doesn't have anything, and The State Medical Board of Ohio wants serial 'goes' at her to destroy her self-confidence, her medical confidentiality, and her personal integrity. No boundary is respected, no information isn't published, and no tasteless comment is off-limits - even medical reports & Pap smears are published for ridicule. HIPAA law doesn't apply. And it's all about a stupid principle - the male physicians don't have to refer, consult, or send their medical records in Ohio as they have a friend(s) on the State Medical Board of Ohio, i.e. Carla O'Day M.D. and then Anita Steinbergh D.O.

Governor Kasich wants to be a national political player, yet he can’t get the State Medical Board into any kind of order, allow transparency, or pass medical mistake laws - things that just about every other State & Governor have accomplished without much of a fight. Physician ‘cases’ go on for decades with the Ohio State Medical Board ordering serial ‘goes’ on women MDs because they don’t know women’s medical care, or can’t DISCUSS - the Board has the emotional maturity of a 2-year old having a NO-temper-tantrum.

The Medical Board of Ohio can't do anything without a psychiatric consult, which is just a euphemism for multiple evaluations about a woman MDs sex & dating life. The sex is discussed for hours - the woman MDs dating history (not her medical history) - paying laywers, hearing officers, and case workers at prime rates. It's why Ohio needs gambling casinos - to pay for The State Medical Board of Ohio. And like the TSA, the Medical Board does not 'catch' the real 'bad' MDs; they 'catch' the pretty women MDs that get their attention for saying 'No' - the poster girl to say what will happen to those who 'don't put out.'

Meanwhile, the women physicians get medically ill with the withholding of care - no ob-gyn care, no blood work, and even the Cleveland Clinic does nothing. One woman MD has fractured 8 bones so far, and the State Medical Board of Ohio, and Senator Grendell, think that she just needs a 'new right Ohio psychiatrist' - even for a shoulder fracture that Dr. John Brems could do nothing for. Dr. Grendell of course knows the diagnosis. The fractured woman MD has a case worker, but not a life - essentially no medical care for the bone problem. Grendell sends state troopers to her parent's house to check on how much further the Ohio Board has to go to destroy her family, home, and parents.

That the State Medical Board can get away with all this cheating is what John Kasich & his staff think a good 'joke.' Just like Joe Paterno thought the shower molestations were just 'fondling,' Governor Kasich thinks that what the State Medical Board of Ohio does is just 'standard of care.' Neither Governor Kasich, nor Brad Reynolds went to Medical School, so they are medical-wise no-brainer empty heads = they don't kapeesh medical.

The Ohio Court of Appeals throws these cases out, and the Ohio Medical Board lies again to roundabout, as they can’t be wrong or do reforms. There are endless Ohio state monies (free cash flow) to continue these cases in Columbus. No case is too ridiculous to investigate on a woman MD. There are presently, in 2011, a stack of false cases - which was admitted by the Ohio Speaker’s Office in 2003 - where physicians are literally wasting their careers in Ohio. No other state, despite the reciprocity of licenses, can get these 'confidential' files to make their own decision.

No Governor has taken any responsibility for this 'mess' since Governor Celeste. The reason: the State of Ohio is liable big-time, and opening these files will paralyze state government with claims for damages - the powers in Columbus know that the cases are false - no argument there. The problem is how to END them - no procedural rules to dismiss after so much time. Most cases could be solved with simply an opening of the ‘confidential’ complaint(s) – to see what the problem(s) is/are - or allowing the Ohio Court of Appeals the file, so that The Medical Board can't keep changing the file and the case.

The personality accusations against one woman MD have gone through the whole diagnostic and statistical manual of Psychiatry (=DSM) - at a cost of over $500,000 to the state (the filing & storage charges alone are 'in the red' after 20 years. Her crime: she didn't like her orthopedics who mistreated her fractures, ran away, and left her with every complication in the Orthopedic Textbooks while insulting her at every office visit and refusing to refer the case up - they didn't have to as she didn't 'deserve' care.

The Ohio Medical Board cheats on cases and legislators know this, laugh, and look the other way – the taxpayer pays again = Joe Paternoisms. Attempts to get any ‘discussion’ never go anywhere as Mr. Whitehouse can’t answer his phone. Anita Steinbergh DO is simply not responsible for these cases, although she’s watched them stack up for 19 years while a Member on the State Medical Board.

A lot has been written about the failures at Penn State, but Governor Kasich has moral obligations like Governor Tom Corbett - a ‘moral obligation’ to intervene and undo false physician cases at the State Medical Board of Ohio, to stop the abuse of women physicians for Ohio stats. Governor Kasich can get the ‘confidential’ files of MD license cases - where the license was taken for objecting to admittedly wrong patient care by a physician with ‘friends’ on the Board. No one challenges the bad care part.

Governor Kasich can recommend a review of the cases that have gone on too long and cost too much –but Brad Reynolds cannot be the go-solve-it boy. One woman physician is going to die of an untreated bone problem with continued fractures soon, if the State Medical Board can’t admit that she has a bone problem. Governor Kasich's office just hangs up when she calls – to ‘hear nothing wrong’ like the Penn State Athletic Director. Moral obligations stop at the PA-Ohio State line apparently.

This women MD has asked every bone 'expert' at Cleveland Clinic to help: Chad Deal MD will only diagnose & write for what the Medical Board wants (won't look at the blood work), Abby Abelson M.D. won't intervene, and Angelo Licata MD will only do the 'rain dance' minimum - yet all collect 5 to 6-figure pharmaceutical company payments per year. They know about bone drugs, but this woman MD isn't getting one of them despite the fact that every other woman in the Beachwood-Heights-Hunting Valley-Geauga radius is on one or more of these drugs and getting their vitamin D levels checked quarterly.

There are cases at the State Medical Board of Ohio that have gone on far longer than any abuse in the Penn State locker room showers, i.e. before 1998. Cleveland area hospital & Clinic showers are just as 'McQ-steamy.' The abuse occurs when the State Medical Board can’t find a case against the physician, so her life becomes a public records affair. In Ohio they can take a medical license to ‘look’ for a case with a provisional diagnosis that is totally ‘once upon a time.’

So far Governor Kasich has failed to meet any ‘moral obligations’ of intervening. It is only a Christmas 'prayer' that there might be a 'miracle' before the end of 2011 - and it's very much only a prayer, and he's no longer Catholic.

These OSMB frauds involve the mistreatment of women physicians, and the rewarding of Board Members for fixing cases where they have a conflict of interest = so the payback 'cash' is in hospital contracts, appointments, and consulting jobs which no one can trace. Some Board Members have been appointed, and reappointed, for nearly 20 years, i.e. Anita Steinbergh D.O. What Mike McQueary ran into – playing true to the team – is what women physicians do badly in Ohio - where the only way to handle medical mistakes is to lie about them – to take one for team Ohio.

The Ohio State Medical Board will order the woman MD to endless 'goes, yet kudos to Penn State, and JoePa, for not ordering a psychiatric evaluation – or six – on Mike McQueary. The Ohio State Medical Board can take the licenses of women physicians who don’t change their story, go along, or who make too much of the bad care and medical mistakes - women MDs never get 'administrative leave.' The problem with the medical mistakes is not that they happen, it’s that they have to be covered up with psychiatry in Ohio. Mike McQueary was lucky that his coaching job was in Pennsylvania.
JoePA, and Mike McQueary, failed to do more years ago – but the problem is the Governor and The State Medical Board that are failing Moral Obligation 101 today in 2011 in Ohio.

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