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Harvard Risk Management Corp. Unemployed? Don't bother applying here..They want YOU to Pay them....AND use your phone mins to boot Cookeville, Tennes
15th of Nov, 2011 by User516707
They contacted me through online resume said they wanted a "Certified Identity Theft" person, then they have you call a # for info on the "company" takes an 1 hour.. they don't call you and you are put on a conference call and your lines are muted (so you can't ask any questions etc.) then this man talks for an hour (I am pretty sure that it is a tape made to sound like a live person, but like I said you can't say anything because they mute all the lines) they go through this whole speel about Identity theft and then they wait til the end and tell you that you are required to get your own PPL (pre paid legal) account at 39.99 A MONTH (this guy says it is so you can tell new clients your experiences w/ PPL) and you have to go to PPL and do their certification before being hired at Harvard Risk Management Corp. Now mind you this is someone looking for a JOB..I think it is a appalling.. Not only did I have to use my MINS., TIME, then they wanted my money too. Be aware!!! Don't waste your time/money.
2342 days ago by Marge Schernecke
I had exactly the same experience! Harvard Risk Management, specifically their Recruiter, a Judy Englehart rec'd my resume off an employment agency site on which I had it posted. She wrote me an e-mail saying how interested they were in my resume and they would like to schedule a "job" interview with me. I just completed NOT a job interview, but a "SALES PITCH"!

The so called telephone interview was conducted by a Charles "Chuck" Fields. At the outset of the call, which should have been a sign, he said that he had put the call on "mute" for all those who were participating in the call. That meant the interviewees like myself were unable to asked questions or respond to any questions, which an interview usually involves.

The first ten minutes of the call had to do with a program about selling Identity Theft Protection packages to small businesses for their employees. This sounded legitimate. The remainder of the call was all about Prepaid Legal Services. I continued to listen even though I had refused an offer from this company more than two years ago. Chuck said that Prepaid was the second and important part of Harvard's program.

When "Chuck" finally got to the part about how each candidate being interviewed was required to buy the combined packages I yelled that I was hanging up, that his was a BIG SCAM!

Anyone receiving an e-mail from Harvard Risk Management should beware. This company as well as Pre-Paid should be investigated. They claim they are both on the NYSE. If this is true, it just reinforces the fact that our government is allowing these types of scam ridden companies to do business at the expense of unsuspecting businesses and their employees.
2339 days ago by Curtis10
Marge your information is incorrect. I will keep this brief because I do not have time to explain to someone who is probably broke or never had nothing in life to be a disaster in others who may be interested. Harvard Risk Management Corporation and Pre-Paid Legal Services known as LegalShield is NOT a scam, please do your thorough research on a company before slandering it. They offer real products and services, just because you are not interested, does not mean the next person is not. So please keep your negative and false information on scamming to yourself. By the way, stay broke and there will be a day where you will need legal help through LegalShield and Identity Theft Protection. You will need LegalShield before it needs you, I bet my life on it, think I'm not telling the truth visit and hear the testimonials.
2337 days ago by Bob1974
Curtis, I'll keep this brief. How long have you been working for them? I can tell by your comment "you can just stay broke" that you have to be an insider. Curtis, remember, NOT everyone can bullsh*t enough to sell. Some folks just don't have that gift. So please try it temper your comments toward people that don't have your gift.
2333 days ago by Ryan Anderson
Other than your time what exactly was your "loss" ?

You were on a telephone call where someone told you exactly what would be expected of you and what you would be required to pay to be involved.
2333 days ago by Ricki Goodfellah
Ryan, it is a SCAM designed to take your money and make it their's just to participate in a larger Scam where you hose other people out of their money.

LEGIT Companies Pay You for training and provide you with telephone expenses. Thje RipOff Report is full of Complaints...

You people Suck and take advantage of those who can least afford it!
2322 days ago by Jberd11
I love the people who defend it! These companies are ridiculous. They offer no investment, no real product and then they want you to pay them? If this job was so fantastic it would be filled and your recruiters wouldn't have to be trolling on job sites to find people. I am not that desperate. I work with the rich of the rich everyday in Michigan and not one of them has anything to do with this type of "opportunity", so you guys go get rich on this scheme, I'll take my chances elsewhere!
2320 days ago by ISPEAKTHETRUTH
Harvard offers 2 legitimate products for sale LegalShield and Kroll ID Theft. The company does not offer a job. It offers you an opportunity to become an Independent Agent affiliated with Harvard and be in business for yourself.

There is NO COST to become a Harvard Agent, get Trainer and Certified to sell their products. Legal Shield requires Agent membership in order to sell their product and receive a commission for each membership sold

Want to become your own boss and represent Carvel or McDonald's or Crispy Creme, etc? Get ready to fork over hundreds of thousands of dollars or more for a franchise.

Sales is not for everybody. Working as an Independent Agent is not for everybody.

The complainers who have posted here should not discourage those who have sales ability, want to sell a legitimate product and be in business for themselves.

If the opportunity isn't for you, acknowledge that fact and move on with your life.

Con't ruin the opportunity for others.
2308 days ago by JimmyBX
CURTIS- How would you know if anyone on this board is broke or not, you ignorant baboon. Those of us who have worked sales can identify an insider (employee or rookie sales rep) typing bullshit on a board to defend a company. A successful sales rep for the company wouldn't be on this board where job seekers are looking for information. Harvard Risk Management just emailed me and thanks to YOUR response, they won't interview me. I AM employed and looking for better opportunities. You just fucked over Harvard with your response. Good job, douche.

If Harvard were a legit product, they wouldn't need to troll job sites for candidates. I'm sure they make a killing selling the package to sales reps who don't know any better. This isn't a sales job. It's a pitch to own your own business. It's completely misleading and should be dealt with properly.
2308 days ago by ISPEAKTHETRUTH

Why are you angry at Curtis?

Why are you contradicting yourself?

And knock it off with the profanity laced personal attacks. That is what ignorant inarticulate people do who can't maintain a discussion and lack critical thinking skills -- lash out profanely at others.

If you believe Harvard is not legit, and they are, then why were you applying to them for a position in the first place?

And if you believe they are not legit, and they are, why are you so upset at their rejection of you?

No wonder they would not interview you with your negative attitude.

Harvard is a broker selling 2 products owned by other companies and hiring Independent Agents to sell the 2 products.

What is your problem with that?

I believe you don't know the difference and don't want to learn the difference between an employee of a company and an independent agent of a company

Good luck in your job search

All companies, FYI, seeking qualified candidates regularly canvass employment job sites
2289 days ago by Vegasreview
2284 days ago by Beniceonhere
double wow...some angry people out there. I also got the ad, checked into it, didnt feel comfortable, so no loss and am moving on. No biggie.
2261 days ago by Schleppcar
Well - I'm in the process of job seeking - am presently at the "pre-interview" stage with Harvard and can see both sides here. No one likes being disappointed. A job seeker could be facing a lot of pressures, worries and fears ... if what they thought could be a solution to these issues was not what expected - anger and outrage is the only available outlet when you're scared to death about your future. On the other hand - my acknowledgement email from Harvard informed me in advance that an investment would be likely and required and gave me insight into pay structure. The choice to continue is my own and knowing what to expect is a courtesy. These days you're lucky to even get acknowledgement at all of a submitted resume. Imfind both sides valid. Depending upon your personal situation you can find the CEOs comments offensive or laugh along with them. I found all the commentary useful - both negative and neutral alike. For seekers like myself still looking I offer only this - be clinical. If you believe you can succeed in offering the product to consumers and enjoy this line of work then go for it and consider the up front investment your skin in the game. If their products are not for you then move on .. the next great opportunity could be around the corner.
2204 days ago by TedYoung
Harvard Benefits is probably legit. Their products are probably legit.
HOWEVER: There is a difference between offering someone a "job" and offering them an "opportunity"; much less an "opportunity with investment required".
Where the problem comes in is that HB fails to disclose that an investment is required up front in the process.
People call in to what they think is an employment interview only to learn that it is an opportunity with investment required.
If HB deceives it's prospective agents in that manner, I cringe to think of how they treat prospective clients.
2144 days ago by Jestme
After having just received my own email from HB and invite to the "call" I appreciate reading everyone's comments here. After having my doubts when first being emailed by the company I have done quite a bit of research including the BBB site which presently shows all listed companies on the HB site to be rated an A or higher except for Iron Mountain whose accreditation with the BBB has been revoked. Due to my age and having been around the "unemployment" block a time or two I know the warning signs of a scam employment offer and have found that the opportunity with HB does include some of those. Some of what has already occurred just since receiving the initial email has already concerned me which is why I have been researching them online. I'm in a quandary as to whether or not to even proceed with the call tomorrow. I do have very big trepidations at this point.
2142 days ago by Michellepat
Hi Jestme - I just finished the sales pitch call and my point of view is that you shouldn't have to pay anything to become a "recruiter". It's not like you're getting licensed in anything...that I could understand. But paying $45.95 the first month then $35.95 a month indefinitely seems very sketchy to me. I understand them wanting recruiters to be familiar with the services, but they should be able to provide that familiarity through the training. It's not like we're selling the product, we're recruiting other people to sell it. Also, my guy Chuck's math seemed pretty inflated. He claims you could reasonably make $1500-$2000 in your first month. How does that work when you're only reasonably expected to recruit 5-7 people in the first month?? Let's say I recruited 7 people. I would get paid $100 for each one ($700 total), then my brand new team would have to sell 30+ policies for me to make $2K. Doesn't seem that realistic to me. Anyway, if it walks like a duck, talks like a duck, chances are, it's a duck. My gut tells me to run from this one.
2126 days ago by FedupinNH
Just got off 'the call' (it is recorded, by the way). Is Harvard Benefits legit? More or less. Do they sell a legitimate product? More or less. Is the way they recruit their agents to market their product less than forthright and very misleading? Absolutely!
Let me see if I have this right...
1. I need to BUY the product to be able to sell it (I'm going to be a integral part of Harvard's long term growth, but they can't invest 36 bucks/month in me?
2. I will be required to bring in 7-10 individual contracts before I can start selling to businesses. So I need to prey on my friends and family just like every other MLM scheme.
3. I will be required to PAY one of their suppliers for training & sales materials.
4. I will be required to pay ALL of my incurred expenses.
5. Pretty much anyone with a pulse that is willing to pay the fees can be an agent. Their web site states they currently haver over 2000 agents in the US, with no territory exclusivity, and no cap on the amount of new agents they can add. Those defending Harvard try to liken it to franchising, but a franchise offers protected territories.
6. Commission dollars quoted as compensation for a sale are in fact based on the total value of the annual other words the commission payment is a draw or loan that must be paid back if the contract is terminated prematurely.
7. Last, but not least, Harvard reserves the right to alter commission structure & rates, residual payments, and pretty much everything else in the contract AT THEIR SOLE DISCRETION.

My advice to anyone who signs on with Harvard Benefits is to immediately use the 'contract review' service and show the contract to a lawyer...he'll most likely tell you that you would be out of your mind to sign it!
2124 days ago by KatieQ
Im going to share my experience. I have 5 years recruiting experience and applied for a part-time position through an ad posted on Craigslist. I received an email from a recruiter, answered questions and scheduled for what I thought was a one on one phone interview. I sat through the call, which I didn't find that strange. As a recruiter I know of other companies that have done group interviews as an initial screen. I thought about it, came up with some specific questions and decided to take the next step. I emailed the recruiter, expecting that she would schedule a one on one interview where my questions could be answered. I received back a "congratulations" email, asking me to fill out all these forms, including the Legal Shield where I was expected to enroll AND give my credit card or checking account info for the $35.95 (+ $10 enrollment)payment. All before actually speaking with anyone in the company. Bottom line is its a cattle call. They don't care about qualified employees. They are partnered with Legal Shield to make money on job seekers. Even if the position doesn't work out for the employee, they still have made money off them.
The funniest part of this is I went on Legal Shields website and applied and it would only have cost me $17 a month FOR THE SAME COVERAGE HARVARD BENEFITS WAS CHARGING $35.95!!!
2114 days ago by TaMMeeLe
Thanks to all who shared your thoughts and experiences. I received an email today from the same gal, Judy Engelhart, for a "Certified Risk Management Consultant" position. Not sure if this is the same position offered to you guys, or perhaps they changed the title to sound important. After reading all your posts, don't think I want to pursue. I am not a job seeker; however, I am always on an outlook for a great opportunity but this doesn't seem like nearly a good opportunity. Sound to me like you'll have to work your butt off to make any money. Since Hardvard is using third party companies for product sales, they are taking a cut in your sales commissions; hence them being the middle man. As demonstrated by Katie, it costs you and your clients $35.95 buying the same product from Hardvard whereas it would only costs you $17 buying directly from Legal Shields. In other words, you and your clients are paying retail price rather than wholesale price.

Good luck to everyone and thanks again,
TaMMee Le
2014 days ago by Csalisb
Here is the video link they just sent me in case anyone wants to form their own opinion rather than jumping to hastily generalized conclusions:

This is not for me, but I can see where some people might like it. Typical 1099 opportunity.
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