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Have anyone been a victim of Ms. Terri Petty's, Project 4 Freedom Investment scammed that start
1st of Aug, 2010 by User338050
Have anyone been a victim of Ms. Terri Petty's, Project 4 Freedom Investment scammed that started in 9/14/2010 and was suppose to pay returns of 20 to 1 and then upgraded to 40 to 1? The conference call on 2/10/2011, she confessed she was scammed; in other words, all the nationwide of victims financial investments is GONE. But all the while the conference calls every Thursday since 9/14/2010 up to 2/10/2011 have been leading investors on as to everything is going great and we should see pay-outs this week. ALL A SCAM. She's suppose to have a SPECIAL CONFERENCE CALL on tomorrow 6:pm PST, 9PM EST @ 712-432-0075 Pin 784244#. Understand, I've heard the FBI Los Angeles Special Agent Phil Baldree is assigned to this Investment Fraud case (310) 477-6565 as well as a joint Task force with the Secret Service Agent Patrick Glaze (213)894-4830, I've called both to verify if this was true what I read on a Internet blog and its true they have investigations on-going. I understand now why she wanted to send out lying test mail checks, because she would avoid potential Federal wire fraud charges and mail fraud charges. But she forgot she made every effort to have 1,000's send their initial investment via wired and deposited directly into her account in Sept.2010, which the banks have the records of all the deposit. Also,she lied about she went to Bridgeway in Sept. 2010 for asset protection. I checked with the CA Secretary of state Business search for; You Create Freedom and she WAS NOT incorporated until Oct.13,2010, see it for yourself below.Entity Name: YOU CREATE FREEDOM CORPORATION Entity Number: C3334715 Date Filed: 10/13/2010 Status: ACTIVE Jurisdiction: NEVADA Entity Address: 4075 S DURANGO DR STE 111-58 Entity City, State, Zip: LAS VEGAS NV 89147 Agent for Service of Process: TERRI PETTY Agent Address: 1560-1 NEWBURY RD STE 505Agent City, State, Zip: NEWBURY PARK CA 91320 So she probably did invest the funds for the trade, but it was for herself. Ive been holding Iraqi Dinar for months now and they've been saying the re-evaluation should happen the last 7 yrs. It's just closer then ever now, but one cant bank on that and I'm on the Dinar calls every Monday and its definite but NO timeframe can be put on it. I can tell she don't listen to the Dinar calls, they NEVER STATED the value would potentially be at $5-$7 dollars. Its more realistically like $3.00 but still its been so call re-evaluating for 7 yrs now. Were just a lil bit closer now.Bridgeway IS NOT refunding any asset protection money either and thats what Gary and John Ewing stated also. They can get you a tax write off but NO REFUNDS since the initial referral came from a scam source, Terri Petty. Remember all that crying at 1st she was doing about people talking negative that this was a scam, now u can see that was a front. She had the ordasity to play, YOU CANT HANDLE THE TRUTH, in the background? She something else. I pray that she gets every bit of Federal time her, Dan, Shawn and others deserve, because NO ONE has the balls behind close doors to stop her, when they knew what the overall plan was to do. Its bigger than Bernie Madoff, not on the money wise, but on how many investors was taken for a ride. A seniors money is just like a million dollars to them. The last call had NO REMORSE in it at all. I have $10 Million in dinar,so what... One can't be compensated for their time and lies all this time. Everything she said about her doing this for 20 yrs and wasn't set up or incorporated already, WAS A LIE. Also, trader's get their fees off the top, she thinks people are dumb. But watch what comes her way.
2609 days ago by Rwinchrist53
I just talked with Terri Petty and she is doing her business out of a Motel 6 in Newberry Park, Ca. She was shocked that I got her number [she doesn't answer her business line] and that there had been yet another delay and she would explain everything on the Thursday night call.More lies I am sure. Anonymus Project 4 Freedom member
2609 days ago by Tete
This is Terri Petty's HOME address pass it far and wide as soon as you receive this, Yes she Lives in a Motel 6
Motel 6 1516Newbury Rd, Thousand Oaks CA office 809-499-0711 (hotel number)
Terri Petty's number: (805) 499-0711 ( might be her land line do not know but it is hers)

We have found out that miss Petty did us wrong once again. She did NOT go with the leasing company that was going to back OUR money with Money, she instead went on her own Ignorance and invested our money with someone else and now they keep giving her excuses for NOT paying us.

Once again she has screwed us, She is Heartless, not caring, all she cares about is herself, she must go to jail
She has done this several times in the past and N|O ONE has EVER gotten paid out.
She Drives a Hummer, and i s beleived to be in her 60s
There is also a Christopher (Petty) Mirras ( about 39yrs old) who has at times had the same address as hers. Look up the names yourself, all public information
The address given at this site is NOT Terri's the MOTEL 6 is where is LIVES on a daily basis.

None of us know Dan's address, nor his involvement with Terri.
We do not know if Terri Is involved in a covert way with Giovani Santiago and John Holmes ( who were said to be Given our money from the FIRST investment back in September of 2011.

Spread this to as many people as you can, post it everywhere on the net Craigslist, where ever you can think.. this Un-caring, Lying, Cheating, Greedy, Un-trustworthy &^&^^ Must go to Jail NOW and be Stopped from stealing people's money.
2609 days ago by Jsmith.archive
2609 days ago by Jsmith.archive
Once again she has screwed us, She is Heartless, not caring, all she cares about is herself, she must go to jail
She has done this several times in the past and N|O ONE has EVER gotten paid out.
She Drives a Hummer, and i s beleived to be in her 60s
There is also a Christopher (Petty) Mirras ( about 39yrs old) who has at times had the same address as hers. Look up the names yourself, all public information
The address given at this site is NOT Terri's the MOTEL 6 is where is LIVES on a daily basis.

None of us know Dan's address, nor his involvement with Terri.
We do not know if Terri Is involved in a covert way with Giovani Santiago and John Holmes ( who were said to be Given our money from the FIRST investment back in September of 2011.

Spread this to as many people as you can, post it everywhere on the net Craigslist, where ever you can think.. this Un-caring, Lying, Cheating, Greedy, Un-trustworthy &^&^^ Must go to Jail NOW and be Stopped from stealing people's money.
2609 days ago by Jsmith.archive
2608 days ago by Freedom Project BS
Its a shame that Terri has done this again...I figured this was going to happen as she's been lying from the very beginning and people have actually put MORE money into this "project". She even got some of the leaders to help her solicit new funds after most of them were so adamant that she was a scammer. She had the main guy Clark claiming to be driving from the East coast to the West coast to hand deliver money. If this is true, what a fool. If this isn't true, its sad to see him promoting Terri and her schemes to the masses. He must have a cut in this scheme. I lost a few thousand, but was smart enough to not further invest with her as I did not like her demeanor when this thing was going on the first time.

She came on the call in the beginning and solicited people to send in their funds stating "The Trade is still open, you can send your funds until x date"

Turns out the trade was closed, if there ever was a trade, but she still collected funds during this time.

Now she is rehashing the same information "Folks, I've seen the wire receipt..." Oh really, just like you stated back in November right?

"I talk with the trade platform everyday, things are fine" Are they? Just like they were back in November and December and even January?

'People, the platform feels so bad, they're even talking about offering us a bonus" Sure they are, let me guess, now we're not getting 20:1 or 40:1 but a HUGE 80:1???

"Folks, the money doesn't move" Really? Just like you stated in the beginning, that we were essentially guaranteed our money since it was in a safe account, where is it now?

Tonight she's going to feed some mumble jumble about the wire being held up again and they are working on the issues and that this is a huge scale project. and we need to be seasoned investors. This is why the platforms aren't opened to the general public because we worry too much right? Delays happen. "Checks are ready to go out and sitting on the printer, the envelopes are addressed-- be prepared for your financial blessing! Who's ready to be a millionaire next week??"

What good does our checks do us sitting on the printer? If I can't cash the check it means nothing!

Terri is full of crap! Its shocking to me that most people listen to the words come out her mouth and have been there from the beginning and are still hanging on to whatever she says, hoping and believing that this week is their week. Every week they are let down and longing for the Thursday night call to hear another bucket full of BS.

There will never be a payout and Terri will lie straight through her teeth for as long as she can. Its such a shame.

Well, there is a lesson in every situation that we go through. I say invest in a real business and work to grow that. It will take some time but at least we aren't focusing on some overnight get rich scheme, which never seems to work out.
2608 days ago by Freedom Project BS
...oh and I forgot to mention she may not ever do a Q&A session before the call anymore because people will start to ask the REAL questions. Also lets see what tricks she pulls out her hat now like inviting other people she "knows" to the call to vouch for her kindness and such. Oops, did I say invite? I meant to say that randomly show up on her call...yeah pretty interesting.

Good luck all.
2608 days ago by Been Scammed
Terri Petty who still has not paid us from a so called Bullet Trade that was "Supposed" to Pay out ..funnny thing she seems to have a history of Supposed to pay outs...

back to the Feb post, Terri came on the call and admitted that she was lying tothe members for months but she had a back up plan the back up plan was to pay the members with Iraq Dinar and all would be paid 40:1 this is in print on her site...

Now last night on the member call a caller asked her about the backup to pay us all.. Ha Ha Terri you need to know what is written on your own site..because she AGAIN LIED to the caller and said she NEVER had enough Dinar to pay everyone... Terri if you are going to lie, you need to know what you, maybe, lied about the first time...

Terri almost HAD to Explain all kinds of things last night on her conference call due to the fact that things are now on the net Exposing things about her. Thought it quite funny her Blaming G. Santiago & John H. stealing of the members money as a reason for her LOSING Everything and had her home foreclosed on forcing her to live in a Motel 6 with her dogs..because she could not live just anywhere with her dogs... here are pretty much her words from the call:

Yes, I am currently living in a motel, and if you would go back a few months ago, you may recall when I told you i lost everything over the the first trade debacle. I have dogs - not many places allow you to have pets but regardless, and said ..this is my personal business.

So she is blaming the first trade (where, without the members consent or knowledge, she signed members money away to G. Santiago ) she is blaming that as the cause of her living in a motel 6, which is:
[Motel 6 1516 Newbury Rd, Thousand Oaks CA Hotel:809-499-0711 ] as the cause of her foreclosure.
When she has been living in this hotel for at least THREE Years..
First trade was September of 2010 ANOTHER LIE for Terri Petty...

Here ae the FACTS if not let her prove it with her Signed Foreclosure papers..
Terri Petty as I have been told has been Living in the Motel 6 for at least THREE how can she say it was because of OUR money being stolen by someone that she did NOT check out ahd gave members money to? AGAIN she is telling lies, when does this woman stop?

For all those members who do NOT want to beleive the truth, ask Terri to produce her foreclosure papers for the you have cold hard facts not her pitty potty if she lies like she does, how do you know you will get paid next week?
Or will she come up with her famous Excuses and lies week after week to keep Stringing you along with all her lies? I guess you will see NEXT week.
Hope she can pull it off because if she can not it is JAIL time for her.

She stated on the call that people have found out where she lives and have her Home phone number and are calling her. Ha Ha, this is the Hilarious Part...
she says : " This is a gross invasion of her privacy" mind you the woman caused over half a millions dollars of members money to be stolen and now she went against Advice of members and chose ANOTHER group to invest members money with a Different trading Platform (without consulting with them and did not let them know she was following through with a plan that was TOLD to members) and she has the NERVE to say her privacy is being invaded TERRI WAKE UP

A lot of members gave more money to Terri Petty for a second trade..ONLY due to the fact that Terri was Supposed to transact business with this Leasing company, which was Highly suggested to use, (by a Group of Members that were going to WATCH Terri so that there would be Total Transperancy), Otherwise many member would NOT have given Terri Petty more money to get this trade done.

On the call last night she said she did not follow through with this agreed upon leaser to get the trade done because they would want more money and some other garbage that she probably put topgether in her Dilusional World..however... the leasing company is Solid and the members money was being backed by SEVERAL MILLION DOLLARS, strange how she forgot to mention that fact, to the members on the call last night .

She states things in a manner that make her look like the victim, so people side with her, when people start to see the truth and tell the truth. Many members, whether they like to hear it or not, are Very Gullible and people like Teri Petty Know all to well how to prey upon them..however these people, if they would Read what is posted on the website and then Listen to what she says on the calls, will Hear the lies...Truth shall Prevail

Terri you have had too many excuses since September of last year, if the members are not paid next week, I hope those of you reading this will start to file complaints, starting at the United States Postal Inspector, no more games for this lady. Terri Petty has been involved in trades in the past where people NEVER got paid.

So she has had enough exposure to different contacts in this she says...Produce or pass go and go to Jail...
2607 days ago by Freedom Project BS
I knew that there was going to be some other excuses that she produced on the call last night. I was also waiting for her tricks that she usually pulls out of her sleeve.

The last poster is correct regarding Terri's mention of her living in a Motel 6. She waited until the very end of the call to talk about that rumor which is now proven to be fact on her living situation. She did mention that she lost her house four years ago and then later switched it up to say that she lost everything n the first trade debacle, almost verbatim as what the last poster stated.

Terri also put her last statement on the website from Chase bank (March 1 - March 31st) to prove that the money is in the account and didn't move. The funny thing is that on her call she mentioned that the trade started on April 5TH so the banking statement means absolutely nothing in providing proof that the funds are still in the account. Members need to request this months statement April 1- April 30th) for that truth to be proven. If Terri can't and won't produce this then we know that the money is not in the account as she states.

Now we're moving to this week for payout. Realistically, from what Terri is stating the funds should arrive, we should expect returns/checks to be sent no earlier than Wednesday of this coming week. She is expecting funds, based on what the "platform" has told her on Monday by Midnight.

I honestly believe that Terri is halfway out of her mind. Why would she go away from a group that stated they would cover our funds to a totally new platform is beyond me.

Somehow I feel that we will be on Thursday's call and she is going to say "Well, I told you last week, I only go by what the platform is telling me. I never said that we would be paid this week folks. What I said was that I was hoping to get the funds in my account by Monday. We have to be patient, delays happen -- its right around the corner."

Is she too blind to see that she has possibly gotten taken AGAIN?

Well folks, see you with your recent complaints next week. Same time, same site, MORE BS Ahead!!

Its funny, but its getting a a bit ridiculous, I hope this does happen, but its becoming more of a comedic scene on Thursdays for me. We have people calling those who see the truth the DEVIL on the phone before the call, and its like those who don't see the truth are blinded by the DEVIL. Its good to be optimistic, but don't be taken advantage of constantly. Where will be the line drawn for those people to see that they may have lost their funds...when Terri is sitting behind bars? Somehow I don't believe that will even alter their opinions.
2607 days ago by Freedom Project BS
In respect to what has been posted above about not expecting to receive funds any earlier than Wednesday due to Terri Petty verbally stating on the call that Funds should arrive by Midnight, Monday May 2, 2011. Terri Petty (or someone from her team) has taken that portion out of the update and left the verbiage that she has no control over what happens.. Do you think she's preparing for something?? Seems like she, it looks like she's going to be very "careful" about what is posted on the website. Do you think Terri Petty is going to deny stating that the funds were to arrive on her next PROJECT4FREEDOM2010 call? Or is she erasing information from the website that may tie her to her crime when members decide to take actions against Terri Petty and her FREEDOMPROJECT2010?
2607 days ago by Been Scammed
As it says above about Terri ( saying Terri, because who else would take it out??? I think she figured she would cover her bottom end ) taking out part of the conference call transcription that was on Terri's website, boy oh boy, is she something else ( Terri), doesn't she know that some folks copied and saved the posts just for back up?

Terri truth seekers know about liars and that is why some folks copy things down for reference. You once again Messed up. You are loosing your composure, your lies are starting to catch up with you. If ONLY you were Honest, this would not be happening. You have stolen too many people's money in the past, it is now catching up to you.

Stop playing games with people's lives and hopes and dreams.

THE SENTENCES BELOW, came right after ( of today has not arrived.)

Terri spoke with her contact today and has been assured that the 3 (business) day process has started and we can count today as business day #1. Realistically then, Terri hopes to receive the funds by midnight Monday, May 2.

(this is the sentence that followed, which is still on the website) Terri does not have control ------

What a shame that you have to lie Terri, we gave you all of our trust. We are really praying that you are telling us the truth about your "BEING ASSURED of the 3 day process, " ( as stated in the sentences that you removed from the website) AND that we can COUNT ON MONDAY MIDNIGHT FOR YOUR BANK TO RECEIVE FUNDS...

A question for Terri is this
IF you were so sure you had such a Reputable person to give the MEMBERS MONEY TO, why do you have ANY doubts at all that you would not receive this money in your account to pay the members?

Remember the group that was supposed to watch over you with the second GIVING of MONEY to you to put into a LEGITIMATE TRADE? They took it upon themselves to GIVE you a Reputable company where the MEMBERS MONEY was going to be backed BY MILLION OF DOLLARS..

But oh No good Decision maker Terri Petty ( who gave the Members Money to G Santiago, who STOLE it from YOU) just can not listen to HONEST folks can you, you jsut have to continue to use YOUR BAD, HORRIBLE JUDGMENT, to have members money STOLEN...

Well once again Terri if you again have given the members money to the WRONG People WHEN you were given a REPUTABLE Company..YOU ARE TOTALLY TO BLAME and YOU MUST BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE.

I Pray that this pays out next week...the day has come FOR THE BOTTOM LINE...NO MORE..
2603 days ago by Freedom Project BS
Well...its Tuesday night and still no update on packages being shipped...I am going to assume that again funds will not be delivered this week and Terri Petty will get on her call with another lame excuse as to why it did not happen and shoot out some crazy number for bonuses of the next contract. What good is a next contract if the first contact can't ever complete and pay out?
2603 days ago by WWHumanitatian
Since I am familiar with private placement platform trading and have been for several years I know that the information that Ms. Petty has given is not accurate. I also know that anyone who is trading on the platform know what the process is and the qualification to participate, but as she said on one of her calls you don't know about the ppp's.

1. She stated that she was in daily contact with the trader.
She posted a bank statement with a transfer of funds to the account on March 31 in the amount of $495k.
The minimum for the platform is $100mm. She is therefore, if she is actually trading, doing it through someone else who with her contribution has the minimum to trade. Please note there are some trade platforms with a min of $500k. She originally said the wire transfer was stopped because her funds were not seasoned.
This verification is part of the compliance package, of which she did not go through with a trader since according to her bank statement does not have enough funds to trade. Also she stated it is a bullet trade therefore someone else is actually on trade.

2. She on a subsequent call said the wire did not go through because of some problem with the bank and the funds are coming from Australia. Well I thought it was because the funds weren't seasoned. There have been several 72 hours passed and still no payments.

2. On the last call she kind of sneaked in that she was actually talking with someone else to get information on the wire and platform. Didn't she say several times in previous conversations that she was talking to the trader directly daily??? What's up with that?

3. If she was prepared to trade back in September and going forward why are her funds not seasoned? Where is this transfer from? All these all the funds she has collected? The only funds that would not be seasoned are the funds she collected in March. Part of the compliance is verifying source of funds that are not seasoned.

Initially, though I knew what she said did not make sense and 1+1 did not =2, but I thought that the person(s) who is actually on the trade may be making multiple trades, collecting hugh funds and will pay Terri the original amount promised ( this does happen). However, since Terri can't get her story straight she appears to be a liar and if she know about the trades and that these are professional people who do this daily and have done this for many, many years, she would come up with better and more consistent lies, that makes sense to those who know how these platforms work.

I really hope that people are paid, but here it is Wednesday and no word and no payments to people.

I learned a long time ago that people who let God come out of one side of their mouth can and will also scam and lie out the other side. Surely their reward awaits them. I do hope that this is not the case but the handwriting seems to be on the wall.

This is all I will say. These are not the only reasons that I know something is wrong but let's see what the next story is. I'm sure if Terri reads this there will be a reason why what I have said here is not true. My statements concerning how the platforms work can be verified.

I will keep all of you in my prayers who really are looking forward for this to materialize for your livelihood and wellbeing.

Hope to see returns this week.

p.s Terri, if you are telling the truth you think you might be in a scam, again, yourself?
2601 days ago by BeenScammedByTerriPetty
This is not the 1st investment scam that Terri Petty has been involved in. Terri Petty has been taking money from people and not delivering on her promises for years in other words committing fraud. I gave her almost $10, 000 in 2000 for Prosper International League Limited (abbreviated as P.I.L.L.). I lost all my money I gave Terri Petty for Pill which was an offshore investment. I was promised huge returns similar to what appears Terri promised with her Sept 2010 Project4Freedom. Terri Petty has been conning people out of her money it appears for almost 10 years or more. So I hope this time she doesn't get away with it. Or gotten off easy a 1st offender. I hope the FBI and Secret Service go and do their homework.
2596 days ago by Whatashame
Wow!! I wish you people that have been scammed by Terry would have made the report before, this way
I would not have given her my money.

Maybe its time, we report her and get her behind bars, where she belongs. This is not a threat from me,
but I heard that Terry better hide, they are out to get her ass. What will happen I don't know, but it does not sound good. I would hate to be looking over my shoulder every minute of my life. But what ever happens to
her, so be it--she sure did ask for it.

As it is looking more and more like a scam, Terry is a very professional person in scamming people, not only did she get me once, but twice. But I'm satisfied that some day she will get her just reward.

We are Tuesday night and still no signs of Terry ever paying us.
2586 days ago by Jamesyucker
OK, how many members in this group would like to have a separate conference call? A call that is not screened like the call on Thursday night? How many of you have requested a refund and received one? I have been involved with this project for many months like a lot of you have. I am not one of the so-called "leaders", so I don't have anyone to answer to or try to pursuade me not to think for myself. As a former US Marine, I know what it means to be loyal, but I have had enough! I have never been the type to just sit back and doing nothing. I want all the members that want to speak up and tell the other members their experience since joining this program be able to do so. I've listened enough to the way the questions are screened on Thursday nights, never no straight answers and the same people asking questions. I do not believe no payments/profits will ever come, so everybody's monies should just be returned. Speaking out about what has occurred with this project is not going to put any funds in jeopardy. They are already in jeopardy. If you don't believe me, then tell me how much you have received back since you sent in your money? Enough of the excuses. Time to wake up!! A conference call is being planned for next week and if you want more info, email me at [email protected] Remember like you are told each week..."good good news, wait to you hear what i have to say tonight, wait for the 3rd big trade, wait for the cruise being planned, wait wait wait" Enough!!!
2584 days ago by Apple
IMO she bought dinar with the funds, and is waiting for the RV to occur, hence the "next week, next week" syndrome.
When it does happen, she'll pay the members 40-1, walk away EXTREMELY wealthy and tell the group she's had enough of the stress and negativity and is closing shop.
Work it out, $50 at 40 to 1 is $2000, the member's payout.
$50 in dinar, is probably about 40, 000 IQD, and even if it RV's at 1 to 1, it converts into 40, 000 USD, so
who is the winner in that little scenario?
Now, take $500, 000!
That equates to approximately 400 million one to one, 400 million US dollars.
40 -1 payout = twenty million paid to the group, she walks off with 380 million USD.
Think about it, every week the chat rooms are saying "RV is done, payout on TUESDAY or THURSDAY!" blah blah blah, and she keeps saying next week, next week, next week.
When it does not RV, she has an excuse about botched wires, the paymaster is reviewing it, (again!), there is a new trader, we dumped the first trader and on and on.
I joined this second round because we were told there would be transparency and that a group of leaders would be in control, not just Terri, what happened to them, and where are they?
2584 days ago by Whatashame
To answer your question as to what happened to the group leaders and where they are?????

Lots of things happened when the first lose was exposed. Terri worked very close with some of those leaders, however Terri made them believe that she was going to be transparent with them and use the
company that was recommended, I believe that (Robert is his name) from Global loaned Terri $50, 000
to start the trade with him and Global. When phase two came into play, as soon as Terri received the money necessary, her demeanor changed, and kissed those leaders good by with out even saying a thank you. What did the leaders do? nothing cause who had the money? Terri. Thereafter she announced that
she had found a better deal and went that route. Whether its a good route or not, we have still not gotten
paid. Something always happens and Terri comes up with stupid excuses.

Talk about Geo and John that stole our first money, well not stole--because Terri literally handed the money to them. Terri is just the same, a thief. Terri keeps talking or mentioning about her advisers?
well where were they when she gave the money to Geo and John??? What irks me is that she paid John a total amount of $40.000 from our money, that John claims was owed to him by Terri.

Therefore, there's no proof of anything. We don't know if Terri is really in a trade, if she has advisers or
what Terri is doing with the members money. One thing I do know is that she says that if we are not happy to send her an email requesting a refund, but she does NOT refund. I know of several that have
asked for refund and the members are not receiving anything. Is she thinking that those that request
refunds have to wait for her trade to commence, and then refund? that is totally wrong, when she herself has said-------you will be refunded immediately. That is not true.

Another thing I do know, is that Terri is living off of our money. She herself has claimed that she has no money, that she lost everything from phase one. duh!!! she lost her home 4 yrs ago, where was she living all these years???? at a motel? is that how she is able to live there? with our money???
and drive a very expensive vehicle. You better believe that we the members are paying her way thru
life, and when she spends that money ($500, 000) she will be back with another excuse that she lost the money and send me more and start again.

There is more to this Story. But if you send an email to get information in reference to a conference call
coming up next week we will be able to discuss it further, believe me you will learn a lot more. That is shocking to know who we gave our money too.

Send your email here for date and time if you want to hear: [email protected]
I already did.
2584 days ago by Apple
Thanks i want to hear that call, i sent an email [email protected] but have not had a reply yet i hope i am in time.
2583 days ago by Terri Behind Bars
Checks have NOT gone out yet. Funds have Not arrived yet. So WHO Gets the funds when it arrived? since
This is the first complete week of the trade and the first payout is on its way to the Paymaster . I'm just sick & tired of her crashing my hopes & dreams Liar Terri just need to pass GO & Let's put her behind bars so she couldn't hurt more people Game Over!! Terri Time to meet the Atty General of California ^-^

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20 days ago by Scam.expose
Rodney Gnanamany - Asset Gold Pvt.Ltd - Scammer/Migration Fraudster/Illigal Documentarian...etc
Name : Rodney Gnanamany Address : #217/B, Negombo Road Nagoda, Kandana. Sri...
22 days ago by helen145 - SCAM ARTIST...
Do you need the services of a trusted and reliable hacker he helpped me to to hack into my husband...
25 days ago by test8778
test - test

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