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Imperial Prize Patrol
Imperial Prize Patrol Mail fruad Amityville, New York
21st of May, 2011 by User656994
Mail fraud! Sent a letter claim I won 10,000 wanted me to send 9.99 for processing and an additional 3 for rush delivery. Also the letter looks real it has the official rules in the back of the letter.
2456 days ago by User656994
AMERICAN PUBLISHERS CLEARING HOUSE: This is a SCAM! You get called by the legal reprepsentative (Christopher Irvin ph. 202-470-3798 ext. 2550). After informing you that you have won $495, 000.00 he tells you its from American Publishers Clearing House (APCH ph. 1-866-978-7256). He'll also tell you that it will be delivered between 9a-2p, probably the next day. You wait all day and nothing shows up. You call APCH and they confirm the winnings with a claim number and serial number of the REGISTERED check you will be getting. If it doesn't show, they have a US CUSTOMS agent (Mr. Richardson ph. 305-760-4767 ext. 1929 Miami, Fl. airport) call and say the prize is unclaimed but is comfirmed by APCH, but needs registered again. He'll also give you the claim number and serial number of the check. Since its not registered, you have to pay to register it and pay $9, 000.00 or see if APCH will help. APCH then says they will help with a certain percentage. IN SHORT: ITS A SCAM! BY LAW IF YOU WIN ANY MONEY YOU DON'T HAVE TO PAY TO GET IT. REMEMBER: AMERICAN PUBLISHERS CLEARING HOUSE IS A SCAM!!!
2436 days ago by KMShine
These clowns tried this with me also. First call from a Las Vegas Number 702-505-9822 and/or toll free number 1-866-978-7256, claiming to be American Publishers Clearing House. First some woman that could barely speak English was trying to tell me something and I told her I couldn't understand her. She got her "manager" on the phone and he claimed to be Zachary Green from APCH. He told me that I had won 2nd place in a November 2010 sweepstakes and asked why I hadn't responded to the postcard and other letters I had received. The reason I hadn't is because I knew they were scams, but I let him go on to see what information I could obtain from him. You can tell they aren't professional in the least bit (aside from professional crooks). He told me I had won $495, 000.00 and that it would be delivered to my home on Monday, 8/22/11 between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. and he asked if I wanted it to be televised or private. I should have said televised, but it would have made no difference. So I said private and he said most people want it private. A private courier service would be delivering an envelope and in the envelope would be a Certified Cashiers Check, two 1099 forms (one for me and one for IRS) and a letter from their Attorney, Chris Irving (apparently the attorney for Publisher's Clearing House). He told me that I would have to pay taxes on the money and asked if I understood that. He then asked what I did for a living, how old I was and if I had an active bank account to deposit the check in. I told him it didn't matter if I had an account or not that it would be up to me to do what I wanted with the check. He then gave me the two numbers I posted above and the extension 1336 for both numbers and told me to call him with any questions. I called him back right after we got off the phone as I was accessing the internet and checking up on what he was telling me as we spoke initially. When I called him back I asked him where I could find the website to see the list of winners. He sounded irritated, but told me it was I went there and called the number and they informed me I was correct that it was a scam. I had thought they would do something more, like ask for phone numbers and more, but they didn't really care. I called the phone number for Attorney Chris Irving at PCH and there was a recording. I called the California Attorney Generals office and they only deal with things after someone has been scammed. No interest whatsoever in attempting to avoid a scam. I went to my local police department, they said don't worry, they probably won't come by. I told them the point was that I felt they should try to nip this in the bud before a scam is successfully played out. They wanted nothing to do with it.
This morning, Monday 8/22/11, I received a message from someone telling me to call him back. His number listed on my caller id said, "Miami Airport" 1-305-760-4767. I looked up the number to the Miami Airport and it wasn't even remotely close to this number aside from the area code. I called the guy anyway and asked him who I was calling. He told me he was the Customs Department at the Miami Airport. I told him I was returning his call and gave him my name. He put me on hold and I hung up because the music was so annoying. He instantly called back (from the Las Vegas number, not the Miami number) and told me that we must have been disconnected. He said, "I have a letter here from American Publishers Clearing House, were you expecting something from them?" I said, "not really". He said, "well, we have this letter here and we just wanted to confirm your address". I asked him what address he had and he said the number of my house, but a different street in a different city. I told him that was not my address and he asked if I would give him my address. I told him he should have it or call the American Publishers Clearing House for the correct number (mind you, I knew at this point he was the guy from Las Vegas as the LV # showed when he called me back, not the Miami #). He got sarcastic and said, "What, you don't know your address?" I told him I was well aware of my address but why would he have my phone number and the wrong address? He then asked me if I wanted his social security number, if that would make me trust him. I told him that wasn't necessary, but then he blurted out MY social security number and told me to "shut the fuck up bitch, we are going to fuck you up". He hung up on me. I called the Las Vegas number and the same guy answered but said "American Publishers Clearing House" like I didn't realize it was the same person. I told him that I had received a call from Miami Airport Customs and that they have my envelope and he should call and give them my correct address. He instantly told me my address - even though I didn't tell him who I was. He asked me what they had said to me, so I told him they just wanted my address and they weren't very professional. To which he said, "shut the fuck up bitch". I said, "yeah, you realize that I'm on to you and you are in big trouble". Sadly, with them having now made a threat to me, I went to my local Police Department and again they would do nothing about it. We called the FBI and told them what happened and they transferred us to the "Do Not Call" number. I called the actual Miami Customs and Borders and they were the only people will to assist in this matter.
This is very sad and could be stopped if the Law Enforcement Agencies would attempt to do their part and trace these numbers and skip trace things. I actually brought this package to them to move on and nobody wants to do their job. They won't do anything until after someone has been scammed.
Unfortunately, before the 9/11 incident went down, my mother was on an airplane to Germany and there was a guy on the plane watching movies on his dvd player of bombings and people running scared. He was laughing and he was drunk. Several people on the plane complained, but nothing was done about it. When my mother got off the plane, she reported it again and they took her name to appease her, but did nothing more about. Then, when the towers were hit two year later and they started doing research on the people involved, the FBI called my mother and questioned her about the guy on the plane going to Germany. Turns out he was one of the guys that was on the plane that hit the tower. Had they maybe taken the initiative and looked into it when it was initially reported - 9/11 could have been prevented. But they didn't feel there was a reason do so until after the fact. Just goes to show you - we allow this stuff by not being proactive. I'm trying to prevent others from being scammed by these ruthless folks and can't get the assistance I need from the Feds and Law Enforcement officials. So I'm putting it out there to beware and be very cautious. Don't trust anyone. These people have my social security number somehow and they are taunting and deceptive - so beware and don't give you information to anyone.

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