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Infinity Clients
Infinity Clients, Inc. HCI, inc.; InStoreAdvantage Scamming Job Hunters Indianapolis, Indiana
5th of Apr, 2011 by User797676
I was recently applying for jobs, and was contacted by Infinity Clients, Inc. I was immediately suspicious at the lack of information online (their website is extremely vague, seems very focused on the hiring side, and had a non-working contact page). I attempted to confirm that they are a registered business in Indiana, but could find nothing. I dug a little deeper on "Ashley", their HR lady, and found her name attached to very similar job posting across the country, under varying business names. Their location is in a building which specializes in temporary rentals. The only actual report I could find was on their iteration as HCI, inc. In it, a victim describes how, upon arriving to the "interview", he was given an information sheet on which to fill in his name, SS#, and bank account info. Interviewees were then charged for a training cd, and $50 for access to the online training portal. All in all, extremely shady. Beware!
3014 days ago by Anonymous
Totally false love the job
2991 days ago by Jmroberts
This guy is totally wrong. I work for Infinity Clients, Inc This is not a job in the first place it is a great opportunity.
Secondly There is no Ashely that does the hiring. If you are looking for a solid and worth while opportunity to grow and move up the ladder, unlike other jobs, this is the one. I've seen it, and will be it!
2980 days ago by Doubleu3
This guy is totally right! With the exception that their "HR" girl now is named Candace McDaniel. I was invited in to interview at their temp office location with the big dog, R. Jacob Cline, who, as I learned in my "interview" with Joel, was on a fishing trip in Panama. I was told to dress professionally for the interview, "Joel" was not. After my 5 minute interview with him, he told me that I would be contacted shortly to confirm a "ride along" with another rep. Never heard from them again. Repeated calls and messages to Candace only resulted in a lie each time I spoke to her (4 total), saying that R. Jacob Cline would call me back, that day even. Take a guess if that ever happened. Not.
My fear, like the person above, is that they are stocking their coffers with other people's info. Whether it's sold to other organizations or used for their own subversive purposes, Infinity Clients is a modern-day sham and scam. Steer clear of this so-called "organization"!! They've already been reported to a local tv news channel for investigation. Next stop is the State Attorney General's office.
2974 days ago by Wally10
I received a call back from this "organization" as well. I haven't went in for the interview yet but was supposed to next week. I cant find anything on this company either after searching for a couple hours online. I was also told by "Candace McDaniel" that i needed to dress professionally and that they were located in the big glass building on Counselors Row, Suite 200 in Indianapolis Indiana. I was also told that I would be interviewed by Mr. Jacob Cline. The phone call to set up an interview was extremely short and I've never been told multiple times (by phone and email) to remember to dress professionally. I'm sure that anyone with any business background or job history would not need to be reminded to dress professionally for a job interview.

Thanks for putting your post up "Doubleu3". If i hadn't read your comment I would have wasted 2 1/2 hours of drive time and gas to interview for a job that isn't there. I guess I just assumed that CareerBuilders did something to assure their members of reliable job opportunities.
2969 days ago by Doubleu3
My pleasure, Wally. Just for kicks, try calling Candace back and see if she tells you the same thing..."we'll call you back today" or "I'll have Mr. Cline call you back today" like she did me 4 times.
I guess you can't really blame CareerBuilder. As long as the "employer" is paying, they're not really asking the questions that need to be asked, but if they get enough complaints, they'll probably pull them. If you want to find out more info on the internet, look up "InStore Advantage" where you'll see a clone of Infinity Clients vague and self-serving website. Then, look up the video of them on YouTube where a guy was trying to get his application back when he discovered they were a scam. Amazing.
I have thank the person who wrote the first comment. You'd think that scam artists would get caught quickly, but the State Attorney will be on the case soon enough. In the meantime, don't believe any of the so-called "lovers" of their jobs at Infinity Clients. They were most likely written by Candace or "R. Jacob Cline". Go luck in finding an honest employer.
2963 days ago by JamieXU2010
I'm employed with Infinity Clients, Inc. and I can assure you it's not a scam! My name is Jamie Pollom, I'm currently the human resources manager and I've been in the field with our reps as well and the jobs that we're hiring for are real. My manager Jacob Cline is incredibly professional, great at his job and he makes it his priority to personally mentor each of his employees. Yes, this job involves sales. We understand that a position as a sales and/or marketing rep isn't for everyone. However, those who do believe it's a good fit or are at least willing to learn and be open to the prospect of being in sales for a few months before they're able to move onto a management role do extremely well with our company. The other "clone" website you saw very well may have been an affiliate of Infinity as we do have sister companies and parent companies located throughout the U.S., or more likely, it was a site belonging to one of the hundreds of other outsourced marketing firms in the country that specializes in event-based marketing and promotional sales.

In response to Dubleu & Wally10:

I sincerely apologize if either of you felt you were being scammed or taken advantage of. We would never, ever ask for any personal information like a social security number on a first round interview, it just doesn't happen. The only reason we take that information upon hiring an employee is solely to conduct a background check and for that employee's tax purposes. I am honestly sorry that for whatever reason you felt wronged by us and that we were unfortunately unable to offer you a position. Please take a minute to read the following because I think it will address the concerns you had/have with our company:

Yes, a few weeks ago Jacob took a week long fishing trip. He's worked hard to get where he is and I don't think the fact that he had his assistant manager oversee the office for a week while he was on vacation means that he either doesn't exist or is giving people the runaround (especially since he hadn't taken even one personal day for the 18 months prior to this trip)!

In preliminary or first round interviews, Jacob or one of two assistant managers will wrap up the interview by saying "We are giving qualified candidates a call back today between x & x time" or "We have some other candidates to interview, but we will give you a call back today between x & x time if we're interested in having you back for a second interview." Therefore, while you may have believed yourself to be a great candidate for the job, if you did not get a call back, it simply means the management team chose to go in a different direction. Should Candace have handled the situation better? Yes, and I apologize that you felt you were being given excuses. However uneasy she felt having to be the one to break the unfortunate news to you that after interviewing you, we decided to not hire you, she should have handled the situation in a much more direct manner.

The other "clone" website you saw may very well have been an affiliate of Infinity, as we do have sister companies and parent companies located throughout the U.S., or more likely, it was a site belonging to one of the hundreds of other outsourced marketing firms in the country that specializes in event-based marketing and promotional sales.

If anyone has any further questions regarding our company and it's legitimacy, please check out our website at or feel free to contact me directly by email at [email protected] and I'll be happy to address any questions or concerns you may have.
2955 days ago by Amlawo
Interestingly enough, I too had an experience with Infinity Clients back in January of this year, ... IN MINNESOTA! The HR Director Ashley Withey had contacted me initially and set me up with a meeting with your own Jacob Clien.

To make a long story short, I got through the first two rounds of the interview and the same day of the second interview I was called by Jacob to join the team. When I did the first round of interviews I asked Jacob if it were a sales position and he flat out said no... only for me to follow a current employee to a Best Buy located about 20 miles away from the office just to watch the employee try and push Direct TV on the customers of Best Buy...Sorry, but I paid too much money and worked too hard for my degree to then become one of the annoying people in the middle of best buy hoping to god that you buy Direct TV from them so they make their impossible sales goal for the week. No thanks.

Btw, quite interesting that the website name is completely different now...

The link Ashley provided was
Conveniently, the domain name has expired...

Its my experience that any company that has to constantly change their name and web address is generally up to no good...

2947 days ago by Crabtree3106
For those of you who are calling this a scam, please do your research. I was hired by Jacob in April when he came and opened the office in Indianapolis (expanding from Minnesota). This is no "scam", and it isn't about just selling or "pushing" Directv on people. It's about building relationships and creating a win-win-win situation for DTV- The Retailers- The Organization. At the same time, you are learning how to manage yourself and other people as you grow and move up in the company, eventually starting your own

In response to Amlawo: So what? You have your degree, so do many, many people. I graduated with Cum Laude Honors while double majoring last December. I haven't turned into a pushy sales person hoping to God someone will sign up for Directv; I am building my own team so soon I can open my own office and own my own business, making way more than I ever would doing anything with my two degrees. They are just icing on the cake and will make nice wall decorations in my office when I open my own.

In response to Doubleu3: I am not Jacob, Candace, or Ashley. I'm Kurtis, and I've worked there for 5 months and I LOVE it. All of the classes, internships, and degrees I took/recieved over the last 4 years of my life will most likely never present me with this sort of opportunity that I have been given by Jacob.
It takes sacrifice to put in the time and effort that we do. So all I would ask is that before making outlandish statements and bad mouthing an organization, do a little more research and find out how it actually works, and why things are done the way they are done.

To anyone out there who is interested in a position with the organization but sees these "scam" posts on this site, pay them no mind. Just ask yourself this: If this was a scam would major retailers such as Best Buy, SAM's, Menard's, Walmart, and Costco 1) allow us in their stores, 2) allow us to interact with their customers, and most importantly 3) put their company's name and image on the line every single day?

Do your research y'all.
2881 days ago by KevinBryceDavis

Bastards took my social security number, DOB, & last 10 years of residency... But they never called back... A month or so later I tried to get a macys card... When they ran a credit check, I was declined... I have never been declined before so naturally I was shocked and worst fears were true... They took out two credit cards in my name and bought $3500 in merchandise I guess with in store credit...

When I find you I am gonna make sure your ass is in jail.. You think you are smooth having one team get the information and another use the information to steal our lives... You will get caught fuckers. In the meantime, watch your backs creeps.


2881 days ago by SCAMMERS-GET-BUSTED
This is the number that they called me on... She said her name was Jamie - 317-437-6539... Hopefully she is a hot, dirty little slut and will let me stick it deep inside her shaved cunt...

This is a list of all of the website that has all of the names they go by...

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