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Italian Guy Giovanni, Emporior Armani, EA Collection leather Jackets Italian Guy Who Asks for direction to Lincoln Tunnels with New Jersey Plate Numbe
10th of Oct, 2011 by User216484
An Italian guy driving a white Jeep with New Jersey plate number asked me for direction to Lincoln tunnel on the corner of fifth Avenue and 26th street on 10/10/2011. After that he told me he would give me a gift of three Armani Jackets as he need to fly to return back to Italy that night. He works for Giorgio Armani in Italy and his money was stolen at the club and he need to pay for the rental car when he gets to Airport. He showed me his passport and ticket say that to give him $500 to cover his cost and will give me the 3 jackets. I told him i don't have any cash and felt sad that he acted so distress so i told him, i can go home since i don't live far and i can scrap to give you $250 and when you get to Italy call me so we can find a rightful buyer for your jackets since i wouldn't like to rip anyone off just b'se he has lost his money. I was actually thinking of giving him the money without taking his jackets, but he insisted that he will have to pay taxes if he take the jackets back to Italy. I began to be suscpicious as he was changing his stories from working for Gorgio Armani to a businessman. But i was determine to help the guy, So I gave him $260 and there he goes. Fortunately, he is on my building camera from the point he came into the building, inside Elevator and leave the house. After he left I went online to see if he is not a scam Artist. I could not believe reading the same story from other people who came across this guy. The question is, should i report this guy as he is clearly captured in our building camera and probably he is a known scam artist and deserve to be in NY1. He takes advantage of people good faith for his greedy and selfishness. Not knowing that that is not a way to make a living, scaming people.
2444 days ago by Eds005
Today while on Route 1 in Edison, I also encountered this man. He told me he was planning on buying an i-pad and needed some cash. He offered me 12 jackets for $900. I told him I did not have cash.
Watch out. They have Armani tags.
2443 days ago by GymJunky
Same guy, white jeep, ask directions to Triboro Bridge to get to airport on 55th st. and First Ave NYC. Then he thanked me and offered three Armani Jackets as he need to fly to return back to Italy that night, showed me a passport. He said he works for Giorgio Armani in Italy, jackets worth a lot, he will offer them to me for $300. I needed a nice jacket, he needed money to pay up the car rental. I don't make a lot of money, I could not afford this but I took a chance, I an a nice guy, maybe to nice. After getting home I searched for these jackets to see if they are real or worth anything... I found this page about this guy... I have not found anything on the jackets yet... Yeah, This guy should be reported to authorities, I would testify.
2443 days ago by Anonymous
Same guy tried o rip me off for 5 jackets and 10 tickets to NY Gourmet Society event. He says he supplies the wine. White jeep, Armani clothes, Italian girl showing lots of skin in the passenger seat.
2443 days ago by Anonymous
I gave the guy $984 tonight, got 15 jackets. I had his girlfriend come to my apartment and wait until he got the jackets from his hotel. His girlfriend charged me $300 to watch her strip dance while he was gone. He didn't return for three hours. I'm not sure what was going on since she seemed to be a call girl earning her money too. It was payday for today me so I gave her an extra $200 and she gave it all to me. I got jackets and an Italian babe as a surprise. Not a bad deal.
2441 days ago by Bonecrusher
I had an encouter with the same guy "Giovanni" if this dude knows what's good for him, he would move back to Italy or the rock he crawled from under.I also think this guy should save all the money he collected cause he is going to need it for plastic surgey if and when get a hold of him. If anyone reading this has any info please share with the rest of us.
2441 days ago by Anonymous
Scam artist is in San Antonio, travelling with an older male now. Same story
2440 days ago by Axxxr03
these guys just got me this afternoon at 7eleven parking lot.. same story, ssame description.. they're here in VA.. just wanna know.. what did you guys do with those jackets? do they have a descent value to sell?
2439 days ago by Alulu27
had an encounter with the same guy. I gave him $120 and he gave me two jackets. He had a black jeep. Said he wanted to go back to Italy because he was tired living here. I think he should be brought to justice for his fake kindness.
2439 days ago by Alulu27
He was in Aspen hill close to wells fargo in MD in a black jeep with a NY tag. He got me with two jackets and $ 100.00. He told me about his need of money to going back to italy. He showed me passport, tkts and other stufff.
2439 days ago by Tony67
he was at tj maxx on route 9 in howell NJ. He gave the same description and same info and details, , i bought him 3 jackets for $150...then i went back to go find him to beat his ass and take his $3, 000 dollars but he wasn't there. If anybody sees him just let me know.
2437 days ago by Kenny D
Well I'll be damned. There must be a team of these guys. "Giovanni" approached me on 18th & 5th Ave. Oct. 17 in a White Jeep Liberty with Connecticut plates asking how to get to the Lincoln Tunnel as well to get to Newark Liberty Airport. Showed me his Tix, Passport just like you guys, and even showed me a portfolio, with him modeling the jackets. Said he was a model and was in NYC for a fashion show, and they gave him the jackets, but he needed cash to get back to Italy. His story was a little off (he messed up saying he had to pay taxes on these), but I thoroughly looked at them and the quality was decent. He never told me they were Armani, but some new Italian designer. He said they retailed for about $1000 each, yea right?, but I talked him down to $100 for two decent jackets. Sorry if they get you for more cash, be sure to learn from your experience. BTW...Negotiating with Cons is American a wise consumer.
2437 days ago by Rubendnd
i just talk to them but ther name is difrent it is marcello and favio in the area of elkridge md they offer me nothing but give me 6 nice jackets then i felt bad so i give them 200$ if any one see them i tink you are right they are scammers they said they are headed to NY and they are on a white jeep same story
2437 days ago by 1337
Crap... me being too nice has me wanting to kick myself in the ___ right now. Same guy you guys are describing was on 10 Ave and 54th street. Got scammed for 3 Emperio Armani Jackets. He was driving a white Chevrolet Transverse (rented from Hertz). Did any of you get info from him? Guys, be aware.
2436 days ago by Liftedford
i encountered the man in the chevrolet transverse tonight in hamiliton New jersey. he approached me trying to sell jackets showing passport and trying to get me to pay for his rental car.
2435 days ago by Wheelsmart
I encounter one guy claiming to be Italian with similar
story. Driving a Ford Edge with Florida plates 209-LAL
in Arlington Texas today 10-22-2011.
He claimed to work for Armani at the Galleria mall in Dallas.
He was told that he had to pay outragious taxes
on his jackets at customs.
He showed me his Italian currency as well
as $3, 000-4, 000 in dollars as a proof that he did not
really need money but did not want to pay taxes
and rather give these jackets for a fair price.
He had 6 nice quality jackets and only wanted 1/2
the cost of one for a total of $600.

I am only had $270 and he took it.
If nothing else I will give them away as gifts.
But watch out because they can get anyone for
alot more money.

I think that these jackets are worth the $45 I paid for
2435 days ago by Throwaway659
Same thing happened to me, older Italian Guy pulled up next to me in silver Honda van in the parking lot of Square One (a mall in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, seems these guys have crossed the border.) My guy's name was Domingo, gave me three leather jackets and one suit, saying he didn't want to pay taxes and had to go to the airport that night and his van was a rental.

Originally wanted $600, I gave him $230. By the time I realized it might be a scam and should get his license plate, he was gone. Oh well...honestly each of the items seem fairly decent though, can't imagine he would have made that much of a profit off.
2434 days ago by Anonymous
Same Italian and his girlfriend got me in West Side near 36th street. I liked the jackets that his girlfriend modeled the different styles. He drove a white jeep with NYC plates on it. They both came to my hotel room where I had the money in a safe. I paid him and got 6 jackets. He offered his girlfriend to do a massage for me and I accepted. He left and said he would wait in the car. She charged me $200 and I got sex with her.
2433 days ago by McleanAngel
This people are on Mclean Va, They are on a white jeep lincon, texas plates. If you see them inform the police as soon as posible. i made a report on the back there should be like a blanket covering all their fake products, becarefull.
2431 days ago by Ncoelho26
wow, i think i just got scammed by the same guy here on long island. I was at the gas station and he pulled up asking for directions to jfk airport. So i helped him out, then he went on saying that he was a designer for Armani at the Americanna Mall in Manhasset and said he wanted to gee me gift for helping. Three jackets that they gave to him as a gift, but he didn't want to pay taxes taking them back to italy and needed money to help pay for a rental car. 'he drove a new bmw x3 in gray with new jersey plates. The car was rented from enterprise. Me not knowing any better and feeling bad I gave hime $200 for the three jackets. I believe the name on his italian passport was fernando. I can't believe this!
2428 days ago by Fucking
This fucking guy showed up at parking lot of Staples Store in Jericho, Long Island NY around 2:30pm yesterday. He gave me 2 pcs for 63 bucks. Let's watch and find this fucking guy. I shall cut off his 3" when I see him.

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