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Jasper Contractors
Jasper Contractors Jasper Roofing Jasper Contractors hope that they don't knock on your door! Your roof color may not be what you want and you will be
4th of Jun, 2011 by User122460

Jasper Roofing came through my neighborhood after a storm with a great sales approach to getting your insurance company to pay for your whole roof to get replaced. I thought I had been quite lucky for my roof to be one that was being replaced. The salesman had me sign the contract while we were on the phone with my insurance as we talked for almost an hour one of the last things was talking about was the color. My roof was black he gave me this sales pitch on how if I went lighter my utilities would be better and such. I told him I wanted to possibly consider something else but I had touched and picked the color onyx which is a black shingle with shades of gray. He assured me that because of the long process of getting to roof approved I would have plenty of time to change my mind. He wrote the color and I never gave it a second thought. My roof was approved and apparently there was a hail storm in CO and my salesman went to chase the storm. Once the roof was approved I called and he said that they would start as soon as I could give them my $1000.00 deductible. He arranged for another person to get it from me nothing was discussed about color because I knew that I just wanted the onyx so I didn't even bring it up to change it because I thought thats what was written. The day my roof was being put on I went to the property things were going by swiftly by 9 am they had my old roof off. I had to work so I left after the onsite Forman showed up. My tenant remained at the property and called me 10:55 am to tell me that the wrong color was being put on. About a 10x15 area of the shingles were on at that point, they were Hispanic but my tenant speaks Spanish and told them several times to stop because it was the wrong color nothing was done. As I drove to the property I looked at my contract and he had written Amber for the color...far from onyx! I called the original salesman Robert and told him they were putting on Amber and that I had told him I wanted the black he said, "oh thats right we were going to talk about the color before we put it on, I'm sorry let me make a call and I will see if we can figure this out". I got to the property the workers still speedily went forth in the 22 minutes that it took him to call me back the roof was almost 1/2 done at 11:21 he called me back and said that someone was on their way to handle it and they would talk to me, a few minutes later the roofers stopped. I man walked into my backyard and shook my hand and said I am Patrick. His demeanor was very offensive before he even spoke I knew he wasn't there to Help me. He looked at the roof and said well what would you like to do the roof is half finished? I said well I want a black roof. He didn't even ask how this big of a misunderstanding could have happened or anything. He said very firmly that my only option would be to not only pay for everything that was done and for the shingles ordered in the color Amber but then I would have to pay the labor for them to remove redo and then pay for the black shingles in full. He gave no room for discussion or the fact that if they would have stopped when they were first told that my cost of the shingles would have been somewhere around$200-$300 which would have been something I could have lived with considering I signed the contract. He wouldn't hear anything he just focused that that was my option... Before we went our ways he asked if I had the rest of the money. I told him I couldn't go to the bank to have them endorse the insurance check until 5 pm he said I will see you then. He told them to start working again I left the property in shock and disappointed because the color was nothing I had personally ever considered it was the very lightest color close to the vinyl siding color of my home. Within a few minutes I realized that this was not OK and he had no right treating me like that, I called Robert the salesman and told him that sending someone to humiliate me and treat me bad was very rude and I told him that this was horrible and I HATED THE COLOR. He again apologized that he didn't follow through. I told him 500 apologies would not change my roof, and that he would be smart to make sure that the homeowners got the color they wanted sense that is the most important thing. He said that he did not know they were coming to be rude and not compromise I'm so sorry. I drove back to work and called my husband he suggested I call them at their office and ask for the owner. I did call the main number on my contract and told the secretary that I needed to talk to someone as high up as I could get because every second that went by a roof was being put on in a color I did not want. I received Patrick the person I had just talked to. I said I don't know what to do here I really don't want this color. He got more rude and started telling me that what would I like him to do call his men and tell them to get off your roof and leave it all exposed? I said I want the right color and he just argued said that I had no choice because I signed the contract The discussion continued until he said to me...Mrs. ______ you are the only one who is imagining that your roof should be black, the contract says Amber and the shingles delivered are Amber and my guys are doing their job. I explained how they were told right at the start that it was wrong and regardless what the contract says if they are told it's wrong they should stop and make a phone call. He said that the roof was half done (it was half done by the time he got to my home around 11:45) when they were first told there was about a 10x15 area done. I was insulted and could see this person had absolutely no customer service and didn't care about anything but the money as he verified once again that he would see me at 5 pm. I hung up and called my insurance agent at that point it was 12:43. My agent was shocked that they were being so unwilling to work things out. She said there was nothing she could do but I could tell them to leave and I could hire someone else. I told her how Patrick had mentioned my roof would be exposed and she said that it would be fine. She said they were just bulling me into feeling I had no options but I was the one who had to pay them. I hung up called the main Salt Lake # and asked for Patrick. it took several minutes for someone to get him. I told him to stop his guys that I wanted a black roof and that I would hire someone else if they didn't want to do anything about it. He argued again and swore at me telling me that I had asked for this roof and that he wouldn't do anything. So I told him I talked to my agent and that the roof would be fine "exposed" and that I would just hire someone else to finish. So he said so you really want me to have them stop and I said yes. He said what about the money I said well I want a black roof. He said so you aren't going to pay us? I said I have already given you $1000.00 and if thats what I have to say to get your men off my roof then I guess yes because youre not understanding the fact that I want a black roof. He said "WOW" and hung up on me. I called my work to tell them I had an emergency and my tenant to tell him to make sure they didn't damage my house and then headed up to the property it was about 10 minutes they were still working when I got there. Unfortunately at that point the roof was almost complete. I was sick to see that and very upset. The onsite Forman drove up and came over to talk to me and he asked whats wrong. and I explained how several times they were told the roof was the wrong color. He was surprised that Jasper would let it go this far. He said who did you speak with? I said well I think the owner his name was Patrick. He became more surprised and said that Patrick was far from the owner. He was very nice and felt bad. The crew still cleaned up some before 2 more Jasper trucks showed up and at that point they were told to stop and remove the shingles that they were going to leave. I chose to be nice and not demand for them to get off my property. I really was upset that it had come to all this. They were finally cleared out after 2 pm. I waited for a phone call, nothing. The next morning I was checking my email and the President of the company and emailed me at 2:12 pm that he had called and that he felt he was concerned about my character and mentioned that a lien would be placed on my home the next day if I did not contact him within 24 hours. I emailed him immediately even before I called my lawyer because I could tell by how he worded things that my words had been twisted and that he had been lied to. I explained that I was not treated with respect and that I was waiting to hear from someone of his position that I would be happy to explain everything to him if I could be treated with respect. I mentioned in my email that Amber was no even a color I had considered. He emailed me back disregarded anything else I had said and basically said "a color you never considered? was on the contract you signed. He said that when he was called the roof was halfway done." Also the second email I looked at was sent at 4:24 pm slightly over 2 hours later of the copy of the lien being placed on my home. There was no 24 hours given to me. I am not a dishonest person I would never withhold monies, they left me no choice but to tell them to stop. They received $1000.0 and I never said I was stopping payment on the insurance check like Patrick told the president of the company. I can't stop a payment on a check that is written to me. I simply said I wanted a black roof and I wasn't going to endorse the check until it was figured out. Why would anyone meet someone to sign a check over to them after being insulted the way I was.? I honestly wanted I speak with someone after everything calmed down, I knew every second that went by it was more money out of my pocket because they had already made it very clear they wouldn't do anything about me getting a black roof. I wasn't at the home and I did not wait until the roof was almost complete on purpose like is being implied to the president... After I called and left a message with the president of the company that I wanted to work out arrangements of how we could resolve this and didn't receive a call back, I once again called the salesman Robert. I asked him to please help me get a hold of someone because I didn't have intentions of not paying them for the roof. Especially after I got there and saw that it was almost done. I told him that since he knew where the mistake was and that he knew how all this misunderstanding happened I asked him to please let them know the truth and since I am going to have to live with this color see what he could do with compromising on the final cost. That was the advice I received from my lawyer. He said he would call him and one of them would call me back. It has been 3 days and no one has contacted me so I can make arrangements for payment and have them finish the roof. They put a lien on my home for $5582.59 which was the amount my insurance said they would pay. Jasper contractors cashed a personal check of mine on June 2, 2011 for $1,000.00 and I also do not have a completed roof which means the insurance will not release the rest of the funds. I may have told them to stop but I have now left messages with the president of the company and emailed the employee that put the lienon my home also I have left a message at their main nationwide number and told my salesman that I wanted them to finish the roof and get this behind us. I have never even heard of a company acting in such a way...what happened to honesty and employees fessing up their mistakes and managers not only being worried about customer satisfaction but defiantly not insulting their customers the person who keeps them all having a job. And then for a President of a company to go along with it all taking only one side of a story and a very distorted one at that and putting lien on someones home before you even have contact with them. I understand none of us would want to work for free or let someone get away with getting a roof for $1000.00, I called to resolve things as soon as I knew they had contacted me. Just to give you an idea of how much I actually cared about resolving this, I called and was emailing the president of the company from the hospital waiting room while my husband was having surgery.I did not let a moment go by after I knew I had been contacted I had waited all evening for someone to call me, the onsite foreman told me to expect a call from someone. I even expressed to him at the home that I just wanted to work things out. It was Patrick that I could no longer deal with. I honestly have no more words than Beware of Jasper! They must get discounts on certain colors of shingles why else would a salesman try talking a homeowner into a lighter color and then continue a job after being told several times it was not the color expected?!

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