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Lahaina Partners
Lahaina Partners LLC Main Names: Steven C. Dupont ,Steven Du Pont, Steven Duponte, Steven Du, Nelson Waikiki Jr ,Nelson Waikiki, Nahino Waikiki Grea
9th of Nov, 2010 by User984688
Here we go again folks! Yup, thats right...the MadCrab and the MadScorpian are back again to tell you about Opunui Water Co. LLC. Oh...I know, I know...the title here says Lahaina Partners LLC...but lets begin shall we?
On October 14, 2010, because of all the negative publicity of Opunui Water Co. LLC has gotten (dont blame us, we're not the ones scamming you all), Steven Christian Du Pont (well, again thats not his legal name, not according to his mother anyway, its spelled DUPONT) and Nelson Waikiki Jr. have formed a new Limited Liability Company called, "LAHAINA PARTNERS LLC". State of Hawaii Records indicate that both men are listed as "Managers" and Mr. Du Pont (again not his legal name) is the main "Agent". But it gets better folks!!!! Du Pont (DUPONT) also registered another company (LLC) under his name called, "DU PONT INVESTMENTS LLC" registered that same day, same month and same year as Lahaina Partners LLC. Now I wonder why these gentlemen would create new companies? I mean after all...stealing is stealing no matter how you try to mask it right?
So I asked myself..."Self? Why would they create these new entities for, for what purpose, what meaning'? Well, ladies and gents...I have a solution. Oh, and it may not be the right solution, but its a solid one I figure... so here goes:
In Jefferson City, Missouri there is a Company named (believe it or not), "DU PONT INVESTMENTS LLC", I spoke to Don DuPont, owner of that company and he has owned that company for over twenty years, than became a LLC in 2005. According to Don, he is neither "affiliated or to have ever known" Steve Du Pont (DUPONT) and will be contacting the State of Hawaii DCCA and Attorney General's Office. Our guess (which is a good one) is that Mr. Du Pont (not Don), will use this company (the one in Missouri) as shall I say it..."a crutch" to accept blame and responsibility for Steve Du Pont's scams and schemes. Also, according to our records, there are over 16 people within and living in the United States with the name, "Steven C. Du Pont or Dupont"... coincidence? I think not...
DU PONT INVESTMENTS LLC in Jefferson City, Missouri is legitimate and a very respectable company, so dont get confused. Mr. Don DuPont also has registered his company in California. moving on...
Anywho, Lahaina Partners LLC, is just another front folks, member managed by the 2 same people who conned you out of your hard earned monies. Infact, let me give you the list of companies these two crooks use:
1. Opunui Water Company LLC
2. Opunui Water & Land Company LLC
3. Opunui Trust Foundation
4. Opunui Native Hawaiian Development
5. Waikiki Development Company LLC
6. Waikiki Development Consulting Company Limited Limited Liability Company
7. Du Pont Investments LLC (Not to be confused with the one in CA and MO)
8. Cabarete Investments
9. Cabarete Investments LLC
10. Waikiki Consulting
11. Estate of Gwen Opunui
Thats all we could find...however, we do have a names list of people who they scammed monies from...oh we wont list actual names, but rather initials, oh and of course the amounts these victims gave them either for investments and or services goes:
1.CW $10,000.00
2.DS $20,000.00
3.MT $15,000.00
4.JW $11,000.00
5.JM $10,000.00
6.DI $10,000.00
7.FK $10,000.00
8.CH $10,000.00
9.NY $100,000.00
10.MM $10,000.00
11.DC $10,000.00
12.MMM $10,000.00
13.JEC $10,000.00
14.EA $32,000.00
15.LK $10,000.00
16.EV $2500.00
17.KG $2000.00
18.AC $5000.00
21.JS $1800.00
22.DB $500.00
23.BG $30,000.00
24.WE $3028.00
25.NB $5200.00
and I can guarantee you that theres more victims. The people and amounts on this list have been verified and confirmed. Gee, I wonder what Mr. Dupont and Mr. Waikiki Jr. are thinking about now. Oh, and as for Mr. Carillo Jr. (from previous posts), Mr. Carillo Jr. in our opinion, fell victim to these 2 crooks. He is a great guy with lots of aloha...just hung out with the wrong guys...Mr. Carillo Jr.? If you are reading this, run far away as you can...oh, but dont worry, you most likely will be contacted if anything to provide some details for the authorities (DO THE RIGHT THING MR. CARILLO).
Oh here's some news, recorded documents have shown that Mr. Waikiki Jr. and Mr. Dupont are claiming developments all over Maui in which they are heading these project and need more funds from "PEOPLE" to complete their projects (of course they promise you to either get a greater return or become a major partner of), so here's the list of these so called projects:
1. Hana District- According to records, Mr. Waikiki Jr. has stated that he and his Company has received a Purchase Water Contract Agreement with the County of Maui to drill a water well authorized by Council member Mike Victorino and Jeff Ing, Director of Maui County Water Supply in the Hana District, with a meeting with the County on August 16, 2010.
2. Garcia Project- Records indicate that Mr. Waikiki Jr. has claimed that he has a Contracted Project to do work for Sam Garcia, however, nothing in the Maui County Records indicate Mr. Waikiki in having anything to do with the Garcia Project.
In other news concerning Mr. Dupont, the New Jersey Red Bank Police Department have been conducting a Fraud investigation on Mr. Dupont (verified) since November of last year. (It seems that Mr. Du Pont (DUPONT) is the focus point and brains behind these schemes. Oh and by the way, Mr. Du Pont sometimes tells people that his sister (Michelle, dont know If i spelled it right) dates actor Adrian Brody fo whom I called Mr. Brody's Mangement (Red Hawk Management Services) and they never heard of a Michelle Dupont or even a Steven Du Pont (DUPONT), and will be contacting the State of Hawaii Attorney General's office. Now, getting back to Mr. Waikiki Jr....
According to documents obtained by "sources", Mr. Waikiki Jr. loves to drop names of those in Political Offices as well as Law Enforcement Officials to make his investment scheme more "Legit". He also, along with his partner Steven Du Pont (DUPONT), loves to make it seem more "Legit" by using Attorneys. Our records indicate that they have retained or try to recruit Attorney's Jack Naiditch, David Sereno, Cary Virtue, Jacki Jura, Kobayashi, Sugita & Goda, Mark Reck, Kevin Roberts, Bob Dunn...oh, according to our records they even used CPA David Houde, sources confirmed that Mr. Houde terminated his services with Mr. Waikiki Jr. due to Mr. Waikiki Jr. being a fraud.
Documents show that both Mr. Dupont and Mr. Waikiki Jr. have another partner... Enter Mark McMillian. We however are not too sure how far in this partner is with them. However recorded documents show that Mr. Waikiki Jr. and Mr. Dupont uses his name alot in many of their "investment" deals. Mr. McMillian owns these companies in which shows up in Mr. Waikiki's and Mr. Dupont's records:
1. Makepono Land Company LLC (aka Makepono Land Holdings LLC)
2. Makala Construction Inc. (which of course Mr. Waikiki drives this truck around Maui) know what, i'll just post the document here for all to see...after all Mr. Waikiki Jr. talks alot around Maui and leaves his documents all over the place, so here is what his documents reveils:

The Development Design for Hawaiian Sovereign Lands(21st Century Ahupua'a)

1) Makepono Land Holdings, LLC., will accept all Royal Patents & Land Commission Awards from the heirs and beneficiaries. These documents will be insured and protected under Kingdom Laws. Makepono Landholdings, LLC., will lease and not fee simple any of the clients lands. These awards will act as a financial collateral through a process called "Leasehhold". The use of the land and income produced by it, the tenant can obtain a mortgage based upon the lease. (the lender, of course, can only take the lease in foreclosure, not title to the land as in a mortgage on land owned outright by the borrower) and sell the leasehold property. The buyer of the leasehold property is subject to the terms of the lease and has to pay the stipulated rent. The buyer can mortgage, develop, sell, etc. the property,subject to the lease. Anything developed on the land reverts back to the owner.

2) Waikiki Development Company, LLC., will be the Developer of the Hawaiian Sovereign Land Development. Waikiki Development Company, LLC. will assureall required documents are secured to operate with the lands and createfinancial index.

3) Opunui Water Company, LLC., will be the Water Developer of the Hawaiian Sovereign Land Development process. In regards to water, there are only afew ways to access water. Surface water, De salinization, rain catchment,and drilling. Once all options have been investigated then a decision will be based on the information and the land owners. Opunui Water Company, LLC.,advises that water be the primary source to be completed first prior to land development and underground utilities.

4) Makala Construction will be the Construction Developer on all Hawaiian Sovereign Land Development. All studies and research are completed prior to ground breaking. All decisions are based on information and the landowners.

From a landowners point of view leaseholds are a means by which large tracts of land can remain in the family without the family having to work andmanage it. Instead, the longterm lease act like bonds which yield a steadyfix income with rents being periodically increased as leases expire and are renewed at new, higher rates.

We will produce the land in a 21st Century Ahupua'a setting, adding up to date technology, cultural & historical, and developing the lands in a sustainable and green way. The "comps" will go down. Our goal is to remain in the $200,000 - $300,000 range for home purchases which will bring a shift in the development process and the work force allowability. We can stabilize and protect this future plan and the legacy of the keiki.

We have much work and planning to do. It is a privalege to be a part of this process to support and assist anyway possible to sustain the Hawaiian Kingdom and its heirs. All monies will go into a trust fund to hold accountability.

Servant of Ke Akua

Nelson N. Waikiki, Jr.

Sounds great right??? Wrong! Does Mr. Waikiki Jr. sound intelligent to you? ABSOLUTELY NOT! Enter Mrs. Mahealani Ventura-Oliver, Mrs. Donna Willard and Mr. Kamaunu Kahaialii. Oh you remember Mrs Ventura-Oliver? You know, the so-called Queen of Maui, the brains behind the Maui Mortgage scams (funny how she got involved with Mr. Dupont and Mr. Waikiki Jr. and, she is still under investigation by the FBI and State Attorney General's Office JUST GOOGLE HER NAME)....oh heck, i'll just post the document here of correspondence between Mark McMillan and Mahealani Ventura-Oliver (Mr. Nelson Waikiki Jr. should be a little more discreet about who he talks too and who he shows his paperwork too). Here goes:

1st Transcript Recorded July 9, 2010 between Mark McMillan & Mahealani Ventura- Oliver...

Aloha Mark,

That's it, pretty much. The invoice spells it out, anything "remaining".... let's see - probably would be unforseen factors that would be deemed unavoidable based on a variable discovered during lining up the docs process. I need to begin with the estates of Opunui, then update his records and accounts in a clean and clear paper title. In my estimation, he has the goods but they need to be organized on paper and brought up to date. The requirements are paperwork, filing and recording a chain of title which is insurable or self insured by his probate estate -what ever is agreed upon at that point. As the obligee, you would be holding such title backed by realty in return for repayment/return on investment and it would be guaranteed by his [Nelson's] estate. Correct me if I am wrong, I am guessing.

Some of the aspects of my contribution here, is really based on one thing - finite detail which exhibits and proves whether all title, all rights inherent, legal, beneficial, judicialy delivered, inured, equitable, etc. have passed to claimant, and if all interests - again all of the above have passed to claimant, or remains in stasis somewhere and or have been delivered in law to claimant. I can expose a double edged sword so to speak that can cut two ways. In my experience as a title examiner and Mahele expert - the one with the unbroken chain of title wins with this sword. Aspects of my work have been called controversial [only by A&B and its supporters]. For example, my one page document on land title in re: State v. Domen (2006) was utilized in that case and the State of Hawaii, Inc. 's claim to prosecute people [Hawaiians and non-Hawaiians mostly] for criminal trespass among other counts, was used to target the right to and in that property, long story short: the case was dismissed by the court after the complainant Maui Land & Pine could not prove they possessed title [giving them right to suit]. I have the [doctored and unpublished] minutes, which show the disposition. The Makena Hotel "case" is still ongoing and fraught with deficiencies, where I was summoned because I am a cultural appointee for the beneficiaries who continue to hold beneficial interests (about 100 acres) in the estate of Mahoe, if you follow the London Stock Exchange - you will see that certain commerical pool series was pulled off in February. There is a matter of a 92 million dollar commerical lien lodged with the SEC/ICC and OITC, backed by realty estates, and is perfectly assignable. There are many cases that the public knows nothing about, and will never know about because they are "controversial" to the State and good 'ol boys system, in my personal opinion is corrupt. Here is where I usually get questions about certain "aspects" of the work...... I am immovably fair to all persons involved - the facts are as they lay and I simply deconstruct them and place them in order, which has made me unpopular with polarizing groups and special interest groups, although I have helped them all. I have trained attorneys and even judges in substantive and political sciences unique to ko Hawaii pae aina (we shorten it to "Hawaii") - known as the kanawai for over ten years.

Parliamentary style policy and economics are very different from American style bifurcated jurisdictions. I have been offered positions with legislature county n state, expenses paid law school, licenses, and degree's, political "help" from influential persons. I am not bragging, but nothing I have said, and nothing I have brought forth has ever been challenged in these past ten or twelve years. Harvard Law experts have attempted to re-interpret some aspects of our patenting system, to minimize effects on state title, but it is unsuccessful. The kuleana tax exemption was brought up by someone I worked with after I helped a family clear a 300,000 state tax lien, and many Hawaiians and non-Hawaiians began withdrawing from the county tax systems. My aunt was the first to get an exemption in Laie, Oahu after using this information. I was even offered a private helicopter to shuttle me to the capitol to meet with legislature, to teach them what I know, I politely declined. You can see then, how a municipality could perceive the work as "not good", especially if faced with the actual facts that its real estate assessments may disappear from it's coffers.

Hmmmmm. To help you understand my work, might be a tuffy, but I will do my best. I am not a title researcher - I have trained and certified people to do research on title, not anymore now. Too busy. Many of them continue to provide work for others and still help me from other islands when asked. The Frazier's on Kauai and Oahu are a very good example. I am a title examiner with a unique skill set to this place and to it's patent law, the products of such work result in the "filling in" of overlooked and even concealed gaps in what is considered a chain of title.

Me? My paralegal certification/ degree is from MCC and Chaminde U, Honolulu and I have an accounting certification from the US Air Force (another life time). My cultural degree is from my kupuna and my kumupapa (class of

sources, teachers), including Edith Mc Kenzie, Joan Kaalele (dec'd), Kepa

Maly (brilliant), Emma Sharpe (dec'd), Hokulani Holt-Padilla, the Dalai

Lama and Iolani Luahine (my gr. aunt, dec'd). I rely on all these sources to

deconstruct effects made to royal patents and to interpret the unique patent

system we have and we can all benefit from. I normally teach cultural

classes in the summer to canoe clubs, non-profits, help out kuleana owners

and give talks about holistic economics. My source of value comes from doing

typical yet private paralegal work for private individuals, many with

contractual disputes in or out of the court systems on any island, and

internationally. I started the only private registry of insurance claims

data on kuleana - which the state does not want to pay, an international

registry for indigenous peoples and the only royal patent registry for Ko

Hawaii pae aina "Hawaii" in existence today. There's more, but I think this

is plenty for now..... I don't want to overwhelm you or digress from the

objective here. I apologize if this is too much. I give you this information

in private confidence, you understand. We can talk more face to face.

I am able to begin work as soon as I have the consideration in hand. I asked

Nelson for some paperwork that only he can give me, like death certificates,

etc. that will help me to build an unquestionable chain of grantor-grantee's

to him in his name, then as signatory he may transfer as you suggested.

I hope that this provides you with some understanding of what it is I do,

and am capable of doing. Thank you for your good works, I know that a lot of

people besides myself appreciate what you do.

me ka oia io,

Mahealani Ventura Oliver


2nd Transcript Recorded Monday July 22, 2010 between Marl McMillan & Mahealani Ventura-Oliver...

Aloha Kakahiaka Mark,

Here is what we need from Nelson:

1) The name (s) and location (s) of the land area (3,000 acres) proposed.

2) His genealogy connection to the original patentee(s) issued the patents, and or court certificates to the area proposed.

3) Death Certificate (s) or BOH record of Opunui's death, the original party to the lease with Pioneer Mill dated August 21, 1906.

4) A complete copy of the Opunui-Pioneer Mill lease.

5) All the names and addresses of his parents if they are alive, and Nelson's siblings.

6) 2500.00 to begin work.

I will do the rest, and as mentioned, we will deal with discovery items aswe encounter them.

Here is what you can expect:

1) Research phase (est. 1-2 weeks depends on what we find in estates) there are potentially five (5) estates.

2) Filing and Recording phase - requires Nelson or his agent's notarized signature (est. 1 week turn-around)

3) Mail- outs or filing phase (est. 2 weeks) notification and RPT entries

4) Follow up, maling/receipt proofs. (est. 1 week to close)

5) The variable which may take time - getting in the notarized signatures of all of Nelson's siblings/ or will resort to an administrative forfeiture.

Mailing, Recording and Notary fees are Nelson's responsibility, if you want me to handle it - I request the fee's up front. Any other contracts are additional, if travel is required I will give notice and request expenses.

I look forward to meeting with you both soon, which should happen in order for me to determine the form in which the obligee will hold these properties.

me ka oia io,

Mahealani Ventura Oliver


WOW!!!! Interesting to see all of this, and again, our thanks goes out to Mr. Waikiki Jr. for providing this document for all of us to see Mrs. Ventura-Oliver in action again (of course what she's doing is a scam). Hey, can you blame Mr. Waikiki Jr. for being so careless with his mouth and paperwork??? The document goes on to say that Mr. Waikiki Jr. lists a Mr. Kamaunu Kahaialii and a Ms. Donna Willard as Consultants for Opunui Water Company LLC and are also involved with Mr. Waikiki Jr. and Mrs. Ventura-Oliver, however we are not too sure how much involvement Mr. Kahaialii really has with Mr. Waikiki Jr., although almost ALL the records indicate that Mrs. Donna Willard is heavily immersed in it.

Now here is where this gets interesting, again thanks to Mr. Waikiki Jr.'s mouth and carelessness of is a recorded document from Mr. Waikiki Jr. to a Ms. Kelly Smith:
Transcript Recorded July 11, 2009

Aloha Kelley,

To begin I would like to say what a privalege it was to talk with you. Your expert adivce is well respected and will be used to determine a future venture that will create a life time passive income with Opunui Water Company,LLC. I have compiled the initial plan that is clear and transparent giving you information that will allow the release of investment to be used to secure our venture.

Research & Developments

A) Clear titles-Hawaiian Royal Patents and UCC Federal Leins with Ahupua'a Tennancy Water Rights to 1,239 acres in Lahaina, Maui. Prime Lands.

B) Geneology/Lineage

C) Opunui Water Company,LLC. Corporation Established May 08

D) State Water & Diversion Permits Department of Land and Natural Resources State of Hawaii received July 08

E) Meters with Voltaic power

F) PUC(Public Utilities Commission)Jon Oka PUC holder and Consultant to Opunui Water Company,LLC.

G) U.S. Military & Goverment Contractor Brent Bindback Consultant

H) Attorneys

I) Political Consulting

It took approxiamtely 2 years to compile the documentations and secure the venture. To secure the entire project will take $100,000 us dollars. I have invested time and money that is beyond what investment we are seeking. Your investment return is as follows. Once funds are released you will receive a contract agreement and your investment return once that PUC has been accepted. You will also receive a 20% passive income monthly for the lifetime of our contract. The metering system will generate the numbers needed to determine the pay out. After taxes and debits are paid the net profit is what you will receive. As an investor you will become a Board of Director assisting and overseeing daily operations. A salary is in place and determined by the standards set by the PUC Commission. You will also receive 1 acre of prime land as an investor. Any other business that Opunui Water Company, LLC is involved in you will have intrests and a fair pay out is in place on all business contracts.

This is guaranteed return on all funds and its returns will be through a lease agreement, invoicing and approved by the State DLNR pay out through the meter information, developers, and land owners. In addition, Land collateral is also an option. I anticipate immediate residuals and passive cash flow through this plan.

Timing is everything. I am able to move smoothly and efficiently once the funds have been released. I can secure our project and create cash flow with your investment in a few months, all the research and leg work are complete. We just need the funding to finish. I look foward to moving foward in our venture and making a passive income with you. Thanks for your intrest and time. Let's do it and help others while creating a lucrative passive income.


Nelson N. Waikiki, Jr. Opunui Water Company, LLC. CEO---------------------------------------------------------------------------

Can you believe this guy? Really? Really? I hope that everyone gets to read this and know that these people are crooks. Again I wouldnt even give these people of their companies the time or day...(Of course im talking about Mr. Steven C. Du Pont, Nelson Waikiki Jr., Mahealani Ventura-Oliver, Donna Willard and Mark McMillan... as far as we know, all the others are legit the Attorneys and CPA)

Does this sound like a Novel??? You bet your butt it does!
3351 days ago by Exposeone
Laughed, laughed & laughed when I first learned of this preposterous 'post' on the Internet.

The author of this fiction, is mentally disabled, - i.e., physically brain damaged, - and collects 'Disability Income.'

To everyone named, Steven Christian Du Pont, Christian Du Pont, etc., - please be advised you have recourse legally.


I have had a twenty (20) year affiliation with the Steven Du Pont mentioned in this preposterous & malicious 'post' by this mentally ill, Internet terrorist, - "Ke'alii" "Blaisdell, " or is it 'Keali'i, ' or is it,

'Kealii, ' or 'Keali'i' "Aiken, " or is it 'David' Aiken, whatever name he has decided to use recently, -


Steven is an extraordinary executive, citizen and human being.


This Keali'i..., has problems with honesty, integrity & responsibility.

Sources confirmed this Keali'i has committed a series of felonies in the States of Washington, Oregon and Hawai'i.

This Keali'i is accused of stealing a five thousand dollar ($5, 000.) computer and two thousand five hundred dollars ($2, 500.) in cash from Steven Christian Du Pont.

This Keali'i is charged with non payment of child support, alimony and contempt of court in Washington and Oregon.

Keali'i, pathologically "Projects" his problems and crimes onto "Others, " - Steven Christian Du Pont, whomever, etc., - through the only unregulated medium available to him, the Internet.


Why, is a question for qualified therapist and prosecuting attorneys.

Finally, to every Steven Christian Du Pont & Steven Du Pont, in America, you should contact your Senators in order to support Senator John D. Kerry (D) Massachusetts, investigation into Internet abuses.

Jeffrey Podesta, M.B.A.
Street Search Advisors, LLC
New York, New York

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