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Linebarger Goggan Blair
Linebarger Goggan Blair & Sampson, LLP Attempting to extort money using scare tactics and outdated and/or incorrect information San Antonio, Texas
11th of Dec, 2010 by User335068

I received a demand letter from Linebarger Goggan Blair & Sampson, LLP for $373.10 regarding a Dallas County Case #JT0****H.

I contacted Dallas County regarding this alleged case. There is no such case. The letter threatens further legal action and additional fines if the money is not sent within 10 days. There is no verification of this alleged debt or court records. After doing an Internet search of any complaints involving the "law" firm, I found countless complaints of them using scare tactics to collect on nonexistent fines and/or debts. We, as members of the public, are being extorted by this "law" firm and it should be stopped. We have the right to live in peace.

I am reporting this to you because I am sure I am not the only person getting these fraudulent letters.


Art. 12.02. [181] [229] [219] MISDEMEANORS. An indictment or information for any misdemeanor may be presented within two years from the date of the commission of the offense, and not afterward. Amended by Acts 1973, 63rd Leg., p. 975, ch. 399, Sec. 2(B), eff. Jan. 1, 1974.

2944 days ago by No-twice
A related experience with LGBS...first contact - of any kind - a phone message.
The "firm" is a bottom-feeder scam and "currentemployee" (another forum) is a propaganda troll. Appears that they have graduated from "city, county and state" to "federal" debts. I was contacted via phone messages, several times over the past week. My wife finally was able to call yesterday during business hours and speak to an actual human. She was told that we had an outstanding debt obligation of FIFTY-FIVE CENTS - yes, $0.55. This supposedly originated from an "underpayment" to the U.S. Treasury (no details, no date, no nothing) and was referred to them from the Office of Finacial Management. NOT TRUE!. I just got off the phone with the IRS. They not only told me that my account record was spotless, but that I should file an IRS Form 14039 with them for potential Identity Theft. I have already filled it out and will fax it to them immediately. Fair Warning - I record all my phone calls. I am also registered on my state's "No Call" list. For the record (in my case). Firm name: Linebarger, Goggan, Blair, Sampson. Agent's name (given): Steve Givens. Phone numbers used: 877-815-7136, 877-253-7136, 877-815-8501 and 713-422-7112. If you have debts, honor them. Otherwise, protect your credit, protect your identity, do your research and DO NOT BE BULLIED or PRESSURED. To all - including LGBS - Have a Blessed Day!
2839 days ago by Anonymous
I keep receiving demand payment letters from them from not paying a toll in Dallas, heck never been there. The first gentleman I spoke to said the plates are registered to a 74 LINCOLN - ok we sold it in 95 and he stated that most likely since the vehicle is 37 yrs old the plates were removed from a salvage yard.
Second call, basically told tough, that I need to produce a bill or sale or anything else to prove I don't own the car. The demands are sent to a house we've owned for over 35 yr but this has not been our offical address for over 18 yrs... They weren't listening.
Now I get another demand - today I spoke to the same lady I spoke to the second time and she's telling me the plate comes back to a 2006 MOUNTAINEER, heck never owned one and now in my old age I have to prove this too. In fact the plates expired so long ago that the DPS doesn't even have a record of it !!!
2835 days ago by Debteliminator
Firstly, to clear the air on something, the federal do not call list as esptablished by the FTC is meant a way of reducing telemarketing calls. Calls from firms attempting to collect a delinquint debt do not fall underthis category. Dallas county has over seven different precinct courthouses. In order to find information on your case beginning wit JT whatever, you would need to contact the proper precinct. Additionally, case information can be found at anytime of the Dallas county website @ under the link for dallas county most wanted, also you can click the link on te right for online options and go to pay fines and fees and finde you case number there as well. Make sure you don't confuse case number with ticktet number as they are not the same. Lastly, although LGBS does make collection calls on behalf of the county, no payments go through te law firm itself, all payments are made by mailing money order or cashiers check to the precinct directly, by walking payment into the county courthouse, or by paying online through the counties website. Please educate yourself before attempting to blame others for your failure to take care of your financial obligations. Thank you. P.S. with reguard to the link you posted about statutes on misdemeanors, if your ticket has already been assigned a case number by the county, itmeans you have already been found guilty in absentia for failing to pay or show up to court on the date located on the ticket you received.
2825 days ago by Space1nvaders
Same here. Bogus information on a traffic ticket from 2007. They just want you to go to their website and give them money. Everyone should call them and give them a hard day. Harass them like they do us.
2824 days ago by Rkkleinman
I just received a notice from them on 8/23/2011 advising I owed on a citation that wasn't paid for the City of Dallas. I called and they (didn't write down the girl's name) said I owed on a ticket that was written for a domestic violence charge back in 2002. I told her I didn't know what she was talking about. She said you don't remember getting a domestic violence charge in 2002. My ex-husband assaulted me but not the other way around. She told me to hold on while she looked something up. She then said, "Yep, there you are, how are you going to pay for this". I told her I wasn't going to pay anything until I checked into this further. I contacted the City of Dallas (through their automated system and speaking to an actual person) and they had no record of the citation and told me I should write a letter to the law firm telling them to cease and desist sending fraudulent notices to me. They also advised me to send it certified mail with a carbon copy to the Attorney General's office as well as the state bar association.

The thing that bothers me the most is that some people will allow themselves to be brow beat into to paying the alleged fines without checking into this. I intend on writing that letter to the law firm with copies to AG and State Bar offices.

If anyone receives a letter from these people and has the good sense to check them out thoroughly, I hope they take the comments herein seriously.
2811 days ago by Belld1
OMG! So sorry for everyone's experience with this law firm. My parents and I purchased a home a little over 2 years ago. We keep getting letters in the mail from a previous owner who hasn't owned the house since 2005. Another young lady purchased the home that year, the property was foreclosed and sold to HUD. We purchased the home from HUD 2 years ago. All of this is recorded of record with the county of Dallas (free public record). I have spoken with this attorney's firm because now they are starting to call our home. The message they left on the voice mail a couple of weeks ago stated that if they didn't hear from this certain individual within a certain time they were going to serve a subponae to this address, which is the reason why I called them back. We have not received anymore phone calls, but the mail keeps coming. We have sent mail back to them over last two years stating this person no longer lives here, but the mail keeps coming.

These attorney firms appear to be so smart. When they are spending countless dollars mailing documents to the wrong address. Being paid by whoever they are supposedly collecting for to carry out the collection process when they are not doing their homework. My home number is listed in our name (public record) the deed on the house is listed in our name (public record). The house being deeded out of the persons name they are trying to contact back in 2005 filed of record with Dallas County (public record). HMMMM. Not so smart are you Linebarger, Goggan, Blair & Sampson LLP. Apparently they don't teach good common sense in law school huh?
2811 days ago by Belld1
In my previous statement I made an error in my 3rd sentence. I meant to state: "We keep getting letters from this firm directed to a previous owner of this property who hasn't owned the house since 2005." I apologize for the error.
2810 days ago by Rgibbons
Received notification of license suspension due to unpaid speeeding ticket fron Linebarger Goggan...

Obvious scam of the worst order ... for $23.80 to POLK COUNTY, FL

Noted: speeding tickets in Florida start at $ 80.00

Phony Po BOX

I am a former N.J Prosecuting Attorney with a valid license to practice law now retired

Payment to San Antonio Texas... for Florida ???????

FAX'd Potential ID Theft Info to Linebarger.. they may not be aware of the usage of their name..

Suggested they report to FBI Washington On-Line form

Court systems require cert mail usually with a Court Seal and Contact Info served by the court through an authorized "process server" ...not a BS letter

2807 days ago by Skydiverr
These guys are so f---ing sleezy, but they must be making money. They started sending me collection notices about ten years ago about a supposed ticket issued in Miami in April of 1991 showing my so-called Florida Driver's License number on it. I HAVE NEVER HAD A FLORIDA DRIVER'S LICENSE AND HAVE NEVER BEEN TICKETED IN MIAMI! About 5 years ago the driver's license number started appearing as my true Texas license number (public records).

I called them the first time they sent me the notice to let them know they must have a wrong addressee and to investigate the issue. I never got a return call after that, but have been receiving (through 3 different addresses since) a repeat notice for that ticket totalling $235.20 at least once a month and sometimes twice a month... FOR THE PAST TEN YEARS FOR CHRIST'S SAKE!. I guess they're spending about 6 or 7 dollars a year on postage, letter printing, return envelopes, etc. that they are sending me so right about now they're up to about $60-70 trying to freak me into sending them money. I'll let them continue for as long as they want. I figure I'll go through another change of address or two over the next 30 years and it will be entertaining to see if they'll ever stop wasting their money trying to collect that debt that isn't mine in the first IDIOTS---SCOUNDRELS---but most of all ATTORNEYS!!!
2775 days ago by Jones
Hey, read about these corrupt schmucks in memphis ...

- Their office manager in memphis was shacking up with an embezzler who stole over $1, 000, 000 from the chancery court here, using the Linebarger manager's apartment address as the address of a bogus corporation who was receiving the bogus checks.

- One of their collectors in Memphis was arrested for taking bogus tax payments from elderly folks in memphis.

This outfit is rotten to the core!
2576 days ago by Injureddefensecontractor
I am a disabled person on social security disability. This law firm, Linebarger, has invented a false debt claiming I owe money to an IHS agency I have never been to, from a state I have not been in for over five years. They refuse to produce any more details or evidence, but have gained the federal power, remarkably, to directly and automatically deduct money from my social security check. Clear fraud along with abuse of powers.

Now I cannot afford to survive. These fraudsters are now targeting the disabled and the elderly who have no legal suppport from the government powers being used to extort them out of money. These types of illegal, criminal scams are how the social security and other funds are being drained, by immoral government employees and lawyers, not the recipients, they are stealing our checks. Oddly enough, their website address is, clear corrupt ties and an obvious criminal ring stealing tax monies by pretending to collect debts that don't even exist from the elderly and disabled.

I ask anyone from the Press to contact me regarding this. This type of criminal activity and corruption, and theft of tax monies via fraud scams perpetrated by lawyers and government workers, is what is ruining our nation and the economy. This must stop. Where are the Federal Marshalls and FBI to shut these crooks down?
2479 days ago by Bharrisfan
i just got one for a "parking violation" in chicago with my name and the wrong license play #. unbelievable.
and the websites they tell you to visit to pay online dont exist. i was gonna throw it all in the trash but i'm nervous they can actually put a collection on my credit (even if it is a fraudulent claim)?

anyone know?
2479 days ago by Bharrisfan
oh man just called the city. they had record of my violation. weird that it never showed up on the city of chicago sites which i do check frequently. anyway they may be scammers. i dont know. but in my case i actually had to pay and was able to pay through the city of chicago online.
2426 days ago by Ellibet
I got a notice of a license suspension of my FL license (I don't have one) for a steady red light violation (camera). First I've ever heard about this. After reading the above comments, I am going to contact the county, not this "law" firm! I'm so glad I checked here first. They want over $410 for a red light violation!! Can't be right... My car may have gone under one as it changed, but how do I know it was me driving? How do THEY know it was me driving? And what does this crazy law firm have to do with anything? Wow... $400 plus for a red light? If it is valid, what you want to bet the actual fine is about 1/4 of that???

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