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Matthew Olyphant, Matt Olyphant, Tanna San Rafael, California
Internet Fraud, Personal Ad Frauds, Liars, Thives, Addicts
25th of Jul, 2012 by David Clementine
OMG!!! I cannot believe how many reports there are about Matthew Olyphant!!! Well, I can believe it because Matthew Olyphant and his friend Tanna (girlfriend? I have no idea) are two creeps who should be jail for the stuff they do. I answered an ad on Craigslist they posted looking for a man to join them. I have done this before and I'm an adult (I didn't know Matthew Olyphant was into kids gross!) and I have met nice people and never had an experience where I feared for my life until this night when I went to his house (hers too? Im not sure what she is) and I have never met anybody online since. I spoke to Matthew Olyphant before going to the house and he seemed normal said to come at 9 PM and we would all have a drink and stuff and said he was into men and his partner might get involved or might just be there. I said fine. When I arrived we had a drink which was drugged and I started to feel weak and shaky and nervous. Then Matthew Olyphant basically attacked me and I was trying to say I didn't feel well and I should go and he started screaming and swearing and dragged me into another room and handcuffed me to a chair before taking my clothes off and well....doing what he wanted without my consent or full mind being present. It was horrible and painful. I was crying and I do not cry often. I asked for help again and again thinking his partner might help but she just sat there looking drugged up and laughing. He continued to attack me until the sun was coming up and then he unhandcuffed me and told me to get dressed. My wallet was missing and I had at least 200 dollars in there and all of my id. My phone was also gone but I didnt dare ask about either item I just wanted out of there. He Matthew Olyphant kept caressing me as I tried to put my clothes on and began to notice all of the bruising and abrasions across my body. I was feeling very sick and just kept touching me and acting loving it was sick. I started to walk to the door hoping I could make a run for it and his partner still just sat in a chair and stared off into space laughing. Matthew grabbed me from behind and began to kiss me I almost vomited. Then he grabbed me hard around the neck and said hed be seeing me. I ran out of there so fast I couldn't breath all the way home.
DO NOT MEET MATTHEW OLYPHANT NO MATTER WHO YOU ARE AND WHAT YOU THINK. He is sick and belongs in jail. I should have gone straight to the police but I was embarassed. He selects people who he knows he can scare and who will not go to the police. HE is DANGEROUS AND HIS PARTNER IS BRAINWASHED BY HIM OR SOMETHING. HE DRUGGED ME AND ROBBED ME. HE RAPED ME HE WILL RAPE MEN OR WOMEN AND HE GAVE ME SOMETHING I CAN NEVER GET RID OF. STAY AWAY.

Internet Fraud, Personal Ad Frauds, Liars, Thives, Addicts Internet Fraud, Personal Ad Frauds, Liars, Thives, Addicts

2525 days ago by User867530
Diana Prause, Dell Computers, Austin, Texas 43 years old.
Diana Jo Prause Cyberstalks Harasses, and Slanders via the Internet.

Diana Jo Prause who is employed by Dell Computer Corp., Austin, Texas has spent months relentlessly stalking, harassing, and slandering via the Internet. She has a hosts of email and Twitter accounts she uses along with numerous negative web presence forums to fabricate complete lies about Matthew Olyphant, Tanna, and others because she once dated Matthew Olyphant. It is obvious from all the reports about Matthew Olyphant on this site Diana Prause is in need of serious help as she will be in jail soon.

She is disturbed and has stalked numerous people for similarly petty reasons or imagined beliefs about her self importance and presence in their lives. Her attacks are intent on causing irreparable damage to an individual's reputation both on and offline. Much of this constant stalking and annoying harassment and slander is done during her work hours at Dell Corp. The behavior she has exhibited is beyond jealousy or what many may consider permissible of a woman scorned, it is absolutely psychopathic and pathological.

Her employer and the public are to be alerted since she has broken several laws during the course of her ongoing campaign. Apart from stalking and harassing me with hundreds of emails from numerous accounts, she has also impersonated me and my email accounts, threatened me with physical harm, and hacked into my email and Facebook accounts. The list of offences is ridiculously long and bizarre--it's quite the accomplishment she has made on Dell's watch when she undoubtedly had genuine tasks at hand.

Diana Jo Prause is 43. Never married and live several states away in Cedar Park Texas. Investigators revealed she is my cyberstalker. That fact makes her behavior quite frightening as she had to indeed go to great lengths to accomplish her sick and twisted attacks, many of which were sexual in nature and deviant based.

Diana Jo Prause is sick and her dark hidden lifestyle proves this. If you break things off with her, she will not let go and any women you subsequently meet may become her target. This is a general warning to any individual that Diana Jo Prause suffering from a plethora of likely undiagnosed mental illnesses. There is nothing remotely normal about her personal life and behavior.
She will stop at nothing to stalk her prey on a daily basis in any and all ways available.
She works online stalking seemingly on a full-time basis and she will employ the same destructible energy against others as you will see the amount of posts she makes in this site about Matthew Olyphant many impersonating other people.

Diana Jo Prause needs professional help!
Beware and be warned that Diana Jo Prause is mentally off kilter and morally bankrupt.
Her delight in behaving as the ugliest human being is proof. Whether or not she has additional demons is unknown but she is a very heavy drinker. She is driven to cause harm people.
2487 days ago by CODVM
Why is this man trying to put blame on others for his mistakes? I have seen many reports on this guy and let me tell you, he's one sick puppy. Ladies in his area, you should take heed to these and be careful.
2484 days ago by Unbelievable111
This report, as well as others, regarding Matthew Olyphant is bogus. Matthew is the target of a disgruntle ex-girlfriend who was caught cheating by Matthew. The interesting thing about this ex-girlfriend is she carries this grudge for over a year. Her goal is to totally destroy Matthew by posting these slanderous reports. As you can see, the report is anonymous, as are the others. However, some of the posted reports on the internet sometimes have a name attached as an author, but those names are false.

This ex-girlfriend lives in Texas and Matthew lives in California and their relationship lasted only a few months due to distance. Every single accusation this ex-girlfriend has posted is false. Legal actions against the ex-girlfriend are ongoing.

I am a licensed private investigator in California, hired by Matthew, to assist in halting these false and malicious reports.

Chad Yeager
2456 days ago by Fightingmad
The only thing bogus is the two pigs in the report. You will see. I promise.
2456 days ago by Brainzyy
Hi Diana Jo Prause, who works at Dell computers, Cedar Park, Texas. You have been promising for the past how many months and we are all still waiting and waiting. We want to see, we really do and yet, you can't come up with even one shred of proof.

You keep telling us about this twat there who does this bollucks there who you've handed over proof and we don't see any.

Your stories are bogus, they are all fabricated lies, because you were dreaming about using Matthew because of his famous connections and you thought you can screw around behind his back while your schemes are marinating and when it turns out Matthew is far more smart than you initially thought now you're ramming scaminformer and ripoffreport with all sorts of fake stories.

Just because Matthew is softhearted and kind doesn't mean he's stupid.

Finally give us proof, some form of proof like an official signed and stamped document from the police that you have been raped.

You're boring, just like a broken record you keep spinning the same made up lies.
2424 days ago by Troydd
This guy is a fag. A fat fag. A fat bragging spoiled rotten fag who gets laid because he "knows" famous people.
This girl is a psycho bitch who dates men money because she thinks she's entitled and the world owes her something because she thinks she's hotter than you.

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