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Morgan T
Morgan T C/O Ymka S.A. scam Lottery Scam 1260 NYON 2, Other
9th of May, 2011 by User781741
Morgan T. Clairvoyant International Medium has been reeping off my father in-law for many months, claiming he is on the verge of winning 1,110,000.00 and all he needs to do is send him a check for a various dollar amount. Usaully 35.00 - 59.00 dollars US, and I have tried to explain to my father in-law that this is a scam. He has been getting letters from them weekly (2-5) letters each week. my father in-law continues to send them money and be scammed, I need help to get this from continuing to take advantage of the elderly, who do not realize they are being ripped off. They name of the C/O is Yolanda M.K.A I feel there are several names associated with Morgan T in Switzerland.
2563 days ago by Michelleuk254
I care for a 92 year old lady and for months and months she has ben giving me letters to post every couple of days. A first I didn't think anything but then I noticed that the lady had a put a cheque in the envelope!
She must be sending these people in Switzerland and Netherlands about £50 per week!!!

They write her letters and say they will heal her or she will have wealth if she sends a cheque!

Who are these people? How can we stop them taking advantage of the elderly??
2558 days ago by Kirstie
ive been recieving these types of letters for along time too, all because i clicked to recieve a FREE( haha what a joke) reading from TARA, who is a con as well, they come in many names but are all from netherland or switzerland, australlier, france, or usa, how do they get away with these scams people must be loosing hundreds. Thankfully i was a lucky one and was'nt fooled but i really feel for people who are believing of these mean scams, i dont even no how to get my name off of these mailing lists so just chuck them away as i recieve them, but i get a lot.
How can they be stopped ?
How do i get off the mailing list?
How do we make people aware of the scam behind these "mystics, clairvoyants, mediums" and make them aware that they will never be winners whilst funding this scam?
It really bugs me that in this day and age people can get away with this, it should and needs to be stopped !
2197 days ago by Sheila777
I have been receiving these letters for about 6months now. The first few were about winning a lottery which I ignored. The next few were more personal, helping solve problems etc. which I ignored. The latest is about THE 2012 FESTIVAL OF MONEY GIFTS stating I will be rewarded for all the good deeds I have done in 2011 to the tune of £10million pounds, which I also ignored.

The first ones in 2011 were Swiss PO BOX addresses, and the latest 3 / 4 are NETHERLANDS PO BOX

MORGAN T. c/o YMKA S.A. (South Africa???)
PO.BOX 69523
2184 days ago by Mike UK
Despite my Mother in Law having sadly passsed away last September, we are still getting mail from Switzerland and the Netherlands, which contains information about the fantastic news that a number of so called clairvoyants want to notify her that she must respond with a payment in order to win the money!! Difficult when she is no longer with us and the quantity of mail being recieved on a daily basis after all this time is still causing stress. Despite making calls to the postal services, who cannot help until government action is taken to stop this situation the only resort left is to shred / burn or at leadst place in the recylcle bin !!
Mike in the UK
2181 days ago by Yorkiegirl46
I too get letter's promising me this time that he definately is going to send me a cheque for 1 million pound and the chance to win a further 48 million if I send £17 with the form, It wold be lovely it was true he says he goes on television and annouces who is going to benifit from luck he has sent but I have looked on line and found no telelvision show of thie nature. So as usuual it's gone in the bin where Morgan T should go as well
2181 days ago by Avinjoe2012
i m sorry for putting this messgae here like this. I am just here to share my experience and to help who might want this kind of help. I have been scammed by fake casters that promised me results and get my money trying all my means to save my marriage. i was so despirate to keep my family as my husband wants a divorce. i decided to go spiritual as all i tried was not working. i seek spiritual helps to get things right but all i talked with never did anything for me. I was taken advantage of and i lost all my saving on that. i talked talked to a friend that was able to make me meet the help i searched for. when he said he will help, i never believed but im more than greatful now for giving him my last shot. You can get this great one on [email protected] never let it go too. its a good trial if you want to use him and he is the best to work with. my vote all to him.
2141 days ago by Lynnnoscam
i have recieved for the last month from the above. the new one is my name was stated on american t.v. that i had won.1.!10.000.00. to be sent in three amounts. asking for £24.00 .he also is using the name mr michel brucker as his guest on a t.v. show called the live paranormal consultation one letter he told me i had won ten million ppounds from hismagic club.this man is a con artist and he should be stopped a.s.p.
2138 days ago by Sandra Ribbons
where do they get our address from, I am sick of all the letters i get from Switzerland, Netherlands and now the philippines, all telling me i am going to win 1, 000, 000 I am sick of these letter's and wish they will stop.please inform Morgan T that i know about his scam. thank you. Sandra from Ilford
2133 days ago by Mari74
I have recieved numerous letters including the one that posed a threat and this man was banned from ssending. He is preying on vulnerable people and scamminng thrm out of a lot of money they cannot afford. He has to be stopped immediately. He has also asked to meet me personally though I have never replied to his letters..nearly did he is so convincing. 2011~12 in Scotland Thank you and hope something is done about this person..whoever he Really is..
1962 days ago by [email protected]
My husband recieves numerous letters from claivoyants, lottery scams, and many others, these people are preying on the vulnerable, he is not in good health and thinks like other people that are being sent these scam letters that he is going to win lots of money, so he sends cheques to them, its now causing grief with us both, they need to be stopped before my marriage breaks down. maureen from lincolnshire.
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1538 days ago by Vhtroy31
Dear Mr. Morgan T I have called my Bank today and they told me that you cashed my check and you sad in your letter that I could expect a delivery but nothing ever cam and today is April 3/2014 I don't know why it would take so very long and I have no more money. I hope I can still trust you
My very best to you Vera Troy from San Diego, Ca. [email protected]
1106 days ago by Watchtower
We are being literally Bombarded by these fraudsters ! The latest promise is 18+ mil. I wish someone would just GO to this P.O.Box and GET these people in court . I also suspect it may be ONE co. putting out a number of scams at the same time. I have a disabled brother who is being lied to . Please ! someone buy a plane ticket .. go to this box ... take a cab to the police or lawyers office and get a "class action suit' or something against them. Also a letter from these creeps clearly stateing that they are a scam and for folks to watch out for other scammers !!
1106 days ago by Watchtower
We are being literally Bombarded by these fraudsters ! The latest promise is 18+ mil. I wish someone would just GO to this P.O.Box and GET these people in court . I also suspect it may be ONE co. putting out a number of scams at the same time. I have a disabled brother who is being lied to . Please ! someone buy a plane ticket .. go to this box ... take a cab to the police or lawyers office and get a "class action suit' or something against them. Also a letter from these creeps clearly stateing that they are a scam and for folks to watch out for other scammers !!
939 days ago by Salvat
794 days ago by LuluFromFrance
Hello everybody, Since my mother passed away, my dad recieves everyday about 3 letters from those crooks. I warned him, but he rather believes beautiful letters than me ! ! ! I found his check-book (he became very angry to me), and I realised that he sended around 200 euros a month ! ! ! (25, 35, 45 euros to Morgan T., Chris, Demetrio, Annabelle, Madame Bonheur, Walter B. Honorus, etc...)
To prouve that he was wrong, I started to investiged. (thank you Google ! ! !).
The adresses where the checks are sended are in PostOffices or Business bulldings.
I found the advertising for those adresses in the bulldings, and they propose : "virtual offices".
My dad made big eyes ! ! ! but still had the "faith"...
For W. B. Honorus, I found a adress in Estonia.
Ok, lets check in Estonia and I found (hurray ! hurray ! ! !) the name of the manager of that COMPANY ! ! !
It's very easy to find, it's published. His real name is Adrian Nicolae T.
Than I found his name in France, near Nice where he had a business calles Alice Avantage.
It was a catalog with products for health exactly like NotreVie (Our Life)
So I realise that all those people (our life) and Alice Avantage live in the same area where they
have incredible houses (I checked with google map) paid with your money and the one of my dad.
Alice Advantage was very famous in a negative way and spend a lot of time in court ! ! !
This company earned 5 000 000 euros in 2010 (not sure about the year).
Then went out of business.
But in the meanwhile, the manager learned a lot about the mistake he made :
1) le business has to be outside from France
2) No more stock, it's easier to sell dreams
That's how is born W. B. H.
The company in Estonia is actually called : W. B. H. Walter B. Honorus
I found in France, in the same little city : Biot, a company called WBH ! ! !
Hurray ! ! ! Hurray ! ! ! ! Hurray! ! !
For : (to funny ! ) Wine Business Holding ! ! !! ! H AHA AHA
They opened a little wine store in the main street. The store lasted 6 months.
But WBH continues to exist. I guess the checks of my dad are declared as
paiement for wine...
The manager of that wine store is Thierry Sainte-L...
Ownes also a beautiful house with swimming pool.
I hope those information can help to better inderstand who is behind those

PS : lately, my dad had a phone call from WBH who pretended that he wanted
to stop and to give his business further, he proposed it to my dad. He said he
was to old now. In the registration in Estonia we can read that he is born in 1977 ! ! !

Other PS for Watchtower : Those virtual offices, usually from the group Regus, have
probably the order to send further. They propose all kind of services. See Regus in
Austria - Wien. (Alice Avantage had his office in Regus - Biot, etc...)
239 days ago by Eric Evans
we have been getting mail for our mother who passed in Virginia. Here lately its Walter b Honorus from Switzerland but we have received hundreds from Budapest, Guilford GB, Sweden, Austria. Sadly we only knew after she passed that she had been sending money to all sorts of mail fraud that probably kept them coming but the postal service has been helpful in stopping her forwarded mail from being delivered here. Walter b Honorus claims to be a traveling Occultist Grandmaster and she was a dedicated Christian Woman but she had been dedicated in sending him 35$ for over a year and there wasn't much we could do while she was living. These were all most likely the same person POA all over Europe and there was a little legal notice at the bottom that read

you have the right to rectify personal data concerning yourself in the absence of refusal on your part this data will be usable by third parties. The photos and identities are not legally binding.

She was sharp as a tack till she died surely she would have understood that it was fake and fraudulent and caused all the scam mail we have received. She lived in Va and we live in Greensboro, NC.
Eric Evans

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