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Pathologist Doctor Alejandra T Kalik Ripoff Report Regarding Excessive & Extreme Pathology Charges Tampa Florida
27th of Sep, 2006 by User966693
These actions of Ripoff Charges have not been shown on this important forum yet, and need to be placed here, so others may be made aware and can fight such a travesty against those with diseases. Dr Alejandra Kalik is An indifferent Profiteer Pathologist & so called Caregiver, whose practice engages in extreme and excessive charges? This is a new Ripoff Report on excessive pathology and medical charges emanating from this physician and her practice. If this isnt a Ripoff what Is? Is this care? Is this giving? Is Doctor Alejandra T Kalik indifferent and lazy and part of the problem, and does SHE financially and otherwise benefit from such a greedy unconscionable Ripoff, or does she make our world a better, kinder, less unjust & painful place for those with diseases as well as others? Have any of you ever gotten a bill from this horrific practice of the worst type of medical commodity sellers who epitomize GREED. We will lay out the facts here and state our view in this new Ripoff Report trying to display the unconscionable pathology practices, and then you can decide for yourself. What is our American ripoff complaint? Many Americans are just as greedy as this Profiteer Pathologist, in fact most are, so plenty will not have any problem with this behavior, until they get a disease. Until any of them get Cancer, or some other terrible malady, and are treated the same way, or are in the same situation, its not much of a concern for them. Americans dont care much about others. This is not Canada, Norway, Sweden or most other places. Compassion is not a hallmark of this country despite the lies of its citizens. The horse race scheme speaks for itself. The fact of the matter is, when you have Cancer and are not permitted to get health coverage under Doctor Alejandra T Kalik and her uncaring, vicious medical scheme, because you are ruthlessly quarantined against by the racehorse American public, and the callous, ruthless US doctors who become wealthy off of such a scheme, you have to absorb the cost of treatment yourself. That is not nice or dainty at all. It is not a way of life that flowers with kindness. Tens of millions are not allowed to get coverage due to Americans like Doctor Alejandra T Kalik, despite all her verbose helium that spurts forth from her lips. Most of those who can, who do have any disease, cant even hope to earn sufficient pence to keep up and have it. This can be very difficult, even for hard working people, as Doctors like Alejandra T Kalik have the idea that they can rip you off, and charge you whatever they want, and if you dont like it, tough. As fake Americans believe in everything else, your life and disease is all about supply and demand and capitalism. Doctor Alejandra T Kalik and the goons who surround her, have one primary concern over all others, securing your Beastly social security number so the billing bullies who work for her, can destroy your entire life, and your future, and cause you terrible angst and emotional difficulties, if you dont pay her greedy price fixing fee. Women like this claim not to have any blame. They blame it all on the parent company. I am just the Girl Friday. It's not my fault these fakes say. Doctor Alejandra Kalik inures benefit from that company, gets fat off of that company, and her caste system college accolade building children get fat off of that company. She IS that company and chooses consciously and conspicuously to affix herself to them , and to derive great wealth and pleasure from them, despite widespread knowledge of their grotesque behavior over the yrs. Doctor Alejandra T Kalik and her colleagues are part and parcel of one of the most corrupt, white collar beastly practices in this state of many beastly practices. The only thing missing is a billboard with the shining face of Doctor Alejandra T Kalik complete with fancy hat, next to the pervasive Radiology signs with the glorious man on them. They, Doctor Alejandra Kalik's practice, operate similar to MBNA, whose open stated practice is to get every ounce of interest that they can, and what the market will bear.
We get what we can get away with. That is the American way. Reading through litgation involving Doctor Alejandra T Kalik 's practice, you will see that they will do anything and everything to get every ounce of money that they can get, and if anyone stands in their way, or even exercises free speech, yes, even dares complain about them verbally, which seems like a declining American right, they will sue them. Aghast! One should desire stuck gall stones rather than meet an American law man or woman who shall threaten you with ruin and their bizarre ways! Dr Alejandra T Kalik is a gross example of the American "caregiving" scheme. There is no caring or giving. But it is a scheme. By schemers. Doctor Alejandra T Kalik sees your health, and emotional pain, as an item to be bought, sold, and traded, just like a blouse at a bazaar, or a piece of Prime Rib at Beef O Bradys, or any luxury from Westfield Shoppingtown. Your health is nothing more than an item with a price tag on it. This is not Portugal where the caregivers CARE and GIVE, and are physicians because they want to help people. Yes, we understand, you stars and stripes waving zombies in Brandon and at Patriot Park on Bayshore Dr. We understand you want us to leave since we have a problem with your out of control, Mephisto, violent greedy country. We will leave and give you and your "care" "givers" your wish. In the United States, and yes, we are leaving this greedy country, even the most ill are to be taken advantage of by vultures like Doctor Alejandra T Kalik, who will attempt to remove as many nickels from your satchel as she is able to grab. She feels an entitlement. Her university instilled that entitlement in her. The other female elitists who are her friends, and are her fellow caregivers in her medical hallways, and are equally pampered ladies, feel the same entitlement. They share a loving bond, specifically the same cherished feeling to be at a higher rung of the caste system, and these same "care" "giver" women get as fat as she does off of other people's sufferring. Doctor Alejandra T Kalik, like her friends, thinks she is entitled. She is wrong. Her soiled colleagues are wrong. These ladies and gentleman went into medicine for the wrong purposes, for monetary escalation and benefit, power, lofty titles, a perched level in their greedy society, and for materialistic gain. Anyone who thinks most of these American medical students go into medicine to serve you or for philanthropic purposes, or to be of service in most any respect, should be checked into a hospital. Here is a question for even the Americans who believe in greedy and privileged health care. As a cost scheme to treat your disease, tell us, impressive Americans, is two times Medicare fair? Is double what they pay for Medicare "fair", to these doctors of "service".? Ok, is triple the Medicare bill fair? Ok, is quadruple Medicare fair? It is fine, if greed is ok with you, and that is the manner in which you conduct your life and affairs, and is what your life stands for, and is worth. Well how about 10 times Medicare and 8 times Medicare? Even Republicans have problems when it gets to that point, and even the Lexus or Minivan or wealthy SUV driving Jim Davis elitist Democrat shake a bit and their crackers dont go down as smoothly. Meet Alejandra T Kalik and one of the most vicious, ruthless, nasty, corrupt, aggressive, litiguous, and price fixing goon medical practices in the United States. Eight times Medicare is a fictional passage from a Danielle Steele novel? One can feel free to research on Google and other engines, the behavior of Doctor Alejandra T Kalik's corrupt practice, and the owner, and how they conduct themselves. There has been no Ripoff Report yet to this point as noone has taken the time to place it in this important forum. In between the Tess act she and her practice so graciously puts on, you can read about what goes on with her practice. We will attach just a few of the articles below, so you can even see the words of the newspapers, and others from USF, where Doctor Alejandra T Kalik graduated from, along with many other self serving greedy, indifferent, and often ruthless elitists, who just are not very happy with the good doctor or her pallys. Why do they act this way? It is simple. Doctor Alejandra T Kalik has been a pampered brat with everything since she was 21 yrs old. Despite the lies that she will thrust upon you, she does not understand massive pain, true pain or consistent emotional grievings as an adult, or consistent pain, nor has she felt the terrible cries that others have as an adult. She has lived a charmed life of comfort and joy and free flowing crumpets. A bad day for Doctor Kalik is if her 6000 ft home has a plumbing fixture broken in her Roman Tub or if a light bulb has gone out in her fancy kitchen. Is her home theater or network or gas grill working properly! Lord! Come to the saving! What do you have to say about a woman who works for a company that will charge you 8 times Medicare, wait, we mean 10 times Medicare, that you are forced to do business with due to a monopoly and price fixing instituted by a corrupt For Profit hospital, the type owned by American investors, and then will destroy your credit bureau if you cant pay or wont pay, and then you cannot get a job to work or a roof over your head in a decent flat. Americans do not think a medical bill affects their American Beast credit score? Do you think Doctor Alejandra Kalik cares about any woman struggling to get a decent flat to live in, or a roof over their head? Do you think Alejandra T Kalik cares about a woman not being able to get a decent job, due to her now damaged all encompassing, life consuming US beast credit score? Doctor Alejandra T Kalik. Shall the party work at Wal Mart or Steak and Shake on the overnight shift, as they might not care as much about the score. Doctor Alejandra Kalik will tell you that you should pay her grotesque fee in 29 installments. Well actually she wont, and her goons will destroy you first. Ask for 29 installments and laugh along with the bullies as they chuckle and jest. Doctor Alejandra T Kalik, like almost all American caregivers is sinister and shameful. The word uncaringtakers is not acceptable as the printing to replace all the books would be dogged! What is worse about Doctor Alejandra T Kalik? Her indifference. Millions of people who care about their fellow human spirits go on the world's leading human rights site, Human Rights Watch. Has Doctor Alejandra T Kalik or any of her elitist friends ever been there? Has she seen what goes on in her very country? Has she ever spent 8 hours on that site and seen what America is really all about and what the "care" "givers" like her participate in, and allow to go on? Or does Doctor Alejandra T Kalik participate in the caste scheme, in perfectly good conscience, and mark as a Beast those who fall behind in her American horse race? What has Doctor Alejandra T Kalik done about any of it, or anything in this world for that matter? What has Doctor Alejandra T Kalik changed of any meaning in this world that did not involve her personal life? Doctor Alejandra T Kalik is like nearly every single one of the American caregivers like her, that are lazy, indifferent chaps who have never done anything to alter the blue sphere that they live on and bloodsuck off of, for the better. Is Doctor Alejandra T Kalik an agent of greed, or an agent of change and improvement and activism? Americans, unlike some other societies, are part of one big horse track. The goal is to win, or to be one of the horses that qualify for the cash. What happens to the horses that fall behind in America? Do they shoot them like the horse who falls and breaks her leg? Or do they mistreat them, and mark them as Beasts and items for quizzical inspection and wonder? When one compares Doctor Alejandra T Kalik to a bagman, what will one see? One will see a bagman will all his treasures in a shopping cart. One will see a man who fell behind and their was not enough love, patience, or tolerance to save him or give him a leg up. The horses were too far ahead and must strive for the finish. The didnt shoot him like the injured horse with the bad leg, but they leave him to hobble on it instead, and make mockery of him as if a shy, scared, oddly black cat hovering in the corner wondering why everyone thinks she is unlucky and to be avoided due to some strange Beastly tag put on her by society. With the bagman, one will see a man with a smile on his face, or sadness, but a man who tried and was not good enough for the horse race. He is one of so many in America marked as one of many Beasts and fell during the race or ran out of breath. But he will give you a smile and a nod and not hurt you or rip you off. He will keep his sadness and tired anguish pangs, and his lonesome feelings to himself. He hopes he will be able to sleep that night and not be beaten up by a uniformed armed American master, or thrown into a hole where noone will save him or rescue him, for sleeping, or relieving himself naturally. When Doctor Alejandra T Kalik sees the bagman, and she has her quizzical __expression on her face as she views him, one wonders what she sees, what all Americans see. What one should wonder is what she does. What does Doctor Alejandra T Kalik do? Why is sunshine better than a horse race? Sunshine shines on all of us, even the bagman. A horse race rewards just a few, and is a fitting analogy of America, and the practice of Doctor Alejandra T Kalik. She is in the money. Cheers Doctor Alejandra T Kalik! Was man intended to remove horses from their natural state and put them in metal pens and then race them at a bell? The why people? Was man intended to remove female tigers from their natural state and then murder them when they flee in fear? Was man intended to glorify the men in the newspaper who committed the murder as heroes protecting the horses? Was man intended to remove penguins from their native area and place them in a artificial box for the wishes of their more powerful masters and their children for scientific inquiry? Was man intended to take dead bodies and inject them with chemicals and put them on display at science museum exhibits at Doctor Alejandra T Kalik's school? Would a caregiver want that done to their Mother? Was man intended to charge someone 5 times Medicare in a monopoly system for help with their pain and disease, and then ruin their Beastly credit score if they cant pay, and then respect and glorify those who devise and benefit from such a callous harrowing scheme? There are two types of people in horse race America. Those who are the extreme haves, and then those who are the extreme have nots and the marked Beasts. The marked beasts are often put so low that some of them rebel against those eating their tea and crumpets. Those who are enjoying their fancied lives for some very oddly reason cannnot figure out why and cry aghast at the foul committed by the Beasts! The reason for the foul, and much of the other misery one sees forth around them in such a society, is basic human nature and basic common sense that those at the front of the horse race in America will never figure out, because their focus is on the never ending finish line. America does not have the love and compassion and caring, despite all its hollow, buggy, absurd claims. It does have greedy Doctors and greed in nearly every other area too. It does of course have its Beasts who must be marked and kept down at the behest of its masters. The less beasts in the horse race, the better chance the other horses have to achieve their narrow minded goals and feel the superiority that leading horses crave. Kudos Doctor Alejandra T Kalik, and majestic compliments on your quite impressive bills. Greetings from the rear. Dont fall, as we would not want you to experience the track from a different position. It is not anything like the high tea of your whimsical, indifferent life. Doctors like Alejndra T Kalik should be added to Human Rights Watch, both for her indifference to the greater horrors shown there in her fancied country, and for her own contribution to the admittedly less important, but still critical rights of those needing medical care. Doctor Alejandra T Kalik was born with the blessings to practice her trade and decided to make it into a stock item to be sold at a premium, like a piece of fine crystal. Worse yet, Doctor Alejandra T Kalik is quite the admired marketeer! Doctor Alejandra T Kalik not only wants to sell you her trade like a piece of crystal. That is only half the glorious plan! She also wants to be the only store on the block who will be allowed to market it to you. You are quite an American and must be complimented on your American ways! Women like you make the Yanks proud! Cheers on your brilliant success in pulling it all off! Pray your children never fall on the horse track and become one of the Beasts. Pray dear, pray, as the heavens never tell any of us what they have in store for us or our babies. May your house be always on top of the shaded mountain so it can feel the energy of the pinnacle, and never be touched by the Beastly rain. Enlcosed below is information on some of the horses in Doctor Alejandra T Kalik's practice, and the practice itself. All names have been removed to protect the innocence of the parties, as our beef is with Doctor Alejandra T Kalik. The practice plays both parties and many of the horses, as any good better does who has the money to play! One frequent better or player of the horses! (Zip code: 33556) $1250 to NATIONAL REPUBLICAN CONGRESSIONAL COMMITTEE on 04/18/03
(Zip code: 33556) $1250 to NATIONAL REPUBLICAN CONGRESSIONAL COMMITTEE on 05/19/03
(Zip code: 33556) $1250 to NATIONAL REPUBLICAN CONGRESSIONAL COMMITTEE on 06/18/03
(Zip code: 33556) $1250 to NATIONAL REPUBLICAN CONGRESSIONAL COMMITTEE on 07/18/03
-------------------------- SEFFNER, FL 33584 - Money,Political Campaign Contributions $4,000. 10/06/2000. DNC SERVICES CORPORATION/DEMOCRATIC NATIONAL COMMITTEE TAMPA, Florida(FL), Campaign Finance, Money, American politics, $500. 03/27/2000. BILL NELSON FOR U S SENATE - Democrat ... TAMPA, Florida(FL), Campaign Finance, Money, American politics, American ... Patholo $500. 12/27/2005 ... (Zip code: 33629) $1000 to REPUBLICAN NATIONAL COMMITTEE on 02/05/04 These are just some of a potpourri of horse playing fun by the caregivers and their practice! Public email message sent by a USF lady: I was told by a BC/BS rep. today that it is my responsibility to pay these bills.
-----Original Message----- From: Session, Marcus Sent: Wednesday, May 21, 2003 3:29 PM To: [log in to unmask] Subject: Re: BC/BS Darn I just paid mine a week ago. Marcus J. Session, CCNA HSCIS Sr. Computer Support Specialist 813-974-6288 [log in to unmask] -----Original Message-----
From: An Open Talk Forum for the USF Community [mailto:[log in to unmask]] On Behalf Of Baisden, Nancy Sent: Wednesday, May 21, 2003 2:56 PM To: [log in to unmask] Subject: Re: BC/BS
Our USF Benefits department is checking into this also...
-----Original Message-----
From: Bonnie Goodwin [mailto:[log in to unmask]] Sent: Wednesday, May 21, 2003 2:44 PM To: [log in to unmask] Subject: BC/BS To those of you who have received these (name of practice) bills I wanted to share an interesting conversation I had today with BC/BS. Apparently (name of practice) is charging for the reading of our test results, not for the testing itself. BC/BS has already paid for the lab tests directly to the hospital. I was told by (name of practice) that I would be reimbursed by BC/BS for the charges. Since BC/BS sees it as double billing, there will be no reimbursement of the charges. The most interesting part is that the tests were most likely done on a machine with an automatic readout read by a nurse and that wouldn't be sent to them in the first place. The BC/BS representative seemed to think that they are looking up PPO holders and sending out these charges only to them. He has had a lot of complaints and believes there is, or will be, a state investigation. I would suggest fighting the bills before paying them and seeing what happens with the investigation. I wish I hadn't already paid them! Regards, Bonnie ---------------------- By Carol Gentry, Tampa Tribune, Fla. Mar. 28--TAMPA -- In preparing for a colonoscopy, Judy Diaz chose a doctor and hospital from her Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida directory. She expected to pay no more than $50 out of pocket for the procedure. A month later, she got a bill for $378 from the pathology group that analyzed her tissue culture. The letter stated that the group had no contract with the Blues and the insurer rejected the bill. "Unfortunately, we now have no choice but to look to you for payment ," the March 13, 2003, letter said. What happened to Diaz is typical in Hillsborough County, where two groups of pathologists handle virtually all hospital-based business. Neither contracts with the Blues, the state's largest insurer. So thousands of patients each year are responsible for paying full pathology charges, not discounted rates. "If it happened in a different industry, it would be considered a monopoly," attorney James A. Wardell says. He represents Diaz in a class-action lawsuit against University Community Hospital (where Doctor Alejandra T Kalik also worked) and the pathology group, (name of practice). The hospital, represented in the case by C. Philip Campbell Jr. of Shumaker, Loop & Kendrick, argues (as good greedy horses do, oops, caregivers) that Diaz signed a consent form before the procedure that disclosed there might be separate physician charges for lab or x-ray services. The consent form does say that, but Wardell argues the wording doesn't disclose that separate bills could run into the hundreds or thousands of dollars. Patients also aren't warned that there are no limits on the doctor group's charges. (practice name) could say, 'We're charging $10,000,' and what could anyone do?" Wardell says. Four types of doctors traditionally work as independent contractors at hospitals: pathologists, radiologists, anesthesiologists and emergency specialists. Each specialist is part of a group that handles the contracting and billing. Traditionally there has been only one group of each specialty at each hospital. In Hillsborough County, other hospitals in the Blues' network that have pathologists who don't accept Blue Cross and Blue Shield insurance include Tampa General, St. Joseph's, Brandon Regional, Memorial, Town & Country and South Florida Baptist. Aetna and most other private insurers say they have been able to reach agreements with the pathology groups, although they decline to discuss the terms. "Other companies are watching to see if Blue Cross gets away with" its pay cuts to pathologists, said Aaron Laden, of Tampa, a member of Associated Pathologists, an affected group. In written statements, UCH and Tampa General said they try to persuade all the doctors to contract with their insurers. "However, these groups are not our employees, and they make independent business decisions," Tampa General says in its statement. If the doctors say no, "we can't force them ." Other hospitals in the Tampa Bay area have adopted a different approach.
For example, Morton Plant Mease Health Care in Pinellas County requires all physician groups to align their insurance contracts with those of the hospital.
"It's only fair to the public," said Philip K. Beauchamp, president and chief executive officer. In 2000, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida alleged that hospital-based groups had formed monopolies that stifled competition. At the time Blue Cross said it would not pay a 40 percent rate increase sought by Anesthesiology Associates of Tallahassee. The Blues recruited competing anesthesiologists from California to break the monopoly. Since then the Blues have reached agreements with about 90 percent of the four types of hospital-based physician groups in the state, says Barry Schwartz, vice president for network management for the insurer. The lab-based specialists are the last holdouts. Eleven pathology groups in Florida are suing the Blues' HMO subsidiary, Health Options Inc., saying its fee structure is inadequate. Two of the groups that brought suit are based in Hillsborough County: (name of practice) , which contracts with seven hospitals in the county, and Associated Pathologists, which contracts with St. Joseph's and South Florida Baptist in Plant City. In the letter to Diaz, the pathology group says it sent the bill to the Blues and it was rejected. The letter suggests that Diaz appeal the decision. She did. She wasted two months appealing (courtesy of the loving caregivers!) , then paid the bill in installments, Wardell said. The Blues gave Diaz a credit of $86.20, as called for in her plan for out-of-network service. Choices Are Limited Representatives from (name of practice) declined to talk about the Diaz case or how they arrive at their fees. (strange how they decline, the genereous American caregivers!) Their attorney ( ) declined to talk about the case. In court documents, the group argues it did the work at the request of Diaz's physician and did a good job. "One does NOT have a choice with respect to the selection of a pathologist in a hospital setting, anymore than one has a choice in the selection of the emergency room physician," Joughin argues in his response. "Unless the plaintiff alleges she could have taken her polyp out of UCH to another pathologist, she had no other choice." (the way the American caregivers like it!) So far, the two sides have not said much about the size of the bill, which was almost 10 times the Medicare allowable fee paid a physician for polyp analysis. (Doctor Alejandra T Kalilk, does it make you proud to work for such a dainty kind group of "care" "givers"!) We bet it makes your children fat and happy! Wardell says he thinks a private insurer with a contract would have paid (name of practice) less than one-third as much as Diaz was charged. The Blues and the pathologists say they regret that patients have been put in the middle of a financial dispute. Said Laden, of Associated Pathologists: The horses have regret!!! Yippee! They regret it as long as they live in their $700,000 houses and life is grand off the backs of their patients who they care so very much about. To see more of the Tampa Tribune -- including its homes, jobs, cars and other classified listings -- or to subscribe to the newspaper, go to Source: Tampa Tribune ------------------- You should see Doctor Alejandra T Kalik's practice's lawsuit with another party and read the words these "care" "givers" use. After you gaggle up your crumpets, and you will when you read those words these physicians use, remind yourself of Doctor Alejandra Kalik's indifference in changing the sphere she is allowed to ride on, which is even a more harrowing, saddening matter than her bills and her generosity to those who come to her for Care. If youdont have health insurance, because you are not permitted to secure it, under Doctor Alejandra T Kalik's scheme, ask Doctor Alejandra T Kalik if she will help you with the bullies in her billing dept or their collection agents, but that may interfere with making her hotel reservations for her next childrens tournament, so dont get your deluded hopes up. Doctor Alejandra T Kalik, and those like them should have their more minor section added to Human Rights Watch, because medical care should be every person's right, except in America, country of the never ending horse race, and country of never ending greed and Beasts. American babies are trained from when they are in their carriages to act this way and to grow up a strong, good racehorse and not dare fall back or you may become a Beast! Miss
Tampa, Florida

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