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Peter Laureano
Peter Laureano - Open Market Solutions Beware this Florida-Based Fraudulent Business!! He has gone away with $2050.00 Kissimmee, Florida
23rd of Aug, 2011 by User787817
Beware that Florida-Based Fraud, Peter Laureano - Open Market Solutions I have been searching the internet for an obsolete electronic component for a while. As usual, I have posted my requirement over a dozen of websites and I used to get quotes from many real or fake suppliers around the world. This time, the quote was received from a company registered in the State of Florida. It was simply intriguing for me for multiple of reasons. First, the company has gained active registration status in the State of Florida, Dept of Corporations, and on the other hand, they provided a Wells Fargo Bank Account based in Florida, as well. Nevertheless, I spent a week trying to get as much info as possible about that so-called company but I failed to get any customer reviews, complaints, history, records, or anything else. The guy claimed he has done business with many companies in U.S. and abroad but couldn't verify any of the references he provided. Anyway, he sent many emails to me claiming the supplier is asking for the money to release the parts and he's afraid they will be sold for someone else. Because getting these parts is more than crucial for me, I had to proceed with him and send payment. ($2050) After sending the wire transfer, he started to disappear gradually. Before he get paid, he used to send 10 emails/day, but upon receipt of payment, it was impossible to reach him. As usual, his cell phone is switched off and few days later, the phone went out of service. I asked him about the issue, he said AT&T is experiencing a technical problem and it should be fine soon. I called and made my investigations and found out that it was just an issue with his prepaid plan and over-due payment. (Biggest Liar) I asked for a phone number to call him, but he refused to give me any number at which I can reach him. Rather he suggested to call me and I gave him my number. He called and spent more than 30 minutes with me on phone trying to make me feel more comfortable. It was a very short relief lasted for couple of days, until he got more mysterious and started to tell stories about my order. First, he said I had to wait 3 days for him to send payment to his supplier in Asia. I gave him 3 days, but as usual, nothing happened. I emailed to ask about tracking number, he claimed the supplier is asking for two days more to release the parts. Later, he admitted the parts are not new and the supplier is sending him a refund. I asked for my money, he said I must wait for him to get the money back from the supplier in Singapore. The dilemma is still going and my worries are going up. Last email I received from him was on last Monday, Aug 22, 2011. He claimed the money should be cleared in his bank account the following day, Aug 23, 2011, and he might be able to get the parts from another supplier, that's if I still want them! Of course, I replied with "NO." I told him I need my money and that's it. Yesterday, Aug 23, 2011, I was supposed to get a bank proof for the wire transfer to my bank account. I sent him more than 4 emails, but never heard back from him. I just found out that his website is also gone suspended due to payment, TOO!!!!!!!!! Now, I have no doubt that this guy is the worst nightmare I have ever had and I wasn't wrong about that suspicious fraud from the beginning. I am willing to do everything possible to get that asshole and put a limit to his fraudulent activity!
3432 days ago by Omssales
I have never dealt with such a petty person...the funds have already been sent back. What a spiteful IDIOT. I guess I just should have sent him damaged merchandise. Some people need to get a life!
3432 days ago by Ss_user488
Go pay your overdue bills, have a "REAL" phone number and fax, and the most important than all, a real presence, by then you may approach real people and real businesses. It's more than obvious that the petty person is you yourself, Sir! Everything you have provided is fake, everything you said was simply a lie, and you are the worst rudest fraud I had to deal with. Still want to defend your fraudulent suspicious activities? You are really a sick idiot!

Could you explain to me the reason for the complaint report that was filed against you at BBB 2 years ago?

If you are really a good person and I was the worst customer, then could you please explain it to the public why you have sent only a portion of the refund and kept the balance until I apologize to you?? You think real businesses do that?

Look, you will be amazed if I have published the rest of info I've obtained about you, and for your convenience, I had to pay for that! If you still want to hold my money and continue to advocate and justify what you have did with me, claiming that your business is 100% flawless and legitimate, I promise to publish everything I've got about you to the public and it's still a something "petty, " compared to when you have to deal with REAL people, lawyers, and authorities!
3429 days ago by Omssales
We should not even bother responding to these accusations. But obviously Mr. Zaher Gharibi has it in for me personally, or otherwise he would be using his energy trying to make a living to support his loved ones, rather than trying to slander us all over the internet, and make baseless accusations. The fact is that we have many references of companies that we have dealt with in the past that were extremely happy with our services. We have had only 1 other compaint in the last 4 years we have been in business, and that issue was taken care of long ago. I am very sorry that the deal did not go as smoothly as planned, but to the contrary we were extremely honest and brought it to Mr. Gharibis attention immediately when the parts were found to be pre-programmed. The fact is that this individual is one of those types that you simply cannot satisfy. I guess we should have simply sent him the damaged items? Either way we have sent the full refund as of today. As a matter of fact we had sent a partial refund the same day that the initial complaint was listed on this site. People should not jump to conclusions without knowing the facts. I am very sorry that the parts were found to be defective during inspection, and that I did not respond to all 10-15 of Mr. Gharibis e-mails, and phone calls on a daily basis. Below I have copied, and pasted one of them on the day after we had spoken on the phone. I guess I did not respond quickly enough, and this is what he wrote.


It’s afternoon now in Singapore and I must have received a fucking number from you or your god damn supplier but nothing yet!!! I AM FUCKING CRAZY BECAUSE OF THAT!!!

I told you I have school and a lot of stuff to think about so please get the fuck back with me!

This is the worst transaction I have ever had. Never had such a headache from a Chinese Supplier!

Come on, you don’t have anything to say or to blame me about! This is completely unacceptable and I don’t think any mother fucker is going to afford your policy of misconduct!

I thought we could be a great partners, but, as long as you are 98% away and impossible to reach, I am more than willing to avoid you for any future business!

I expect to hear from you by morning, EST..


Real professional right?

This is the type of person I was dealing with...actually a bit scary if you ask me. This was just 1, of the 122 messages that he had sent. This gentleman was looking for something to go wrong from the very beginning. We cannot control how long it takes for an Intn'l wire transfer to go through, nor were we going to rush, and send a customer damaged, or pre-programmed parts. THE REFUND HAS BEEN FINALIZED!!! I am only afraid that this will not be the end of this, and we will keep getting slandered, and have baseless accusations thrown at us again. Just look at the words above. This person is definitely not dealing with a full deck.
3429 days ago by Omssales
Below is the e-mail that we got from the supplier the day that the parts were suppose to ship. Feeel free to give them a call also.

Hi Peter,
Thank you very much for your PO.
I really don't know how to tell you, I am so sorry, we have to cancel this order because of the quality.
Our supplier send samples to us and all of these samples are good quality. However, yesterday,
in order to ensure the part we send to you are professional quality, our purchase extract part of the goods to test.
We found these goods are inferior to the sample. As a reliable supplier, we can't send this kind of goods to you.
So we have to cancel the PO. Hope you can understand and we really hope we can help you,
but we don't think we can find quality parts in few days.We are sorry, we appologize for all the inconveniences, please do understand !
I also wish that we can have chance to cooperate in future.


Tanks & Regards,
Memory systems Pte Ltd
We are the PPS Member of TBF
Phone: 00653108 0771
Fax: 00656491 5247
mail: [email protected]
Msn: [email protected]
3428 days ago by Ss_user488
Well, I really feel sorry about Mr. Peter Laureano and I really appreciate his pursuit in order to justify his strange behavior and debunk my "ACCUSATIONS."

It's obvious that Mr. Laureano had no other options to justify his policy of misconduct and his unverified and mysterious presence to put the worst email I have sent to him (Out of 122 as he claims) over 5 weeks run of pain and hassle trying to get my money back!

I can present more than an evidence that, Mr. Peter Laureano had no intention at all to send my money back. At least, that soon! Yes, you were correct, and I wasn't as hiddent and mysterious with you! I have a lot of energy that you still cannot imagine and I am doing living and helping others make a living out of my knowledge and experience, as well! I told you that I am not a broker nor a distributor, but, I design custom electronics for my own industry and I do that in parallel with school. You've got also a crystal-clear idea about my personality, my name, my business, and the products I have done and I will be doing in future. Go seach google for my website and business name, and you will find everything about me and my achievements in almost every corner of the internet. You were also aware about that from the very first moment.

You still claim you have many references of companies you have dealt with? OK, listen everyone! If you are after an electronic component and you got quotes from famous and 100% verified companies like UsBid, DigiKey, 4Star Electronics, and one from someone who claims a real business with a (100% virtual presence) always-off phone number, wrong mailing address/landline/fax/ and the most important than all, woking in the hidded-mode. Which one do you go for to buy from? Of course, it's not Mr. Peter Laureano. I would like to invite the public to search your name on the internet and give me any info they can find about your supposed company, any reference, any customer reviews, or anything that can make someone confident to trust you. Do you ever had an eBay account? Show me only one successful transaction you have done with anyone, even from Nigeria! :)))

Do you think the people are dump assholes to believe your claims? Today, in a fast-growing marketplace bursting with scammers and fake businesses, it's not enough to give people few tags you've added in certain pages about you and your "ESTEEMED, " company, Sir! People need more than that. Can you provide something tangible? Of couse not! Otherwise, you could have saved me a lot of time and sent my money without this headache!

So, I was looking for somehing to go wrong from the very beginning? And I had it in for you personally? Well, first, who really are you? Do I know you before? Who emailed each other first? did I have sent you 30 emails claiming that I am a supplier and I can supply the parts? Why you don't tell people that I have sent you many emails expressing my anxiety and worries before I wire the money into your bank account? Why you don't tell everyone how many times you have sent emails to me full of crap about your company, which I have later found to be 100% fake? Did you ever mentioned why you refused to give me a real phone number to call you on, and instead, you called me and spent more than 30 minutes with me trying to make me more comfortable when I told you that I felt I was wrong to put my trust in you?

You really miserable, and you know what, I am very very sorry about you and your desperate attempts trying to make a big business name out of nothing! especially, when you say, "WE." Who are you? You forgot what you have told me over the phone and you are just a broker and not a company at all? Everyone can register a "fictitious" name and get a US Bank Account, even from abroad!

"I am only afraid that this will not be the end of this, and we will keep getting slandered, and have baseless accusations thrown at us again"

1- Of course it will not be the end because I have already warned you and I had to send you a lot of emails and spent a considerable time with you trying to convince you to send my money back and let's call it a day, but, you just ignored my emails. I told you I will report you to many governmental and non-governmental agencies and I will not leave you go away with my money, but you kept ignoing my emails.

2- Again, you speak as "US and WE." Who really are you?? Stop this fake propaganda and let the others get a life, too!

Remember again, I was your customer and I have received the biggest share of headache and anxiety because of this, not you! I have sent the money to you, and it took you 5 weeks to send my money back. You needed 5 weeks to tell the parts are fake? Or you just found out that the reports I have made public with the Cyber Crime Center did work out well for me? More likely the latter!

Finally, just get this straight! I am always ready to get you and give you the most appropriate response, whenever possible! A final advice, just go away and don't try to experience me again because my potential is much bigger than just writing here and I am sure you don't like to experience that!
3422 days ago by Ss_user488
Here's something more to prove it that I am not slandering your company or anything like that, it's just the truth and nothing but the truth! Again, you have yourself proved to be 100% fake!

Everyone, please take a look at the website he has included in the bottom of his email (claiming it was from his supplier in Asia)

What a very big and famous supplier?? :))))))

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