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PHP Financial Services
PHP Financial Services PEOPLE HELPING PEOPLE PHP Financial Servises is another Pyrimid Marketing Sceme! They are an Uprofessional Financial Company.
25th of Dec, 2010 by User263515
I was first introduced to the company by my friend Johnny Feldman, back in September 2010. I called Johnny to see how was doing, and being the crooked salesman he is, he ask to help out a friend of his, that I knew, if I would her with her training by letting her come over with a training associate. I said, what is this? "World Financial Group, or another MLM? He said , it's nothing of the sort, and WFG was going under due to many complaints. I said that I have already have a Money Manager, and that I am not going to buy anything. He said, "No don't buy anything! This is just for her training , so she could get her licence.

So did, and I saw her and her Training Rep. Veronica Sesma, a young 26 year old inexperience women in the financial feild. They were an hour late, which made them look like unprofessional hypocrites, sense they preach punctuality. Well to go on, Veronica did her presentation, by following a chart and a formula set up by PHP to sell the sevices. She stated this is a company that does financial service for the bottom 98%, who make below a 100 k a year. She stated that company teaches families how to save money for retirement, and teack people how to make extra income. I knew that it was another MLM sceme, something too good to be true. How she sparked my interest to look further, and check out the Meeting, was that she said there were lots of single women there, knowing that I was single, and looking for the my soul-mate, so I can start a family. So she played off of that in order to rope me in. And I'm sure Johnny Feldman clued her in, that was on the market for a young woman, and eventially get married, and have a family.

It's been my expeirence that these people do anything to rope you in. Needless to say I went to ther Training Meeting at Braemar Country Club to see what was out there. Their was about 10-15 people in our training presentation, and the Co-Chairman/ Founder, "PATRIC BET-DAVID" spoke.He was a good speaker, and talked about market trends, and how they went with Baby Boomers. Startrd with Gerber Baby Food, who started 1946, and how the company became successful. He then went on to the different trends, the construction boom in the 1950's-60's, to the Sport car boom in the 1970's, to the Real Estate boom in 1980's, all due to where the Baby Boomers were. Now He said that the next boom is Life Insurance as the Baby Boomers were getting ready to retire.

He pumped everybody up with that PHP, and Life Insurance is going to be the next biggest trend, and that if you went with PHP, that there would be a pot of Gold for everybody at the end of the rainbow, even for part-timers. He is feeding off the bad economy, and people's employment uncetaincies. I must say Patrick Bet-David is very condicending, and talks down to everybody as he is a typical ego-maniac.

The next day I got a call to come in for an interview. I came in, saw Jose Gaytan. He was very flatering, and related well to me. He asked me what my goals were. I told him that I had a cereer that pays well, and a Money Manager that I'm happy with. I told him that I was open to looking into his company, afer he said that I would for sure make at least $4,000. a month working part time, and all I needed to do was spend a couple of hours at night, after work doing this, and go to two meeting a week. Needless to say it sounds good , but it's not reality.

After that quick Faux Interview I had with him, he said the company doesn't work with anybody, but that they'll work with me. All I had to do is fill out a 1099 form, and pay a $100. for a processing fee. When that happend I knew there was someting fishy. Johny Feldman walk in, and I look at him, and questioned the legitimacy this. I was told that there wasn't going to be any money out of pocket by Feldman, Sesma, and PHP. But I did it, because it sounded good.

With in the next month, I meet a girl that I was fixed up with, and we had a fling. She was just starting out again after quiting.

She already had a paying job as an insurance agent at botique agencey. She wanted the pie in the sky, and Veronica Sesma got her, in, while Patrick and company convinced her about all the B.S. about starting her own business, quote on quote, lol. Yeah right!

She, a febel minding person got totally brained washed by these people, and it was like she was in a cult. She then dumped all her firends, as she was convinced that they were a bad influence on her, because they told her not to get involve this pyramid marketing sceme.

OUr relatiuonship was new, and we were hanging a lot for two weeks, until Veronica Sesma, her up-line, and Patrick Bet-David put the pressure on her to recruit certain number of peopl under her, sell a certain number ofwhole life, and universal life policies.

After that she spent her whole time outside of work doing PHP, and no time for me, or sleep. She thought PHP was gospel, and that Patrick Bet-David is Jesus Christ.

In a nut shell I saw through company, and got out. People, it's not as easy as they say to make the money. PHP office is filled wit foriegnerd, and young people whom have sold their soul to Patrick Bet-David. These poeple don't know anything about life insurance policies or finances.

They give you site to sign in up on in order to study for the Life Insurance Exam. They pressure youn to do 36 hours on line with in a week. They tell you to that you don't have to read the material, and just move the mouse up and down to show activity.

Folks is this whom you want to be in charge of all your life savings, and make a disision on what program to put you in? I DON'T.

Also one of the prerequististes of being an assciate with PHP is buying one of the life insurance programs. They also have classes which are good. One being PHP UNIVERSITY. It's 6 classes @ $100. a class. And if you don't met the requiremnets as the class goes on lilke, not enough recruits, or policies sold, you'll have to pay Patrick $20. And these people's sales pitch is on getting recruits, is that there company is hiring and willing give you free training , RIGHT!

$100. for signing up, a $100. per PHP UNIVERITY CLASS, and $150. for the BIG EVENT they have every 6 months where Steve Wosnyak of apple computer speeks. THAT SOUNDS NOT SO FREE TO ME. They Put a lot of pressure on you to get recruits under you, and sell policies. People were sell selling life policies on the last day of the month in order to get their faux prommoson in the company that doesn't pay them.

I understand it's sales, and it commision only. The Woman that I was dating sold a lot policies with PHP, and didn't get paid her commission upon signing. She says that there is no commission, only residules, which pays out after a policy renews. That doesn't sound right.

As I can see the Agents there do not know what they are doing? They don't give the attention that there clients deserveand need, because are too buisy recruituing no blood be under them, as well as writing faux policies to win compitions and faux promossions.

PHP promotes themselves a s a Christain Company, and the moto is that they are on a crusade to save America. And they actually believe it. I SMELL CULT!

Patrick Bet-David is the leader of this cult, and really thinks that he is Jesus Christ reborn.

Don't be fooled by PEOPLE HELPING PEOPLE, AMERICA. It's more like POEPLE HELPING PATRICK BET-DAVID GET RICH. This company will suck you dry, and will actually add the bad American economy.

They lie just to get your business. Johnny Feldman, and Veronica Sems said the PHP has no affiliation with World Financial Group, andother MLM. Not true Patrick Bet David, and a few of the Top associates were wit World Finanicial Group.

3328 days ago by PHPagency
Sometimes word-of-mouth and relationship marketing businesses such as PHP are targeted because of their unique business models. At PHP, we are proud of how we conduct business and the opportunity we provide to individuals regardless of their background, age, religion, education or demographic. We believe in an upfront and honest explanation about what our opportunity is all about, and what new associates can expect from PHP.

PHP does not pay you to recruit.
First off, People Helping People recruits just like the military, Apple, Microsoft, Wal-Mart, Morgan Stanley and other successful organizations. In order for an organization to grow you must recruit; every successful business recruits. In fact, just like any other sales position, only about 10% of our new recruits are able to make it in this trade. This isn’t because our recruitment strategy isn’t effective, but it is because being successful in PHP requires a lot of work. Less than 5% of real estate agents are in business three years after getting their license, but that doesn’t mean that real estate is not a viable industry. In real estate, or any financial services industry, new recruits have managers or supervisors that get an “override” on their business sales for helping to support them. So do most people make it in PHP? Absolutely not, but that’s because only about 5-10% make it in any sales-based industry.

Start-Up Costs and Licensing
There’s a cost of $150 to get started with PHP. This fee is used to set-up processing and a start-up kit that’s sent out to the new associate. The fees for licenses vary state to state and are not determined by PHP. Financial Services is a highly regulated industry where not just anyone can get a license. The state and the individual insurance company they work with will determine if they can be in the industry based on their credit and criminal history.

PHP works with large financial institutions.
People Helping People is in business with financial companies like ING, Mutual of Omaha, American General, and many more. These companies’ reputations are tied to choosing reputable agency partnerships.

Do Your Own Homework.
Last but not least, we are living in a time where anyone who is frustrated can get on the internet and post criticisms, accusations or ridiculous lies about anyone or anything. For instance, if you search “Elvis is still alive, ” there are over 4.7 million sites found – Do you ever shop at Wal-Mart? What would you say if you read a report that said they were a scam or what if they had 2 or 3 negative reports on Would you still shop at Wal-Mart if you saw 922 complaints on The reality is that’s how many complaints they have. Does that make them a scam? No, it just means they upset or offended some people at some point. How about if someone said that Apple is a fraud or a cult, would you believe it? What if Apple had 420 complaints on ripoffreport? Would you still use your iPod/ipad/iPhone/or your Mac computer? What I’ve come to realize is that we’re living in a world where if you do anything good people tell three other people but if you do anything that offends someone, they will tell eleven others. We’re living in a society where bad news spreads much faster than good news. That’s why most people just eventually give up on their dreams and go back to their jobs. It has nothing to do with the opportunity, but someone on the internet or at work or even in their families influenced them to give up. There are even corporate competitors who hire staff to sit there and just make fake complaints on the internet about their competitors.

Our challenge to you is to visit our site and our YouTube channel and see for yourself if our people in the company seem genuine to you or not. Like any business decision, we recommend that you do your due diligence, research PHP, find out who we are, and see what we stand for. Our website, social media sites and YouTube videos are transparent and offer considerable insight. We invite you to talk to those who have been working with PHP for some time and get their input.
3237 days ago by Sara Mur
patrick betdavid is a clown! what a weirdo. patrick betdavid is a scam artist. like a cheesy used car salesman. we left halfway thru the silly meeting.
3204 days ago by Yahlowpe20
You shouldn't have to "do homework" to find the good in something.
3126 days ago by TinaElm
Wow I thought this was a scam too but It is an amazing company I only have 3days working here but people are actually very geniune vs. people in corporate america always thinking when will i be laid off. Sara you should of listened to the full meeting and yes you should always do your homework... do you start going going to a school with out researching it? Do you buy a computer with out researching which one is better? It is always good to do your Own homework. If you dont that puts you in the situation most people are at with there homes etc.I am Glad and excited to be working with this Firm. Who else right now would give you an opportunity like this one?
3083 days ago by Wilywonka
I've been around this industry for over 24 yrs and I've seen a lot of agents work hard from companies such as New York Life, LPL, Primerica, WFG, State farm, Edward Jones, Merrill Lynch, Farmers, Prudential and so forth and now added to the list of hundreds PHP which has done more in 2 yrs then any of these companies starting out in that industry-Good for you guys. Now instead helping thousands of people hurting financially today the gentleman looking to land his future bride and intentions to start a family other than getting a life license and which is just an opening to work with any of these companies didn't tell you whether you take your state requirements on line deceitfully or in a class room you still got to go down town los angeles to the Ronald Regan building to take that test and I can honestly say if you didn't study you won't pass guaranteed, any where from 4 to 7 people ever pass that test out of about 40 taking it, you need a 70% or better Ops 60% now because a majority of you dummies cant pass the test -save your money and study cause the state is making a killing on retest .This Is a highly regulated arena and if the gentleman came seeking his destiny he should have got his license he might well be married by now. I feel for you Sir that you didn't find your solemate It's obvious she turned you down and your bitter, but there's a form for you E HORMONY .COM, but my suggestion to you is try church maybe along the way you'll learn to stop bitchin. It's People like you that give this Industry a bad a name there are people who paid thousand on an education who wished they'd paid a hundred dollars to do the same and set with families .Johnny this guy calls you his friend he's a loser, and veronica if I was drowning and you were my only life line experience or not I'd take your advise and save my money and pertect my family with insurance, jose gaytan and patrick you keep doing what is you do saving america.
2997 days ago by Maxramlon
My English its poor, Im working to improve it.
But my comment is this:
There is a Phyramid Scheme in evertything since many years ago. Wether its a big corporation, religious or non-profit organization, Schools, the most prestige company, Etc. There is a Phyramid scheme. Your family its such a good example of this sheme.

The difference in my opinion is that in a regular Job/company, you can't get promoted to manager or a higher position unless the person above you gets fired, die or its promoted and IF you qualify and meet what it is required to get into that position. MLM Business are completely different. Wether you went to the university and somebody else didn't, you can be successful persons in a MLM business no matter if you had no education (university-college, etc) I recommend for those negative persons to read more about Robert Kiyosaki's Books. Rich Dad n Poor Dad, School of business, Etc. I rather read a book from Patrick Bet-David (wich a finished las 4-20-12 -Doing the Impossible), Robert Kiyosaki and more successful people that to hear your negative comments. If you have nothing good to say about someone else... we must shut up our mouths ten. Criticized its very easy to do, keep our mouths shout...Thats doing the impossible. And I prefer Do the Impossible that the Possible, the easy things, in the easyway.
2884 days ago by Mon40
This is a scam plain and simple the people that are posting that do not think it is a scam are part of the scam. They will charge you money and they will ask you to recruit your friends. Is that something you really want to be a part of?

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