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pizza hut
Pizza Hut Delivery Drivers to get $3/hour cut in pay and only a fraction of Delivery Charge Dallas Metro, Texas
3rd of Mar, 2011 by User546846

Starting at the end of March delivery drivers in the Dallas area will receive $4.25/hour(when out on delivery), a three dollar pay cut. On top of this, drivers only receive $.90 of the $2.50 delivery fee charged to customers. If nothing else, I think Pizza Hut needs to be held accountable for the lost $1.60. Either stop charging the customer or give it to the drivers. I don't know anything about business law, but it seems to me that when a company charges someone for a service provided they need to provide the service. Ergo, the driver is responsible for his/her own vehicle, and is for all intents and purposes an independent contractor while on the road. The driver has their own insurance, pays for any repair
bills, as well as gas. While the $0.90 of the $2.50 ostensibly goes towards gas and car repairs, what happens to the other $1.60? If the $1.60 went to pay the drivers wage (which I think is fraudulent as the driver also does other non-driving work while at pizza hut store), does the $3.00 pay cut change things? As I understand it, there will still be a $2.50 delivery charge, drivers will still get a fraction of that and receive around 40% less pay. Seems like a double scam to me. While $1.60 does not sound like much, over the course of a day, week, month it turns out to be quite a large sum. If a pizza hut averages 200 orders for a Friday night for example and 150 of those are deliveries (I think 75% delivery to total orders is a fair estimate) that's $240 or about 5% of their daily profits (assuming a projected $3,500 worth of business for that day). These numbers are speculative but very reasonable.
1272 days ago by Dan_k
Dan- Durham NC

Hi I'm glad someone noticed the massive pay cut we got out of nowhere this past year. Delivery drivers should be paid minimum wage the same as everyone else its not as if we were particularly well paid in the first place. I work at Papa Johns and as a delivery driver I depend heavily on tips to even keep enough gas in my car to make the deliveries and to pay for the maintenance to keep my vehicle on the road due to the standard wear and tear incurred while delivering pizzas. I live in NC and cheap gas here costs roughly $3.80 per gallon and is rising fast.
We get $1.00 per delivery for gas and $4.25 per hour when we are on the road which is 90% of the time. Obviously this is nowhere near a living wage. I can tell you for a fact that delivery drivers at Papa Johns do not recieve any of the $2.00 delivery charge. It is not a tip even though most people seem to believe it is particularly the elderly it is intentionally misleading. We're also taxed on an assumed amount of tips per hour which we may or may not recieve meaning on a bad day we're being taxed on tips we didn't even make.
Depending on your stores delivery area you may be delivering pizzas to low income neighborhoods and college campuses and other places where people are generally strapped for cash. These people either can't or won't tip for a variety of reasons. If you make multiple deliveries to these areas in the same night you will wind up with next to nothing at the end of the night and still be taxed on an assumed amount of tips recieved per hour. The old system of reporting your tips as you returned from a run was more than adequate and credit card tips are always reported no matter what.
A little over a year ago delivery drivers got minimum wage and you could actually earn a decent living delivering pizza. Now we are under tipped employee status struggling to make a living earning roughly half of what we used to as gas prices skyrocket and alternative employment becomes harder to find.

Also as a delivery driver I can also vouch for the fact that if people tip your drivers they will recieve better and faster service. We will make a tipping customers delivery a priority over all our other deliveries because its an opportunity to earn some desperately needed cash. Why wouldn't we?

Glad someone is paying attention to this and to have an opportunity to vent about this completely pointless pay cut. I personally don't work at Pizza Hut but my room mate drives for them and says all the information in this report is dead on and the situation at Papa Johns is pretty much the same. I could go on and on but heres a petition to congress if anyone is interested
1251 days ago by RonaldM
I used to work for Pizza Hut in Tennessee and ended up getting harassed by a number of individuals in the company and have laid the groundwork for a lawsuit. I left the company in 2009 and considered a return in 2011. The area coach in my area (John Albers) and I spoke about a) a driver who nearly hit me and who performed multiple company-policy violations even aside from hitting me, and b) my potential return to the company. He told me he would contact me the coming week concerning the latter. As it turned out, he lied through his teeth. He not only didn't call but would ignore my attempts to contact him, and absolutely no action, to my knowledge, was taken against the aforementioned driver.

As for the article, the concept of docking delivery drivers while they're on the road is not only unfair to drivers but perhaps illegal also, and yes, the company does need to be called to task on the $1.60-per-run that it's not paying drivers.

As for skipping orders to get good tips, my friend, you have no right to do that. Each customer who orders a pizza deserves to be responded to in respectful fashion, so quit trying to rationalize your dishonesty because "I need money." Keep yourself and the orders in line.

No customer owes it to a driver to give a tip, period. It's just that: a tip, something the customer might give at his own discretion. Likewise, no driver owes it to a company to take a three-dollar pay dock out of corporate greed. Action indeed needs to be taken.


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