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Pop Shop
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30th of Apr, 2011 by User686200
Warning to all parents in the Lake Mary, Longwood, Altamonte Springs Florida area that are looking to enroll their children in to a summer camp program; or any dancing, acting, or singing lesson programs. The business known as the Pop Shop, located at 151 Baywood Ave, Longwood FL, has just lost over half of its students amidst a sexual misconduct scandal. This coming after several students allege that the owner of the Pop Shop, Doug Bailey, spoke to them in a sexually inappropriate way. The parents found out about Doug Bailey's inappropriate behavior from a Pop Shop employee that one of the children confided in. Doug Bailey's exhibits homosexual attributes and most of his inappropriate behavior had seemed to be directed towards the male children in his school and some of his male dancing and acting instructors. All parents be ware of Doug Bailey and the Pop Shop. This is a dangerous place that sells itself as a strictly "religious" faith based youth group that is only interested in the mental health and well being of the children, when in fact it is a complete scam. All of the children that are on the Pop Shops web site DO NOT attend the Pop Shop anymore. Most former parents and students of the Pop Shop have left the Pop Shop under bad circumstances and harbor very ill will towards Doug Bailey and the Pop Shop. Do contact these former students, parents, and employees and ask them how they feel about the Pop Shop and Doug Bailey,,, They will tell you! None of the teachers and special guest teachers that the Pop Shops web site says teach at the Pop Shop actually teach at the Pop Shop. In fact, if you make contact with the those special event teachers, they will tell you that Doug Bailey is a dishonorable man and they do not wish to have contact with him any longer. Do your research and stay away from this predator. Doug Bailey is a fraud, and a very fast talker that uses the church and speaks about God to lull parents in to believing that the Pop Shop is a safe place for there children when in fact it is the exact opposite. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED Signed: A Very Upset Parent
3080 days ago by Therat
Doug Bailey and the Pop Shop are a complete scam. I have known Doug for many years now. I had the misfortune of allowing my child to attend the Pop Shop for several years. Everyone that meets Doug Bailey eventually ends up hating Doug Bailey. Do your research people, this man is a bad person. He should not be allowed around children.

- gn
3059 days ago by TheSinger
I am the spouse of someone who is currently working at the Pop Shop.
I wanted to write this rebuttal because I know parents are looking at this site, bewildered by what they are reading.
I just want you to know, this information on this site is false.
If you want proof, come to the Pop Shop yourself and speak to Doug, his wife Kim, current teachers, and current students.

I've never seen a group of students love and admire someone as much as they do with Doug.
Each student is like family to him. Not only does the Pop Shop train students, but they encourage them to be great people in life. They offer support to students when they need help or just want to talk. The students feel comfortable enough in opening up to these adults because each teacher at the Pop Shop is kind, compassionate and loving.

Doug did not lose half his students because of "sexual misconduct", rather, he lost them because a staff member left and they followed that person to their dance studio. This ex-staff member is trying to destroy the Pop Shop and destroy Doug Bailey's reputation with false information and facts. This person won't succeed. There are too many people who know the real truth about this matter.

Through the years, Doug has grown in his faith and relationship with God, and because of this the Pop Shop has grown to be a reputable place with Christian teachers. They don't rub their religion in anyone's face. Any statements of the Pop Shop kicking students out because they are not Christians is FALSE! You don't have to be a Christian to be in the Pop Shop.

The Pop Shop website has kept previous teachers on the website because it wants to give credit to the teachers who have made an impact to the school since the beginning. Yes, half of those teachers don't teach there anymore. This is not an unknown fact.

All of the teachers at the Pop Shop have been trained in their field of expertise and know what they are doing. The only staff members that "hate" Doug Bailey are those that are trying to destroy this company.

The Pop Shop is a blessing to so many families in the Central Florida community. Some students travel hours just to be taught at the Pop Shop. I ask that you meet Doug and his team, and the truth will be revealed to you.
3059 days ago by Therat
To the author of the above "Doug Bailey is an honest man who puts the kids at the Pop Shop first". Or should I just say.. to Doug Bailey, because Doug Bailey himself wrote that rebuttal. Doug, you are trying to sell people a product that you can not deliver! All of the teachers that you have listed on your site that no longer work at Pop Shop need to be REMOVED from your site! Its called FALSE advertising! These teachers HATE you because of the dirty person that you have revealed yourself to be. If you are so wonderful as you say, and if your students and their parents "love and admire" you so much; WHY did 20 families walk out on you? hmmm?

To be clear - Let me ask YOU that question again and remember that I am using your words that you have written in your rebuttal: If the above scandal isn't true; and if your students and their parents "love and admire" you so much, THEN WHY DID 20+ FAMILIES WALK OUT ON YOU all at the same time? They didn't leave on good terms Doug,

To be clear - Why are EVERY one of those students still plastered all over your web site? They left the Pop Shop disgusted in only one person... and that person was YOU... Doug Bailey, They don't have a single problem with any of the Pop Shop teachers. They are disgusted in YOU Doug Bailey because of what you did, and how you act!

To be clear - Why do you still advertise all of the teachers on your web site as a selling point to potential new parents and students when these teachers not only don't work at the POP Shop any longer, they cant stand you and would never set foot in the pop shop again. These were all very talented people that realized what a scam you were running and chose to not participate in the scam. These teachers now work at your competitors facilities!!?? This is called false advertising! Remove these teachers from your web site.

To be clear - Why do you put groups and institutions on your web site that the Pop Shop has no affiliation with. High School Musical? Radio Disney? You have NO affiliation with these institutions! That's false advertising!

To be clear - Why is it only YOU and your daughter that go to casting calls? Why don't you let the rest of your students know about the casting calls? That is why they are there right? To learn to sing dance and act? To go to casting calls and get actual paying work? so why not let them know about these paying gigs?

Doug Bailey is a fraud!
3041 days ago by Abcdefg12
I've known Doug Bailey for years, and he is a complete rat that should not be running a business. He doesn't actually care for the kids, like he always says. He is out for one thing and one thing only: money. He does the bare minimum at all times and is willing to lie and cheat if it gets him a bigger paycheck.

To start off with, I have paid for my child to take private voice lessons from Doug himself, and after a few years, my son has to have severe throat surgery after all of the years of Doug teaching him improperly. My son's doctor told me that if I had never taken him to the Pop Shop he wouldn't have caused so much damage to his vocal cords and throat and wouldn't have to have this surgery.

On his website, he says that he has worked with so many people and has facilitated many "success stories." Of the 15 success stories he's listed, I know or have met personally through him and his studio, so I know for a fact that all but 2 of them have left on bad terms with Doug.

Also, Doug doesn't own a business license. He is operating illegally. I heard from another disgruntled parent that no longer takes their child to the Pop Shop that two of his former students bought the license and the name of the Pop Shop, Inc. just so Doug wouldn't be able to legally operate under that name anymore, but he does anyway! And it turns out that his license expired in 2005, but he never bothered to refile for it!
2989 days ago by Wafflemom
My child went to Pop Shop for about 4 years but stopped a year ago to pursue other interests. I do not think Doug is a bad person. I think he is a bad business manager. I think he would be amazing if he was working for someone else but he cannot manage a business or people. I don't think he lies he just really thinks something is going to happen and it doesn't. We just kind of learned that he has big ideas and never expected things to really turn out like he planned. despite this it usually was an overall good experience. he also is very good at getting himself way over his head in situations such as the whole Triple Threat show he tried to produce. huge flop. As far as his website it is veyr misleading but that is true about a lot of places. I would challenge anyone thinking of going there to quiz them on who is actually currently working there and who will be teaching your child. He and his staff used to attract amazing performers and put on fantastic shows. he lost his key staff person last year who has started a competing business (completely stole his business model!) and i am disappointed to think that this person could be responsible for the negaitve posts on the web. her school is doing well and she doesn't need to attack him to be a success. but it does seem that she was a big part of his success since the last year has been disappointing in terms of the success of his shows. My only other negative is that he tends to pick favorites and will promote and hightlight those favorites over others. there are always just two or three of the kids who get the lead roles in the shows. this year I saw a show and was disappointed about how it was way too much about the teachers with not enough of the kids. the woman voice teacher sang and so did doug and even most of the dancing was about the dance teachers (and a few ringers who are friends of the dance teachers) and not the kids. People do not want to see adults trying to steal the show, this should be about the kids. his shows have lost the coolness factor he used to have. oh also he is very family oriented and takes a lot of time for his family. while this is a very good trait it often means leaving his business committments dangling.

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