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Premier Global Media
Premier Global Media LinkTech Worldwide another subsidiary of LinkTech. To cancel the service, you have to call the phone and wait for over an hour I
15th of Aug, 2011 by User631919
They got my credit card information on Friday afternoon with a high pressure sale job. I've spent all day yesterday and today trying to research the company. I tried cancelling there service today and was transferred from one person to another. And the last person wanted to argue with me on why I am cancelling. It was extremely rude. They hook you in by saying 1st month free for $14.95 setup fee. Then they say it will $79.95 each month for the service and the only way to cancel it through there phone. I have called the credit card company to cancel my credit card. Still not sure if this company will cost me more money in the future. I have recorded there whole conversation incase these guys harrass me for more money on this scam. This is a subsidiary of LinkTech. I have noticed LinkTech used the same scam.
2313 days ago by Vincedamico
I just got off the phone with someone who said her name was Lauren LeVine (who knows if that is her real name) and she was from Premier Global Media (1-800-771-4308). She gave me the SUPER hard sell on the same thing you said ($14.95 set up fee, 1st month free and then $79.95 per month after that) to be on the first page of BING and YAHOO for the key search phrase "Ellicott City Maryland Real Estate".

I have had this happen before with other companies and if they have a HARD SELL, then they are full of it. This company is a total SCAM and will do exactly what you said... Once they get your credit card number, they will keep billing it. They make it sooooooo hard to cancel, that most people don't even bother for a few months or so. By then, they have gotten away with scamming you out of your money!!

2312 days ago by Toprealtor
I signed up for this sevice a about 6 weeks ago, and while I did find the customer service phone tree a little frustrating, I did reach a very friendly representative who was able to quickly assist me with my account. More important though is that I've received 3 leads since I signed up and one of them is closing on Sept. 5. So while they might not be the easiest to talk with, I find their prodct to be a great value. My comission on this pending sales will easily pay for a years worth of Google/ Bing advertising. Ultimately I think the service provides great value.
2306 days ago by Jlarson
I actually signed up with this same company about 3 weeks ago. I have not called to cancel yet simply because the website alone is worth the 79/mo in my opinion. I have gotten several calls for real estate Pasadena, most of which are unqualified buyers asking questions, however I have gotten so far 1 offer for a listing with this service. Seems to be working for me, but of course everyone's experience may be different. I signed up with a positive attitude and don't mind working with clients. Good luck to you!
2300 days ago by Rbarns
I signed up for the service at 14.95 a month. I decided to cancel two weeks later because they wouldn't call me to set up my web site at a certain time. They said it had to be a random call each day. so I figured two weeks notice gave me plenty of time before they started taking money out of my checking account. I spend one hour waiting for someone to answer the phone and got a power sales pitch to keep the service and appoligies every which way but loose. I still cancelled the service. I told them if I get just one lead off this during the month I will reconsider my position. I did not get a single call or lead. Two weeks later I find a charge on my checking account for the 79.95 and called the company again!!! We will see if they live up to their promises of actually cancelling my service. But I am still making a trip to the bank to cancel my credit card number.
2300 days ago by Anonymous
The two supportive claims for this company obviously seem to be company shills. It's an enormous scam to grab your credit card number and never give it back. The company preys on realtors who they insult and dehumanize to their employees so as to reinforce and bolster the super-aggressive sales script they've developed where they push as long as you haven't hung up. They are a subsidiary or shell company of LinkTech Worldwide (formerly LinkTech International) with a reputation of sleazy practices for nearly a decade. Consistent renaming and reforming under new entities keeps their game going. Don't be a sucker. They'll tell you on the phone when you bring up this site that it's a disgruntled employee or they'll play dumb. Don't berate the poor sap on the other end of the line, just hang up. And tell your realtor friends.
2299 days ago by Insider
The company is a SCAM...It was once LinkTech Solutions, LinkTech International, and now LinkTech Worldwide. They are a SEP internet company who prey on Real Estate Agents and Realtors nationwide. They also have several DBA's Worldwide Media Group and Premier Global Media are the two current ones. The other DBA associated with this SCAM are GMR (Global Media can't remember the R), IMX (Interglobal Media Experts) and IGM (Interglobal Media). If they call you immediately hang up.

They claim to be licensed contractors for Google, but they are not. They retrieve your information from an outside leads source (not even associated with Google) and convince you Google has researched you specifically in your area. If you call Google, they will inform you they are not a licensee or partner with this company (or any of its associated DBAs). LinkTech Worldwide just pays for ad space. It is not a guaranteed first page/top placement position either.

They charge you a set up fee for $14.95, first month free with a monthly charge of $79(thereafter). The pricing has changed from DBA to DBA(varying from $25 to $249 a month). You are paying for a phrase, that if not typed in exactly verbatim word for word as it was set up potential clients/contacts will NEVER find you.

If you attempt to call in, the CS department has been trained to place you on hold for lengths at a time, send you to a dead line, or convince you in keeping the service (by offering credits, holds, or fictious click reports to show you the product is working). You may even experience repeated charges once you have asked to be canceled.

The owners thrive off of you not paying attention to your finances and forgetting that you have signed up for a service that will never give you the results you were promised. If you have been scammed into believing this is a legitimate company cancel the credit card that they have ASAP.

The companies are based out of Beverly Hills, CA and Beaverton, OR...RUN RUN RUN and save yourself the headache and grief.
2299 days ago by Pissy
So I was a couple days late to call and cancel my subscription. Wow what a bunch od morons. All they care about is the the dollar. Actually they will step over a dollar to pick up a penny. Why are people so frakin stupid? In the end I was still charged and felt like I just got off the phone with an audio-loop robot. I should have known better than to break my rule of not signing up for anything until I have a couple days to consider it. Do NOT deal with this company. Just another SCAM!!!
2281 days ago by Sickofscams
I will say this company is a total scam as I did work for them not long mind you. When you want to cancel they will bill you again to keep money flowing into the company. I have also worked along side with Lauren Lavine, she is a joke and will do everything to get a sell include lie to the customer. This is exactly why I walked out she was the iceing on the cake.
2277 days ago by Jdfds
The last post was made by an employee who was fired after only 3 days on the job for possession of methamphetamine and paraphenelia (needles and spoons) that were found in their desk with residues, and internal theft and lied on their background check form. This person attempted to steal computers and monitors. They were arrested in the parking lot while picking their face yelling at the police.
2273 days ago by Realestatequeen
Love the service not the orignal sales woman I spoke to... But overall, Excellent service! Lauren Levine is the worst sales person. She tried to get me buy ad space on bing and yahoo a couple of days ago and she failed terribly. At one point she even promised that I would be on every search phrase in charlottesville Va. she said she was from this area and was thinking about going into real estate herself sometime. I didnt buy her sales story for one minute. I asked to speak to a supervisor and she said she was the supervisor. I ended up hanging up on her, and i decided to look them up, i found the 800 number and called, got to a very polite and helpful receptionist who put me through to the actual supervisor, Jordan B, I cant remember his last name, but he was incredible. He explained the service in a way that helped me understand the service and what they offer. They don't promise you anything, they give you a website that is worth the 79/mo you pay after your first month free, alone that is worth it for me. They put you on the first page of bing and yahoo and you answer your phone. It's really as simple as that. I have had to call in a couple of times to ask some questions and get somethings changed on my website, and yeah I had to wait a little bit, but everyone I have spoke to, other than Lauren has been very pleasant and very helpful.
2273 days ago by MrBigTime
Giving your Credit card number over the phone is a decision that only YOU can make, nobody is breaking your arm forcing you to give them your credit card number. I've had the service for 8 weeks now and I LOVE IT! I have had a couple of calls, mostly unqualified buyers, but still my phone has been ringing like they said it would. I think it's a great product that they offer, it's just one of those things that you have to decide for yourself if its the right marketing technique for you. To be honest If I can have my name and my website on the first page bing and yahoo, I'm in. If you don't want it nobody is forcing you, but I would say, that for me, so far it has been a great experience.
2271 days ago by Omgurdens
Got the call today about buying a search phrase for real estate leads. Despite the fact that I could hear a man behind the salesperson feeding her what to say, I was interested in hearing more, until the salesperson resorted to super lame and cliche hard sell tactics. YOU DON'T HAVE TIME TO WAIT!!! YOU DON"T HAVE TIME TO THINK!!! WHAT IS YOUR CREDIT CARD NUMBER?!!?? When I told her I was a salesperson myself and that I didn't appreciate the tactics a man got on the phone and became instantly combative with me and talking over me, so I hung up. SOUNDS LIKE A SCAM. Reputable businesses definitely DO NOT operate like this.
2266 days ago by SandyM
My name is Sandy, I'm a Realtor in Dallas, Texas. I signed up with Priemier Global Media on August 18, 2011 on their 2 week trial to advertising on BING. After the 2 week trail they would start charging me $79 per month. I gave them my credit card number and was excited about the clients I would recieve to my website. After almost 12 days I had not recieved one call or email lead from this nor had I had one person click on my website from bing! I have a Top Producer website and it shows all activity from all sources and none were from Bing. So I emailed the girl on August 29, 2011, the girl that had originally helped me and I told her I wanted to cancel. She said she could not help me that I would need to call 1-800-749-9174. I called the number but I was on hold a long time. Someone finally did come to the phone and I told them that I needed to cancel my service and I had to run out the door to get to an appointment. They told me ok you are cancelled.

Three weeks later I noticed that $79 had been charged to my bank account by Premier Global Media. I was a bit upset but I just thought to myself, call them, get the charges reversed go on with my life. A couple of days later when I found the time to call on Sept. 30, 2011 I reached the billing department to cancel. The billing department said they would have to transfer me to another department, I waited on hold and was transfered to a guy. I proceeded to tell the guy that I had already cancelled and that they had charged my account for $79 and I wanted my money back. He argued with me and tried to say I had not called in. I told him yes I had and I told him I have an email in writing that I did cancel and I have the phone number in writing and I called directly after I was sent the phone number. He just kept me on the phone arguing. I asked to speak with his supervisor.

THE SUPERVISOR "COLTEN" kept me on the phone for 1 1/2 hours. He tried talking me into keeping the account, he insulted me, called me a liar, and then after 1 1/2 hours when he saw that he could not sway me he told me he would send me an email and give me my money back and put it into my bank account. I checked my email shortly after and it's Oct 3rd, 2011 and still have not recieved the cancellation email. I looked on Bing and they have changed the location of the ad twice now since Spet. 30, 2011.

My next step is to call my bank tomorrow and make sure to get these charges reveresed and to make sure they do not charge my account again.

It is hard for me to believe there is a company out there treating people this way. I am going to report them to the fraud division of the Gov, , FBI and any other intity I can.
2245 days ago by Jason Harris
I have been trying to cancel this scam for the last two weeks and they continue to take money from my account. I have been disconnected the last two times I was trying to talk to a supervisor. I have requested to have a supervisor get back with me and nothing happened. I have been placed on hold for 20min on two different occasions. Linktech should be put out of business, if I stole 158.00 per month from someone I would go to jail why don't they. [email protected]
2220 days ago by Travs
SCAM!!! I received no calls from using their services after 3 months. Tried to cancel and they kept billing me. I'm now filling out a visa dispute form to dispute the latest charge. I hate to cancel and reissue my card because of the work involved with getting everything else tied to the same card updated. I guess that's what they count on. They talk a good game but that's all it I spoke with an account manager named Ryan. The first guy I spoke with who was supposed to cancel the service was Josh. I hope this helps somebody who is contemplating using their services to quickly understand that it's terrible to break ties with them.
2215 days ago by TxSon
Hard core hard sell! Do yourself a favor and just laugh at them when they start the pitch and hang up the phone.
2180 days ago by Josephinerealestate
Horrible experience with Premier Global Media, they did not even generate one call for me, and I have been trying to cancel since the first month, now they end up scamming me 2.5 month plus the set up fee. I had to hang up the phone with him to prevent the guy "Bill" agruing and harrassing me to stay with them and they generate thousands of clicks for me. I told Bill that I wanted to cancel and worry that they still consider the account is not cancelled since I hung up on the guy, I had to close my credit card account to prevent future billings. Don't ever do business with this company, they are full of scam.
2165 days ago by Tthomas4105
I am a realtor who signed up with world wide media group for the website $14.95 first month and then $79 thereafter. I called the second month and told the lady to cancel my account. That was in Nov 2011. My mom had serious health issues and in december was broadsided by a car. As a result, i did not realize they had charged my credit card for december. I got a new debit card in january and only then did i realize when they emailed me that they were trying to bill me for January. I called and was on the phone for over 1 1/2 hours trying to resolve the issue. I first spoke to a Ryan and then supposidly to Colten a supervisor. Extremely high pressure and refused to refund me the money. I asked to speak to Colten supervisor (Alex) but he would not come to the phone. Eventually Colten offered to refund me half the $79. I refused and told him they owed me the entire amount since they charged my account without my authorization. It was horrible. They try to brow beat you into keeping the account. I am going to report them to attorney general, etc. Has anyone else reported them yet? This was the most frustrating call i have ever had!
2146 days ago by PissedOff651
I have been on the phone trying to reach an Acct Rep to cancel my account. This clearly is not happening. First when they found out I wanted to end service, I was told I would be transferred and the line "somehow" disconnected. I was told they "had been having phone issues all morning" and they would try again...this is after being on hold collectively for 37 minutes. I have called Linktech...same thing. The main line goes straight to the same sketchy woman forwarding all calls to a dead end. I feel like an idiot for not researching this company first, but I'm not about to let them scam me out of an additional $80 because they will not allow me to cancel.


As soon as I find out how to get around these people, I will post it everywhere!
2128 days ago by Theygotme
This company is aweful. I tried to cancel and they told me it had to be cancelled 3 days before renewal. I'm $300+ out and I KNEW I shouldn't have let them talk me into it from the get go... Scammers for sure.

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