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18th of Aug, 2011 by User569315
A little over a year ago, my family and I entered a T-Mobile Corporate store outlet in Woodland Hills, California, and spent over two hours looking through all the information provided to us by the sales representatives, including coverage maps which indicated excellent reception in the entire area where our primary residence is located. The sales representatives assured us that there should not be any major reception issues in the entire Los Angeles County area. Convinced that our reception where we live would be excellent, we committed our family to a two-year five phone family plan contract with T-Mobile with unlimited internet on each of the five phones for a total of approximately $170.00 per month charge. Although the coverage map assured us with a dark green color that the coverage at our place of residence, which is at 19823 Linnet Street, Woodland Hills, California, 91364, and the immediate surrounding areas, would have excellent service reception. There has not been any service coverage by t-mobile wireless phone services at our home or the immediate area surrounding our home. Today, over a year later, we continue to still have no service at our home and the immediate surrounding areas. We called and inquired about the lack of coverage at our home immediately after the phones were activated, and were told that the issue would be looked into and that the technicians can fix the problem. We never heard back from T-mobile, and service at our home continued to be nonexistent. We called again and inquired about the situation, and were told that a ticket was being created and that there were no notes on the system regarding our initial inquiry and that the technicians were going to look into it, will be able to fix it, and that we would be notified when all was good. Once again, we never heard from T-mobile. We called again and were told that a tower was down in the area and it should be up soon. But then again, we never heard back from t-mobile. About a year has passed, and we still do not have service at our residence or the immediate surrounding areas of our residence. I cannot make a call to my own home while I am standing in front of my own front door. There has been no bar visible on the phone at my home and the immediate areas, not inside and not outside for the most part, occasionally we get one bar outside, and as soon as we make a call, the bar disappears and the call is either dropped after a few seconds or it never goes through. We have a family plan with T-mobile, which includes five phones, 1500 minutes per month and unlimited internet for each phone at $10 per phone per month. the phones which reside at our home address have not been utilized much for minutes and have almost never been utilized for internet access, as the documented usage information will clearly indicate, minutes have barely been used and internet has not been used for over a year now, only two of the phones have been utilized due to the fact that these two phones are used by my son and his wife, who reside at a different address in Van Nuys, California. As a result of this nightmare, we have not been able to receive calls, make calls or access the web on three of our five phones due to the fact that there has been no service whatsoever at our home address since the day we signed up for our T-mobile service. All the while we have been diligently paying our $170 per month service fee for the family plan, and have been locked into a two year contract with t-mobile. In essence, we were led to believe that coverage was excellent at our residence, thus committed to a two-year contract, and when we called to find out why there was no coverage, we were led to believe that this situation was fixable and that it would soon be fixed. Neither of the above mentioned was accurate. The problem was obviously not fixable, and has not been fixed for over a year now, not even a little bit fixed, there is no t-mobile service at our home or the immediate areas surrounding it. This entire fiasco has favorably served only one entitys interest at us, the consumers expense, pain, suffering and eventual economic and emotional exhaustion, and that is T-Mobile. Please note that I write the following paragraphs without the intent of neither minimizing nor neutralizing what has been mentioned in the previous paragraphs above. But to add insult to injury, the following has occurred over the past month or so: T-mobile had never previously assessed any re-connect fees if my account went into partial suspension due to an inadvertent past due balance. My family was just not able to make any calls out, they would notify me, I would then call T-mobile, find out the balance outstanding and make a full payment, my account was then re-connected and life went on as usual. I have always paid my T-Mobile bills on time, except for a few instances. My account was recently partially suspended once again in early July 2011 because the June bill was past due, I called and made a payment as required to re-instate my account, I was never informed that there would be a re-connect fee assessed to my account or that the July bill was also late and would go into suspension in just a few days. Well, just a few days later, my account was once again partially suspended, this time, for the July bill being past due. However, when I called to make my payment, I was told that I now owed $560.00 for two months of service at $170.00 per month and fees. Therefore $170.00 for July + $170.00 for August + $200.00 (re-connect fees for June and July), this in addition to an additional $100 reconnect fee (for August) which will be appearing on my September bill, therefore it is actually $560.00 + $100.00 = $660.00 for two months of service July and August, and three re-connect fees for June, July and August. I informed them that on a prior suspension of my account for a past due balance, there was no re-connect fee assessed, and that when my account was suspended for the past due June 2011 balance, I called and made the payment and was not assessed a re-connect fee at the time either, and my account was re-connected after my payment was made without a re-connect fee. I was told that T-mobile had just started to charge a re-connection fee of $20 per phone for partial suspensions as of June 2011, and that an insert was sent to customers in their bills, and text messages were also sent by T-Mobile to that effect. Well, I never received any such communication from T-mobile, not in my bill and not by text message. In addition, I never received this bill where this communication was apparently sent as an insert to the customers of T-mobile. Many times it has occurred where my neighbors mail is delivered to my address, and I take them their mail, however my neighbors unfortunately have never afforded me the same courtesy. Therefore, my bill with the insert might have ended up at my neighbors home and most probably either returned to t-mobile or trashed. I also would like to re-iterate that a communication of policy change of this magnitude and importance, where a customer in a family plan with 5 phones stands to be charged a $100.00 re-connect fee every month their balance is past due, and they are partially suspended, this communication should have been mailed as a separate communication, notifying of the shift in policy, rather than just an insert in a bill, which might have looked like an advertisement and been discarded, or in the least it should have been printed in bold red letters on the envelope under a headline labeled ATTENTION or something of that sort. T-mobile got their customers used to not being charged this re-connect fee and then all of a sudden switched their policy with minimal notification and slapped customers such as me with $100.00 re-connect fees per month on top of the monthly bill. I called T-mobile, and was told that nothing could be done about these $300.00 in re-connect fees, and if I did not pay, then my account would go into a full suspension as early as 12 midnight a week ago, here we are a week later and my account is still in partial suspension. Scare tactics were used to coerce me to pay the $200.00 re-connect fees now!, and then be slammed with the other $100.00 re-connect fee in September. I called so many times and said that I was not aware of this re-connect fee, and was never charged such a fee in the past when my account was partially suspended, this is when I was informed that this re-connect fee for partial suspensions went into effect as of June 2011, prior to that a re-connect fee was only charged to accounts which were in full suspension. I spoke with supervisors, managers and the like, but to no avail. I still have $300.00 in re-connect fees on my account, and after August 25th, will incur another $100.00 re-connect fee on my account, so the $300.00 will turn into $400.00, and so on and so forth, until they place my account in full suspension, and charge me a horrendous amount for all 5 phones for breach of contract, and destroy my credit, and then take the full amount of probably over $1500.00 in charges, penalties and fees as a loss for their tax deduction purposes, and me, the poor consumer, and my family are left out in the cold with absolutely no cell phone service, while we are still being charged for the days not used, because we cannot make any calls. All I ever wanted to do was to pay my past due balance, to bring my account current, however my pleas fell on deaf ears, and T-mobile would not budge. When I mentioned to them that they probably would rather not have me as a customer because my plan is a good plan which is no longer offered to other new customers, and is a good plan for me but not good for t-mobile, and I mentioned that I was being discriminated against , since I am aware of other t-mobile customers who have been refunded fees, because their business was desirable to T-mobile due to the fact that their plan was not as good a plan as mine (my plan has $10.00 a month unlimited internet access per phone, and no additional charges for all phones on the family plan), the manager finally budged an inch and decided to give me $100 back, when I paid my bill, so $460.00 instead of the $560.00, but the $100.00 re-connect charge on my upcoming September bill would still stand, and I would have to pay that too. They have killed me, I got Ill from the stress of talking to them, and am still not well, the frustration, helplessness and anguish felt cannot be expressed in words. My family and I have had no phone service for several weeks now and can only receive calls, we in essence have been handicapped, hijacked and blackmailed into having to either pay the re-connect fees or continue to accrue bills and fees without service. My bill for July and August is approximately $340.00 for services that are not fully utilized due to my home having absolutely no service as mentioned above. We have suffered with T-mobile the entire time we have been in this contract, and continue to suffer from service shortage and emotional damage with this re-connect fee and threats of negative credit reporting, and charging the full penalty at cancellation of the contract for breach, amongst other things. Bottom line is we would have never ever signed up with t-mobile in the first place had we been made aware by their service coverage map, or their corporate retail outlet sales representatives that there is absolutely no service in my residence and the immediate areas around it, and we would have immediately cancelled this contract had we been made aware that this shortcoming in services would be a permanent affair and that service would not be made available at my residence or its immediate areas for over a year now, however we were led on to believe first with the coverage map and the T-mobile corporate outlet sales representative that there was excellent reception at our residence, and thus signed the dreadful contract essentially locking ourselves in for two years with this terrible company. Then we were led to believe that the service shortcomings was fixable and that it would be fixed soon, thus leading us on to continue to remain with the company, this has obviously not occurred, and then to add insult to injury, although we have quietly taken it to the chin and continued in our service contract with t-mobile for over a year now, suffering tremendously in the process with the lack of service, we are now being slapped with these re-connection fees. T-mobile is a fraudulent company and their practices are to defraud the consumer and get away with as much as they can within the whelm of the law, and if you read most of the complaints filed against t-mobile you will observe that the average consumer is being defrauded and severely mistreated by this company. We consumers are human beings, with many stresses in our lives and the last thing any decent, hard working family needs, especially in these difficult times is for a monster company such as t-mobile with no heart or compassion to legally rob them of their hard earned and scarce funds, and leave them out in the cold to freeze to death in the winters blizzards. The customer service at this company treats people as though they were Rats with deep pockets, they are inhumane and arrogant in their discussions with customers, cold and adamant about making sure they part you from as much of your hard earned funds as they possibly can. The BBB has almost 10,000 complaints filed against t-mobile in just the past 12 months alone, and other complaint websites have countless complaints filed by past and present customers of t-mobile as well, this company is a disgrace when it comes to treating its customers like human beings and not animals. Please help me with my situation, as I have lost all hope of reaching any kind of understanding or resolution with the supervisors, managers and representatives of this god all mighty company. I wish to cancel my contract with t-mobile without penalty and receive a substantial refund from t-mobile for putting me and my family in this handicapped position of not having any service at our residence address while we were led to believe that there was excellent service there through their coverage map and their corporate office sales representatives, and then being led on by their customer service and their tech department into believing that the problem was solvable, and that service would be available at our home address, which never happened. The lack of reception at our home address is not off and on, there is always, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, no service at our home residence. Sorry for this long complaint, however, I did try and explain my situation as best as I could with words. I am a 67-year-old woman, myself and my family have lived a clean and honorable life to the best of our ability. It behooves me that such a corrupt, unjust and ruthless company is allowed to operate freely within this or any other civilized society, with impudence, arrogance and without regard for fairness, humanity or justice for us the consumers, causing such pain and heartache to so many who have been burned by it in the process. T-mobile is absolutely no different from a violent thug who robs an innocent citizen of their very last dime at a street corner at knifepoint, and if they are not satisfied with the loot, kills them without a second thought or remorse with a quick and swift stab to their heart. This is just really a rotten and disgusting company. ONCE YOU SIGN THAT 2 YEAR CONTRACT, THEY'VE GOT YOU! AND IT'S ALL IN THE 50,000 WORD FINE PRINT. Thank you again for your audience. DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY, AND TELL ALL YOUR LOVED ONES TO DO THE SAME. IT IS DIFFERENT TO RUN INTO A DIFFICULT CUSTOMER SERVICE REP WHO JUST WON'T WORK WITH YOU, BUT THIS IS TMOBILE COMPANY POLICY TO DRAIN YOUR WALLET, NOW THAT REALLY HURTS, AND THERE IS NOTHING YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT.

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