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Tanna Reynolds
Fraud, Liar, Cheater, Mean Woman
10th of Sep, 2012 by Matthew O
I hope that any men in the San Francisco area who are thinking about dating Tanna Reynolds who also uses the name Aphra reads this post or some of the other posts on the web about her and stops themselves before they do it. I dated her because when we first met I thought she was a nice woman with an attractive face and sweet personality, but she was a fake who really had the goal of using me and treating me like a dog on her mind. I found out after dating her what a liar and cheater she was.
She spent her time cruising for men t hook up with on the internet or off the street. She was also a bar tramp who spent a lot of time in bars drinking it up and acting trashy with any available man. She would take them home and sped the day with strangers before I came over after working all day to visit ad she never said she had been partying. She always acted like she wanted to see me but now I know it was only because she wanted to use me. She always wanted me to introduce her to people and get her tickets to concerts and even had me get her tickets to Nascar so she could take another man behind my back. The whole time I dated her she cheated with other men.
Finally discovered her with 3 men one day!!! They were doing what you might think in the middle of the day and she was supposed t have picked up my son for me but instead she was having a sex party. I broke things off and told her to ever contact me. She became out of control and told me I had no right coming to her house with a key and I shuld have called her. She threw things at me and my door and tried to kick it down. I had to have her arrested and that's when I found out she has a long criminal history.

Fraud, Liar, Cheater, Mean Woman

3061 days ago by Matthew O
This is Matthew Oyphant the man who wrote this post and I would like any men who have been conned by her to contact me through this site so we can discuss legal avenues to bring justice against her. I have left out many details for that reason. If you have been victimized, lets help each other and other innocent people by stopping this criminal and evil woman from causing more damage.
3060 days ago by Dinka2
Gross!! WHY WOULD ANY MAN DATE THIS WOMAN? She looks like a man or even a boy instead of a man. Gross. You get what you have coming if you dated this disgusting looking pig. Look at the size of her head compared to her body which looks scrawny. She looks like a mongoloid but does look mean as hell. Gross for ever dating this woman and I don't think you will get any others to contact you because you are probably the only guy who ever sunk so low to date this hideous looking boy woman with a giant head and gigantic forehead.
3060 days ago by Abcshopping916

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3060 days ago by Unbelievable111
Again, the above post by "Matthew O" is bogus. My client did not write that. As for the content of the post, it is also false. Tanna is a victim of cyber stalking and incredible threats are being made against her. The post by "Dinka 2" is also bogus and we know who it is. I'm a private investigator in California and Matthew Olyphant is my client, and a target of cyber stalking.
3060 days ago by Deborahwatson65
Have someone hacked Unbelievable111? I thought he was Matthew's lawyer or something! Suddenly now he's become Tanna's lawyer or who is Tanna? What is this shit? This is so confusing.
3060 days ago by Jong
Deborahwatson65, stop trying to push your "hacking" services here on You have no business here and no one is interested in your posts.

There is no truth in the original post in this thread, it is the result of some woman's vivid imagination. I know Matthew and there doesn't exist a reality where any of that happened. Tanna is beautiful and keeps herself constructively busy, actually working during working time, where you are spending every waking moment thinking up the next lies to post about him.
3060 days ago by Deborahwatson65
This absurd situation where anyone can impersonate and trash the reputation of any regular person, not companies or celebrities, so easily and publicly with no cyber laws, no rules and no just laws, deeply concern me and that is why I do have business in posting my opinions here.

I hate it and I when I see your case, I relate it to someone I know who is getting psychological treatment after she found her name on scaminformer slandered and she thinks there is nothing that can be done.

My goal is to let people here understand that we must unite against scaminformer, ripoffreport and websites that extort innocent people with thousands of dollars especially when some of these victims are already dead. I write here to raise awareness about this shit. Someone has to take action and I wait for the day where a strong lawyer or a very rich person uses or bends the law to take this website down.
3060 days ago by Unbelievable111
Deborahwatson65 - finally, you posted something that concerns everyone. I applaud you! I totally agree. There needs to be some sort of filter on these b.s. sites. Anyone can say anything about anyone and there is no accountability. These sites claim 1st amendment rights and they allow it. 1st Amendment is a great thing, however, the lies that people post regarding others is a sham.

Since people can post anonymously there will be no retribution.

I am not a lawyer, I'm a private investigator Deborah. Tanna is a friend of Matthew and has also been hacked, stalked and evil emails have been sent to her. I am also working with her.
3060 days ago by Deborahwatson65
Good luck to all of you. My friend was harassed like your client for over a year. She says that even after she dies, she will never feel peace as long as her name was online slurred for no reason.

As for the 1st amendment right.. we know it means that you have the right to express your opinion about someone or something. BUT does 1st amendment right mean that you have the right to undermine the rights of other citizens as it does the following stuff:
1. Public Defamation
2. Violation of Privacy
3. Psychological Harm
4. False Accusation
5. Cyber Bullying and Harassment
6. Possible Impersonation
7. Cause of unemployment
8. Cause of becoming an outcast
9. Cause of never having a second chance to start a new page (in cases where the victim is actually guilty of what he's accused)
10. Cause of committing suicide as you loose hope of cleaning your name
11. Put victim's life in danger - [in conservative societies, people may kill, harass or hurt you if they read false information about you eg. adultery, prostitution, acts against the local laws]

If 1st amendment right causes any of the above things, it is no longer a right; it is a crime. Any anything written over the internet stays PUBLIC forever. This is not freedom of expression; this is eternal defamation and the law should not charge you money when you sue someone for that; on the contrary, it should compensate you for the damage without you paying anything in the first place.

Take an example.. Let's say my friend is gay. I express my opinion loud over the internet and to my friends saying: "My friend David is gay. I do not respect gay people. They are a menace to society." - Should the 1st amendment right protect my rights to almost get David commit suicide because of my intolerance to his sexual orientation?

My point is... The 1st amendment right must be revised and amended.. If not, AT LEAST introduce CYBER LAWS against online defamation!!! This is by the way what Obama wanted to do after the wikileaks incident.
3058 days ago by Franko
Hey girl, way to go, yes, let's also get at that Tanna woman. She's so much more pretty than us, we hate her because of that. I mean, just look at her photos?? She's a babe and because of that we need to write many more fake reports about her.

We need to get to our target of 1000 fake reports, but I think maybe let's see if we can write 1000 fake reports only about her alone!

The right thing to do is now to keep impersonating Matthew and Tanna and write a plethora of fake reports that way.

On the next fake report, we need to have a bit more impact, so let's this time report she was found with 10 men having an adult party in the middle of the day when she was suppose to pick up Matthew's son and daughter and his dog from the grooming salon!

Yes, girl, we are going to dig a deep pit for this Matthew, he dares to be a nice guy who never harms anyone, we will teach him a lesson he would never ever forget!
3058 days ago by Franko
Hey, girl, I forgot to mention, another reason why we should stand strong to get at Matthew. He didn't want us to use him for favours from his famous brother! We were trying and trying and trying and Matthew didn't pay any attention for our hints for getting his famous brother to get us those concert tickets for a sold out concert!
Let's write fake reports until our keyboards goes up in smoke and never back down! Girl, we were made to rule! Let's continue on and after the 10 men in the adult party write that there was actually 20 and this time not only did she have to pick up his son, daughter and dog, but also his pet monkey from the grooming salon. She also forgot to water his Daisies! What a mean and evil woman. She's going down girlfriend!
3058 days ago by Fightingmad
Well Frankp, or whoever you are I can see you are just another of Matthew's moron friends who doesn't have a clue about who he really is. Maybe if he kept better company and didn't spend his time with low class women he might not have such a terrible reputation and bad habits. I guess he likes the stripper types though, so he doesn't have to work hard at anything. Since you are probably this woman Tanna I think it's just hilarious that plug your "looks" in the post above. Haha, I guess you better because no one else will. You must get compared to boys or men alot because you do not look female. I give the same advice to you and Lori and Tiffany and all the women who support this fraud Matthew, get a life and understand he's not loyal to any woman and he got his heart broken by someone that he cannot get over. Maybe if he could let go of his anger and jealousy he would see his life improve. Women like you don't stand a chance of helping him let go of the past that he wants back desperately. It looks like he has made a mess of his life and has gotten out of control.
3058 days ago by Franko
Hey girl, don't be cruel, I'm on your side, we're together on this. We can also write many fake reports on Lori, Tiffany and Tanna, yes, girl, the world is ours who stops us, we can wipe their reputation out too!

Good guys = 1000 fake reports. Good girls = 2000 fake reports each of them.

Girl, it's good to see you finally got up from your beauty sleep and you're rollin with the fake reports, I need all the help I can get, girl!

Girl, yes, report on how he wants you back and how he's jealous because you have a new hot boyfriend! That kind of fake report will make him steam, girl I can promise you this! Make up many fake stories on how angry he is.

I got your back, yes girl, don't you ever forget that! We will not back down ever, what's this miserable 2 fake reports a day? No, between the two of us, there can be 200 fake ones!!

Tanna is a hot babe, very sexy, we should really get on with the fake reports, how can we bare the site of her, she shouldn't be posting any pictures on her Facebook or any other social network page, no, girl, no! The site of her should be wiped, and we should convince people that she looks like a man! If she doesn't post pictures and we can convince people she looks like a man, we have reached our goal.

Now let's be strong! Write even more grusome reports, girl, your reports are sometimes watered down. We are best mates for life against this atrocity. Good guys, good girls, we rid them of their reputation and let them join us so we can rule the world!
3058 days ago by Fightingmad
You are hilarious Franko. Haha. I can only imagine you must be as dumb as Matthew. I never said I dated Matthew now did I? Maybe I'm supporting a friend who dated him and was treated badly by him. Maybe I know a lot about him from that friend and I am shocked by how his anger and jealousy have driven him to stalk himself and who knows what else considering the company he keeps. You all think you know everything but none of you know much. I know that Matthew is a liar and a PIG and because he can't have the woman he wants he dates losers who drag him down more. Maybe they are the users? If Tanna is such a babe why did Matthew only date her for such a short time? Hmmm, haha because he has an eye for beauty and she doesn't have it. I happen to have a very beautiful friend who dated Matthew and it lasted a lot longer that his "relationship" with Tanna did or Lori or Tiffany. Get your story straight Franko.
3058 days ago by Fightingmad
You are hilarious Franko. Haha. I can only imagine you must be as dumb as Matthew. I never said I dated Matthew now did I? Maybe I'm supporting a friend who dated him and was treated badly by him. Maybe I know a lot about him from that friend and I am shocked by how his anger and jealousy have driven him to stalk himself and who knows what else considering the company he keeps. You all think you know everything but none of you know much. I know that Matthew is a liar and a PIG and because he can't have the woman he wants he dates losers who drag him down more. Maybe they are the users? If Tanna is such a babe why did Matthew only date her for such a short time? Hmmm, haha because he has an eye for beauty and she doesn't have it. I happen to have a very beautiful friend who dated Matthew and it lasted a lot longer that his "relationship" with Tanna did or Lori or Tiffany. Get your story straight Franko.
3058 days ago by Franko
Hey, girl, you're going strong with the fake reports, I like it, we need to let everyone know that Matthew doesn't like hot girls like us, he only likes them if they got nice personalities, yes! Guys who are concerned about girl's personalities should have at least 1000 fake reports against them girl! Whatever we can say to get them doomed would be awesome.

Hey girl, you really make up for the time you've been sleeping by smokin' with the fake reports during your waking time, I have to give that to you girl!

Guys who like girls with nice personalities suck, their reputation should really be annihilated!!! We should stomp on Matthew's name, his artwork and his company! YES! Let's do it girl!!

We're closing in on getting on track with the 1000 fake reports, then we need to work on destroying the reputation of everyone he has every been involved with, every company everything! Girl, there's work to do, let's do it!
3057 days ago by Maggi
Diana, I like your follow up posts on your report and I was astonished by your clever idea about Matthew actually stalking himself. I hope you don't mind me quoting you: "...I am shocked by how his anger and jealousy have driven him to stalk himself ..."

I have worked on an idea about a scenario for another report on how he actually stalks himself, I hope you like it, so here we go:

So, Matthew dated this girl named Diana J Prause from Texas (you) (hope you don't mind me using your name and location) and then you found out he has a habit of stalking and harrassing himself online, he goes around scam sites and posts horrible things about himself, his artwork and his company.

You broke up with him, but you were very concerned about his wellbeing, he was backlashing his artwork all day long at his computer telling everyone how he stole it and how bad work his company does and he attacks women. He never stopped reporting himself! He was so serious about destroying his name, company and artwork that he even carried an extra battery for his iPhone so he can add more scams on the Internet about himself while doing things like waiting for a dentist appointment or going to the public loo. His stalking of himself went completely out of hand!

One day you decided you would like to help him stop with his stalking of himself, you were really concerned. At that time, he was in the Bahamas on holiday. He even packed 2 extra batteries for his iPhone, since this way he could also sit comfortably on the beach while stalking himself and writing reports on scam websites.

You took a plane to the Bahamas and picked up a Magarita from the bar and strolled to the beach side. There you spotted Matthew and a hot bikini babe lying on the beach.

You approached him and said to him that he should stop stalking himself and writing scams about himself on the Internet.

He got furious! He leaped towards you, grabbed the cherry out of your Magarita drink and attacked it brutally. He viciously squashed it and jumped on it over and over again. Then he violently ripped the tiny cherry fruit to pieces untill there was only mush particals left.
All this time the bikini babe was just sitting there, laughing and laughing.

You got frantic, how can any man be so brutal to a tiny cherry candied fruit piece! Your knees were shaking, right there, you dropped your drink on the beach jumped in the ocean and swam all the way back home. The End.
3050 days ago by Oldsch71
This post is pretty out there. Not sure of the back story here and it doesn't seem a situation I want anything to do with, but for the record Tanna has no connection to Matthew Olyphant and never has. Just putting that out there because I came across a lot of posts that suggest otherwise. She never dated him and has met him only a few times on a very casual level so not sure how she got dragged into this angry ex girlfriend circus but it kind of sucks. Best of luck in seeing this end soon.
3004 days ago by Bynxy5
Life in America where women like this skate by on washed up looks and no charm. Pig.

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