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Thomas A. Kopec Thomas Kopec defrauded an investor out of 500,000 USD, he promissed Jose Solares huge returns then he used the funds for his own benef
17th of Oct, 2011 by User412014
Thomas Kopec Pass#42534707 He was introduced by a forex trader to Mr. Jose Solares which was a large investor and Tom promissed Jose that he would put him into a private placement and generate him 100% per week. So Tom represented to Jose that he would open an account for Jose at Bank of America. Jose sent all his documents to Tom and Tom set up an account for jose and sent the account info to Jose. Jose wired $500,000.00 into the account. And Tom vanished. Then Jose found out that the account was never setup under his name. It was an account that Tom had setup for himself under his personal name and as soon as the funds arrived, Tom removed the funds and started spending them for his own benefit. Now Tom is hiding and Jose is left in the hole for 500,000 USD jose contacts are 011-507-394-1499 or 011-507-60-90-87-80. Please, anyone contact if you know the whereabouts of Tom Kopec. Thank you
2482 days ago by Tom1966
My name is Tom Stanley my cell # is area code 410 588 7751 I believe I have information for you regarding Tom Kopec. I live in Florida in the USA
2482 days ago by Tom1966
Mr Solares if you would like to contact me my email address is [email protected]

Please put : Regarding Thomas Kopec so that I know that it is not spam
2482 days ago by Thomaskopec
I have info also. This was put up here by Mike Merzoug. Not Jose Solares, whom is a business partner of mine currently. I am Tom Kopec, I was just approved for a banking license. There is no warrant for my arrest.Why is that? My address is 76 Candlegate circle, Matteson. Illinois. 60443. My home number is 708-515-9021. Mike Merzoug posted this, he used the alias Robert, because he is a liar and does these kind of deceitful things. However, feel free to google Mike Merzoug, Put in Mike Merzoug, South Carlonia, conviction. This man was convicted of Wire Fraud and solicitation. He is currently serving 3 yrs probation. As well feel free to call me. I can put anyone on the phone writhe Mr Jose Solares. He would be happy to tell you this isn't the case, now Mike Merzoug's father and MIke ripped me off to the tune of 41k dollars (hence why I tossed huim to the curb). Mike's father Emile asked me to borrow him 15k ( I did, via bank certified check ..memo to be paid back in one week, that I still have)) I never saw ANY money. Mike is Broke and claims he owned ameribank mortgage company. ( a lie), he also claimed to me to own a home on Cavalier Court (which was another lie). His mom owned it. Mike, his wife, his daughter, his two brothers, and one brother's wife live with the mom. However, that home is being foreclosed. So I am assuming they no longer live there. Mike and his father told me they can get a banking license in one month. So I paid 9k for office furniture, and 12 for 6 months rent on an office in the metro-dc area, and it was all lies, then Mike asked me for 5k dollars, he said he needed a new laptop computer as the the was broken, and that he was broke. I lent him the money (all lies again), never was another laptop purchased. As well mike said his father would back my investment with his gas stations. His dad didn't own a gas station ( I Have an email from Mike on this). His father was a business partner to a man names Ajay. (who owned the gas station). Now as for you Thomas Stanley, you came into my home based on a childhood friendship we had, I agreed to pay you 1000 a week (which i did) I also paid off a debt to a collection agency to save you from getting your truck repoed. All of my other childhood friends warned me about you. I am a christian man. milk aso sent Ajay to Mexico on an Iron Ore contract that went bust. Emile had friends in Mexico that tried to kidnap and extort money from Ajay. Emilke also asked me to fly to the Comoros Islands and get the banking license. My attorney Jayat Kanetkar (lawyer and FBI case agent on the daniel pearl kidnapping) advised against it . (he thought emile was setting me up to be kidnapped). Now that sums this up. I have all check copies, and emails to offer validity... ...Now as for you Thomas Stanley. You came into my home leaving numerous clients (whose deposits for construction jobs were in your possession Latosha Reynolds, Latosha's mother, and Sherry) on a lie. You told your clients you were going to chicago to see a heart specialist and were going to be in a heart clinic (hospital). I found this out after I went back to Massachusetts with you to help you finish these jobs, and as well the remodeling job of Alan and Joe (whom you lived with). You Murdered Laura Williams ( anyone can google Thomas Stanley, Laura Williams) when we were kids. I was your friend in grade school and wanted to be all about 2nd chances. I let you into my home and paid you 5k (1000k a week for 5 weeks). to do remodeling. All you did in five weeks was to lie and say you hurt your back, then to tear down drywall and paneling my bathroom. Every other carpenter here can validate this. Other childhood friends warned me about you. However, I didn't listen, and I paid the price. You as well were at my home asking me if it was OK to bring a prostitute to my home. My reply was NO!! I then hired your nephew and his friend to work with you. They are the only people that did work. they were paid to tear down the drywall and paneling as well. This was the most expensive demo job I have ever seen for one bathroom. Usually a full bathroom remodel costs about 6 k. This costed me 6k just for demo. At my home you claimed to hurt your back. (this never happened). I know that it was not hurt because you went fishing with your nephew while you were to be recovering. As well you were having sex with Liz (a girl you were professing love for in illinois, while professing love to another girl in Mass.) I then found out from you that you were arrested for another criminal offense in another state. When we went to Mass. I met Latosha and we dated for a while. It ended when you told her I was on crack cocaine (yet another lie). Thomas, you also took money from my ATM card, both online, and through ATM drive through locations (none of which was authorized by me). However, I let you go. I decided to wipe myself clean from you. It was nice to see your sister, whom doesn't speak with you, neither does any of your family members for that matter. Your sister told me how you used their debit card to the tune of 40k to drywall and tape one wall, and to do some minor electrical work. She said you ripped her off. So Mr Stanley, your input here is useless . This is yet another reason I want nothing to do with you. You know I can validate all of this and more. So for once stop chasing what I am doing, and pay attention to your own life (which is a shambles). You don't see me chasing you or your whereabouts. I Personally am way to busy as a business man to play Boy-Games with you or Mike Merzoug. By the way, calling my son up at Midnight to show him this fraudulent post .. what's wrong with you? start acting like a human. Please
2474 days ago by Veridad2006
This is Robert Caldwell, I myself posted this report. Thomas Kopec had a web page and a company called actech llc where he claimed to be a trader. I had approached him because I had a client that wanted to send an MT-760 however when I approached tom kopec to do the deal, not only he claimed to be a trader but he attempted to defraud my clients. My clients have lost millions because of that fool.

I was personally acquainted to Solares, I have a confession letter signed by attorneys to whom tom kopec confessed to defrauding Jose Solares $500, 000.00 I also have the communication from Jose Solares in regards to the fraud that occurred. Anyone that wants to see these letters email me at [email protected] I will be glad to email you these letters. Put in the subject Tom Kopec.

So people be careful when dealing with this individual, he is a sick, demented liar. He will rip you off.

I was introduced by Mike to Tom around 2008 however the relationship let to nothing. Even the merzoug eventually warned me to get away from Tom Kopec due to his instability and corrupt manners.

He has no education, no college degree, he does not even have a high school diploma. He is broke since he spent all the money he stole.

He does not own any bank and will never own a bank. He has multiple felonies in his past for grand theft where he stole cars. The guy is a goon. Please be cautious with your money
2459 days ago by Thomaskopec
No Mike, it's you pretending to be Robert. As well I never met Robert that way. I also saw the supposed letter from Jim (the attorney), that is not his signature, nor his letterhead. Now, from Bank of America, I have the carbon copy of the 15k your dad stole from me. I can send it to anyone [email protected] That having been stated, How can a thief supposedly warn Robert ? It's simple you and your dad are con men. Just like Jim said. In fact your father Emile still owes Jim 30k in defense fees. That was the case where your father stole 500k from an innocent couple, and their attorney was not competent enough to get your father civilly . Mike, lets face the facts .. there's a warning against you, and as well . As well anyone can look at this page and call 803-737-9000. They will validate Mike Merzoug's conviction. Wire fraud ..imagine that. or adversly.. you can see Mike's arrest.
2458 days ago by Veridad2006
This guy is the biggest liar in the world. Anyone or any law enforcement or attorney looking to validate the letter or obtain the recorded conversation where thomas kopec confessed to the fraud to jayat kanetkar and jim zelloe or looking to hear about the fraud that Thomas kopec committed feel free to contact: StahlZelloe, P.C. Jim Zelloe, 11350 Random Hills Road, Suite 700, Fairfax, VA 22030, Phone: 703.691.4940, Fax: 703.691.4942, Email: [email protected]
2428 days ago by Thomaskopec
Robert as apposed to making up fake addresses and all, why not validate yourself. Please post your address, and as well your telephone coordinates . Seeing as you know so much about me. I am not in hiding . Nor have I committed a crime. So please validate yourself with a physical address and phone number, as apposed to posting FAKE numbers and emails. If you can not do this, it will be obvious to all that you in fact are Mike Merzoug faking to be Robert . Then I welcome anyone to call me directly, and I will call you and hold a 3 way conference call. my bet is, you will toss out another excuse, such as " I am afraid and don't wish any harm to myself or my property" . Any excuses will be seen as nonsense, So save yourself from ridicule Mike Merzoug

Thomas Kopec
2428 days ago by Thomaskopec

This is public knowledge

Mike Aziz Merzoug sentenced to 3 years probation in Public ...
Assigned to: Honorable Henry F Floyd: Defendant (2) Mike Aziz Merzoug TERMINATED: 07/23/2010: represented by: Jack Bruce Swerling Jack Swerling Law Office

See how people can validate your conviction, as apposed to making untrue allegations? All they need to do is google that
2415 days ago by Mikemerzoug
Hello Everyone

This is Mike, I have been browsing when I came onto this page. I just felt that it was appropriate for me to post here to clear up everything.

The posts above are not from me but from Mr. Caldwell which we introduced to tom a while back then he ceased and desisted all of us because of Tom. I still do not know what happened, but out of pure guess, I would say tom try to convince him to invest. I have nothing to hide and if I wanted to post on Tom, I will not use other names. I am not afraid of him and I rather keep my distance from him knowing the fact he defrauded people.

Yes, I did get convicted in south carolina for 3 year probation because I beleived in trading programs that Tom Kopec offers. They told us that trading does not exist and it cannot be done. I was a banker/loan officer by trade so there are certain financial programs that do work but contain huge financial risks such as loosing capital. Also within the mechanics of a deal, there are times that your counterparties will not deliver.

99% of business out there offered as trade programs are not real such as Tom Kopec. I was introduced to Tom Kopec in 2007 and he was making himself pass for a trader and yes I am aware of the fact that he defrauded Jose Solares.

I have never done any business with Tom Kopec as we came to find out the fraud he committed. My family does not owe him anything and if Tom you think someone owes you money then go to court. Stop spreading non sense on people just because your life is destroyed and you are loosing.

Anyway this post is a true waste of time and people be very careful when investing.

Thnak you all
2412 days ago by Thomaskopec
Just happened upon this? Mike would you like the copy of the certified check from the bank given to your father? I would be happy to email it to anyone. It was for 15k to be paid back in one week. This never happened, and if you have any transactional receipts, please feel free mto prove up where he paid me back
2384 days ago by General Info
Anyone interested in seeing the real Tom Kopec should go to the following link
go to case status and information and click on General District Court
Type the 5 letter code and click accept
Click on courts and scroll down to Arlington County General District and click on it
go to traffic/criminal and click name search
type in his last name Kopec and first name Thomas and hit search and it will show you all of his recent records of forgery and identity theft of which 2 of these have the potential of being class 4 felonies.
Anyone interested should note that i believe his court date is july 13 2012
2365 days ago by Raymond-knows
Jim Kopec built a home for a man named Brian Booker in Calumet City. After this home was built, an associate that worked with Jim built another home for Brian Booker, =. In his anger Jim Kopec shot holes in Brian Booker's new home windows with a BB-Gun. He as well poured sugar into Al's gas tank .
2354 days ago by Wilson52521
I had entered a business relationship in which Thomas Kopec was involved a few years ago. I am an investor with Dean Witter, and in dealing with many individuals throughout the course of my career, I've had my fair share of encounters with scum bags, but this man, however, outranks them all. In reading the previous comments, its blatantly obvious that his baseless rebuttals to credible grievances against him are nothing short of a last ditch effort to protect a reputation that at this point I would venture to say is unrecoverable. I had participated in numerous conference calls between him, my business partner and I, and the fantasies and fabrications he would conjure were just unbelievable. From building theme parks in New Zealand, to managing million-dollar hedge funds, the statements that came out of his mouth were more indicative of an individual with serious mental afflictions than that of a mediocre con-artist. I heard about this article through an associate of mine, the same gentleman with whom we had jointly conversed with, and I could not pass up the opportunity to further expose this low-life coward to anyone who should come across it.

I would advise, Mr. Kopec, to keep that virtual forked tongue of yours behind your crooked teeth, and rather than continue to make matters worse for yourself by means of a poorly constructed stream of lies, find yourself a good attorney with no sense of morals whatsoever as you appear to have more than enough litigation against you to land you in prison for the foreseeable future. I find it intriguing that although you claim to have nothing to hide, there is a count of felony identity theft on your record that you are due to be arraigned for. I'm afraid I don't know the circumstances, but only a true coward would let someone else take the fall for something they've done, whatever that may be.

In closing, to anyone reading this who may be a prospect and/or client of his, DO NOT engage in any form of business with this individual. He has no credentials, and no knowledge of anything save how to scam his way into public view, which despite his miserable failure in most if not all other endeavors, he has managed to do successfully. I will be sending a notarized letter to the Virginia department of justice arguing the reasoning for which he should be convicted of his crimes. Sooner or later, God will cut him down.
2344 days ago by Clark42
Wilson52521, I would be very interested in the details of the relationship you had with Tom Kopec if you are willing to share them. Mr. Kopec has become involved with a member of our family and I have some concern for her financial well-being. It’s clear that you have strong feelings about Mr. Kopec and that you find him untrustworthy, but without details it’s difficult to form an independent opinion of what happened and what Tom’s part in it was.
2344 days ago by Shuntian71711
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2331 days ago by Isabella 690
Stay away from him u cannot trust him he is a liar and a scam artist!
If anyone has anything on Thomas Kopec what r u waiting for put him away for life!
WARNING: ALL FEMALES and anyone with CHILDREN especially girls stay away and do
Not let this guy near them I do not have to spell out what he will do.
2331 days ago by Clark42
Okay. We get it. He's bad...but what did he do? You can say stuff all day about someone, but unless you're willing to give some explanation, it's kind of meaningless...don't you think?
2330 days ago by Isabella 690
I do not need your attitude Clark I know what I am talking about and what I am saying is not meaningless
I hope he rots in hell where he belongs and one day the devil will take me! I do not need to give any explanations I am the proof of what he did to me and and his own daughter he is a very sick man and needs to be locked up for life in hell. If I have to spell out what he did to his own daughter then u r not all that smart r u( no offense)
2330 days ago by Isabella 690
I am a friend of his daughter which she is scared to death to tell the truth she is scared for herself and her mother because she is afraid he will hurt them both, so sad( she will need counseling after this) why do u think he does not live w them cannot be trusted w his own daughter.
2330 days ago by Isabella 690
My work is done here no more questions

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