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Tressa Duniphan
Tressa Duniphan Brittany Meyersberger Beware Master Con Artist , Internet
12th of May, 2011 by User637541
Tressa Duniphan AKA Brittany Meyersberger AKA Tressa Scott is originally from Granite City, Illinois and uses the internet to victimize people. She usually cons men to falling in love with her and then she steals checks (from the middle of check books) and personal information belonging to the victim and uses the information to apply for credit and writes checks forging the victim's name in large amounts of money for various reasons (hotels, personal items, down payments to new vehicles, cash back purchases such as Wal-mart, etc.) Tressa is a pathological liar who believes everything she lies about. She carries ID cards with different identites and credit cards with different names. She also has in her possession (or had) a list of social security numbers (from victims she has been with) and more than one cell phone. She almost always deals personally with cash unless using a fradulent identity. I believe she has some kind of help (she was visited by three people that she claimed was her father, brother and his girlfriend). The brother and his girlfriend were deaf as well. When I was victimized by her in 2000 She had 2 or 3 year old son and an infant daughter by the name of Madison. I immediately filed an affidavit with my bank on discovery of her crimes. The bank then turned the information over to the authorities saying that it would become a federal matter since she crossed state lines to commit her crimes. She continued to stalk me on several occasions in which I contacted local authorites in which she evaded successfully. I saw her one last time at a Denny's location in Tulsa off of interstate 244 where she was staying in the hotel. She had claimed that she was pregnant with a child of mine and that I would never see her again. After that I never saw her again but internet reports from other people claimed she was on the road victimizing once again. This is the first I have heard about her in the last 11 years and I would like to know if anyone has any photographs of her or the children... The initial report indicates that she has 2 more children than she did when she victimized me back in 2000. I would like very much to get more information on the middle child which would be the third youngest of the four. Please help us find out more. Be aware, the individual is extremely dangerous and possibly bipolar. One incident occurred after my discovery of her criminal actions towards my finances, I told her I was leaving her and going back to my dorm at the University of Oklahoma in Norman, Ok. She then responded by dragging her two children to the top of the hill and proceeded to cross into the middle of the ongoing traffic on the highway where she said that if I left, she was "going to kill the children" by pushing them in front of the traffic. If any information is found on the third child please let me know by email at
2710 days ago by BountyHunter7
Your email address has been redacted by the scaminformer website, but the children's names on the paperwork that they get monthly SSD checks for as of October 2010 are: Jonah C Scott, Kylie L Scott, Gabrielle L Scott, Alexander Nicholas Duniphan.

Maybe the infant daughter Madison passed away or she has another name now or not in the picture anymore? It just so happens that she has 19 addresses in her background report with 12 of these showing "Madison" as the county. Most recently they have been in and out of houses within 3-5 months at a time and they are not doing forwarding addresses. They must have their checks mailed to a P.O. box (which the Pottstown post office denies - Kenya M-F 10:30-6:30 610-718-9086) or mailing it to a family member such as the "brother-in-law" who was in and out of the houses living with them in the past 8 months.

Together we will catch these selfish lying scam artists. The children should not have to live a life like this. Surprisingly they know how to get the children to behave for short periods to impress and come across as a nice "deaf" family doing missions work and "reaching out to the deaf community" In reality it is something completely sinister. They are truly wolves in sheeps clothing. "Pastors Kevin and Tressa Scott from Freedom Deaf Church"

Judgments and Liens:
Type Amount Filing Date Debtors Creditors
Civil Judgment
Civil New Filing
District Court Montgomery County, PA
$9, 873 04/08/2011 Kevin and Tressa Scott
Damages to rental property and stolen goods

Civil Judgment
$2, 130 11/21/2007 Tressa Duniphan
Choice Properties And Investment

Civil Judgment
$800 3/3/2009 Kevin Scott and Tressa Scott
Creditors: Charlotte And Mike Dixon
Charlotte Dixon

Civil New Filing
$2, 500 7/30/2003 Kevin Scott (Run Background Search)
Creditors: Ken Lewis

Bankruptcy Data:
Chapter Description Filing Date Resolution Date Court Type Filer Type
Chapter 13 9/30/1996 12/12/1996 Alabama Middle - Montgomery Individual Individual
Kevin L Scott (Run Background Search)
Walter Gregory Ward (Run Background Search)


2703 Walnut Ridge Estate
Pottstown, PA 19464
County: Montgomery
Record first seen: 2/2011
Record last seen: 4/2011

369 Beech St
Pottstown, PA 19464-5652
County: Montgomery
Record first seen: 11/2010
Record last seen: 2/2011

3733 Gretchen Ct
North Las Vegas, NV 89081-6640
County: Clark

Record first seen: 4/2011
Record last seen: 5/2011
8234 W Dreyfus Dr
Peoria, AZ 85381-4955
County: Maricopa

Record first seen: 3/2010
Record last seen: 6/2010
836 Hardin Ave
Jacksonville, IL 62650-3313
County: Morgan

Record first seen: 5/2006
Record last seen: 6/2010
View On Map
809 5th St
East Alton, IL 62024-1303
County: Madison

Record first seen: 11/2007
Record last seen: 11/2007 View On Map
304 Whitelaw Ave
East Alton, IL 62024-1422
County: Madison

Record first seen: 6/2007
Record last seen: 10/2007 View On Map
218 Malibu Canyon Dr
Columbia, TN 38401-6847
County: Maury

Record first seen: 1/2002
Record last seen: 8/2007
View On Map
310 Conley Ave
Wood River, IL 62095-1115
County: Madison

Record first seen: 4/2007
Record last seen: 5/2007 View On Map
4116 Brook Creek Ln
Apt B
Greenville, NC 27858-8203
County: Pitt

Record first seen: 12/2006
Record last seen: 4/2007 View On Map
Po Box 939
South Roxana, IL 62087-0939
County: Madison

Record first seen: 5/1997
Record last seen: 7/2006
View On Map
316 E Beecher Ave
Jacksonville, IL 62650-2515
County: Morgan

Record first seen: 7/2005
Record last seen: 6/2006 View On Map
3607 Aberdeen Ave
Alton, IL 62002-3104
County: Madison

Record first seen: 4/1996
Record last seen: 10/2004 View On Map
301 Poppins Pl
Alton, IL 62002-7381
County: Madison

Record first seen: 8/1997
Record last seen: 6/2003
View On Map
4061 Bruene Ave
Granite City, IL 62040-4315
County: Madison

Record first seen: 10/2000
Record last seen: 10/2000 View On Map
301 E Lorena Ave
Wood River, IL 62095-2021
County: Madison

Record first seen: 12/1997
Record last seen: 1/2000 View On Map
2876 Jefferson
Norman, OK 73019-0001
County: Cleveland

Record first seen: 6/1996
Record last seen: 6/1996
View On Map
3549 Cuplne Alton
Alton, IL 62002
County: Madison

Record first seen: 4/1996
Record last seen: 4/1996 View On Map
2815 Residence St
Alton, IL 62002-1829
County: Madison
View On Map
206 Ohio Ave
# A
South Roxana, IL 62087-1570
County: Madison

View On Map
210 Ohio Ave
South Roxana, IL 62087-1570
County: Madison

Tressa Scott
Mohawk Carpet Distribution Lp
160 S Industrial Blvd
Calhoun, GA 30701
p: (706) 629-7721

Employment History:
Company Name Position Address
1 Homestead Nursing Assoc Rn
2706 days ago by Iwantthemcaught
wow this all is creepy! I lived with them for a very very short time after they offered me a room to stay (this was in Alabama) - I was quick to catch them lying and bluffing with some stories & I moved out fast. That was October 2008. Shortly after I left, they packed up and moved away. NO idea where they went to.

THEN out of millions of people we saw them again in Las Vegas - that was Summer of 2010.

she told me she has6 kids - the first two oldest were kept by someone in her family, I cannot remember the names she told me. She 4 kids living with her, Alex, Gabrielle, Kylie and Jonah. She also had a still born named Paidyn.
2706 days ago by Iwantthemcaught
he even sold my two damn chocolate LAB and the huge homemade castle dog house for my two precious dogs - PLUS he brokes my van seat, etc. Kept said it not us, it not us. PISSED ME OFF!

When we lend them our van, realize they drive around everywhere (was told they going to laundry) Found out that they went to leeds, oxford to pay the electricity bill. I said what, never heard that those elecrticity bill location are 35 minutes away from the city. NO WAY! LIAR LIAR LIAR LIAR! they was so angry, tressa told kevin. we kick them out! I said it is our van.. not theirs. so we immediately decided to move out. I said what, never heard that those elecrticity bill location are 35 minutes away from the city. NO WAY! LIAR LIAR LIAR LIAR! We both are deaf family and very concern about their kids. - dont want them to learn from the bleep liar parents who are very sicko -

DAMN! kids are innocent! but they deserve to go prision for their punishments!
2705 days ago by BountyHunter7
Call 610-878-3967 if you have any information on the location of Kevin Scott or Tressa Duniphan Scott. $4, 000 reward offered for the successful prosecution and execution of existing judgement.
2699 days ago by Iwantthemcaught
I wish I knew where they were! I would have called insantly when I saw then in Las Vegas - too bad I did not see this website until now.
2699 days ago by Iwantthemcaught
I def will keep an eye out
2699 days ago by Iwantthemcaught
Now I remember, the oldest son's name is Dylan Duniphan!/profile.php?id=1393661208
2676 days ago by LatestVictim
2676 days ago by BountyHunter7
Call me again or leave another number, your ***-783-6998 mailbox is stating full. Thanks!
2673 days ago by Iwantthemcaught'Obituaries'&cnum=1

There are list of the names in the Family - no info on Madison at all.
2673 days ago by Iwantthemcaught
i also have a picture of the third child but I dont have an email to send it to.
2673 days ago by Iwantthemcaught
who are you asking to call you?
2673 days ago by Iwantthemcaught

there is a photo of Kevin and Tressa! He's postin as a pastor. his last post was 2 months ago around Easter time.
2627 days ago by Thatsad
reply me back, I know where she living in now.
2617 days ago by Wowiknowthemtoo
I know where they live they visit my church last week!
2615 days ago by BountyHunter7
Please call six one zero - 878 - 3967 messaging admin mailbox and leave message with any info you have.
2615 days ago by BountyHunter7
Recent picture of Kevin and Tressa Scott here:
2615 days ago by BountyHunter7
They have been known to be partners in crime with Cody Hanes - who is over-weight and deaf. He has lived with them under radar not signing lease agreements and he has been seen assisting them skipping town and leaving piles of unpaid credit card bills at the old addresses. They have been known to drive a silver Chevy Venture minivan...last seen with Nevada plates and a green plate in the front.
2603 days ago by Wantthemcaughtnow
I'm now very pissed off! BountyHunter7 please email me at [email protected]
2603 days ago by Getthemnow
BountyHunter, is it nice to use people's name in this kind of situation? Keep names out -- and keep name calling out too such as "over weight" -- I know you all are mad about scott and tressa, but No need to call names and use people's name. -- that is not Bountyhunter jobs suppose to do.. He did not know anything until he found out recently.

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