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viaero wireless
lying to Nebraska customers
11th of Apr, 2012 by bigfreakdaddy
I have been with viaero almost since they started out here in central Nebraska and have watched their customer service slowly get worse over the last few years double talk and promises of 3 and 4g all they can come up with as a line of defense on their part is they are about 50 bucks cheaper a month than the other company's well that's oblivious they have to be they only have a half way reliable 2g network when everyone else has had 3g for years. Word to the wise everyone that I have seen that wants reliable internet service on their smartphone is not renewing their contract with viaero I believe they will be out of business inside of 2 years they are a day late and a dollar short trying to rollout their 4g network bet we wont get it in central Nebraska before they go under can't wait till my contracts up here I come us cell.
2258 days ago by Frankdirico
I am sorry you feel that way. The management and staff at Viaero are working hard to deliver a quality product.

The other guys had a 15 year head start on us. In the short time we have been in business in Nebraska, we managed to build more towers and provide better coverage through out our service area, which does not include Lincoln, NE and south along with Omaha, NE. We rely on AT&T and T-Mobile to cover there.

We currently have many new sites under construction, more than any one else. If we know about a bad coverage area, we are committed to filling it in.

We were the first to deploy data services in the state with edge with speeds of around 200 kbs. At the time it was considered good. We had mapped out a clear path with Nokia to deploy 3G speeds (7 mbps ) to support mobile devices as well as home Internet and telephone. We started a trial system of 18 sites along interstate 76 in northeast Colorado. Well it bombed! I am going to say it the way it is. After about 60 new loads of software it is not a deployable system! Nokia really screwed us, they will never admit it.

Last summer (2011) I visited with other venders of 4G equipment and agreed to a second trial system of 40 sites deployed across southern Colorado. This system was turned up in February 2012. It is working GREAT! It is doing speeds to the fixed terminals of 19 mbps and 8+ mbps on most smart phones.

Viaero is in the process of upgrading other areas to 4G, WE have posted a map on so you can watch it grow.

Again I am sorry for the delays, but the future news is good.


Frank DiRico
Viaero Wireless
[email protected]
2254 days ago by Steevo

Thats nice but 200kbps is wrong. Try less than 20kbps.

Your company has lied to users when they purchased their smartphones and other devices at high cost, only to find they are not supported fulky and normal operation causes issues with the basic services you provide.

The service you do provide has issues all by itself, be it on a smartphone, or plain cell phone.

The price of your "unlimited" is laughable, for the same service my wife gets for 30 a month out of a straighttalk phone with no contract you charge almost three time as much. Plus her phone works in places your service doesnt, add the fact that her phone doesn't switch carriers while driving along the front range and it is superior to what you provide.

Lastly, a 15 year head start? Is that really the exscuse you want to give for a company founded in the 90's that was great, but then allowed to fall apart. We don't care if they had a 50 year head start. Verizon has 3g all over your area, I know this as I have to use one of their wireless hotspots to get internet so I can do work with your crap service. It works great, I get over 10 times the speed as I do on your edge network, at the worst.

Perhaps its time to stop investing in your florida dream home before you end up in class action litigation broke.
2149 days ago by Twobirds
July 29, 2012; I just stumbled on this looking for a map of Viaero towers. I spend most of my weekends at Harlan County Lake, near Alma, NE. Many of the Viaero adds I see tout, among other things, their "great" service in remote rural areas. This is just another load of crap too. If I can get any reception in the area at all, it's in the middle of a big lake. Otherwise, nada. I'm also tired of the lies Viaero has been promising concerning 3G & 4G for the last 2 years. The Edge technology you are using was introduced in 2003!! This is akin to me still using a 5.25" floppy in my PC!! My contract is up in a couple of months and you can bet I won't remain a Viaero customer after that time.
2144 days ago by Icstars
Verizon does not have prepaid service in the rural areas except in town. They also charge a ton of money. Viaero may not be that fast but they are connected to more areas than Verizon and the customer service is great. Verizon puts you on hold after pushing tons of buttons and then you typically get disconnected and then after you call them back and go through the whole thing again they transfer you to someone else. I hope Viaero makes it because a small company with great customer service is so much better than AT&T and Verizon.
2116 days ago by Cwj
Another interesting thing about said company is that their devices are not actual U.S. devices.
In most cases their Samsung Devices are country code labled TTT, Trinidad and Tobango and their Motorola devices are mosty from Canada. This makes some apps on the market not compatable for use, google wallet, easy phone sync, are just two to mention.
They also flash a viaero logo into the boot screen when you power on the device. In the manner that this is done Voids your warrenty by putting a count on your custom binary tracker. This makes it in some cases you cannot rent/purchase most music or movies from the market. Possibly a rooted device.
Granted i prefer the international devices as they generally have more to offer in them than the U.S. devices but it would be nice to be able to take advantage of the markets full potential.
As far as their "4g." It is there, I can assure you that but trending on speeds of just barely 2 megs a second when it is working properly. It seems that their upgrade process takes unusually long.
Maybe because of the rumors that T-Mobile is purchasing Viaero has something to do with the slow upgrade.
It will be interesting to see what happens in the next few months.
2082 days ago by Amanda27
I am counting down the days until my contract is up with viaero. I have had to change phones 6 or 7 times in the last 6 months, my text msgs are always 8 to 12 hours late and sometimes I dont get them at all. Calls dont come through. I am at witts end, I dont know what to do. Today I was told I didnt have to pay the 400.00 cancelation fee, they would let me do 200.00 insted. well my problem with this is I only have 3 months left, and they are the ones not keeping up their end of the bargain, why should I have to pay to cancel a service that Im not even getting. If anyone knows of anything I can do to make that 200.00 atleast 60.00 or less, please let me know:(

Amanda H.
1986 days ago by Mort1988
Ok people cellphone company had there problem but I love viaero service they the best. Ya if Alltel was still in Nebraska and wasn't sold to Verizon. I will still be wit Alltel but they got sold. So I with another great company name Viaero
1822 days ago by Randy Alan
If anyone wants to start up a Class Action Lawsuit against Viaero, I'm on board with that. let me know

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