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William E Lane
William E Lane Bill Lane, William Jursik, William Lane Investment Banker, Visionary, CEO, Executive Producer, Professional Athlete (aseball, Football
6th of Aug, 2011 by User380162
I came to know Mr. Lane as he was a regular guest at a luxury resort where I was working. After fequenting the resort for almost a year, Mr. lane asked me if I would like to meet him for a drink after my shift. When we met, Mr. Lane explained to me how his background was in investment banking and he invested much of his money in the real estate market when it was strong. He said he had started many companies of his own and had taken quite a few companies public for many clients. He was incredibly charming, a perfect gentleman...or so it seemed. Over the year he had been frequenting the resort, he had made it known to several employees that he was going through a drawn out and difficult divorce. When we began dating, he told me that he and his soon-to-be ex-wife had been separated for a couple years and the divorce was taking so long because there were "so many assests to divide". This all seemed believable since he went between drving a "fully loaded" Escalade and a "limited edition" Range Rover. (What I would later discover is that they were both leased in his wife's name and were soon going to be reposessed.) He had a collection of wathces (Hueblot, Ulesses Nardin, a 30ct diamond Icelink, etc) that was worth a couple hundred-thousand dollars. Although he was living in a house he was renting, he took me to a house in Paradise Valley worth over a million dollars he said had to be sold due to the division of assests in the divorce. He said he was renting until the divorce was finalized which seemed normal as I know a couple of people who rented while assests were being divided during a divorce. Almost a month later, he moved from the house he was renting into another house he claimed to own. (I would later discover that both this home and the home in Paradise Valley were in foreclosure, but he had no choice but to move here as he could no longer afford to pay the rent on the home he was leasing.) Through all of this Bill appeared to be a knight in shining armour. He was taking me to lavish dinners, renting limousines, getting rooms at luxury resorts for in town get aways. He truly swept me off my seemed like a modern day fairytale. He eventually admitted he was having financial struggles due to the economy and the divorce. He said he had invested in a local film maker several months prior to us starting to date, and he was getting into the movie indusrty as the financial and housing markets had been so hard hit. This guy was an amazing "salesman". I really believed this man had made millions and with his years of business experience was going to start a movie studio with this local film doubt, it was going to be another William Lane success! He started another "stock deal" a couple months after we started dating. I didn't know much about that industry, and I didn't ask many questions about what he did. Right as he began meetings to negotiate a deal with Empire Films, he was finishing up a "deal" he had been involved with for several years with a company, Pavillion Energy Resources (stock ticker PVRE). Although it seemed his finances were tight, I'm not the type to fault someone for falling on hard financial times. I had fallen for this guy, hard! I found myself doing things I had never done before...putting things on my credit card for him with the agreement the bill was he responsiblity. I later discovered that even though I had let him put somethings on my credit card, he actually wrote down the information to that card and billed things to it (utility bills, football training for his sons, etc) unbeknownst to me. I even webt and got all of his children's Christmas gifts...of course with the agreement he was responsible to pay the bill when it came. (I should've known when it was less than a week before Christmas and this man had not even one gift for any of his three children what kind of person he was...but no, I just kept making excuses for his behavior. He was really a good man just going through hard time, right? Wrong!) A couple months later, he "sales" me on the idea that I should start a limousine company. As he put it, "with all the people you know in the hospitality industry, you can get tons of referals. Then when you finally get into nursing school, the business will be up and running and you won't have to work." He said he found two limos at a "great price" and that he would put up whatever I couldn't in start up funds as a "gift". He said he really wanted to do this for me since I had done so much for him and he hadn't even been able to get me a Christmas gift...he said he wanted the business to be mine and mine alone, so I would take ownership of it. Of course, he offered his "years of business expertise" to help me in the operations. Funny, about 2-3 weeks after we got the limos, his Cadillac was repossed (and the Range Rover had been long gone). I should mention that I even got ticket and almost arrested driving the Cadillac because even the insurance was in his soon-to-be ex-wife's name, since he had an unresolved DUI and couldn't get insurance, and she cancelled the insurance without telling him. At this point, I knew I was in trouble with this guy. Although everything told me to run from him as fast as possible, at this point he owed me over $20,000. I knew I had to get out, but I had to get the money back first. Now he was so busted financially, he actually tried to start an escort service with a known madam, April Aguilar. No doubt, he was cheating on me the whole time with her and countless others, but when this venture proved to be a bust, I really thought Bill was getting his act together. He was still in negotiations with Empire Films, and the deal was finally about to close. Bill and I ended up moving in together. Of course, it turns Bill couldn't even get a studio apartment without a co-signer and needs me desperately to co-sign on this lease since the house he's living in closed on a short sale and he has to be out in less than a week. Look, even I ask, "how could I possibly continue with this man at this point?" But when I tell you this man is a professional con, you can't begin to imagine how good he is at selling his lie! He told me how everything was going to be different. He finally closed the deal with Empire and has getting over $750,000 worth of stock. He was so greatful for how I stood by him...he was going to pay off my student loans, pay off all the debthe had accrued in my name, told me to quit me job, he was going to take care of everything! What I ended up learning was that the "stock deal" was no deal at all. It was simply what's known as a "pump and dump" scam...and, apparently the kind of "investment banking" work Bill had dbeen doing his whole "career". This is when things really went south! I'm not the type to not care where the money comes from as long as it's there! Bill started to realize I was not ok with the type of person he is...a con! He started saying things like, "I feel like when I give you back all the money I owe you you're just going to leave me". Duh, everything you do is illegal and you're getting death threats from the people you've screwed over! (Not to mention, you're a sex addict that not only cheats but gets prostitues all the time.) Looking back, I should've seen all this coming. As it turns out, he cheated on his third wife with his "assistant" who his wife had befriended and even paid for her divorce. Inevitably, I cought Bill cheating on me. Not irronically, this happened just as Bill's attorney became aware of all the money Bill owed me, as well as, the lawsuits Bill was facing for millions. She wrote up a contract trying to protect me and told Bill if he didn't sign it she would testify against him in court. By this time, Bill knew there was no future with me. Although he signed the contract, he obviously never planned on making good on the deal. In the midst of his attorney "outting" him to me, he left for Mexico (with the girl he was having the affair with). When he came back, he said we could not continue like we were. I agreed. I agreed to move out of the house, as I could not afford it on my own. He went to Flagstaff with two of his children and his new "girldfriend" while I packed my things. Imagine, going out of town with a new female, 20 years younger, and with two of your kids while the woman who supported you and your children the past year is till in the house...those poor kids! of course, he needed her because he didn't even have a car to get to Flagstaff! At this point, I have not only realized that Bill's "stock deals" are totally illegal (and he's "washed" the money from the Empire deal through my business account), but I also know that Bill never paid for the movie he claimed to produce and know that he has physically stolen the footage from the guy who wrote and directed it. Through all of this, I somehow convince myself that Bill is actually going to make good on the contract Bill signed for the now $40,000 he owes me. (It was actually more, but that's how much he told his attorney about). Needless to say, Bill never made good on anything. Even worse, he and his new girlfriend, Marjorie Allen, filed for restraining orders by saying I threatened to kill them...what?! Eventhough Ms. Allen admitted under oath upon questioning from her own attorney that "no actual threats had been made". The judge upheld these orders. (Bill has since called the police on Ms. Allen as well). I should also point out this is another trick of the conman...Bill tried to get a restraining order against Mr. Conway after Bill stole Conway's computer from his residence. As if that wasn't enough, he filed a complaint and got me fired from my job. This man will not quit until he has left you with no money and no resources, so he knows you can not pursuit justice for what he has stolen from you. Bill started a company in Nevada with the same name as my company and used to documents to transfer title on the limousines to his now fiance, you guessed it, Marjorie Allen. Apparently, they have since split too. Luckily, I was able to take physical posession of one of the cars before this happened. After spending alomst another $40,000 in attorneys fees the past year, Mr. Lane has now filed bankruptcy. The cars are both still titles in Ms. Allen's name until a court ruling is made as to who the cars belong to. It's absolutely sick how these criminals are able to use the law as a shield. It's been a year since Bill and I split...a very long year. My purpose in writing this is so any woman who meets this man and considers dating him is forwarned: you are nothing but a victim waiting to happen. Bill's last wife was left filing bankruptcy. The "assistant" he left his wife for was used to "wash" money from a stock scam in her name as well. He used his last "fiance" to shelter assests in her name. This man has a pattern...he's a user! He will come off like the man of your answer to your prayers. It's not real! He will leave you not only with a broken heart, he will see to it you are less than zero when he's done with you! Do not get involved with this man for business, friendship or love. If you are so unfortunate as to make his acquaintance, do yourself a favor and retreat immediately...nothing but misery awaits any involement with him!

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