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Anthony Dominici
Anthony Dominici Dominici Tree Service and Darlene Dominici BEWARE of Firewood Scammers Who Admits to Shorting People for Years; Thinks it's Funny tha
1st of Feb, 2011 by
While trying to find out who this petty crook was who shorted me on $56 worth of Firewood (not a lot, but more than half of the $100 I paid him for a half-cord), I was startled to discover this from a Google search in a article that this guy, Anthony Dominici is also an allegedHEROIN DEALER!

See here: "A Norwalk man and woman were arrested for possession of heroin after their homes were searched by police Thursday. Anthony Dominici, 20, of 5 Ruby St., and Jennifer Lomas, 28, of 24 Quintard Ave., were arrested on charges including possession of narcotics, possession of drug paraphernalia and illegal distribution of narcotics. While their arrest warrants were sealed for 14 days, search warrants in their court files said police Thursday searched their homes on Quintard Avenue and Ruby Street where they found a scale, heroin, numerous glassine envelopes and drug ledgers."

It took a little digging, but I was able to verify that it's the same (and only) Anthony Richard Dominici living in Fairfield County, CT.

More on this related topic at the end of this report.

Anthony Dominici (and in fact his mother, Darlene), operates a business known also as Dominici Tree Service, supposedly out of Bridgeport, CT (but with Fairfield, CT and Easton CT addresses?), and at his own admission has been delivering FIREWOOD at half or less of the amount people are paying him for. He says he has been doing this for YEARS. (see attachhed emails) He arrived at my house in a older Chevy pickup truck being driven by his mother Darlene Dominici.

When he delivered this supposed "half-cord" of split me last week, I challenged him on the quantity. After arguing with him, his mother Darlene started to drive away saying she had another delivery to make. The only problem was she was driving with (my) wood and I had just paid Anthony for it... and as I had already paid him there was little I could do except to stack up what they had left for me and count it up after they left. Something was really wrong with this whole scene. I knew it, but I was helpless at the moment to do anything about it. I discovered that they had delivered less than half of what I paid him for and called him on the phone. My voice mail messages were not returned. The following day I emailed him about the shortage and asked what he was going to do about it. I found an ad on Craigslist that described in detail how firewood must be counted. To prevent others from being bamboozled as well, on 1/31/2011, I posted the same ad on Craigslist in New Haven entitled "Firewood (read before ordering your next cord!) (CT)" here: A few hours later I began receiving "Thank You" emails from people who didn't realize they were being cheated. I also posted a Parody Ad that without naming last names (other than what may have been in the original ad) indicating that if people were to respond to this same ad that I responded to for firewood, they would probably be ripped off. One of the people who may have seen this ad was person, supposedly named Jason Talbot. I discovered that this person had posted a Craigslist ad entitled "Dominici Tree services is a scam for firewood Listed below on 1/30/11 (Norwalk and Bridgeport)" here: This is exactly how the ad read: "They claim to deliver a full cord of wood. When questioned how they fit a full cord in a pick up truck...they tell you they have. 8 feet x 5 1/2 wide by 2 feet high = 88 cubic feet. A cord is 128 cubic feet. I was hung up on when i called. I dont think they are a registered business in connecticut. I called the state and they are getting back to me. I will repost with further info. They ad has telephone numbers list as 347-376-2143 and on the card reads 203-268-8365. The have a heading that reads "ONLY 20 CORDS LEFT!" Apparently Jason had paid them as well and discovered afterward that he had been shorted.I responded to the anonymous email address at [email protected] with a sympathetic message indicating that I too had been ripped off by Dominici. It's not totally irrelevant that Jason and I both work in the construction industry. I am unemployed right now, and Jason stated to me that he had been unemployed for a time as well. The person who had posted that ad, Jason Talbot, later called me. After a couple of voice mail misses we finally spoke to each other. He told me that he had spoken with "Darlene;" they were going to return his money the next day and take back the wood. Shortly after that conversation with Jason, I received an email from Anthony and a phone call from Darlene, indicating that they would bring me double what they owed me if I would cease trying to collect it from them. I agreed. What happens next is as told to me by Jason Talbot. The next day Darlene and her husband showed up at the Talbot residence to return his money and retrieve the wood. Talbot called the Stratford police who came and helped mediate a resolution. Without my knowledge or agreement, this "resolution" was that Jason would keep the wood and keep $50 that he would give to me for my shortage. Jason later called me and said he had $50 for me. I told him that I had already agreed to accept a truckload of wood from Dominic for all the trouble they had put me through. I told him that would be fine, or if there were any more problems I would wait for the wood and give the $50 back to the Dominici's if they ever showed up. Basically he told me the I shouldn't expect them because they were going to be bringing me the wood that he still had, and now he wasn't going to be giving it up. But he would bring the $50 and some wood to tide me over. About an hour later Jason called me on the phone and said he was in the area with my $50 and he would return later with the wood. I told him that I was leaving to take my wife to work and some errands, so I would be back in about two hours. He said he would call me back at 2pm to make arrangements to bring me the money and the wood. He did not call as he said he would. I called him and left two voice mails, and then sent him an email. In fact, he did not call again until after he sent me a response to my email saying that he would not be coming at all. He did call me later saying he was going to return the $50 to Darlene and he did not want to be involved anymore. I agreed with him that he probably shouldn't have gotten involved, and that he wasn't authorized to negotiate with them on my behalf in the first place. At that point as far as I was concerned he was out of the equation. It bears stating that as of this writing 2/2/2011 at 7:00pm, I HAVE NOT YET RECEIVED THE WOOD they still owe me, nor have I received any money back; only a continuing hassle trying to retrieve either. I have given him FAIR WARNING that this scam report would be posted, and given ample time to make good on our deal of $100 for 1/2 cord of wood. He delivered less than 1/4 of a cord, owing me still $56 worth of firewood. As proof of these events, what follows here are all of the emails sent back and forth with Dominici regarding this incident, from beginning to end. ________________________ Subject: Are you going to make this right?
Date: Sun, 30 Jan 2011 12:18:47 -0500
To: <sale-p8eqr-2181296649(at)> Anthony, After you left and we stacked up the firewood, it was less than 1/4 of a cord! It measured 18" x 36" x 78" and it should have measured 24" x 48" x96" If you do the math you'll see that that's less than 1/4 of a cord. We paid you for a half a cord, so you owe us the rest. It's more than half gone already, and it should have lasted us 2 weeks! We can't afford to pay $100 for less than 1/4 of a cord. Today I ran across this on Craigslist: So, just as I suspected, you shorted us by more than half! Are you going to make this right? Please call me! ~Mxxx _________ Subject: This is urgent!!!
Date: Sunday, January 30, 2011 6:01:52 pm
To: <sale-p8eqr-2181296649(at)> Anthony, I left you a message earlier. We don't have enough wood to last past tomorrow because you shorted us so much, and we won't have money to buy more until Thursday again. A half cord would last us two weeks, and your barely left us enough for 5 days. I have 4 children living in this house, and we use the wood to heat it with. This is urgent!!! Please call me to make arrangements to deliver the rest of the wood ASAP. We are at 2xx Mxxxxxxx Rxxx in Shelton. In case you can't locate my number it's 203.XXX.XXXX. ~Mxxx _________ > Date: Sun, 30 Jan 2011 18:14:35 -0800
> Subject: RE: This is urgent!!!
> From: anthonyd1232000(at) > What are u talkin about that is a half cord the rest of the wood in the truck went to another person and she was happy i kno wat a half cord is i have been doing this for 6 years and mydad been doing this for 30 years


Sent: Sun 1/30/11 10:17 PM
To: anthonyd1232000(at)
Subject: RE: This is urgent!!! Anthony, Apparently you don't know what a half a cord is. It doesn't matter how long you've been doing this. If this is what you've been doing then you've been screwing people over for years. Whoever you've been screwing over lately apparently doesn't know either. Do I have to draw you a picture? Check with other wood suppliers and you'll find out. Have you done that? A full cord is 4' x 4' x 8' A half cord is 2' x 4' x 8' or 4' x 4' x 4' - NOT 2' X 2' X 4' ---- THAT'S A 1/4 OF A CORD!!! You gave me 1.5' x 3' x 6.5' - which is barely 1/4 of a cord. Do the math! Did you read the Craigslist listing I sent you which detailed how much a cord is? Probably not. Here it is again: Go read it and then you'll see how you shorted us. Maybe you didn't mean to, but now you know the truth. Maybe your dad knows and maybe you do to - but if that's true then you purposefully screwed us over. It would take the entire back of that truck to make a half cord and two truck loads that size to make a full one. If your dad has been doing it that long, he knows that too. I even measured the back of the truck and showed you it was only 18" deep. So you gave me 18" deep x 12.5 feet long (the two and a half rows) x 18" pieces of wood (the longest pieces were 18" and you know that - most of them were smaller and you know that too). If you do the math, that comes to 18" x 36" x 78" AT THE MOST! SO YOU OWE ME ANOTHER 1/4 OF A CORD!!!! READ THE CRAIGSLIST LINK I SENT YOU THEN YOU'LL KNOW. We have 4 children in this house and we need to buy wood every two weeks because we use it for heat. If you gave us the right amount of wood we would be happy to buy it from you. WE ARE OUT OF WOOD NOW IN LESS THAN 5 DAYS - AND A HALF A CORD NORMALLY LASTS US 2 WEEKS!!!!! ARE YOU GOING TO MAKE IT GOOD OR NOT? My number is: CALL ME IMMEDIATELY AND LET ME KNOW PLEASE! ~Mxxx _________
From: anthony dominici (anthonyd1232000(at)
Sent: Mon 1/31/11 10:16 AM I like how u call my friends for wood and call me a asshole and that i only gave u a quter cord and now u expect wood wood after u go bhind my back and talk about me and i kno wat i brong u and itwas not a quter u had your tape out and u said it was fine i even gave u a extra row thanks again !!! Wish u luck no one gonna give u wood with your type of attuide _________ Sent: Mon 1/31/11 12:24 PM
To: anthonyd1232000(at)


First of all, lets get the facts straight: * YOU DID ONLY GIVE ME A QUARTER CORD AND I PAID YOU FOR A HALF. * THAT MEANS YOU OWE ME ANOTHER QUARTER CORD * IF YOU DON'T DELIVER IT, THAT MEANS YOU ARE A THIEF How do you expect people to react when they find out that someone is taking advantage of them? You are an asshole for screwing people over on wood. If I called your friends looking for wood and told them you screwed me over that is the truth and I don't want any wood from anyone else who is going to screw me over like you did. So you are a crook, an asshole, a liar and a jerk! I'm assuming by YOUR ATTITUDE that you are not going to make good on your word to deliver a half cord for the amount I paid you. So now you can go f**k yourself. ~Mxxx _________ From: anthony dominici (anthonyd1232000(at)
Sent: Mon 1/31/11 3:17 PM All i gotta say is expect a call from me later and expect a call from my lawyer for slander for posting ads about me and my company and harassing me on email and clist have a great day !!!! And i can prove its u on clist all they gotta do is trace ip address thanks again !!! :) _________ Sent: Mon 1/31/11 6:03 PM
To: anthonyd1232000(at)
Re: Too bad you chose to be a jerk as well as a thief Anthony, Good luck with your legal case. I already filed a complaint against you with the Connecticut Department of Consumer Affairs against you for defrauding a consumer. They told me to file a police report and have you arrested for theft, but I haven't done that yet. You KNOW and I have witnesses you delivered only half of that pickup bed stacked 18" high. And I can do the math - apparently you can't. So I can PROVE that you delivered only a quarter of a cord and I paid for a half a cord. So, I look forward to hearing from you. Especially I'd like to hear from your lawyer because you'll have to pay him. So at least you'll be paying someone for the damages you've caused to me and the countless others you've screwed over. I hope your lawyer charges you big time! My brother is a lawyer and all my legal expenses are FREE!!!! ~Mxx Ps: Oh, and by the way since it's all true, you won't have much of a case. So kiss my a**. __________ Date: Mon, 31 Jan 2011 15:51:29 -0800
From: anthonyd1232000(at)
Subject: life is to short for wood do what ever u want i kno what i drooped off u measured it and u paid for it u said it was fine so i am done talkin about this stop being a child and saying kiss my ass and all this child stuff is crazy have a great one dont message me back im blocking u post ads do wat ever u want i dont care im being the better person and im not talkin shit and threating like u are all im sayin is have a great life raise your kids be a good
father and leave me alone its just wood !!! i have better things to worry about i have to raise my kids as well im not gonna fight with u im not gonna waste my money on my lawyer for u nore does my lawyer wanna waste his time the cops and who ever else u gonna call wants to waste there time for WOOD and by the way the rest of the wood on the truck went to a sgt of the police force and he was happy and wants more wood so again have a great life and live on life is to short to fight about Wood bye :) __________ ENTER THE SUPPOSED "GOOD SAMARITAN" JASON TALBOT Sent: Mon 1/31/11 6:29 PM
To: [email protected] Hi there, I'm the guy that placed the "Firewood (read before ordering your next cord!)" Craigslist ad. Anthony screwed me over too! They did exactly the same to me on a half cord. But I have more bad news for you... The got you worse than that. When he delivered to me I measured the back of his truck be and it's only 18" deep - not 24" Do the math... 18" x 5 1/2ft x 8' is ONLY 66SF - That's barely 1/2 cord (which would be 64SF) But the truth is most of the wood is less than 18" long... MOST of it is 12"-14" long... So you probably actually got more like 15" average length at the most. 15" x 5 1/2ft x 8' is ONLY 55SF - WAY LESS than 1/2 a cord. I was nice at first, then I almost begged him to make it right. So far he has refused. I guess we're supposed to just live and learn? What can we do? ~Mxxx


Sent: Mon 1/31/11 6:55 PM
To: anthonyd1232000(at)
Re: Calling it what it is.. you are what you are, aren't you? Anthony, I tried to be nice and give you a chance to make it right. Now my family is sitting in a cold house because of your thievery. You are the worst kind of thief - one who takes advantage of families with children. I see other people have discovered you're a thief too! How about this ad? I'm in touch with those nice people. We just can't believe how you've taken advantage of us! We've decided to find EVERYONE you've ever screwed over and get together to file a lawsuit against you. Since I'm in the private detective business, it shouldn't be too hard. I couldn't take your call a few minutes ago because I was on the phone with my brother (you know, the attorney?). My brother went to school with - and is VERY good friends with George Jepsen (CT's Attorney General?). So I've asked him to contact George and look into the whole matter with Dominici Tree Service and anyone else whose filed complaints with Consumer Affairs about you and anyone else who sells firewood. It's time someone put all of you people who are screwing over consumers of firewood in your place. I only hope it's behind bars. ~Mxxx ______________ From: anthony dominici (anthonyd1232000(at)
Sent: Mon 1/31/11 8:13 PM Omg if i give u a full truck load will u leave me alone me and my family are leaveing the state next week and i want to do a good dead b4 i go would u take a full truck load and leave me alone ? ______________ Sent: Tue 2/01/11 11:33 AM
To: anthonyd1232000(at) I received a call this morning from Jason Talbot. He said he had $50 for me. But this is between you and me - and when I see him later I'll collect the $50. I told him that you were bringing me a full load for the trouble you caused me. It's almost noon, my house is cold, the kids are home, I have no wood and it's snowing. I need something NOW! So where is the truckload? Or did you leave the state already? Bring me the truckload you promised and you can have the $50. If I don't hear from you by noon I'm calling the authorities. ~Mxxx _______________________ From: anthony dominici (anthonyd1232000(at)
Sent: Tue 2/01/11 11:44 AM Jason said he was gonna take care of it the cops were there its in the police report cops said its all over with u have your 50 go by some wood with that call who ever u want cops took care of it call jason im done with this bye ______________ From: anthony dominici (anthonyd1232000(at)
Sent: Tue 2/01/11 11:44 AM Call us if u wanna kno the story Sent: Tue 2/01/11 12:34 PM
To: anthonyd1232000(at) Anthony, NO WAY. You can't make a deal with someone else about what you owe me. I don't care about your story, I'm going by your email and the phone call last night from Darlene. You're not off the hook until I get the wood... So it's NOT OVER. I have now reported you to the police in Shelton, and they said the police in Stratford said something about a warrant being issued . I don't give a hoot about $50. I NEED WOOD. I will see you guys in jail before this is done. You can call me if you wish, but this is not over until I get THE WOOD. ______________ Sent: Tue 2/01/11 3:13 PM
To: anthony dominici (anthonyd1232000(at)
Re: See? This is why... Anthony,


Jason was going to call me at 2pm to let me know when he would be coming. It's now after 3pm and he's not answering my calls. Jason seems to be a terrific guy, but I am not his problem...I am YOUR problem. This is why you can't make a deal with someone else for what you owe me. I tried calling you but you don't answer. Now what? Are you going to bring the wood or do I have to prosecute you? ~Mxxx ______________ In a message dated 2/1/2011 3:59:11 P.M. Eastern Standard Time, mxx(at) writes: Jason, It's a little after 3:30pm and Darlene just called to see if I got the money. I told her that I haven't received any money yet and that I still don't have any wood. My house is so cold.. we've been spending our food money to buy bundles of wood at the Stop n Shop. They only last about 2 hours. So we burn a bundle, wait for it to burn out, wait for a couple of hours then burn another bundle. It takes the chill off but it's still too cold in the house for the kids. So I told her that I desperately need the wood, regardless of whatever deal she made with you on my behalf. Which though it may have been done in good faith at the time, right now as far as I'm concerned that deal was between you and her and had nothing to do with me. Since I haven't heard back from you, I'm going to assume at this point that I'm not going to - and since I'm not your problem you don't have to reply or call back. She said she was going to call the cops and find out about ?? whatever, I don't know... and call me back about delivering me some wet wood they have in their yard. Hopefully this will happen and if so I'll let you know. Then you can either keep the $50 or send it back to her. If it doesn't happen, I will continue to chase her and Anthony for my wood and/or money. They actually owed me a little more than $50 anyway... (I was shorted 36 CF which was worth about $56 bucks). Anyway, thanks for trying to help and everything. ~Mxx Phone: __________ From: [email protected]
Date: Tue, 1 Feb 2011 16:51:01 -0500
Subject: Re: Dominici
To: [email protected] Mxxx, Sorry I was out running around. This is the first chance I got to get back to you. Listen, I was trying to do the right thing for you this morning. Now i find myself in the middle of it. I will Mail a check To darleen made out to Dominici Services. I am now out of this event. Sorry you are going through this, but i stated to you I would even drop the money off to you and some wood to tide you over. Sorry my day took longer than expected, but I can not drop what I have to do.. and take care of other peoples business. My fault, I should just worry about my own affairs. I will call Darleen now and let her know.
jason Talbot __________ Sent: Tue 2/01/11 5:16 PM
To: anthonyd1232000(at) Darlene, Anthony, Jason... Notice how you are all on the same line? As far as I'm concerned Jason, you have now become one of the villains in all this because Darlene gave you money back, you kept the wood, you took money to give to me and never did. Now you're going to send her a check back when you know d**n well that we're desperate for the wood? That's great... thanks a lot. Anthony and Darlene... I'm attaching Jason's letter to me as proof that he did not give me any money or wood and he isn't going to - because he doesn't have to... so why should he? It is Jason now who has delinquently triumphed over Darlene and Anthony. Good for you Jason.... good for you??? Right. Jason - you're completely off the hook now as far as I'm concerned because I was not involved in any way with your negotiations with Darlene, whether it was ever (supposedly) on my behalf or not. You did not consult me before doing it and I never knew what you were doing until after it was all over and you told what you had negotiated. You did and you'll have to live with that - if you have any conscience at all. So now... The wood is coming. The check is in the mail. Blah, blah, blah... I don't know how much of any of that is true, but this is: Me and my kids are FREEZING NOW!!! How can I believe any of you? Is there no honesty left here? Who is going to do what to make this right? See? ...and you wonder why I may lose my temper with you people? You can be sure... Anthony and Darlene, that I will not stop until you get me the wood you promised me last night. I have already reported you to the cops. If you don't get me the wood IMMEDIATELY, I will go down to the police station and file a criminal complaint. They have already assured me that they will issue an arrest warrant. I really don't want to do this, but I have given you EVERY CHANCE and so far you've given me
nothing but excuses. Please call me and let me know when to expect the wood. WE ARE FREEZING HERE and we can't afford to buy any more wood now. PLEASE MAKE THIS RIGHT!!!! ~Mxxx (INCLUDED LETTER FROM JASON TALBOT: >START ATTACHMENT< From: [email protected]
Date: Tue, 1 Feb 2011 16:51:01 -0500
Subject: Re: Dominici
To: [email protected] Mxxx, Sorry I was out running around. This is the first chance I got to get back to you. Listen, I was trying to do the right thing for you this morning. Now i find myself in the middle of it. I will Mail a check To darleen made out to Dominici Services. I am now out of this event. Sorry you are going through this, but i stated to you I would even drop the money off to you and some wood to tide you over. Sorry my day took longer than expected, but I can not drop what I have to do.. and take care of other peoples business. My fault, I should just worry about my own affairs. I will call Darleen now and let her know.
jason __________ Sent: Tue 2/01/11 7:30 PM
To: [email protected] Anthony and Darlene, This is to let you know that I've decided to post all of these email communications online and make them available through Craigslist. If you're screwing people over on firewood, then you're probably also screwing them over on tree services or whatever else. Look for all of your names on too. You think it's silly that I'm doing this because you ripped me off for firewood? If your kids were freezing you wouldn't think it was so silly.

You should know that it is impossible to remove a complaint filed at - EVER - even if the situation is resolved. It will follow around the name of Dominici wherever you go for as long as you live.

I will not stop these messages or letting the world know via Craiglist and and and any other internet fraud-reporting site I can find until you fix this. ~Mxxx __________ Sent: Tue 2/01/11 7:43 PM
To: anthonyd1232000(at) I see Jason Talbot still has his complaint against you up on Craigslist... If you'll notice I've taken mine down. I really am trying to be reasonable, but I won't let up until you deliver the wood. ~Mxxx __________ From: anthonyd1232000(at)
Sent: Wed 2/02/11 10:35 AM serious dude leave me the fuck alone i am so sick of your shit do what ever u want i dont care jason called me lastnight and said he was soorryy and said he offered u wood and u said no and offered u money and u said no so leave me the fuck alone im so sick of this baby shit scam . com what ever do ittttttttttttttttttttttttt !!!! i
dont care so sick of it dont call me dont email me dont think about me dont use my last name for anything go get a job and support u kids leave me aloneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee u email me like u love me or something the cops said everything is square and im doing what the cops want and leave it square its not my fault u call everyone on craigslist and no one wants to drop wood of to u !! so bye and have a good one PEACE !!! and if my kids were freezzeeing then i would go cut a tree down to keep them warm i would do anything i would not threaten or runin someone over wood its wooooooooooood !! good bye __________ Sent: Wed 2/02/11 10:59 AM
To: anthonyd1232000(at) Anthony, None of what (you say) Jason said to you is true. THAT IS ALL A LIE! I never told him any such thing. It's Jason that has the Craigslist ad saying you're a scammer, not me. But I will add one that stays on there permanently and at and at and they will NEVER come off. The cops may have said everything is square with you and Jason, but it's not with me. I have only asked for one thing.That you bring the wood you shorted me. That's all. But it seems too much for you to put in your truck the amount of wood you shorted me and drop it off. Do that and I will leave you alone. Don't do it and you will NEVER hear the end of me. Even if I had millions of dollars I would not leave you alone until you make this right. Bring the wood or don't - I will not stop until you do. Your choice. ~Mxxx ______________ Date: Wed, 2 Feb 2011 11:07:25 -0800
From: anthonyd1232000(at)
Subject: RE: dont email me anymore dude i dont give a fuck im just gonna delete my email and ill never hear from u think i care call my house and u get aressted for harraseing me and my family im done bye cops said its square with MXXX JASON AND US so leave me the fuck alone bye
______________ Sent: Wed 2/02/11 3:11 PM
To: *nthonyd1232000(at)ya***.com
Re: More emails will come. more phone calls and reports online Anthony, I don't care what the cops said - I have not talked to the Stratford cops and it doesn't matter what they say because I DID NOT AUTHORIZE ANY SETTLEMENT OF ANYTHING. I just want the wood. THIS IS FAIR WARNING!!! DELIVER THE WOOD OR SUFFER THE CONSEQUENCES. The is going to be ready to go up in a few minutes. It has everything about you, your arrest record, your myspace sites, all or these emails... including this one. ONCE I PUSH THE BUTTON THERE IS NO WAY TO STOP IT OR TAKE IT DOWN, EVER. Then, once it's up, I'm going to send it around to EVERY SEARCH ENGINE on the planet and post Craigslist ads pointing to it everywhere from Boston to San Diego and Miami to Seattle. Your name will be EVERYWHERE pointing to and, and it will have every one of these emails attached. So be it. Let this be a lesson to you. It will follow you around for the rest of your life. You brought this on yourself by refusing to make good on $56 dollars worth of firewood. ~Mxxx
_____________ What follows here is cursory background search data found for "Anthony Dominici, Fairfield, Bridgeport, Norwalk, CT. Note: There are numerous persons of the same name, yet only 1 person named "Anthony Dominici" who is 20 years old, living in Fairfield County CT as follows: DOMINICI, ANTHONY, FAIRFIELD, CT with an email address "anthonyd12320**" A Connecticut Post and article entitled "Police Briefs" published at 8:22pm on Saturday October 23, 2010 here: 189442.php The article, a police "blotter" goes onto say... "..Norwalk Drug arrests: A Norwalk man and woman were arrested for possession of heroin after their homes were searched by police Thursday. Anthony Dominici, 20, of 5 Ruby St., and Jennifer Lomas, 28, of 24 Quintard Ave., were arrested on charges including possession of narcotics, possession of drug paraphernalia and illegal distribution of narcotics. While their arrest warrants were sealed for 14 days, search warrants in their court files said police Thursday searched their homes on Quintard Avenue and Ruby Street where they found a scale, heroin, numerous glassine envelopes and drug ledgers. Following his early evening arrest Thursday, Dominici was able to raise enough money to cover his $25,000 bail bond, while Lomas missed her arraignment at noon in Norwalk Friday because she was at Norwalk Hospital. She is also being held in lieu of $25,000 bond. Court officials, who rescheduled her appearance to Monday, gave no reason for her hospitalization. Read more:
A Google search for DOMINICI, ANTHONY, FAIRFIELD, CT turned up at least (3) MySpace sites:
ostensibly all the same person (see attached photos)

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