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Brian Salle Karen
Brian Salle Karen Salle Islands Duo Yacht Charters Brian Salle, Karen Salle, Islands Duo Yacht Charters, Islands Elite Limousines Owners Of Islands Du
20th of May, 2011 by User448306
Brian Salle and Karen salle are the owners and past owners of several yachts named Islands Duo. They advertise on several websites for people to charter their yachts for impeccable service. Then this con-artist couple accepts large deposits from its victims and never gives them anything in return successfully stealing millions of dollars and nobody reports them! They have been able to keep a low profile and not attract too much attention because they deal in the sex industry and people are embarrassed to go after them for stealing their money. Here is their scam. Brian Salle joins multiple match-making websites using his Florida Real Estate Broker wife Karen Salle as bait because she is an attractive big-busted middle aged blonde. The different match-making websites they join are for swingers ie: couples looking for random sex with strangers aka: wife swapping. They join these websites and infiltrate very quickly making a dating profile that appears to be that of a very fun couple mentioning their big yachts and jets and luxury limousines and tour busses they own and how they love to travel the world. In reality they dont own any jets and have had multiple boats limos and tour busses repossessed and their homes foreclosed on. They dont pay anyone! They set up dates where Karen Salle has random sex with many of the member both men and women. Now the trap is set they begin promoting sex cruises and parties for swingers telling their victims that there will be lots of attractive sexy couples and loads of single girls at the parties and on their swinger sex cruises. The give a very high price for the cruise but tell them that since they are special friends ie: the couple will swap for sex with Brian Salle and Karen Salle then they can have the cruise for half price but they only have to put down a small deposit usually ranging from $350-$750. They take their money and never give them anything in return. The party never happens the cruise never takes place and this scamming con artist couple got to have sex with the victims and take all their money screwing them more ways than one! Theyve gotten away with this for many years because nobody files a complaint because the swinger world is an underground world where many of its members and participants participate very discretely and dont want the world to know their business. This makes it the perfect demographic for Brian and Karen Salle to get victims. People who are afraid to report them because they dont want to end up in the newspapers and have all their friends and family know their swinging hobby over a $350 dispute. So they let it go losing $350 or $500 or $750 so they can keep their private life private. This scam alone made them millions of dollars, but they've really picked it up to a much higher level when they began promoting that they were selling "Fractional Ownership Opportunities". They show you glamourous photos of a big yacht currently in their possession, but also currently in foreclosure and being sought after by the bank. They sell you 1% fractional ownership in this yacht that they don't even own themselves and that is going to be soon taken away from them whenever the seller who held financing on it can locate it and repossess it from them. He takes big deposits from his victim, starting at $10,000-$20,000 and promises them wild orgy parties on their yacht that they are now own a fraction of. They promise to sell only 100 of these fractions with each owner buying just 1%, netting Brian and Karen Salle $2,000,000. That's right, $2 Million Dollars. But in reality, they sell hundreds and hundreds of these fractions and nobody gets any ownership, nobody gets a party, nobody gets anything except for riped off. Meanwhile Brian Salle and Karen Salle continue scamming the world. They have pulled these and other variations of these scam tens of thousands of times stealing millions and millions of dollars. The Florida Attorney General and the FBI have both reported that people have reported the Salles to them, but that everyone is afraid to come forward for fear of having their personal private lives exposed and made public. In addition to these swinger victims they never make any payments on the boats that they scam poor helpless owners into selling them with owner financing. But they dodge having the boat repossessed for a couple years by fleeing all over the country hiding the boat at different marinas where they build up large bills with the marina and many different repair contract workers before skipping out and leaving the marina cheated too. They often delay matters by leading their victims on by giving them bad checks that ultimately bounce but this gives the con artist Salles additional time to scam more people before fleeing the scene of their crimes. It is my hope that with an anonymous forum like scam Report, other victims will feel comfortable enough to tell their stories of horror that Brian Salle and Karen Salle have inflicted on them without fear of retaliation since Brian Salle is an expert at filing law suits against anyone that goes against him. My many thanks go to Ed Magedson for making this forum available to expose these low life, high tech thieves.
3629 days ago by Tundra08
I knew these people and actually house sat for them. I've been on the yacht and after seeing mail come in that wasn't in their name (bills) and me putting return to sender on them. Karen said for me not to do that because it was for the skidoos and such. I got a bad feeling about it and moved out. Now I'm relieved I listened to my gut instinct and got the hell away from them and their illegal activities. Hope they get what they deserve for doing all that crap to all those people. Doesn't matter if they are swingers or not, no one deserves that.
3628 days ago by FlaglerCounty
Karen Salle was arrested May 24, 2011 in Flagler County on 2 charges. #1 Passing worthless checks. #2 Scheming to commit organized fraud. She is currently out on bail. This is all public record but what is strange is that the entire report with Karen Salle's mug shot and everything were on the website and after only two days it was taken down and is no longer there. But if you google Karen Salle Mug Shot you can still find links to the missing page and other sites.

I've confirmed that their boat has been seized by the federal marshals, but Karen Salle and Brian Salle still have their website active and are still actively selling "Fractional Ownership" (timeshares) on a yacht that they don't even own, continually scamming people out of more money even while she is out on bail!

Karen Salle is now using her real estate license in Key West Florida while Brian Salle uses his captain license and together they are a real scamming machine finding lots of super rich yacht-owning millionaires and people looking at million dollar homes in Key West Florida who they easily scam out of more millions even while Karen is out on bail.

And their Islands Duo Facebook page is still promoting and accepting deposits to charter the boat, AND they are still accepting reservations for $15, 000, paid in advance, to go to Key West Fantasy Fest in October 2011. I wonder how many $15, 000 payments they've already scammed people out of that think they're going on a vacation to Key West and when they arrive there will be no boat and only several other people standing on the dock that all got ripped off by this scamming Brian and Karen Salle couple. Hundreds of thousdands of people go to Fantasy Fest, so it is easy for them to get 100 people to send them $15, 000 in advance so they can scam another $1, 500, 000.00.
3628 days ago by DaytonaBeachCpl
Below is MORE information In found on another site about Brian And Karen Salle

You don't have to dig very deep to find someone they've scammed who is happy to tell you how they scammed them. Here is more information I'd learned, and the aliases they use and the companies they form and own to continue their scamming success.

Brian and Karen Salle, Inc.
Brian Thomas Salle
B Thomas Salle
Karen Marie Salle
David A Salle
Ashlee Marie Salle
Jerome D Mitchell
Keith Kaplan
Islands Duo, Inc.
Islands Duo Yacht Charters
Key West Yacht Charters
Islands Elite Limousine, Inc.
Cedar Key Holdings, Inc.
Crab Key Holdings, Inc.
Alternative Air, Inc.
First Coast Funding, Inc.

Both Brian and Karen Salle have taken down their real estate web pages at and All these websites, aliases and companies are all registered to Brian Salle and Karen Salle's personal home address, (currently in foreclosure for not making payments for over 4 years) at 16 Tidewater Drive, Ormond Beach, Florida

I'm having difficulty uploading photos of Brian Salle and Karen Salle, (including Karen's arrest mug shot) that I've discovered, but you can see them both on Facebook by searching their names and you can see some of their stolen boats and yachts by searching Facebook for Islands Duo. Put them as your Facebook friend and see how fast until they start asking you for money.

If anyone has been victimized by this scamming couple's crime spree, and if you're too nervous to go public about it, please send your information or photos or documents or bounced checks or anything you have and any stories you can provide, send it to [email protected] and I will post it here.
3625 days ago by Takenbysalle
These people have committed identity theft, fraud, theft and on and on. They will take your money and then threaten to sue you if you pursue him or Karen. Their daughter Ashlee and son David are just as guilty.
3622 days ago by Onyourside001
Check out her listing on

She doesn't accept credit cards or checks -- only money wired to her account.
3617 days ago by EliteCouple
Geesh, I sure wish I could have read these reports before allowing them to rip me off too. The description of how they infiltrate the swinging community is text book and step by step exactly how they swindled me. We met them on a matchmaking website. They are extremely friendly and pretend to be rich and generous. They probably are rich after ripping off so many people. And you later find out that their "friendliness" was really just so they could set their hooks into you and take as much money from you as they can. Thank you Brandon for starting this link to help get the word out about these two crooks.
3615 days ago by Been Taken
Don't be taken by these people. Their kids are involved too. Ashley Salle will set you up with her parents so that they can then rip you off. They are all white trash, thieves and criminals.
3613 days ago by Tundra08
I'm really sorry these folks have been scammed by these people. Hopefully it will all end soon and they'll (all 4 of them) be in jail very soon. What a big mess. Hopefully the folks who are on the lifestyle sites will put the word out. I'm no longer on the sites, but hope you that are make it known before Fantasy Fest. They are filing bankruptcy in Jacksonville and there's a LONG list of debtors trying to get their money back. You may want to check it out and find out if it may help you. Good luck to everyone.
3612 days ago by HotelsRUs
I can't believe what I'm reading! Brian and Karen Salle ripped me and my husband off too! We trusted them completely because it seemed like they were so friendly and were a popular couple on all the swing sites. They sure had us fooled! After they ran off with our money, giving us nothing in return, they stopped accepting our phone calls. They are still offering their "luxury mega-yacht" for charter for $15, 000 per week which would be a good deal since it includes all food and alcohol and fuel, and the boat sleeps 10 so the costs can be split up to only $1, 500 per person. But we just heard at a party last night that their boat has been repossessed and their home in Ormond Beach Florida is in foreclosure, so they have now way of fulfilling any vacations at Fantasy Fest or anywhere else for that matter that they sell you. If you go to their websites, they don't accept checks or credit cards. You must wire your $15, 000 directly to Karen Salle's bank account! What a bunch of crooks!
3611 days ago by Rippedoffbysalle
It's all true. They did not just rip off swingers. They rip off everyone they come in contact with. They will steal your identity too. Do not give them anything but most of all do not give them your personal info. They will use it to open bank accounts, credit card accounts, etc. They love the high. They also smoke lots of pot and do meth. They ripped me and my husband for thousands of dollars. I can't believe how stupid we were. They seemed like great people. They have your money and then get pissed and threaten to sue you. Brian uses Karen by not signing anything. You are going to jail Karen. Brian is using you and your daughter Ashley to get what he wants. He is pimping you both and both of you are going to go to jail. I hope you do and maybe Brian will come by every now and then and throw you a crumb. You are all disgusting!!! I hope you roast in hell
3611 days ago by Rippedoffbysalle

You seem to have some very interesting information since you were house sitting for these criminals. You should step up and go to the Ormond Police and tell what you know. Otherwise they will continue to ruin people's lives. Just sayin'.
3611 days ago by Rippedby Salle's

Fat pigs!
3608 days ago by Simsfl
I am in the Keys and was also ripped off by these people..if there is anyone out there willing to give information and get together with information we can go after them together. Ive been in touch with the state attorney. please email me at [email protected]: islands duo.
3607 days ago by Tundra08
@ Rippedoffbysalle, I talked to a detective in Clermont, FL about what my gut was saying. I couldn't prove anything, just little things here and there. I was in the swinger scene as a single female back then and that's how I met them. (I actually work for a living, a good job and good living.) They asked me to house sit. Just some of the things that were said, the bills, the disrepair of the house on 16 Tidewater, were all "off", but that doesn't prove anything. Gut feeling isn't enough to go after someone...however the person I talked to said he would take my statement and that was it. That was in late 2009. I was only there for maybe 2-3 months. Then I moved out ASAP and transferred elsewhere. As I've said, I hope the people who are on the lifestyle sites are making it known about these two.
3607 days ago by Takenbysalle

Can you contact me. [email protected]? They are ruining lives. Perhaps we can get that report. Everything will help. Thanks
3606 days ago by Brandon
The growing list of people that Brian and Karen Salle have scammed continues to grow. I was at a hotel party last night and met some people and heard about lots more that will travel any distance to testify against Brian Thomas Salle and Karen Marie Salle to help send them to prison where they belong. That is their full names. At least that was Brian's name AFTER he scammed so many people under his original REAL name of Brian Thomas Spears! That's right, Brian Thomas Salle was originally named Brian Thomas Spears.

Here is a newspaper article about him. If you google Brian's previous scam name "Brian Spears Orlando Sentinal" you can find this article from 1997 where he was wanted by the police for scamming over $1 Million from people in Florida and Maryland.

We know it's the same Brian because if you search for Brian Spears Salle you'll see that his name used to be Spears until he scammed so many people that he had to change it so he changed it to Salle. The Reunion site has photos of him and Karen at his 2006 30 year high school reunion. At least it does right now until he sees this forum and edits his Reunion profile to get rid of the connection of his two names.

We continue to collect lots of incriminating information against them to add to the charges already against Karen and to bring charges against Brian while the police still have Karen in their control.

That photo that "Ripped By Salle" posted in the link above tells what Brian and Karen Spears Salle are all about PERFECTLY! Karen's shirt says it all, "Addicted To F**king"... That's for sure... f**king you out of all your money!

Help protect more innocent people from getting ripped off by these to expert con-artists.

Please send any information you have to [email protected]
3605 days ago by Anonymous
...I know this may sound "paranoid", however has anyone thought of that one of these posts may be from Karen and/or Brian or the kids (David and/or Ashley)? Trying to find out information and such? Sound crazy? Criminals do more sneaky things than that. No offense to anyone here, but I don't plan on contacting anyone that has posted here. My info is in a statement to a detective and that's where it needs to be, not to anyone via a site. (again, no offense).

I do hope information continues to get out to the Lifestylers and non Lifestylers. Wonder if all the marina's in the Keys know about these scumbags? That's the people I'll email, so they know who to be looking out for.
3604 days ago by Takenbysalle
Go ahead "paranoid". Contact the least the ones who have not already been taken by them. Also, if the boat has been seized then they don't need a slip. But you should have "your" detective contact the detectives in Flagler County. That might help.
3603 days ago by Takenbysalle
Let's keep this party going. Anyone in Florida with a bad check on Karen Salle, Brian Salle, David Salle or Ashley Salle ...turn the checks in to the local police where you are or where they wrote the check and have them contact the state attorney in their judicial district in Florida. They have a lot of bad paper out there. They have accounts at Regions Bank, Suntrust Bank, etc. She is currently up on charges in Flagler. They have been all over the state passing bad checks and ripping people off!!! They are using 16 Tidewater in Ormond Beach as their address and now advertise on for use of their repossessed 104 foot mega yacht. Don't be fooled!!! We were. Fantast Fest by behind!!!
3602 days ago by Takenbysalle
Read all articles from recent news paper in FL

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