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Hobo Prince Economic Project Shelby
27th of Oct, 2011 by User814794
I believe the Hobo Prince project featuring Mr. Shelby "Saku" Bell is a scam. I signed up for this project back around the 1st of September, I have viewed every webinar posted since the beginning as just like most of you I was curious and did not want to miss a thing. I came to terms with the fact that this was a scam when a number of things did not add up. First off, ask yourself this why does Mr. Bell have to collect $25.00 up front from us? If this was/is a legitimate project then why is it that he is not waiting for all of the parties (bank, insurance, IpI buyer etc) to come on board and then have people pay? According to one of his most recent webinars he claims that we will no longer have to wait to begin getting paid after you have signed up so what is the rush in taking our funds? If he wants some order in respects to 1st come 1st serve well then he can have/keep a list of names and addresses and then based on payments proceed with adding them to the project. Second reason I believe that it is a scam is that the reason why he had to stop using "Paypal" the payment option he used earlier on is because Paypal recognize this as a scam...I paid with Paypal this is how I know. When I asked for a refund Paypal stated that I wasn't the first person to request a refund and when he announce that they were no longer using Paypal I inquired to Paypal and they stated that when they start to get a lot of request for refunds they investigate the company further to determine their legality; if the company doesn't add up or stay true to its contracts than they will not allow their (Paypal) services to be used. Third, on his most recent webinar "16th" he made mention that 2 people went to the insurance company that he mentioned in the contract to expose his fraud. You mean to tell me that if you are working with millions no, according to him billions of dollars you don't have the common since to know that you cannot claim representation of a business "name" in a contract that you do not have a legal contract with (makes you wonder how he ever got the $357 B huh). And speaking of contracts can you believe that sorry excuse for a “legal contract” that he was using. I put together a more professional looking contract when I was in the 4th grade. Where is his lawyer (s) in all of this? You would think a man with that kind of money would have lawyer (s) writing his contracts or supporting this “legitimate scam”. Forth, and not in the least the last I have sent numerous emails to all of the email addresses they have listed since the first week of September when I signed up and they have till yet to respond to any of them. I have asked them to refund me my $25. 00 on numerous occasions and surprise, surprise they have not responded. Paypal will not get involved so like me, we are assed out if paid already. You know the old saying “If it sounds too good to be true then chances are it's not true.” I had a gut feeling when I did this transaction but I thought like most us thought "what the hell it’s only $25. 00 I spend that going to the movies" and you know what, that's exactly what he was counting on. That's the real reason why it's priced at $25.00. So, what has Mr. Bell done for us lately?
So far he has done a lot of flapping his gums, but he has done nothing to support what he is saying. Where are the tablets, hell where are the stupid ass books he claims to have written? For those of us who are skeptical why can't we see a contract or something from this company confirming that this is in the making? He has made a whole host of promises and has done nothing to back them up. The problem he will soon have is it's about to get ugly. More and more people are questioning this gimmick. So my guess is soon and very soon he will go into hiding. He will need to put up or shut up. What he is doing now is just baiting people in with these false promises as much as he possibly can... this is like a full time job for him and he gets paid daily. If this thing does not pan out soon then I would be willing to get a lawyer and sue him in a "Class Action Lawsuit". Anyone else feel this way? This is ridiculous we not only have Wall Street and the Government stealing from us, but this man has the audacity to come to our inner neighborhoods where we are already struggling to make ends meet, where most people are not educated enough to know if the numbers and the things he is saying are really adding up, yet so desperate (me included) that we jump at the first opportunity where we think that God has answered our prayers and sent relief at such a great time of need. We grasped on to this "hope" with $25.00 wanting to be the first in line just in case it was real. Hmmm, I got your number, because I am you. Thank you for letting me vent. Signed: Used and Abused
4348 days ago by More Reasonable
I just saw your SAME COMPLAINT on the "ripoff report site.
Are you some kind of gov't or corporate shill? If not, lets see if you'll answer MY CHALLENGE BELOW:

To the individual(s) who are "badmouthing" Mr. Shelby Bell, I want to know whether you have made ANY effort to discuss this with HIM DIRECTLY? It seems only fair, rational, reasonable, logical AND BIBLICAL to me and I can't see any legitimate reason why you would not want to ask him personally and thereby get the answers to the many questions you OBVIOUSLY have.

I will answer your FIRST question- You said- First off, ask yourself this why does Mr. Bell have to collect $25.00 up front from us? THAT can be answered by ANYONE who has even the most basic knowledge of "business". There has to be: Offer and Acceptance (contract law) words signifying consent to the terms of an offer (thereby creating a contract) and then MONEY has to change hands in order for a contract to be valid and binding. Additionally, If he didn't get the contracts in process A.S.A.P. there would be a tremendous IMMEDIATE workload for ALL the people involved in THAT and EVERY OTHER process for EVERY PARTY involved as soon as the logistics "come together". This is a NEW program to the world of business involving "profit sharing" as it were with THE PEOPLE. This is an "Earth shattering eye-opener" for the world of "BIG BUSINESS" who has never before given a thought as to how to benefit their fellow Citizens, without whom they would NOT EXIST. Mr. Bell has seen a way to change that thought (and activities) process and thereby benefit EVERYONE involved.
It seems clear to me that SOMEONE may not have a decent understanding of just how this plan will work. But I won't guess whether that describes YOU. I hope you don't feel accused.

Have you ANY idea just how much LOGISTICS are involved in such a TREMENDOUS undertaking as this is? I thought not. Let me give you just a little to think about AND thank God YOU don't have to deal with- Just at the BANK alone-

FIRST there has to be a "plan" drawn up, drafted or whatever, (policies and procedures) just exactly how the bank employees will have to "execute" or "implement" their part of the program. This will involve at least their auditors, bookkeepers, lawyers and maybe others.

SECOND- After THEY all agree, it will have to go to the board of directors, understood and
agreed on and then AUTHORIZED.

THIRD- It will have to go to their printers, to get A- PRINTED and then B- SENT to all the branches,

FOURTH- there will be a need for SOFTWARE to A- be WRITTEN, B- be DUPLICATED and C- SENT to ALL to the branches throughout the country, D- it will then have to be INSTALLED on all the computers the bank intends to use,

FIFTH- ALL the employees will have to be TRAINED on the proper use/implementation of this new program. These things involve THOUSANDS of people and DO NOT happen at the snap of your fingers. Please remember also- these people work for BANKS . It might take them a little longer to read and understand the program .

Consider also there are a number of OTHER PARTIES involved in this program and EVERYONE will have a lot of accounts to keep straight and they too will have to implement, plans, policies, procedures, training and etc. for everyone involved THERE.

Have you the present ability to describe/articulate/ explain just exactly HOW this program he has conceived IS a SCAM? If your answer is yes, you must be so much smarter than ALL the rest of the people who have sat through the "seminars" and asked questions and received answers and then signed contracts with him. I congratulate you sir or madam (or WHATEVER) as the case may be, YOU are certainly among the most intelligent beings extant. I wish you would for EVERYONES benefit PLEASE, PLEASE come to the VERY NEXT "seminar", Wednesday, November 2, 2011 - 7:00 PM PDT at Jantzen Beach Mall - Space #1275 - (almost exactly 25 yards straight EAST of the Carousel) 1405 Jantzen Beach Center, Portland, Oregon and prove to us all that (AND HOW) Mr. Bell is a fraud, a charlatan, a phony, AND running a SCAM as you claim. Show us all how this will not work and WHY.

By doing this you will be a TREMENDOUS help to thousands of people who for some reason just can't see the light as clearly as you and you will prevent (potentially) MILLIONS from becoming "victims" to this (as YOU now seem to call HIM) "scam artist" and you will be admired by all who may hear the story about HOW YOU single-handedly SAVED THE MASSES and put yet another bad guy to flight.

I will be there, I will probably have a big green coffee cup in hand and near the entrance on the right side. Please see me as soon as you get there and I will make sure you are able to speak to us. WE NEED the TRUTH!

P.S. PLEASE bring a copy of the contract YOU told us YOU created- "I put together a more professional looking contract when I was in the 4th grade." I'd like to see it so I can show todays 4th grade kids just how SLOW they are by direct comparison.

4348 days ago by Danielle14921
Can I ask this queestion. More Reasonable have you gotten a check? How long ago did you sign up. I ask bc before I sign anything I research it and so far I have found a couple sites that say this is a scam.
4348 days ago by Mcdan
finally a forum for this. I would just like to say that I believe that this is a fraud, but im stillin rollin with it. Its only $25 folks. I live pay check to pay check, and im not worrying about $25. Hell if it ends up being stolen from me oh well I hope it helps you (Mr. Bell) out more than it would help me out. but if you do end up taking my $25 Mr. Bell i ask only a couple of things from you

1. An email stating this:
Dear Dan Micke

I just jacked you 25 dollars

Im out
Yours truly
Shelby H. Bell

I will probably then responde with something like this:

Dear Mr. Bell

Well played sir.

Dan Micke

2. I ask that you spend my hard earned $25 not on you but instead your family. Say maybe a night on the town at your nearest McDonalds. That would indeed be a dollar menu feast. Anyways spend it on your family not you.

3. If you don't end up jacking me. Can you keep us a tad bit more informed. I live in California and can't make it to your meatings.

And last of all Mr. Bell. thank you for the oppertunity to come up 300k. I hope you prove me and all the doubters wrong. I still got hope Bro.

Green cup guy: you may work for or with Mr. Bell but you've got to look at it from both points of views. watched the webinars and heard nothing but good stuff. and haven't seen any progress.

Used and abused: dont want any part of a class action lawsuit, thats one thing thats wrong with America. when someone doesn't get their way well hell lets suit. stop complaining and roll with the punches.

Signed: signed drinking the cool aid
4347 days ago by Feelingused
Mr. or Ms.: big green coffee cup,

You are correct Offer/Acceptance, does a contract create. However, a prerequisite exist where in that BOTH parties offer some “consideration” before a contract can be thought of as a binding contract. In this case to date, there is only one group meeting this requirement and that is the people paying the $25.00. Under the circumstances, Mr. Bell would be in breach of contract in that he has not carried out his end of the agreement. I for one would like nothing more than to have Mr. Bell prove me wrong. I would happily eat my words, but so far he hasn't a leg to stand on.

I would have to think that Mr. Bell and or his colleagues (this means you) were aware of all of the ins/outs, ups/downs or " LOGISTICS" (as you would put it) involved in creating such a "Earth shattering eye-opener" for the world of "BIG BUSINESS" (your words, not mine) BEFORE you went public and began your collection plate. That would be like the owner of Microsoft asking everyone to purchase the next big Windows software today and maybe or maybe not producing the actual software months from now. And if this were to happen (which it never would) I would be 1st in line to purchase the software, why? Because unlike Mr. Bell, Mr. Gates have earned the right to make such a request. He has proven himself, and his capabilities time and time again. What has Saku done to prove himself worthy of us forking out funds before the product is ready to make use of?

The reason I won't waste my time coming to the live webinar sessions is because I hear people inquiring some or all of the same questions that I have posed here and Mr. Bell conveniently enough "chuckles" makes a corny joke, and bypasses the question or says, "I will speak with you after the session is over." Why? I like many others want the answer to the questions being asked.

Interestingly enough, you never addressed any of the other issues noted. For instance, Paypal and why they dropped you, the contract and the fact that you would use a company's name without authorization, (such an elementary error) where are your PROFESSIONAL business lawyers for this "Earth shattering eye-opener" for the world of "BIG BUSINESS" project? The notebooks, where are they; the books (I’m assuming it’s been published) where are they? I'm asking you for any tangible concrete evidence that anything he has said is true aside from him flapping his gums. Anything? Is this such an unreasonable request?

I posted on the "Ripoff" site as well as here because I wanted to spread my thoughts. I would suggest that instead of you wasting your time responding to mine and others post you should be assisting your trusty colleague in making this project legitimate. You don't have to worry about me "BAD MOUTHING" Mr. Bell, because if what he is dishing out is true and correct information it will all come out in the end. I can assure you that if this program is legitimate you will not have problems finding a matter of fact that will be the least of your issues. Put your money where your mouth is. Like Tom said, "SHOW ME THE MONEY". No need for a rebuttal unless you have the answers to address each of the stated issues or you are no better than Mr. Bell running your mouth… unless of course you are Mr. Bell. Hmmm, things that make say, “hmmm”.

And as for you Mr. drinking the cool aid, I am happy that you can afford to disregard $25.00, but not everyone is that fortunate. Sometimes it's more the principal of the matter. This forum will assist in doing one or two things. One, it will either show Mr. Bell for being the crook that he is, or two, it will prove to be another avenue of advertising across the world for the don't get so easily offended we are just voicing our thoughts, opinions and experiences.

Used and Abused
4347 days ago by Mcdan
yea, I was never offended, patinece is a virtue feeling used. although the latest update is mighty sketchy sounding. I understand and kind of agree with you. but look at it this way if you put 25 bucks into the stock market you could lose it just as easy. or instead maybe you go play some black jack and lose it that way. you had to know coming into this that it was a gamble. all im saying is hold off on your judgment until dudes either caught up, runs, or comes out with the duckets.

and in all honesty, yea i do think its a scam thats just on my gut feeling. But there are things that make me believe that it is real.

heres what makes me think its fake.
1. he's not on forbes richest people in the world. 368 billion or what ever. that makes him damn near 7 times richer then warren buffet.

2. google him. Nothing the address. thats a peice of trash house with a box chev in the drive way. yes thats right what billionaire do you know that drives a box chev.

4. State police lose jurisdiction when he goes from Vancouver to Portland with the seminars. (maybe he's trying to spread the word though. but why in all places oregon and washington those are 2 of the most misserable places ive ever been. people drive far to slow and it rains 400 days a year.)

5. what is 32 sec tech. inc. and why did that fail so fast. i cant find that either.

heres why i believe it.
1. because a good american will always believe what he's told no matter who tells him

no realy here's why
1.the most important when i contacted the FBI they handed it off to someone else. Once you cross state lines if you are commiting a crime in 2 states and it involves money. Thats a federal crime. they straight handed that shit off like yea we pass on that one and this is in the days after madoff and feds are all over that kind of trash.

2. come on have you heard mike redman sing that guy is amazing and i dont think a person with that voice could tell a lie. lol

3. watch the video closely. do some research.

and 4. just have faith. like i said its 25 dollars. and no i dont just have 25 dollars to lose. im 24 live on my own in one of the most exspensive places in the united states matter of fact the world to live. No mommy and daddy dont support me one bit. I have a brand new car and with that comes with a sweet big ole car payment each month. and on top of that i get paid like trash, but i make due.

used and abused I know what your saying. but just like green cup needs to look at it from a consumer stand point. you need to look at it from a busiess stand point. im sure there is stuff that holds it all up.
4256 days ago by HAROLD WEIDNER

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