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Jenny Scott Fred Knight Craigslist Scammers - Buyer requests seller to pay shipping fees Western Union to fake shipping company. Buyer fake pays throu
10th of Apr, 2013 by User595692
Buyer emailed me wanting to buy an item I had for sale. We emailed back and forth. Buyer asked for my home address so they could get a costs from their shipping company. Buyer asked me for my email addy for Paypal then stated she put $2300 in there. She wanted me to take $450 of it and send it to Western Union to the shipping company but the safety measure email didn't make sense. I did not want to give my address out until I knew it was real, so I gave them a business address downtown. I then received a fake shipping company email from "USPS". I called Paypal about their "safety measures" email which Ashley at Paypal informed me the emails I received were phishing emails. The internet details didn't match up from the actual senders (buyer, Paypal, and shipping company). Then I wrote her back stating it's possible we could deliver the sale item and she would pay cash upon delivery because Paypal has no record of her transaction. In the last email I received, she gave me an address 2455 Lexus Drive Colorado Springs CO 80910 including internet details in parenthesis where they came from showing they don't match up. Hi will like to know if your unit is still for me back at ([email protected]) i will only answer from there and how much are is your last price. Jenny Original craigslist post:
craigslist mail:
flag unwanted messages (spam, scam, other): Hi Jenny, I still have it. I'm asking $1800 cash. She only used it 4 months. It can be taken apart in 2 sections. I have no use for it. It's been sitting for 4 yrs. which is why the batteries died. It can be charged up and turned on but doesn't have much power because it needs new batteries. It has 2 batteries in it. It may be only one needs to be replaced or both. I'm not sure. Dana Hi,
Thank you very much for the details. So Sad im buying this for myself(im an handicapped and i need it to move myself), for this reason, I will not be able to come and see it and i would have call but due to the nature of my health i can speak loader so am not using phone, but I will take your word that its in good condition. Just to let you know that you will not be responsible for shipping and handling. I have made an arrangement with a shipping company That will come to your location for pick up. Kindly provide me your full name and address, so i can forward it to the shipping company to calculate the pick up cost for me. Please get back to me as soon as possible. Hi Jenny, If you'd like to schedule pickup for Thursday or Friday or Mon. Tues, Weds., Thurs. next week, I'll be home all day. My address is XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Dana Subject: Pick up arrangement for (Electric Wheelchair)
Date: 4/9/2013 3:58:05 P.M. Central Daylight Time
From: [email protected] Sender's internet details: USPS Freight Dear Dana, We
are in receipt of Jenny Scott order to (Electric Wheelchair). We will like you to kindly confirm your address where the(Electric Wheelchair), will be picked up. Below is the address given to us: Full Name:Dana
USA However, we would like to know if the above address is correct and accurate so we can calculate the pick up and delivery cost. For further information, Please reply to this message with any question you might have. Thank you,
Julian Xin, Manager, For World Wide Air Delivery
[email protected] ****************************************
This message may contain confidential
and privileged information.If you are not the intended recipient you should not disclose, copy or distribute information in this e-mail or take any action in reliance on its contents. To do so is strictly prohibited and may be unlawful.Please inform the sender that this message has gone astray before deleting it. Thank
you Note: There are alot of grammar mistakes. That is when red flags started popping up in my head. Subject: Re: Craigslist Electric Wheelchair
Date: 4/9/2013 4:08:21 P.M. Central Daylight Time
From: [email protected] Thanks you so much. I have forwarded the address to the shipping company so they can calculate the pick up and delivery cost for me to make the payment. I'm sure they will contact you soon after i make the payment. I would like you to know that the payment will be made via PayPal, All you have to send me is your PayPal email address so I can make the payment immediately. Also I will be including the pick up cost with the total payment which is $450 so you will help me send it to the shipping company via Western union money transfer as soon as you receive the payment from PayPal. I would have done it myself but I'm an handicapped and am at home and the only method of payment they accept is this,i cant walk and that's why i ask for this help.Note i will also send addition of $50.00 USD as western union charges,i am a little incapacitated.....I will appreciate your help
God Bless You,
Regards Subject: ***PayPal Team***
Date: 4/10/2013 9:59:12 A.M. Central Daylight Time
From: [email protected]
To: [email protected] Dear [email protected], REMEMBER PAYPAL ADDRESSES YOU BY YOUR NAME NOT YOUR EMAIL! My name is Richard Wilson. I'm a PayPal representative in charge of your transaction with Jenny Scott([email protected]). Kindly reply to this message if you have any questions regarding this transaction and I will be happy to help you. We thank you for being an asset to PayPal and we hope to serve you better in the nearest future. Sincerely,
Scott Thompson
Date: 4/10/2013 10:00:21 A.M. Central Daylight Time
From: [email protected]
To: [email protected] I Dear [email protected] We have received an order from one of our customer to make an instant payment of $2300.00 USD to your PayPal
account. The payment has been made successfully and the money has been deducted from the buyer's account but will not be credited into your account. We are waiting for you to send us the proper tracking number before we can credit your account and this is due to the large increase in the rate of the online scams recorded last year (2012). We have changed some of our rules and regulation to make sure our clients (Seller and Buyer) are safe from scam, PayPal in
conjunction with The FBI and The IFCC has invented certain preventive measure to ensure the safety of both our seller's and buyer's in this Month. Such measure are:
1. Once a payment is made,A confirmation Email will be sent to the seller that the payment has been made to state the transaction details which has been sent to you. Also a confirmation is sent to the buyer that the money has been deducted from his or her account. So once you get this mail,You should ship the item immediately to the address that was given to you by PayPal and send the tracking number to Us. Once the tracking number gets to us, the seller's account will be credited instantly. But unknown condition will the tracking number be given to the buyer unless the seller's account is credited and likewise will seller's account be credited until we get the tracking number. 2. Once a payment is made and it has been approved by PayPal, such transaction is Sealed (because both seller and buyer must have come to a conclusion before payment is made by the buyer) so therefore neither the buyer or seller can cancel this transaction or ask for the returned to the buyer's account. Also, this is where we generate our income, because the more transaction made through PayPal, the more we generate our Income. NOTE on #2: Paypal states buyers can cancel the transaction for a refund as long as the seller hasn't claimed it. 3. Failure to abide by these laid down safety measures by Paypal may leads to suspension from PayPal and further more invitation to an interrogation with the F.B.I So can you see we are very considerate about the safety of both buyer and seller. **PLEASE NOTE**
Once shipment has been verified and the tracking number sent, we will verify and credit your account.You will receive a "CONFIRMATION EMAIL" from PayPal® with the URL which will lead you to where you will be ask to log in to your account.If you have any question regarding this message, feel free to contact out customer care help desk [email protected] Thank
you for using PayPal!
The PayPal Security Team Subject: Re: Craigslist Electric Wheelchair
Date: 4/10/2013 10:01:34 A.M. Central Daylight Time
From: [email protected]
To: [email protected] Hello,
I just want to inform you that i have just completed the payment and i hope you must have been notified in your PayPal email,about the payment i made through PayPal, you can check your PayPal e-mail for confirmation of payment, I have just make the payment of $2,300 USD,have add the amount of $500 USD which i paid through PayPal, So please i will like you to help me wire the sum of $450 USD to the agent via western union so they can be able to come for the Pick up asap.i added extra $50 USD to cover the western union charges,Here is the pick up agent Headquarter info.. Receiver's
Name. Shannon Hooks
Address.140 S sandusky st
Zip code. 43015
Country. United State. I will be looking forward to read back from you with the pick up date and time.
God Bless You,
Regards Subject: Re: Craigslist Electric Wheelchair
Date: 4/10/2013 11:35:00 A.M. Central Daylight Time
From: [email protected]
To: [email protected] We have a problem. For security measures, Paypal will not put the funds into my account until they have a shipping tracking number. You can wire the money for shipping to Western Union Online. Subject: Re: Craigslist Electric Wheelchair
Date: 4/10/2013 12:27:16 P.M. Central Daylight Time
From: [email protected]
To: [email protected] Thanks so much for the help may the lord be with you paypal sent me a mail about the transfer i made to your account that your account is on hold till you get back to them with the confirmation from western union for there verification that it there new form on online protection,what you have to do is to send out the money and get back to paypal team with the confirmation so that they will reflect your account immediately or get back to paypal team with more explanation,i will be looking forward to read back from you,
God Bless You,
Regards Subject: Re: Craigslist Electric Wheelchair
Date: 4/10/2013 1:33:18 P.M. Central Daylight Time
From: [email protected]
To: [email protected] Thanks for the mail,i would have come with cash or send western union but am an handicap i cant walk the pick up is added but the problem is that the pick up company accept western union only all what i have with me is my paypa account that has credit so that is why i sent out the funds i dont know this is paypal new form of online rules that they are going to put an hold to the funds but paypal said it is the best way to protect both the buyer and the seller so all you have to do is try and get the funds sent and get back to paypal team with the details and your account is going to
reflect with immediate effect,i will be looking forward to read back from you
God Bless You.
Regards Hello [email protected], PayPal is liable and responsible for any damage or lost funds which will be fully reimbursed, and this transaction can never be reversed back to your buyer's account, So you have nothing to worry about, therefore proceed with the money sent out. Before your account can be credited, We will need to confirm from you that the money has been sent out to the address provided for you earlier and have the western union information emailed to us right away. This is to inform you that as part of our policy, We do not credit funds made for a transaction in parts, We will only credit the money into your account after the successful completion of the whole transaction. Refusal to complete this transaction will only lead to a self-caused delay of our crediting the money into your account. Be aware that we are taking this measure to protect all our customers and to make sure the transaction is %100 safe and secure. We have safely put the transaction on HOLD till when you send us the needed details in order to credit your account. Be rest assured that you are safe with PayPal,so kindly email us with the western union details as soon as you can. We have successfully placed you on the safe side concerning this transaction between you and your buyer, which means your buyer has no right and will not be able to cancel the transaction at any point as this is a paypal auction payment which is non refundable back to his account , at this point we are very sorry as we cannot terminate this transaction, This procedure guarantees your full safety. Thank You For Using PayPal. Your PayPal Account will be credited upon receiving the reference Information details requested from you. Subject: Re: Craigslist Electric Wheelchair
Date: 4/10/2013 4:57:00 P.M. Central Daylight Time
From: [email protected]
To: [email protected] Thanks for the mail paypal sent me a mail about this and they told me the money is non refundable,so i beg you to please go on and send out the charges and get back to paypal team with the details i will be looking forward to read back from you.
God Bless You
Regards Subject: Re: Craigslist Electric Wheelchair
Date: 4/10/2013 6:25:56 P.M. Central Daylight Time
From: [email protected]
To: [email protected] Hi Jenny, There is some kind of mixup with Paypal. I called them on the phone regarding their safety measures and they don't have a record of your transaction. If you're still interested in the wheelchair, send me your address and phone number. I talked to my husband and it's possible he and his buddy can deliver it this weekend with a CASH ONLY pmt upon delivery. He doesn't want me to use Paypal for this sale. According to Ashley at Paypal, if anyone has used them to send money to someone and the person has not claimed it (which I haven't because there is no record of your transaction per Ashley and also my account shows no transaction of money sent under History in my account), you can cancel the transaction for your refund. NOTE: I didn't think I would hear from her but she emailed me an address which I googled and found the other report on her. Subject: Re: Craigslist Electric Wheelchair
Date: 4/10/2013 8:29:11 P.M. Central Daylight Time
From: [email protected]
To: [email protected] Am in 2455 Lexus Dr. Colorado Springs, CO 80910,i trust your word and i believe what you have said that the unit is in good condition that is the reason have arrange for the shipping companyawaiting your reply.
3998 days ago by Lynteach
I received similar emails. I have reported them all to craigslist and paypal. Don't follow any links. Don't give personal information. Report them.

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