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Lloyd Agencies
Lloyd Agencies Sabrina Lloyd, Liars, Thieves, Scam Artists...did I say Liars?! Schaumburg, Illinois
4th of May, 2011 by User762690
First of all, I would like to say that I have never completed any form of public complaint for an individual or corporation, however, The Lloyd Agency has taken it entirely too far. I am a very trustworthy, humble individual with a solid 20 year background in sales and customer service. This is why I feel it is necessary to warn ALL future and current insurance agents to stay FAR AWAY from Lloyd Agencies, Sabrina Lloyd, Mark Wyner and Karolina Debak. Don't just take my word for it, read the other reports from previous employee's before they came here to Chicago. The same type of unethical practices are happening all over again. They will lie to you from the very beginning and hold on to them until the bitter end, truely amazing. American Income Life is a superior Life Insurance Company with tremendous benefits for their clients and agents. This is why I can't understand why they would keep this agency open in Chicago. There is another very respectable office open in the Chicagoland area. It would be worth every penny you have to seek this one out instead of The Lloyd Agency. These people do not have any respect for their employees, clients or American Income Life itself. Very unethical, dishonest, and insulting to anyone simply seeking to better their own lives or careers. No need for details yet, just DON'T DO IT!!!! TRUST ME, these people will take advantage of you or your situation for their own financial gain. I don't want anything from you, just to know that you don't follow the path of near destruction like I did with Lloyd Agencies. American Income offers opportunities for you to have a very lucrative career, I understand this, just find another agency!Please spread the word.
3792 days ago by Daycampsam
Is there anyone else having this issue? I have looked all over and cannot find another complaint about Lloyd Agencies.
3753 days ago by PeterD
Please, tell me specifically what you talking about, what did they do?
3572 days ago by Clcever
Please be more specific, what you disclosure does not mean anything, there is nothing clear on your accusation. If you personally had some problems with them, does not mean they are bad administrators. Please be specific and don't be so general.
3551 days ago by Marsha
I was asked to come in for an interview regarding an Administrative Assistant position that was currently being offered by Llyod Agencies. After I viewed numerous job postings, I discovered they were seeking sales agents only. Therefore, I called the person who contacted me for the interview, her name was Karolina, and told her I was only interested in an Administrative Assistant position. I told her I didn't want to waste her time or mine by going to an interview that pertained to the training of potential sales agents. She assured me that they were hiring for an Administrative position and that she would make note of it on my resume. Well, when I arrived for the interview the agency was filled with 30 people filling out forms, which they also handed to me. These forms were geared toward sales people. I sat through a 30 minute presentation that discussed how much their sales agents would make and where they would spend their vacation time. The woman said sales agents would make up to 75, 000 a year with no previous sales experience. Some had made up to 100, 000. When I asked the presenter how much the adminstrative assistant position would be paid, she was clearly agitated, and responded that she would make note on my resume that I was there for an administrative position and that that position would be discussed at another day and time. I am thinking to myself, why am I here?? I don't need to learn about sales training. I know why I was there, it was because I was blatantly lied to!!! This company is dishonest and misleading to its applicants. If they lie to their applicants, consequently, they lie to employees and clients. Anyone that believes they are going to make 6 figures in the first year with no sales experience is naive and should grow up. And a reputable company would never claim such falsehood. As far as associating or working for a company that lies to its applicants, I highly recommend everyone avoids Lloyd Agencies, because they have no clue how to operate a business that stands by integrity. In other words, they are a waste of time!
3547 days ago by SoniaD
I recently submitted my resume for an Administrative Assistant position with this company. I received a call today from "Rob" to go in for an interview tomorrow. I asked what would happen when I arrive and who will be conducting the interview, Rob said, I would have to fill out some forms and then I would be interviewed by the head of the agency and himself. After reading your comments, I called Rob back to clarify if I was being considered for the Admin. position and left a message for him. I have not heard back from him and will not go for the interview if I do not get an answer.
3547 days ago by Blabla
You confused me, tomorrow i have an interview with Mark, and i don't know what to do now...
3545 days ago by Moneymaker
I do work for the company and did make 100k my first year. This year probably will break 200k.
3545 days ago by Marsha
If you are seeking an admin position you will not make six figures. When reading comments of others use the commen sense God gave you and be aware of scam artists like Lloyd Agency. I was completely mislead and lied to. I took time out of my day to meet with these people for an Administrative Assistant position. It was very clear they are seeking sales agents. As I explained earlier, I had to sit through a sales promotion presentation when I was told the day before I would be interviewing for an Admin position. I even asked if I would be working out of the location I was going to interview at, and Karolina said, " yes." It was quite apparent the office I drove to located on Remignton Road in Schaumburg was a recruiting and training facility. There was a large presentation room and individual offices for the sales recruiters. This company seeks out Admin applicants because there are so many of us searching for employment. Empower yourself; research their job postings. Not one job board says they are looking to fill an administrative role only sales agents. My advice to you is do your homework, first, and be extremely cautious. Any company that professes you can make six figures in the first year is most likely a scam. If you are looking for an Administrative position, this is not the place to go. Be extremely leery! If they blatantly lie to any of their applicants, how can you trust to work for them in any capacity. Good Luck!
3544 days ago by Jobseeker
Wow I just got a call from them to schedule an interview...they told me they are hiring for customer service admin, and sales. I originally looked them up because of all the stuff i was told to bring and just the conversation we were having and I wasn't sure if I have ever heard of them, and then to see this...very interesting. I may not go for one it's a bit of a drive for me to go somewhere to be BS.
3526 days ago by Luckless Pedestrian
Cick on the Red Sentences (links)
3526 days ago by Bwanklyn
Thanks for the heads up Marsha, I was contacted today for an interview and I am glad I will not waste my time with Lloyd Agencies. I knew something was fishy when A) I never heard of the company and never applied to any jobs with them, B) the woman who called didnt tell me what the job position or company name were before I asked her; she just asked to schedule an interview after saying they saw my resume on Monster. She said they had openings in management, sales, and admin. I responded that I didnt have experience in any of those kinds of jobs and I wasn't interested in sales, and she said that her manager liked some of the skills on my resume and wanted to interview me and see where I would best fit. I didnt schedule one because I had to find a babysitter first. Thanks for saving my time and money.

Dont be a sucker!! I find it interesting that the only positive comment on here is from someone who calls themself "Moneymaker". Why would you be on a scam informer website if you were happy with the company, unless you were some stooge being told to do that to make the company look better.
3526 days ago by Crumpy
@Bwanklyn I had the same thing happen to me, only the guy's name is Mike Gap, or Michael Gapastione. Exact same speech that they are conducting interviews tomorrow at noon for management, sales, and admin. I asked that he send me an e-mail with a job description for the specific position and only sales is mentioned in it. I declined saying I have done sales already and will never do sales again. The first sales position I did I was told I would not need to cold call, that was an outright lie, live and learn.
3524 days ago by Donv
You were interviewing for a commission sales position that can make you more money in one sale than you will earn all week sitting behind a desk. If you like to talk to people and are interested in helping them, you needn't worry about sales ability. The training is very thorough and you will learn, if you are capable, exactly how to make 100K a year. It is possible to do without lying to people or taking advantage, but you have to be able to think for yourself. It is not a mindless, sit behind a desk and answer phones kind of job. Don't make accusations when you don't know enough to back up what you are saying. Are they aggressive in their hiring process, yes, are they looking to see who has the moxy to hang in there and make really good money, yes, but dishonest, no. They are very smart people and can tell when someone doesn't have the qualifications to make it work. So, if they don't call you back, it only means you said something that led them to believe you are not a good match. Sabrina Lloyd is a smart, no nonsense, savvy business person and shouldn't be faulted simply for being successful when you aren't. When something is worth doing, you have to dig a little deeper to make certain you aren't cutting your nose off to spite your face. All of you with complaints, didn't take it deep enough to really know what you are missing and that is a shame.
3524 days ago by Donv
Check out this website and video if you want to learn what Sabrina Lloyd is all about before playingt judge and jury.
3518 days ago by RM1
I just heard from Jacob Kozlow regarding an administrative position with Lloyd Agencies. I let him know that i had just been reading several complaints about the company and actually read him quotes from this page. You could tell that his 'script' did not cover what I brought up. He was hesitant and fumbling for answers. I told him I was NOT interested in anything that had to do with sales. I wanted a full job description and wished to speak with someone via phone prior to the interview. He told me he was just the person who set up interviews. I asked to speak with someone with more knowledge than he had. He told me that if I needed anymore information before setting up an interview, that I probably was not the person they needed. I politely hung up.
3517 days ago by CS1
I was scheduled for an interview today after not being able to attend the first interview, only to find out that this company is a scam luckily for me I read reviews on this company before the actual interview and I immediately sent an email to Karolina who also lied to me about the position it was not a administrative position whatsoever but a Sale positions that I found out through a few men that introduce themselves at the door. This is a SCAM COMPANY. Very disappointed!!
3517 days ago by Marge02
I received a call from Jacob a few weeks ago and set up an interview for the following day. He seemed very professional and knowledgable about the company. I came to this site to read the reviews but chose to go anyway due to the fact that I have been unemployed for some time. I was interested in the admin positions as well. I was interviewed for that position and hired the following week and I am currently working an admin position for the company. I dont know why these people are saying that it is a scam company or that they are only interested in sales. Everyone I have dealt with at this company seems very professional, and successful. I have actually told several friends about this company as well and hope they can come in for interviews. You shouldn't go by what people say on here as your only method of finding out what is a scam. If I never went in for the interview I would still be unemployed. It seems to me that anyone that is calling it a scam either didnt give them the time to interview them and just read these reviews, or they were interviewed and didnt receive a call back. Maybe some of these people should learn to be more professional on the phone when setting up these interviews as well, it may end up with a return call. Anyway, anyone who is looking for a job whether it be admin, management, or sales should definitely look into working for this company, I have thoroughly enjoyed every minute I work there.
3517 days ago by Jackiecarroll
I too was contacted by Karolina for a customer service administrative position with this company. I found it strange that they requested me to arrive 15 minutes early to fill out paperwork and to also bring a notepad to take notes. I was told to use Karolina as my contact.

I called the number that was included on my confirmation email from Karolina, and noticed the number listed was not an Illinois area code, so I called. At first I thought it was a Staffing Agency. The staff member that answered the call was very "closed" mouth when I started asking questions such as what kind of company this was. I then decided to do a search on them and this is what I came up with.

Thank goodness for sites such as this, I immediately sent Karolina an email and informed her that I was not interested in working for a company/organization that misrepresented themselves to people like me that have lost their jobs due to cutbacks and such.

I would not even think of working or even interviewing with a company that lies and scams people into coming there for an interview.

Thank you all for the information!
3510 days ago by Merc
3510 days ago by Merc
folks let me be clear in this, ive worked for lloyed agencies for 6 months .. here the real story that goes behind the close doors..
first of all i did get an interview with karolina ( polish chick) i had to stay their for their full presentation, 2nd day i was their again another presentation and sabrina was picking and choosing who stays and goes.
3rd day interview, karolina said i got the job. i had to pay $50 non refundable check to the state to have a temp license to sell insurance. folks let me be clear, sabrina asked us ( 15 people she hired) to come to training every day.. and we read books and memorize this script. WE DID NOT GET PAID for any days we got training. please have in mind i was unemployed running on my last drops of unemployment insurance. after the 1 1/2 month of going to training ( 4 hours per day) i still did not see any paycheck. when i went to ask sabrina about my paycheck, she said that i get paid only if i sell insurance.. so by the 2nd month i ran out of money to pay for gas.. i had to barrow every week to go to training until sabrina felt i was ready go out and start selling. 3rd month, i was behind a long desk calling people from the unions to make an appointment to sell insurance. it was mandatory that i would have 5 appointments per day, i couldnt leave until i had 5 contacts.. and those contacts were scattered all across chicago. i would go out to see the clients the whole day .. 3 out of 5 were not home. their was a guy name " JOE" who apperently was the star of the agency. selling around $5, 000 ( worth of insurance each week) it made me feel it was scam... i would waste a half tank in 1 day.. ( and no pay until i sell something) it was extremely hard for me.. it start to bother me because sabrina would drive a nice car ( porche) and park across 2 parking space.. she was getting paid off other commissions while i still didnt see a paycheck.. please have in mind ive worked for 3-4 months and still no pay.. finally the 5th month i manage to sell 1 package.. but it was too late i couldnt barrow any more .. i had to quit.. and until this day i didnt see any commission of that sale.

i personally would tell anyone who gets a call interview from mark, , karolina, , or other employees.. please dont go.. you dont need to be a fool like i did.. dont waste ur time.. you only get paid if you sell..

thank God i have a job now that pays me weekly...

scam ... yes it is...

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