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15th of Dec, 2011 by User984090
LOTTRAFFIC.COM PLEASE READ THIS STORY AND SEE ATTACHMENTS! They will tell you that they currently post 4000 ads per day. They will tell you that no matter which category you are looking for, they can do it. Dave Richardson or maybe going by David Richardson will sell the heck out of this! He will even tell you this is a side gig to help make a little side money for his family. He will tell you that he gets hundreds of calls per day for people wanting this service. I ending up paying $1650.00 for a month of posting ads, 100 per day. David Richardson connected me to Hugn Okoye with lot traffic,,, hughokoye@** and he said to give him 24-48 hours. Then it went to 72 hours. Then it went to 4 days. Needless to say, 2 weeks go by and he is really trying to make it work. He finally says to me that his IP's need to be repurchased because they will be better for targeting direct markets. He later admits to me he has not been posting in 3 weeks because the IP's are bad and has been having trouble with all his accounts. I said then why is David Richardson selling these services today if your system has not worked for 3 weeks? He told me, and i have copies of this that i can show you directly, that he told Dave Richardson that he said to stop sending him new clients until he figures out this glitch. Hugh Okoye thought about taking my account and decided to "give it a shot". But it didn't work. Hugh Okoye and I decided to give it another couple of days until we call it quits. We agreed to the following Monday. Nothing happened again. So Tuesday I asked him for a refund. He assured me that he is not in this to scam anyone and the money is sitting in his paypal account to refund me if this doesn't work. So I will get it back if this doesn't go through, well, Tuesday came and I asked for a refund and he vanished. He finally began responding and is saying that he lost money in this having to buy resources like accounts and IP's and its out of his hands and in paypals hands. He is disputing it now with paypay so he doesn't have to refund me. He is telling me that his wife, a lawyer, will come after me if i put this on the web or in his words "be prepared for legal consequences."…. but we all know i am at liberty to write my personal experience with this vendor so long as everything stated is true and correct.
At close of this i will attempt to upload snapshots of text messages and emails that he sent telling me how is trying to make it work with the ads and that i will certainly get a refund. So i have all the proof you need. If i can not attach, please email me and i will email them directly to you. DO NOT USE THEIR SERVICES! They will promise you that 100 ads a day is nothing because they post 4000 a day. NOT TRUE! He was able to manage to manually post about 3-4 as his test. But his automated software didn't post not one. He actually said that when he looked at my attempted posts it looked like a "haunted house" because there was so much ghosting…. which means = NO POSTINGS. DO NOT USE HUGH OKOYE WITH LOT TRAFFIC www.LOTTRAFFIC.COM or LOT TRAFFIC . com
They promise they can do the job and if not they will refund you, they wont do either!!!!
4506 days ago by Boziegirl123
We are in the process of working things out for this client. We go up and above the call of duty for all of our clients to give them the best service that we can. most of the time it is super easy for us to post ads and every once in awhile we have a client that their project is very challenging. We will resolve this matter with this client.

David Richardson
4506 days ago by Boziegirl123
We are in the process of working things out for this client. We go up and above the call of duty for all of our clients to give them the best service that we can. most of the time it is super easy for us to post ads and every once in awhile we have a client that their project is very challenging. We will resolve this matter with this client.

David Richardson
4504 days ago by Sweet Pea
David is in the process of helping me, yes... He did contact me and attempted to help the situation this coming week. Hopefully this does go through... However, Hugh Okoye is yet to respond to try to help at all. He is still putting in his dispute with paypal and is a bit combative in his responses saying that he will leave it up to paypal and what they decide. He states the he too lost in this deal and he too was 'scammed'. Not sure what that has to do with me. Yes, as you see above, they were admit to not able to perform the work so the next step would be a refund. No refund is being provided by Hugh Okoye. I will keep this complaint posted with the outcome.
4503 days ago by [email protected]
WOW, The same thing happened to me, down to every last detail. ie..ip addresses not working, ghosting, flagging, but most importantly misleading me to believe his software was magic, and could do anything. Now, I just found out that it is impossible to win a service dispute with Paypal. He asked me to do all of these extra things in order to make it work. Luckily I only did 20 per day. I can't imagine how much 100 per day cost. Let me know if you need help pursuing legal action, as I am in. I will also create a few blogs explaining what happened. These guys are big time scammers, and all buyers NEED TO BEWARE. The Sad part is that I knew it was a scam from the very beginning, and even called paypal to express my suspicion. They told me I would be protected, so I paid the $300. Paypal forgot to tell me they cannot protect a service transaction. Legal action is the only thing that will stop these guys. Let me know how I can help
4503 days ago by Hugh
Firstly, let me begin by stating that the two disputes above are just that, disputes that are being arbitrated by Paypal. We will allow them to resolve these issues on the behalf of all parties involved. For the record Paypal is holding the funds involved until their investigations are complete.

Please try heeding the old adage: If you don't have anything nice to say about anyone, don't say anything at all--especially online. Or, at least, be very careful about what you do say.

Read more: How to Learn About the Online Defamation Act |
4502 days ago by Boziegirl123
We are in the process of working things out for this client. We go up and above the call of duty for all of our clients to give them the best service that we can. most of the time it is super easy for us to post ads and every once in awhile we have a client that their project is very challenging. We will resolve this matter with this client.

David Richardson
4501 days ago by [email protected]
This is a lie. If this was the case, then the actual client would certainly provide a comment that supports this. As you can see, there is nothing. SCAM SCAM AND MORE SCAM.
4501 days ago by Hugh
Firstly neither one of you have EVER done a financial transaction with Lot Traffic llc. Lot Traffic does not provide a posting service to Craigslist.. PERIOD!! Neither one of you have paid money to Lot Traffic for any services and need to remove the company's name from all your online attempts at defaming the Company, IMMEDIATELY!

Hey Mr SCAM SCAM AND MORE SCAM! Aren't are the guy with the blacklisted IP address and Ads hat approached us about posting for you, , , Never once disclosing this information to us, , , Then after we spent two weeks posting your tainted ads and they got ghosted we finally discovered the truth that you are a poster yourself and had totally abused the system. We took the time to tell you that we needed new ads and after another week you decided you wanted a complete refund because of a personal situation...NOT the way it works!!

And Ms Sweet Pea,

You and I have been corresponding on this matter, so please do not indicate otherwise! Your smear campaign against our Company is borderline immature at best and is surprising coming from someone claiming to have a working knowledge of Paypal, Credit Card companies and their arbritration processes. You also provided me with ads that you claimed were only a few days old and had not been used by any other poster...UNTRUE!!! I submitted to Paypal the same ads that were posted in early November by your previous poster, who I now understand was experiencing ghosting issues with the ads due to spamming, instead you told me that they were doing 75 ads a day and you wanted more, I asked you why you would want to change teams when they were doing such a good job, I never recieved a reply... Better to be quiet than to lie?
Paypal's decision will be a final one for us all.. I wish you all good luck!
4500 days ago by Hugh
Let the record state that a final judgement by the credit card companies and Paypal in both cases were concluded in favor of Hugh Okoye. It is our hope that all parties accept the outcome and act responsibly by retracting all negatory statements made online regarding these arbitrated and concluded disputes. Failure to do so may result in further action against the responsible individual(s).
4500 days ago by [email protected]
As I said in my previous message, Paypal does not protect purchases for SERVICE. This is a Paypal Loophole that Hugh and other paypal abusers take advantage of. There is no way for Paypal to prove whether or not the service was adequate so they always rule in favor of the seller. I spoke with a Paypal rep about this over the phone.

YOU CANNOT WIN A DISPUTE FOR A SERVICE ON PAYPAL. PERIOD!!! This does not mean the service you provided was adequate and I'm here to tell everyone it was not. You can congradulate yourself on successfully scamming me out of $300. That is why I posted this on a website called scaminformer.

HUGH OKOYE scammed me out of $300. The other guy lost $1600. Hugh is lucky that was not me because he would be hearing from my attorney if it was. Again, I will provide references to anyone who seeks legal action against HUGH.
4497 days ago by
All you have to do is file a chargeback with the credit card company you made the payment with. Even if it was a direct transfer from your checking account you can dispute the charge. Only way it wont work is if you had a paypal balance and you paid with that. Then you would have to seek legal recourse. Just call the bank and say i never received what i paid for. Then the scammer has to prove you did...not sure how he will?
4495 days ago by Sweet Pea
Hugh put in a dispute with paypal. Why would he do that? Because he doesn't want to give me my refund of $1650. We have been in correspondence and he says that i need to stop all postings on his name or else he is going to get back at me as well and will flag all my CL ads that go up. The bottom line is very simple. He did not do the work, he should refund the money but he wont. Paypal sided with him because he put that it was a service and since paypal can not argue with 'services' they gave it to him. So now I am disputing with my credit card company. Just make sure you dont use him! He is a nice guy, he did try to make my ads go up, but couldn't. So he simply should have refunded me. He refuses to do so and is making it very clean NOT to post these reviews online... Not so nice after all.
4495 days ago by Sweet Pea
In addition to this complain on Hugh Okoye, I had posted also put a complain on the guy that sold me which is Dave R. I want to set the record straight that Dave R. HAS been trying to help me get a refund and is currently trying to help with the postings with no money out of pocket on my end. If that doesn't work, no problem, but i do appreciate his attempt to help me get a refund by writing a letter to my credit card company and stating what had happened and that I am due a refund. He also tried contacting Hugh Okoye personally and has tried asking him to refund me but Hugh wont. I recommend not using Hugh Okoye but if you do work with Dave, I would say he will work with you and will try to take care of what you are trying to get done. I take back anything ill i said towards Dave.
4405 days ago by Ad-Nuke
DAVID RICHARDSON aka DirtCheapDigits - Advertises that he posts for hundreds of customers a day, many thousands of ads per day. He also advertises that he does flagging, but he does not - he used our services, I say USED because he has never actually PAID us. He owes us over $200 - not much compared to all the others he has ripped off, but obviously there is a problem with this guy, folks. Do yourself a favor & find someone reputable to post your ads

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