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Paradise Canyon Vacation
Paradise Canyon Vacation Harasses Senios
14th of Sep, 2011 by stickshiftinhand1
Paradise Canyon Vacations is harassing seniors trying to make them come to a supposedly free presentation with 2 free gifts which no one ever receives, they tell seniors is information only, leave your money at home, when in reality the membership is $10,000 to $15,000, $3,500 down and $40 to $60 per month for the next 20 years, one female worker told her boss, "shes a senior 85 and dont travel", the boss told her to sell to her just the same. Paradise Canyon Vacations just wants your $10,000 even if you have 1 foot in the grave. They have no compassion or morals and just want to scam unsuspecting seniors.
3566 days ago by Stickshiftinhand1
Paradise Canyon Vacation and The Wizard of Ozzie

Paradise Canyon Vacation has an MTS employee,
who calls himself ozzie, a tall skinny black man
who is making $20 an hour, and his girlfriend
$35 an hour, yet he comes to Paradise Canyon for
minimum wage to rip off people for $10, 000, this is
evil greed $55 an hour between them both and he needs
to come rip off innocent people and lie to them, and on
top of that he buys stolen sports jerseys from another
Paradise Canyon employee, all on company time and property
so how can you trust a company who hires shady Mts employees
and people selling stolen sports jerseys
3566 days ago by Samantha_fox190
Paradise Canyon Vacation "can you spare $10, 000?'

Paradise Canyon Vacations tele marketers will call you during supper, offer you 2 free night stay and dinner for 2, for attending an 1 hour presentation, tell you to leave your wallet at home, strictly information only, in reality the membership is $10, 000 to $15, 000 with $3, 500 which is non refundable and $40 to $60 a month for 20 years, they will tell you "you cant buy nothing at the presentation" and call you the day before, leave your money at home but bring a cheque for $10, 000
3566 days ago by Samantha_fox190
Paradise Canyon Vacation Bullies Employees

Paradise Canyon Vacation advertises $15 an hour
for 24 hours per week, but it is in reality only
$10 an hour for 20 hours, and only $15 an hour
if you can get 10 leads that night which is next
to impossible. There is alot of favourtism and
those favored employees are given much easier
call list to work on, while others have to work
5 times harder, and if you dont produce enough
you are brought into the presentation room and
given warnings, special employees are protected
with very easy call sheets, Paradise Canyon
don't care about its employees only money,
and the $10, 000 they can get for their supposedly
free presentations from people believing they will
receive 2 free gifts.
3566 days ago by Samantha_fox190
Re: Paradise Canyon Scam - too good to be true

How many times have we heard it before, "if it sounds to good to be true,
it probably is" or "Buyer Beware." Yet, people are pulled into travel scams
all the time. There are more travel scams out there at any given time than
you can imagine. Think it can't happen to you? It happens to the best.

An on going story is Paradise Canyon Vacations based out of Lethbridge
Alberta but their call centre is in Winnipeg manitoba. Their tele
marketers call up unsuspecting people during supper and offer them
2 free nights hotel stay and a free dinner for 2, to attend a 1 hour
travel presentation. They will swear its information only, you can't
buy nothjing at the presentation and leave your money at home. The
bottom line is, the membership is $10, 000 to $15, 000, with $3, 500
of it is the initial start up cost and $40 to $60 a month for the next
20 years. They know how to scam you and talk you into coming out to
the free presentation, and only the best tele marketing scammers are
kept and tele marketers are threatened, warned and fired if they dont
produce enough leads every night, to bring in new tele marketers they
even lie on job banks offering $15 hour for 24 hours, when it is only
$10 hour for 20 hours. They are 100% time share and work on a points
system, they give you so many days free a year [2 weeks] to stay at
one of their time share accomodations, but your paying $10, 000 for
the membership plus payinmg for the 2 weeks, all you get for $10, 000
is a membership and prices are cheaper if no better if you shop around
for free. By the way Paradise Canyon Vacation hates giving out the 2
free gifts, the owners refer to people who come to the presentation
for the gifts as roaches, then why are they offering the 2 free gifts,
then insult the people for showing up, you dont get these gifts the same
night of the presentation, you fill out a form with all your personal
information then pray to god that they get mailed to you in 2 weeks,
if it sounds to good to be true, it probably is.
3566 days ago by Samantha_fox190
Re: Paradise Canyon Scam - Just Say "NO"

Help us to help others so they don't get scammed by the professional tele-marketing scammers, if you been
scammed into a presentation, or had a bad experience with Paradise Canyon Vacations, please post a reply and join
our community, check your contract you may have 5 days for a refund like some other time share contract, don't sign any contracts till you bring it first to your lawyer, is it worth $10, 000 to $15, 000 - $50 a month for 20 years on top of the $3, 500 initial start up cost for something you can do yourself for free, shopping around is still free
3566 days ago by Samantha_fox190
Re: Paradise Canyon Scam - enormous upfront fee

New Member

Joined: Oct 2010
Posts: 1

Default Re: Paradise Canyon Vacations...
My friends just recently purchased a membership with Paradise Canyon Vacations,
so I thought I would check them out.

This Travel Club sounds the same as every other club out there... enormous
upfront fee and monthly charges for services that are offered on the internet
for free. I cannot believe that there are still Travel Clubs out there with
the introduction of the internet.
3566 days ago by Samantha_fox190
Re: Paradise Canyon Scam - asking for $9-15K.

Totally Choco Chip

I had a quick look online and find it strange that they deny being timeshare when asking for $9-15K. They are also members of which is a timeshare exchange company.

I have nothing against timeshare, in fact we have owned one in Orlando for 8 years - we hold title deeds and own it until we decide to sell it. We enjoy ours and have vacationed at our home resort a few times and also used it to exchange through RCI to other resorts in Scotland, Ontario, Massechusettes and are heading to Maine this summer.

I would question paying out between $9-15k fees and not own anything other than a membership
3566 days ago by Samantha_fox190
Re: Paradise Canyon Scam -2 quotes come to mind

Auld Yin
Previously brianscottie43

Two quotes come to mind.

1) There's a sucker born every minute.

2) Never give a sucker an even break.
3566 days ago by Samantha_fox190
Re: Paradise Canyon Scam - too good to be true


Joined: Sep 2005
Location: Windsor, ON
Posts: 3, 345

If it's too good to be true...
3566 days ago by Samantha_fox190
Re: Paradise Canyon Scam - charge up to $15k

el richo
That's what she said!!!

Joined: Jan 2009
Location: Oobie doobie doobie, oobie doobie doobie, woop man, woop man, nick knack noo.

So they offer discounts on holidays, yet charge you up to $15k for the privilege? Sounds awesome

I'll lend you my bargepole if you pay $4k for postage.
3566 days ago by Samantha_fox190
Re: Paradise Canyon Scam - sounds like direct buy

ann m
Senior Member

Joined: Jul 2006
Location: Cochrane, Alberta

Sounds like that Direct Buy company - where you pay them fees, to then sell you something for a supposedly cheaper price ... I'm not convinced ...
3566 days ago by Samantha_fox190
Re: Paradise Canyon Scam - Don't do it

Dumbo Wafflebutt

Joined: Sep 2006
Location: Kelowna
Posts: 1, 976

Don't do it. My father ended up being suckered into joining a "holiday club" where he could enjoy countless benefits and reduced price vacations all over the world.
The deals they were offering on their website were nothing more than any average joe could get if they shopped around and in the end all he got was a nice looking membership pack which cost something like 5000 quid.
3566 days ago by Samantha_fox190
Re: Paradise Canyon Scam - told to sling his 'ook.

Senior Member

Joined: Jan 2007
Location: Manchester to Alberta, but now beautiful Nova Scotia!
Just to close this off (and in case anyone else gets a call from them in the future), we had the sale guy round this evening.

Turns out that you have to put down a minimum of $3500 before you can even use the services... which is completely in contrast to what was explained in the presentation originally.

Suffice to say he was told to sling his 'ook.
3566 days ago by Samantha_fox190
Re: Paradise Canyon Scam - they are a time share

Senior Member

Joined: Nov 2007
Location: Coniston Nr Hull Now Lethbridge Alberda!!
Posts: 225

Mike and I owned a timeshare in UK - and we did a swap to paradise canyon 9 years ago for our very first visit to canada. so yes they are (or at least they were) a timeshare company. People buy the houses down there then let the "club" rent them out as holiday homes. Plus alot of the houses which are actually in the "canyon" bottom are sinking - beware. Lesley
3566 days ago by Samantha_fox190
Re: Paradise Canyon Scam - Yes, it is a scam.

New Member

Joined: May 2010
Posts: 1

Yes, it is a scam. We attended the presentation, which sounded somewhat legitimate, so we tried the follow-up one-to-one. The latter was with "Jack", the worst salesperson on earth. He was rude, evasive, and condescending. He would not directly answer our questions. I could go on and on. But in short: Run for the hills, folks. And yes, they DO sell your private information. I've already received junk mail for more "exciting presentations", addressed directly to me. Since they are a member of the Better Business Bureau (4 complaints in the year since they became members should be a tip-off), I might be the 5th complainant if the junk mail doesn't stop or if I start receiving calls.
3566 days ago by Samantha_fox190
Re: Paradise Canyon Scam - back off salesman

New Member

Joined: May 2010

Joined: May 2010
Posts: 2
First of all the resort itself is great and the nicest place to stay in Lethbridge (if you ever have the need to go there), but secondly, the program is not about Lethbridge... you get access to every resort and hotel in the world at rediculously low prices. I've stayed in Banff for a week for $150, Cabo San Lucas and Greece each for a week for $200. In 5 star places. you'd have to see the program presented for it to make any sense, but it is great.

Zoe Bell
bored desk monkey

Joined: Apr 2007
Location: TORONTO- yay!!!
Posts: 2, 480

So nice of you to join up and start posting just to inform us all of this, now naff off back to whatever sales company you work for.
3566 days ago by Samantha_fox190
Re: Paradise Canyon - going for the gifts

New Member

Joined: Aug 2010
Posts: 1


I actually received a call and my husband and I are going to an informational seminar tomorrow night. I have no intentions of purchasing anything at all. I am only going to receive the 2 free hotel nights. Did you receive this also? Anyhow good luck to you if you decide to do it. We do travel, but there is no way I am paying thousands of dollars to belong to a travel "club". Take care and good luck!
3566 days ago by Samantha_fox190
Re: Paradise Canyon Scam - free hotel nights?

Senior Member

Joined: Jan 2007
Location: Manchester to Alberta, but now beautiful Nova Scotia!
No, I didnt get the free hotel nights.
3566 days ago by Samantha_fox190
Re: Paradise Canyon Scam - I would say watch out

New Member

Joined: Sep 2010
Posts: 2

Actually. I have been doing some research of my own. I got this call from these guys last week. Becasue I grew up around the Lethbridge I was quite curious when they told me their name. I asked flat out if they were affiliated with the Lethbridge Paradise Canyon and the lady on the phone stumbbled to give me an answer. That is where I started being skeptical. I asked them where they are from and the lady told me she was calling from Winnipeg Manitoba. But the area code on the phone number was a 403(southern alberta area code)

The Paridise Canyon in Lethbridge is a VERY nice place. Yes they have had some problems with buildings and even part of their course sliding into the Milk River. But they try to have that fixed up asap and they are very professional. Yes they have an RCI timeshare system and on their website they even sell vacations. They call there travel section of the company Paradise Canyon Travel. NOT PARADISE CANYON VACATIONS.

I just got the confirmation email and it looks cheap. They have photo shopped Paradise Canyons Logo onto it and it looks bad. If you go to the actual paradise canyon website it looks nice. Do you actually think that a company with such a good reputation around their community would make up such a crappy email when they have obviously spent good money on a nice well done website. I dont think so.

This Paradise Vacations company, I would gather, is no better than one of those lame Vacation Faxes that comes across the machine once a month. I wouldnt do it... would you?

In closing haha. If you are ever in Lethbridge give Paradise canyon a try. especially if you are a golfer. Very nice. The the housing area is clean and and cookie cutter houses adds a nice feel for the community they are trying to uphold. But this other "vacations company" I would say watch out. I am going to call the actual Paradise Canyon tomorrow to find out more info and I will post another novel for you. HAHA Cheers.
3566 days ago by Samantha_fox190
Re: Paradise Canyon Scam - giving them a miss

Zoe Bell
bored desk monkey

Joined: Apr 2007
Location: TORONTO- yay!!!
Posts: 2, 480

Well if that's the quality of their sales team I'll be giving them a miss

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