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Toshiba/Depot Repair
Toshiba/Depot Repair DO NOT BUY A LAPTOP FROM THIS COMPANY!!!!! Irvine, California
10th of Apr, 2011 by User760125
We purchased a Toshiba Satellite L455D-S5976 for our son for Christmas. Two months later, our son came to us complaining that the the charger could not be plugged in to the port, and therefore, he could not use his computer. We contacted the number on the warranty, and were told to send the computer to Toshiba Depot for repairs, which we were sure would be covered under the warranty. Today, we were contacted by Toshiba Deport and informed that we must pay $175.00 for the port to be repaired because it was damaged by us. Because of the way that the port is made, there is no way that this could have physically occurred. In addition, when we asked to speak to someone else, we were told that we have to write a letter because none of the company officials have email. Additionally, when we called the second time to ask for our computer back (after waiting approximately 20 minutes for someone to answer the telephone), the person that we spoke to, J., hung up the telephone when we asked for a timeline or to speak to someone who could help us to get our son's computer back asap. Finally, we called a third time (after waiting approximately 15-20 minutes for someone to answer the telephone), and who should answer the phone but J. He claimed that after a "process" is completed, the computer will be mailed. However, we were not given any typye of tracking number, and his words did not seem very sincere. We hope that our son's computer will be returned to us in one piece in the near future, and are really disappointed that we purchase any products from this company, and will not do so again because obviously, they do not stand behind their products.
4136 days ago by Thunderkats

Report: #688203

Complaint review: Toshiba America, Inc.
Reported By: cindyrsdu ( Texas USA)
Toshiba America, Inc. Toshiba Repair Depot, Refuse To Honor Warranty For Defected Laptop Irvine, California
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Toshiba America, Inc.
9740 Irvind Blvd
Irvine California 92618
United States of America
Phone: 1-800-457-7777
Web Address:

Category: Computer Service & Repair

Submitted: Friday, January 28, 2011
Posted: Friday, January 28, 2011
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I called Toshiba Support line concerning a problem with my laptop Satellite A505-S6005 Think twice about sending your laptop to Toshiba Repair Depot, do you know who is really taking your laptop apart?

UPS!! Yes UPS story is below. Don't buy Toshiba Laptop again, Toshiba will not does not stand behind there product! I'm new to this site, but I have a Satellite A505-S6005, Here's my problem.

I called Toshiba Support line concerning a problem with my laptop two USB ports on the right hand side, they where loose and flopping around. I was told that I had a little over 30 days left on my warranty and I had to send my laptop to them for repair, a box would me mail to me. I asked why I could not take it to an authorized dealer here in my town? I was told when I register my laptop I didn't pay for that option, so either I mailed it to them or pay for the repair my self.

I asked how long would it take for the box to be mail to me, two days I was told, I was also told when they received my laptop it would take about seven (7) days to repair it, that I needed to remove all password and backup all information I had on my laptop. After backing up all my information from my laptop, and getting it ready to be shipped to them, I took photos of my laptop and began searching to see if anyone else was having the same problem and I found so many with the same problems.

I boxed up my laptop in the box that was sent to me, copied all information and placed a printed 1 sheet from there own web site where people wrote in with the same problems but most of them there warranty had either just run out or had already been over a year and half.

My laptop was taken to UPS on December 29, 2010 at 10:38 a.m. and it was received by Toshiba on December 31, 2010 at 9:30 a.m. for repair.

On January 04, 2011 at 4:12 p.m. I received a call from Toshiba @ 800-457-7777 telling me they received my laptop and it was being repaired, alone with information for contacting them for status, this was an animation call which needs to be a little slower when given contact email information, I was very happy that I also told the tech I wanted to received email confirming concerning any information plus phone calls, at my home number and email was given to the tech.

January 17, 2011 I have not received a call, email, nothing telling me when my laptop will be returned to me. It’s been approx Nine (9 Mon-Friday) business days and thirteen (13) total days. So from my ipod I emailed them asking would they please let me know the status of my laptop, I was told it should not take no more then seven days to repair the two right side USB ports that should have never come loose. I’ve always trusted Toshiba laptops and have always told friends to buy Toshiba laptop, but not any more from what I'm finding out now, and going through.

I’m finding more information that this is becoming a regular and major problem with Toshiba laptops. After sending the email I received an out of office email then thirty min later I got another email telling me that I needed to call Toshiba that this was an non warranty issue and the cost would be $175.99 with a list of credit cards they take. I was upset, very upset when Toshiba should know USB ports are used on a constant bases on a laptop for your cameras, external drives, flash drives, ipods, etc.These items are being plugged in and out of these USB ports and should not come loose or detached from the unit.

On January 18, 2011 I called the 1-800-457-7777 number at 1:17 p.m. was placed on hold for 42 min, and 35 sec, my phone shows the time line. When a woman took my call at 1:58 p.m.I asked her name, Dorothy I was told, she asked me for my depot number and I gave it to her. She then went on to explain to me it would cost me $175.99 for non warranty repair.

I said what!!, you have my laptop for about thirteen days (13) and there was no phone call, email, nothing until I sent email using my ipod, the first responds I get was an out of office email then thirty (30) min later, I get an email telling me my laptop USB ports is an non warranty item. I asked Dorothy to explain to me why the two USB ports on the right side was an non warranty issue, she said because of damage, I got upset and said there is no damage, I’m 58 years old and you plug things into those USB ports external drives, ipods, cameras, flash drives your plugging and unplugging items, that it was even posted on there own web site about this major problem which tells me this is a defect and she said I’m not saying you miss used your laptop but when you plug and unplug items the USB ports will come loose and that is what makes it an non warranty issue.

I could not believe what this woman had just said, and was very rude. I told her I was contacting the following people Toshiba Headquarters, consumers protection, better business, attorney general, and she said you contact whom ever you want, are you going to pay the $175.99 ? I told her NO! I want a letter explaining what she just told me about the USB ports and I want my laptop mailed back to me.

I told her my laptop is less then a year old, and it still looks like it came out of the box brand new, I was cut off because Music came on then she came back on and said did you understand what I said, told her no, you cut me off by placing me on hold again. I told her I want to speak to a supervisor, she said she would transferring me to costumer relation service, time now 2:03 p.m.

When a person answer the phone I asked who I was speaking with, I was told case manager, I then asked her for her name, she said it was Pearl, I explained the problem again to her, and she said the same, due to the fact that your plugging items into the USB port and unplugging, it’s an non warranty issue, I told her who I was contacting, she was also told that I wanted my laptop mail back to me that I have photos of my laptop that I was finding out on there own web site of people posting that had the same problem told a non warranty issue and they got there laptop back damaged.

She said I will make a report and gave me a number. She also stated that plugging and unplugging things into the USB Ports will make them come loose, I told her that was a bunch of bull ???? She said when you plug things in you should leave them in, I asked her did she just say, when you use your USB ports you should leave the item plugged in, she said yes, I told her what sense does that make, then why do we need a laptop if it's not portable we might as well go back to desktop. She said I'm sorry.

I also told her there's no excuse to keep someone on hold with no responds for forty two min (42 Min) and 35 sec, also no responds when you have my laptop for thirteen days (13) and you never tried to even contact me at all, no phone call, no email until I emailed you. You called to let me know you got my laptop but your going to hold it knowing your trying to pull a non warranty and not contact me.

I told her everything that has taken place with Toshiba speaks volume about there company and how they treat there costumers. All she would say is I'm making a claim report and your laptop will be mail back to you. I asked her for the tracking number, that all she gave me was an report number she said they will call you with the tracking number and I told her they never contacted me about my laptop she said she would not have the tracking number they would call me. Call was ended at 2:09 p.m. 52 min and 35 seconds. I spent more time on hold then any help from Toshiba. I did some more searching and really got upset when I found out who is really doing the repairs if they do them at all.

Now I know why they would not allow me to take it to an authorized dealer, If I did I would have to pay the cost of repairs. Here's the kicker, Toshiba partnered with the United Parcel Service (UPS) to design a more efficient repair process. Customers are told to drop off their laptops at a UPS Store, from which they will be shipped to Toshiba for repairs and then sent back to the customer. The laptops are in fact shipped off to an authorized UPS-run repair facility in Louisville, Ky, where UPS repairs the laptops themselves and ships them back to the customer directly. Toshiba does not even handle the laptops UPS does.

If I had know this and Toshiba should have told me that UPS would be doing the repairs I would have never sent my laptop to them, they can't deliver a package without damage, now I'm really worried about my laptop. I checked on Jan 20, 2011 for the status of my laptop it's still showing repair status waiting for me to ok the repair for $175.99, I sent another email and told them to mail my laptop back to me, gave the report number that Pearl had given me and told them I was not paying anything, to send me my laptop undamaged.

I received an email reply stating my laptop was being mail back to me. As of today, Jan 23, 2011 it is still showing in repair status, no phone call telling me it's been mail with a tracking number. I want my laptop and wish I had never sent it in, if I had know UPS would be taking it apart. I've also told them that There's two major problems the USB coming loose and lots are posting about there AC adapter coming loose which is also on the right hand side just like the USB ports and calling them an non warranty issue.

My daughter has an Toshiba laptop Model Satellite L355D-S7825 model with the same problem but with this model there's one USB port on right side, two on left side, her's that is loose is also on right hand side but her warranty was up when it happen to her.I have kept copies of everything, logged everything, kept copies of web sites even Toshiba's site about these problems and them calling it an non warranty issue. And for them not to tell you that your laptop is being taken apart and if repaired that it is not by Toshiba but in fact by UPS, which is really important.

There's others out there who has posted on Toshiba web site who also has not received there laptop also. Don't buy Toshiba every again. On Jan 20, 2011 I emailed the repair depot at [email protected] to send my laptop back to me, they are not going to honor there warranty why are you holding my laptop. Received an email from them, that it would be mail back to me. Jan 21-23 2011 nothing no call, no email telling it's been shipped or any info on sending my laptop back.

On Jan 24, 2011 late in evening I got an email telling me my laptop had been shipped on Jan 23, 2011 two day air, alone with a link to UPS for tracking here's the kicker, Tracking Number:N/A so that Tuesday Jan 25, 2011 I called them which if the information was correct I should had gotten my laptop but without a number I can't track it. I got a person name Jesi explain to her, gave her information she need she looked it up and is going to tell me maybe they haven shipped it yet, I read the email to her and she said have to transfer you.

I got this time, person name Robin, explain the problem to her, she said she could not find anything either and she didn't know where my laptop was. So she was going to email them and call me in the morning the next day, I asked her to also email me. She said she could not do that. She gave me a REF number. Again I spent more time on hold then I did getting help. Have no clue where my laptop is.

Jan 25, 2011 No call from Robin, its 2:00p.m. and nothing, Door bell ran at 2:50p.m. it's UPS, got my laptop, video taped me opening up the box taking my laptop out, being a repair shop that does not honor warranties, when I turn my system it, the first thing I got and it's on video was that nasty blue screen telling you windows was not shut down that data could have been lost etc. giving options it was on start windows normal, I just hit enter, still video taping it all. Notice my cover for the express slot was missing, other problems, so I called them, again explain to Ray what's missing, he tells me he has to transfer me. Here goes the games again, after holding and holding I got a Don, repair Depot center is where my call was sent to.

I told Don what was missing; he said did you send it. I told him I've never use the express slot the slot cover had never been taken off, and I want my express card slot cover! He asked me to hold on, then he comes back and ask me "What is an express slot cover" I said what? I then gave him the tech ID that had my laptop, I was told to hold on again. He comes back and say well we will mail it to you if we find it, he called out my address I told him you will send me my express slot cover period.

Also I wanted a Ref number, he said we don't give that, ok, I said I want a Conformation on this, he said we don't give that either. OK, email me what we have talked about here, he said I can't do that, you just have to trust me. I said Trust you! you got to be kidding me. So when I got off the phone, I email the repair depot and emailed them every thing that was said and told them I want my cover, I have a large area that is left open on my laptop it was not like that when I sent it to you and I want my cover. I took photos before I sent them my laptop.

If I had knew before hand that USP does the repairs I would not have sent my laptop to them. I'm not going to let this rest, even If I have to take them to small claim court. And on most of these model of laptops, the USB on the right hand side is not solider to the mother board, they are trying there best to claim that (repair Depot), I've seen the inside of my model on a web site that shows the inside. Toshiba knows they cut corners with the items on the right hand side of these laptops, the power cord plug will come detached, the usb ports will become detached, why is that and Toshiba knows the answers but wants to call it an non warranty issue. As of today, January 28, 2011 I have not gotten a reply to my email I sent to the Toshiba Repair Depot.
4136 days ago by Thunderkats
4136 days ago by Thunderkats

4136 days ago by Thunderkats
4136 days ago by Thunderkats
rating 1 1/5
modified review posted Apr-06-2011

Toshiba had the worst customer service ever. I needed to fix my laptop and called for customer service. I paid $35. to have them tell me I needed to send it in for repair costing anywhere from $299-$600. After being promised a refund they hung up on me. When I called back they said they would not refund my money even though their represenitive promised me they would before I paid. Im am a broke college student and they are liars who manipulate people and STEAL money. They were horrible and I will NEVER buy any of their products again.
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rating 1 1/5
modified review posted Mar-27-2011

Toshiba is JUNK!!!

20 days after I bought this L675D-S7103 laptop a message popped up warning me of a cooling issue, instructing me to shutdown immediately and to return for service. Over 2 weeks later it came back from warranty service with the cooling issue fixed but it now had a new issue! They did bad job putting the laptop back together and now the mouse pad left click doesn't work properly. Toshiba wouldn't let me return the laptop after the first problem and still wont let me return it after the problem they created. They wont let me get it serviced at a local shop either. They claimed it would be sent to a "better" repair facility but would still take another 2 weeks to fix and get it back to me. This is not what I expected from Toshiba; what a waste of money. I should have bought a Hewlett Packard for hundreds less, but now I'm stuck with this junk! BUYER BEWARE! It looks like Toshiba is starting to use cheap internals in their products to save a buck; hoping they'll last till the 1 year warranty expires. Toshiba is NOT what they used to be!
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rating 1 1/5
modified review posted Mar-17-2011

I ordered two Toshiba Tecra A-11 laptops last year and have had problems ever since!! The customer service is horrible, I now only deal with the local provider in our city since they luckily are under warranty. Otherwise, I would've gone crazy!! Both laptops hard drives have crashed unexpectedly, one within the first 3 months and the second a week ago. The first time we started having problems I called the service department and they were unhelpful and told us we would have to send it in since our warranty wouldn't cover a local provider. After calling several times and talking with different people I finally got someone that actually looked at our account and said we could take it in to our local provider without a problem! Good thing I didn't listen to the first couple of useless customer service/technician people.
We just ordered replacement feet for the bottom of our laptops as they have come off and it took two months to arrive and instead of shipping the 4 tiny feet in a padded envelope they mailed each foot in a padded BOX and then shipped all four boxes in a medium sized box. They charged $12 to ship the 4 feet that weighed less than a 1lb!! The feet didn't even cost that much!! Toshiba is useless with customer service and so far am not impressed with thier products. We will be going back to Dell!
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rating 2 2/5
modified review posted Jan-18-2011

Save yourself ALOT (and I mean a ridiculous lot) of trouble and DO NOT call their main tech support line. If you do, you will have to spell your name 3 times (if you are lucky) and don't even mention trying to spell your address or email. Then you will wait anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour. If they can't help you, you will be placed on hold again where the whole process repeats.

I'd recommend going this route:
1) Call this number: Tel: (949) 461-4321
2) If that doesn't work, open a BB report here:

rating 1 1/5
modified review posted Dec-29-2010

Let me start off by saying that the owners of Toshiba are a bunch of PIGS! All they're in it for is to make money just like every company. Never have I experienced such horrible customer service in my life! I received my Toshiba L455D laptop as a Christmas gift from my parents, I had the computer for 48 hours before it was "completely destroyed" as put by one of Toshiba's support team members. And the reason for the complete destruction of said laptop is due to an update from the “Toshiba service center” named ”BIOS”. I figured what harm would it do to update my laptop with an update from Toshiba, after all, a it is the maker so there should be no worries correct? Well I was sadly mistaken. From what I could understand from their technical service support team member I had wrecked the motherboard. Simply by installing an update that was sent to me from Toshiba. Now I remind you I only had the laptop for less than 48 hours. So I was completely speechless when he told me that it was wrecked beyond repair. And of no surprise to me it was not covered under the 1 year warranty that comes with all of their laptops, but that’s how it always is with warranties nobody wants to pay up. What is really frustrating about this whole situation is the lack of compassion, knowledge, and general tone of their customer support team member. Basically he showed me no mercy; their support team “threw me to the dogs” so to speak. The demeanor that I received from him was “Oh well your problem now, you screwed it up now deal with it.” Never have I experienced such horrible customer service. Not to mention that the gentleman’s accent was so thick I could barley understand what he was saying. However I would expect this kind of treatment from a large corporation. That is how most company’s run these days once you, purchase their products they don’t want to “see your lights” again. That is unless you’re back to purchase more. What I fail to understand is “Why would Toshiba make updates like that available to people who are completely unaware of what substantial damage it could do to their computers?” I’m not quite sure if they are unaware but not all of the customers that purchase their products are computer savvy, they know the basics like everybody else would. From what I was reading about this update, it was a fairly complex one in which an intermediate computer user should have installed. As for that “completely destroyed” laptop I was able to take it back to the retail shop from which it was purchased, luckily it had not exceeded the 15 day grace period for returns on “lemon products” as the store calls them. Needless to say I will never purchase another Toshiba product on gods green earth, and DEFINITELY will not recommend them to any of my colleagues unless I want to look like a complete embarrassment that is. I've noticed all the reviews on here have the same tone "Toshiba sucks" and for those who are considering purchasing anything Toshiba related YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!

modified review This review was modified by andremoreno214 on December 29 2010 05:33:46 PM

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rating 1 1/5
modified review posted Dec-07-2010

Steer clear of Toshiba Direct and Paypal. Just another horror story on Toshiba… I wish I would have read these before I placed an order with Toshiba Direct. They book your order and sit on it until you call only to find out they can't fill it. Cute. Worse part is my money is tied up with Paypal who refuses to release it until Toshiba officially acknowledges that the order is really cancelled. Get this - Paypal refused to believe me and release the funds - interesting, oh yeah real safe way to transact folks - guess who they're really protecting. Ouch, my back-side hurts…
modified review This review was modified by Cartrax on December 07 2010 07:12:30 PM
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rating 1 1/5
modified review posted Dec-04-2010

I placed my order for a laptop on November 29, 2010. At the time of my order, the website showed that the laptop is in stock and would be shipped out within 1 to 2 days. I called and talked to the customer rep on the 3rd day and was confirmed that my laptop will be shipped out the next day. However, when I checked the website on December 3, the estimate ship date has changed to December 9. An almost 2 weeks delay! I tried the online chat support, the rep was very ruded and impatient. When I talked to the phone support, the rep is not willing to help either. When I explained the situation to him, all he offer was "Do you want me to cancel your order?" without actually trying to resolve the problem. Overall, a customer service nightmare. I would never purchase from the the vendor again, and I would not recommand the website to anyone.
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rating 1 1/5
modified review posted Aug-12-2010

I ordered a Toshiba Laptop, in January, and it malfunctioned 3 weeks and 1 day later. They would not replace the computer, and now it is August, and I am sending it in for the 3rd time for repair. They replaced the malfunctioning system board and now I have no wireless access. Each repair means I am without my computer, which I use for work, for 2 weeks. I also have to re-install everything since they wipe the drive clean each visit. I will NEVER buy another Toshiba and will do my best to spread that message to others. Buyer Beware!!!
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rating 1 1/5
modified review posted Dec-12-2009

If you are about to make a mistake and buy a Toshiba laptop please understand that you will not receive any decent Warranty Service. Toshiba does not have a service center. They farm their work out to UPS Supply Chain Services. Upon receipt UPS aka Toshiba Notebook Depot will put your laptop on a parts "HOLD". while I cannot state that this is in all cases, if you Google "Toshiba laptop Complaints", it seems everyone's repair winds up on "HOLD". They can not be reached by phone either. You can leave a number at the Depot but they won't call you back. If you're lucky you can get your laptop back so you can repair it yourself or pay someone else. I didn't write this to badmouth Toshiba. As most businesses, they want to make money without providing after sales service.
So avoid this company's products if you can, unless you have money to burn. I didn't.
modified review This review was modified by IAMANIDIOT on December 12 2009 04:38:25 PM
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rating 2 2/5
modified review posted Jun-28-2008

As with almost every other person here who's ordered a custom notebook from Toshiba, I've had major issues with my order. I initially placed the order on June 3, 2008 using my debit card online. I was not aware that my bank has a daily limit on debit purchases, which kicked back the charge. I just happened to check the status of my order a week or so later only to find that it had been canceled by Toshiba. I realize that my bank's policies have nothing to do with Toshiba, but at a very minimum, they should have contacted me as soon as they realized the charge didn't go thru. I have ordered 2 notebooks from Toshiba Direct in the past year and this has happened both times. It is inexcusable for any company doing business online to have such poor customer communication, especially since it's as simple as an email. I won't likely do business with them again.
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4113 days ago by Aasd
damaged by us
damaged by us
damaged by us
damaged by us

There is a way that it could be physically done. It was damaged by YOU.
Plastic, in all of its characteristics, if FORCED, can be damaged by YOU.
You may want a laptop built with cement or asphalt, or maybe marble.

They stand behind their product, unfortunately, it was damaged by YOU.
3729 days ago by Emeka
when i press the power button on my toshiba laptop nothing comes up until after about 15 minutes before the laptop starts booting. please what do i do and what is wrong

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