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Wayne Barney
18th of Jan, 2011 by User384574
We are living one of our worst nightmares due to Mr. Barney. We had used him for a couple of years to prepare our business, payroll and personal taxes. We felt we had a good relationship and trusted him. In Oct 2010 we sent him our original bank statements and receipts in order for him to prepare our 2009 taxes. He called telling us that he was submitting our returns through E-File and asked us to pay him $450 immediately via PayPal, which we did.

We then found out he never filed our returns. We also found out his office was vacant. For 3 months we left him phone messages and e-mails. He finally responded after he received our e-mail notifying him we were filing a complaint with the IRS. He said in his e-mail that he was no longer in business and his reason for not filing our returns made no sense. At this point all we want is our files back, it will be impossible to reproduce many of the receipts. Mr. Barney has not returned our files and is once again ignoring our communications. We will be taking any and all actions against him that we can afford.

4139 days ago by Consumer 1
Mr. Barney has submitted updates to this Report on Ripoff Report. The Consumer should update based on that report. It goes without saying that since 1994, they have only had one client make notation. For a firm engaged in the service areas, this obviously is a good record. Almost 20 years without no other complaints? Looking at he Ripoff Report Comments, submitted by the Firm, the taxpayer has not related all necessary information and one should take that into account.
4139 days ago by Consumer 1
Just to note, we are currently a client. And we have never in almost a decade and a half had to question this firms integrity. We are sure, as with us, they went above and beyond what is or was required and there is missing information. Of course its the consumers side of course so read it as you may but you should just check out the comments they submitted to this report. As shown in the comments, the firm is not going to sit around and do things and intentionally rip people off. We can attest to that. The consumer should not file things when they are mad one day. It is most unprofessional and tarnishing to a reputation that should not have this done to it. We disagree entirely with this consumer. Based on both sides as submitted on Ripoff.
4139 days ago by Consumer 1
In our opinion; though of course this is purely relational; perhaps the taxpayer should be the one's reported to the IRS? Now that would make a good reason to file such garbage. In the comments noting that this taxpayer bounced checks, and can enforce policy that require retainers and such, or pre-advanced payment; not there is probably a good idea why they asked for it at that time. And I know this firm well, if they say they can prove they did the work and provide evidence which I'm sure they can, then it goes without saying. In the end they were discounted and who really got ripped off over time anyway? The consumer of course. As always. Do we see this firm filing reports about non-paying clients, or clients who push off bad checks. Well no. Beverage Branding Solutions would never do that. Mrs. Connie Anderson should be more respectful. She has not attempted to update the Report since filing and I am quite sure Mr. Barney can provide evidence that they did get their documents back. Again, we know the firm well. And in our opinion if what Mr. Barney states is true, and he has showed me the Emails to provide evidence that it is; the Taxpayer is out of line. Disability and all is good for some. And we agree in this case.
4139 days ago by Consumer 1
And For you information, should you get a wise streak going Mrs. Anderson, the emails he showed me did not contain your personal confidential information or business related matters. Just wanted to clear that up as you might try an attempt to attack them for disclosury information. Don't like the fact that he said you bounced checks or otherwise; as the firm states in their response. Then don't open the nasty box. And we're not as professional as Mr. Barney. We will use your name. To the fullest extent allowable by Law. Have a great day but you lost a good company when you damaged this one in time. Of course you don't realize it but maybe that's why you're disabled Mrs. Anderson. Have a great day - John
4138 days ago by BCBS
It's like another biased consumer based system. You keep the public informed that is such crap in our Companies opinion. In posting this information to your site, you did not 1. take any feedback at all from the Business or other public you merely took the taxpayers comment posted it on your so-called informative site and called it good. Now tell me exactly where does it protect both the consumer and business also. It merely protectes whom in this case is wrong. We have posted necessary evidence to indicate we did the work. We billed a flat-rate and gave them a deal cause they were just another small business owner who can't seem to make the business work and might as well collect unemployment; they'd be making more if they did. We billed flat-rate did the work asked for more information, was not provided it and gave documents back. If they decide to finalize and do it elsewhere, our policies state specifically its a done deal once we start on the work. Just the time alone to complete data entry because they can't assimilate it themselves would be enough to say they were not ripped off. Oh lets not forget about the times we had to talk to them to get it. We make more on one Corporate Return than we do on clients like that and I should kick myself in the head everytime I take on a poor client. Oh that's so bad sorry you are not doing well, here lets just override what others have to pay and treat you different cause you're a nice client. We wont' tell others about it, cause you're a nice person. Such stupid thinking and has always been my downfall.

Just think though when we do taxes for those types of consumers again, we'll learn from the Anderson's. And you the consumers will have to pay for it. its a shame that we capitalists are so adamant but thiese people totally circumvented every thing we do and every policiy and oh by the way she wasn't even the one I was dealing with. Keep her out of it don't let her know, keep it between us and now what/ I'm supposed to beck to her every fancy and say oh poor thing. Get it to us sooner you won't have to face deadline issues. And do your own work if you don't like getting billed.

Oh yeah we are supposed to say Poor little consumer can't afford the bill - Too bad

A+ Rating with the BBB and we rip people off. No complaints in 17 years and we Rip People off. This lady is lucky I don't sue her personally just because we can. Don't have to be right just have to know the law. She's just lucky I have other things to do with clients I have had for 17 years. As I said in this case, oh poor little consumer who is in my opinion nothing but a crap client was always and will always be.

Now you tell me where do we post you guys don't pay you bounced a check, you can't pay a bill on time, you don't like it. Too bad. As we stated protecting the consumer now what about all those poor little consumers that rip companies off all the time. That's what we need a Ripped Off by a Poor little consumer website to tell them how many times someone jerks us around cause they are, yep, that's right, POOR LITTLE CONSUMERS - AGAIN TOO BAD. If you don't want to pay the bills do it yourself.

Consumer reporting now we could write an article about that one.
4138 days ago by BCBS
And by the way why do people us us. Simply put we don't mix words, you dont' see us whining when we can't get our crap together. We tell it like it and if you don't like it, its too bad; don't get into the problem to begin with.

Not to worry this will affect every single poor little consumers tax return that we do from now on. H&R Block now there's the ones we should complain about and now we are going to act just like that cause of one sleezebag who can't get it straight. It's a flat rate billing and if you don't like it DO IT YOURSELF.

Next time you poor little consumers think we capitalists are going to give you a break cause you collect social security cause you collected unemploment, cause you made 30k a year. Think again. You Poor Little Consumers don't like it, do it yourself. Simply stated. My biggest problem has always been and will always be, thinking you deserve it. That oh we should feel sorry for you. What a joke. Fine now we act like other tax firms.

And you want us to help solve problems, pay the bills. If you bounce chekcs, except to get billed for it. If you do that expect retainers. Expect to apply what we say in our policies. Poor little consumers or not. Do the work yourself if you can't afford it.
4138 days ago by BCBS
Oh I started collecting unemployment. Oh I'll give you a better deal. Oh here you go after spending countless time on the matter. Oh such a nice little baby you have there. Here I got all this candy on sale. And they still ripped us off. Oh that's alrigt you can crawl over the furniture I dont' mind, oh no big deal here I'll even pay the postage for you and they STILL RIPPED US OFF...

Consumers being Ripped Off - you don't even want to hear how many times you consumers ripped us off. Oh but you're such nice people. Yeah I forgot that.

Our problem we should deal with real companies and real taxpayers. Not with people who we figure yeah they'll screw us in time. And guess what. They do. After 17 years you finally realize how it is. Now tell me why do these so called consumers reporrtng systems only post the consumers gripe why didn't they post our replies too. Because like this so-called rip off. they rip the consumer off from the real facts. No one wants to know what the business thinks, they just want to hammer a perfect track record company. Oh lets all get on the band wagon now.

4138 days ago by BCBS
To finish and close, some consumers may not like these comments. And yes they are meant to be what they are meant to say.

Companies us us for the last 2 decades and we have spotless records with the BBB except for one typical cry baby who doesn't even have legal rights to solve any of the problems with us that we needed fixed but regardless they use because.

1. We are well educated

2. We know what we are doing

3. We relate facts not a spin on facts like not posting consumer or business comments like this site does.

4. We can solve problems

5. We know as much about the law and have changed two civil rights laws. Help people get Social Security though some of them rip us off too, and can make most lawyers look like crap.

6. We work with lawyers too. We don't dislike them, have them as good friends. But a good lawyer is not what we are talking about here. We are talking about people like us who know what they are doing.

7. We can and will relate the truth.

8. We keep clients for decades because these are all facts.

Simply stated people may not like what we say but we are good at what we do and that is what is important when it comes to business. I was even nominated who's who of utah professionals in 2000, voted most likely to succeed in college and more other things than I can list.

People may not like what we have to say and it may delay the work and finalization of it but simply put,
We do not Rip People Off. and we take offense when they say that.

Simply put we can and will g9iven the necessary motivation, show this consumer exactly why we would win a case against them. It's just that simple. We have evidence we provided it on Rip Off Report but of course you won't know it unless you was to read it. No sense in believing this site is concerned about real consumer issues. If so they would post ALL the facts. Not just some. Just like this taxpayer.

It's up to you if you want good quality professional educated people then we are the ones to talk to. if you want to rip people off and believe we cannot uphold policy and circumvent everything we do. Then look somewhere else and I would rather you did.

I am a Mormon. I have integrity and I don't appreciate rude comments and if any one is offended the only thing I can say is there is obviously a reason why it might offend you. Once you figure that out, then you'll not need to see the Psychiatrist anymore.

Have a great day. Wayne.
The BBB does not give our Company A+ The highest rating for nothing.
4137 days ago by BCBS
I would like to add, my comments do not apply to all people. There are many people that we deal with whom are living on fixed incomes and just don't have the money at the time we do their work for them. So we work with them on it. The majority of the time they do pay the billings. Some however just think oh no big deal they can afford to eat this one. And those the folks we are talking about here.

For one. If we were even close to thinking like most professional firms do we would not take on clients who obviously would have a hard time paying the billings. Yet, generally speaking most of them do pay the bills. And of course there are some whom do not.

It if unfortunate when you deal with clients for years whom you have given more breaks to and been lenient on policies that they would come and make such rude commentary. Just because they were not feeling well. It all comes down to one thing, when taxpayers realize that the issue which resulted in due diligence may result in having to pay higher taxes, they do not like it. But of course that's our fault.

We have dealt with these clients far more than what we'd like yet, we never seem to learn our lesson. However, perhaps one day we will. But if we do take on the position that most Accounting and Professional Firms do, then we would probably eliminate the issues in most cases; however, be that as it may we seek to work with those who may not have the resources at the time or limited resources; and why do we do that? It's simple, because most companies are just concerned about the bottom line, and could care less about the others.

We've seen them come and we've seen them go and in the end, we have structured our firm to where we at least have integrity at the days end. Perhaps we will get ripped off by others, and this will most likely be the case. But at least not everyone rips you off after you've went out of your way and did things most companies would be billing you on.

If we related all the different times that consumers took advantage of a situation, we could fill this site with multiple pages of trash. But we don't generally wash ones laundry in public forums. And perhaps we should.

This is why we have the A+ Highest Rating with the BBB. And this is why we will keep it. Not because we can't do what most firms do, but because we choose to not do that in many situations. And if we do, well that's just business one supposes.

Thank you again.


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