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alena strelaeff Beware this dog breeder Internet
22nd of Nov, 2011 by User486819
We bought (let's call a spade a spade, breeders breed dogs to make money; "adopt" only applies to humane societies) a dog from Alena Strelaeff six years ago. She passed away from Cushing's Disease three months ago after much suffering on her part and we are still suffering from her loss and miss her terribly. I read in the news about how a very pregnant dog belonging to Alena Strelaeff had wandered away and was found some distance away from her home. The dog gave birth at a humane society. I did a web search on Alena's Dogs out of curiousity and found this website. What I read was disturbing. First, it appears that the correspondence here is from two off-kilter dog breeders who are dishing it out at each other - both sound totally unfit to be breeding dogs for sale. Second, the fire at the shed, sick puppies, the name change of her company, lots of breeder dogs farmed out to adoptive families, and the lost pregnant dog are consistent with our experience of buying our dog from her. When we brought our puppy home, she was itching and scratching. Alena said not to worry, it was just an ordinary itch and she had washed her with horse shampoo. The itch didn't go away so we took her to the vet and it took a while for the vet to diagnose that she had sarcoptic mites (which cause mange/scabies). I phoned Alena to inform her so she could let the owners of the other puppies know and all she did was deny the fact. That was disturbing and irresponsible. We also learnt through another dog owner that her prized stud called Pluto ,whom we saw, died suddenly some months after we purchased our dog. We loved and coddled our precious doggy. I even cooked homemade food for her in the hope that this would keep her healthy and extend her life. She was very high strung and suffered from acute separation anxiety disorder but was very smart. She got sick last December and was diagnosed with Cushing' s Disease which wreaked havoc on her body due to an over-production of corticoid (stress) hormones. Putting this together with her high strung nature, it became obvious to us that she was born with a genetic predisposition to Cushing's Disease as a result of irresponsible breeding. Our vet says that the incidence of Cushing's Disease is rising and poodles rank at the top of the list of dog breeds susceptible to this disease. Due the current popularity for mix-breed poodles and the fact that the disease occurs only later in life after dogs have been used as breeders, this genetic defect/predisposition to Cushing's Disease is being selectively passed along in dogs. Dog buyers would be wise to check into the lineage of their puppies to even beyond the grandparent generation. Back to Alena, it seems that she is not selling her puppies via her website Labradoodle Passion but as the lost pregnant dog suggests she is still breeding puppies and selling through other means . DO NOT BUY YOUR PUPPIES FROM HER - this is the advice that our poor doggy would want to pass along to you.
2652 days ago by Stopabuseagainstalena
We would like to clarify some false gossip, and accusation against Alena Strelaeff
posted by ?? someone?? On rip off report, a person looking to cause problems and lash out, a person looking to blame some one for there pain and suffering.

It is sad when a family member losses a pet and Alena herself has lost more than one over
the years and knows the pain that goes along with it but does not take part in gossip and slander to make herself feel better for her loss.

First of all Who is this person, and what type of dogs is this? Who were this dogs parents? Why has this person never contacted Alena? Why has this person never provided vet copies of testing over this dog to Alena if there was in fact concerns.

Alena has an excellent record of going out of her way to help people and dogs, and these comments that she just brushed any of this would be false, and would only support she knew nothing about these alligations. She is educated as a vet assistant and very experienced animal care aide worker and has many referances listed on Labradoodle Passion site to prove she is an outstanding caring lady and has been abused by this site and people posting slander and lies.

To clarify the false info posted by ???

All dogs that had been sold by Alena Strelaeff have been vet checked by Juan De Fuca Vet
clinic in Victoria before leaving to there new home and were always of good
health and passed the vet check ups. Saying that Alena sold sick puppies is
implying that the Juan De Fuca staff did not know what they are doing and are
passing sick dogs as healthy. This is far from the truth and the Juan De Fuca
staff stands behind there medical data showing that the puppies sold were in fact

What happens to dogs/puppies after people adopt them is not a breeders fault. When any puppies have left Alenas or the vet clinic they were healthy and backed by Alena with a guarantee. Alena and the vet are not responsible or to blame for what the new owner exposes there dog to.

Second of all, yes Alena did loose her beloved pet Pluto. A dog that was bought from Dr.
Sandra Taylor of Victoria a well established poodle breeder that had never had
any health issues in her several litters of poodles she has produced. Pluto was
3 years old when he was euthanized by Dr John Gayford at the Juan de Fuca vet. Vancouver Intensive Care Unit tests showed he had been exposed to some sort of chemical or
poison that damaged his organs. It was fast and sudden, it was determined that
it was caused by outside toxins and not genetic or hereditary at all. (Why people keep harrassing and attacking Alena over the loss of her beloved family pet is SICK AND HEARTLESS!

Pluto was a very healthy dog before his sudden
death: With vet letters written to prove this
OFA hip tested Good, OFA heart
certified good, Blood Panel Normal, VWD DNA negative, Eyes certified normal.
Certified pet therapy dog, Passed three level of obienance and was training for
search and rescue. Any unhealthy dog would not pass testing or be able to do the
training and competition he did. He was a loved family member, and loved poodle
in the community.

He was used for stud by Linda of De Medi Poodles (also owner of copper
canyon labradoodles), Shadymaple Doodles, Paris Poodles, Highbrook
Labradoodles, and mareen golden doodles in Duncan, ubran goldendoodle. These
Doodle breeders would not use a stud dog that had a genetic disorder or an
unhealthy stud dog.

Towards name changes: Alena has called herself Alena’s Labradoodles when she first made
up a web site as she still had to think up a permanent name to call her hobby.
The chosen name ended up being labradoodle passion standing for her passion for
labradoodles and dogs. The person behind the false write up over name changes
believed that several Vancouver island breeders that Alena Co-owned dogs and
worked with were really only her, and this was far from the truth but ROR will
post anything, it left this disturbed angry breeder full range to write what
ever he wanted. Breeders that Jamie Sheppard thought were all Alena included: Linda from Copper Canyon Labradoodles, Joy from ShadyMaple doodles and Holly from Urban Goldendoodles
and Diane from highbrook labradoodles were to name a few, just about any doodle that
went up for sale from Parksville to Victoria he believed was Alena. Legal
documents showing Jamie Sheppard in court accusing Alena of this and other
breeders coming forward to say that the puppies and ads were in fact their’s
and had nothing to do with Alena can be seen on Labradoodle Passion web site.

To say that Alenas dogs are at fault over behavioural issues and health problems of a 6
year old dog to which it isn’t clear even who the parents are or breed is
purely posted by an angry person that is focused on blaming Alena for their

Also to say that Alena had lost dogs in a shed fire is completely false and completely
disrespectful to the people involved that were injured and lost their loved dogs several years back. Fires happen all the time and many people and animals perish every year. Details on what
happened is located on Labradoodle Passion web site

Stats on how fast a fire spreads:

On average, a fire doubles in size exponentially every 18 seconds. Even though the
exterior walls may hold up, the interior walls, other structural components and
contents will burn rapidly.

As the timber in the structure burns, it will eventually lead to collapse.
Since heat and smoke rise, the people inside will find it harder to escape as
the fire grows. “As the building had a metal roof the fire burned inward, not
like a normal fire that would of burned up). If they don't die from carbon monoxide
poisoning "smoke inhalation", then the heat or a collapse will surely
get them.

Another problem is if the heat cannot escape, it will lead to a flash over. In
a fire when the contents reach their auto ignition temperature and burst in to
flames, rarely does anyone survive a full blown flashover.

Towards the Poodle that ended up in Victoria, was not owned by Alena but by Crystal G.
of Duncan. She has lived with Crystal for almost 4 years. Alena has looked
after Angel on several occations and assisted in helping her complete Angels
health testing. Crystal trusted Alena to birth Angel as she is a certified vet assistant and has groomed Angel several times before. Alena had groomed Angel getting her ready for birthing earlier
that day and was why her collar was off. While going on an early evening walk
through a 20 acre hay field Angel got separated. Alena returned to the family farm to see if
Angel went back but she didn’t and had wondered out the other side of the tall
grass towards the high way. While walking down the road someone stopped and
picked her up taking her on a 2 hr drive and dumped her in Beacon Hill Park in Victoria.
Alena was worried sick and searched late into the evening and the next day, and
found witnesses that saw her walking up the road and then the sightings stopped. Duncan and Nanaimo shelters had no reports towards finding a poodle.
She was found from a news coverage on the mistery poodle
being found in Victoria. Because of someone taking her and then dumping her in
Victoria it put her into labor early. Her puppies where born on Tue when they
were not due until Saturday. Alena was very thankful that is was the Victoria
Animal Control Shelter that had her, and would trust them with any of her
dogs. They truly love animals and knew this from first had experience with past
dealings with VAC manager Ian Fraser. Alena had volunteered at this shelter
before, and saw how well they treated the animals. (Yes Alena has helped abused,
mistreated and homeless animals for over 10 years. A person with a heart and passion
for animals not this horrible person Jamie Sheppard created by posted false
gossip on ROR)

Alena does not breed doodles anymore and has not for quite sometime. To say she is still breeding is false and misleading. She has helped people with there pets and still works with animals and that is all it is.
To say Alena used horse shampoo on a puppy is also false, she is a certifide dog groomer and uses only organic dog shampoo. She does not own a horse or would use any thing other than a gentle shampoo for puppies. There are many reason why a puppy can itch. They can itch at there new collar, a flea or bug bite, dry skin, summer time itch, allergies, nerves etc. Like people if you get a insect bite it can itch for a week but it does not mean you have that insect still on you. All Alena's dogs a healthy and passed all vet screening. Her dogs are therapy and public educational dogs, visiting schools and hospitals. Never would an infected dog with contagious mange pass testing and be allowed in hospitals or schools. To say that her dogs have mange would also be an attack against the Juan de Fuca vet clinic that has tested and passed all her dogs with excellent health.

Here is some research done to explain the conditions listed in this write up again

Before you blame someone read the full reports and do your research! It is defimation
of character to accuse someone of false slander. By taking part in these false
postings and spreading more lies shows intend to cause hardship to Alena
Strelaeff and her family. Showing intent to discredit her ability and quality of
care to her animals, discrediting her vet clinic and causeing public mistrust towards her profession manner and excellent reputation as an animal working. To discredit her character as a wonderful
devoted animal care worker and saying right out that she is a bad person, irresponsible and not to be trusted is a crime. Anyone knowing the person name and contact info behind the persons responsible for such crime is asked to contact Alena at labradoodle Passion to inform her, so legal actions can be taken.

To help educated people on what this persons dogs had is listed below: First of all to blame Alena for the death of a six year old dog is wrong and disrespectful towards Alena and her family and with little to no respect to the people that are harmed by posting false info. Further more to take part in the false write ups posted on ROR and compare Alena to the disturbed convicted scammer artist that bred hundreds of doodles in sheds and cargo containers under ground is horrible, ignorant and rude.

If the person would of done there research before attacking and blaming
Alena then they would of realized that there 6 year old dog suffered from conditions
that were caused by Alena.

Anxiety disorders are a direct result of some sort of stress that your pet feels. One
needs to understand the cause behind the anxious behavior and address the
specific object or situation that is causing stress. Relieving stress in pets requires
patient and consistent training. You need to use the technique of desensitizing
to be able to relieve your pet of the stress. Here are some useful tips for
handling anxiety disorders in dogs:

Separation Anxiety - Use confidence building measures to convey to your dog that you
will return whenever you leave him.
Car Trips - Lure your dog into the car rather than pushing and forcing him
in. Patience and rewards will help.
Social Anxiety - Increase exposure to humans slowly and gradually.
Noise Anxiety - Keen observation is key for handling this anxiety disorder.
Anticipate and be ready with dog treats and try to associate noise with

All puppies show some signs of Separation Anxiety. It’s only natural for an infant of any species.
But as time passes, normal puppies and other pets show these signs less and
less and become more confident about being alone. It’s worrying about your
being away or about their being away from “the pack” which is out of line for
“teenage” puppies and other pets.

Sometimes separation anxiety is caused by a
change in schedule that requires the pet to be left alone for longer that
normal. Unidentified changes in older pets may also cause sudden separation
anxiety, which can be mistaken for senility. What your pet is thinking is that
it is about to loose its main friend and that you will not be returning. It is
preoccupation with this that sets off the cycle.

Dogs that are not properly exercised and
have pent up energy can also develop anxiety. Both lab and poodles are retrievers
and are not couch potato breeds.

People can create this disorder by improper
training. For example the new puppy is crying and
scared as it was just put into a crate with no toys middle of the day full of
energy etc. The new owner gets tired of the barking and whining and takes the
puppy out saying its ok don’t like your crate etc. The new owner just
reinforced the unwanted behaviour.
Patting a dog that is showing anxiety and cuddling it when it’s scared
is reinforcing the behaviour there is professional training methods that are
recommended to fix behavioural problems. Doodles are very social dogs and if
left alone or not properly trained or exercised or have trust issues with her
owners can show signs of anxiety.
Dogs are social creatures and their bonds with humans are very important to them.
Therefore, if a dog is used to having its owner around almost constantly and
the daily routine is changed so the dog is suddenly left alone much of the
time, this can trigger separation anxiety. Other changes that can give rise to
this disorder include a change in an owner's work schedule or a change in
environment, including moving to a new home. As result, there are many
different factors that can contribute to or cause stress and anxiety disorders
in dogs, many of which are especially common amongst strays, mistreated
canines, and dogs who have lived in animal shelters.

Comments by John Gayfer licanced veterinarian at the Juan De Fuca vet
clinic. All skin scraping tests for mites for will be positive because all dogs
have mites, as do people. Normally, all
dogs have a certain population of mites thriving on their body. The condition
gets exacerbated only when the immune system of the animal fails to retaliate
the multiplying mites, thus leading to severe outbreak and unchecked
reproduction of mites on the dog's body. Many factors are known to cause a
young pups Immune system to struggle. One is a common practice to give puppies
repeated vaccines, deworming, flea treatments, grooming and change in living
conditions. Stress of learning a new life and the start of puppy training are
all reason that can cause mites to get out of check. It is not caused by the
breeder, and if it was a contagious skin disorder then this puppy would have
undergone chemical skin treatments which can lead to the next condition.

Alena’s dogs were certified pet therapy dogs that visit hospitals and have undergone all testing and requirements proving that they did not have any infections diseases this would include contagious
skin conditions. To insinuate and accuse
Alenas dogs of being infected is false and slander.

Web research foundCushing's disease
is probably more accurately referred to as hyperadrenocorticism -- the
production of too much adrenal hormone, in particular corticosteroids. It can
be naturally occurring or due to over administration of corticosteroids such as
prednisone (iatrogenic Cushing's). The latter is easy to cure - just cut out
the corticosteroid administration slowly to allow the body to return to normal
function. The former is more difficult.

Cushings disease is caused by an over production of
the body's natural steroid hormone Cortisol. This over production is
caused by tumours, of which there are 2 kinds;

Pituitary Tumours - the pituitary gland is a small gland in the brain which is
involved in the production of several hormones in the body. These tumours
are very small, generally less than 10mm, and are often microscopic. They are also benign, so will do not spread, or cause other problems. They account for about 80% of
Cushings cases.
Adrenal Tumours - there are 2 adrenal glands in the body, one on top of each kidney.
They produce several of the body's hormones, including the steroid
hormones. About half
of these tumours are benign and half are malignant ( so they can spread)
They are more common in large breed dogs, but account for only 20% of
Cushings cases.

It can also be caused by giving steroids in drug
form over a period of time, so called 'Iatragenic Cushings Disease'. This is an unusual side effect of
steroid dosage, and normally occurs only when the drugs have been given
over a long period of time, or in large doses.
Cushing’s Syndrome in Dogs
The adrenal glands are
small, paired structures located just above each kidney. The outer zone of the
adrenal gland (the cortex) is composed of glandular cells that manufacture and
release corticosteroids. There are two types of corticosteroids:
mineralocorticoids andglucocorticoids.
Mineralocorticoids regulate electrolyte concentrations. Glucocorticoids reduce
inflammation and suppress the immune system.
Glucocorticoids are the type of corticosteroids used in nearly all steroid
medications. The output of corticosteroids from the adrenal glands is
controlled by the pituitary gland through the production of adrenocorticotropic
hormone (ACTH).
Cushing’s syndrome is a disease caused by long-term exposure to high levels of
glucocorticosteroids, either manufactured by the body or given as medications.
Tumors of the pituitary gland that secrete ACTH stimulate the adrenal glands to produce
large amounts of adrenal hormones. This sustained overproduction in response to
pituitary stimulation accounts for 85 percent of cases of spontaneous Cushing’s
syndrome. The remaining 15 percent are caused by corticosteroid-producing
tumors of the adrenal glands themselves.

Spontaneous Cushing’s syndrome occurs primarily in middle-aged and older dogs, although dogs of all
ages can be affected. Poodles, Boston Terriers, Dachshunds, and Boxers have the
highest incidence.

A number of cases of Cushing’s syndrome are caused by long-term therapy with drugs that
contain corticosteroids. This is called iatrogenic Cushing’s syndrome.

Please contact Alena @ labradoodle Passion Web site to inform her of any information about the party involved so legal Action can be taken to stop these horrible false write ups that are harming her and Alena's children/Family.

SITES LIKE THIS SHOULD BE FINED FOR ALLOWING FALSE INFO TO BE POSTED! And then charging people to have it looked into.
Labradoodle Passion invites any legal team to help them, to stop this abuse caused by this site allowing such false slander etc.

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