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Ally auto
2nd of Aug, 2011 by pitts
Jan. 2011 payment of 300.00/ 23 dollars and some change extra toward payment
Feb. 2011 payment of 300.00/23 dollars and some change extra toward payment
March 2011 payment of 300.00/23 dollars and some change extra toward payment
Also called and stated already got a letter stating I was going to loose my job in April but I already had another job set up in May. Asked Ally representative to put my April payments and May payments behind my loan because I could not pay it. She stated I was not eligible for that but she could extend my payments (deferment) and the first payment for April 10th would be 160.00 and then May 10th 160.00.

I called in the beginning of April because I new I could not make the 160.00 payment. She stated if I could not make that payment I would be sent to collections and I would forfeit the agreement of 160.00 therefore I would owe the full amount of 277.62 for April and May plus whatever late fee.
Throughout the month of April spoke to many different Ally representatives to get help after the 10th they would then state that they could start moving my May payment behind my loan but I had to pay the late April payment. I did not have 277.62 to pay for April or May( also I would get 4 phone calls from them daily on home phone and cell phone) I spoke to them almost daily trying to work something out but they would not help me.

June 6 made 300.00 got on Allys website to post on my account, website stated it was down and couldnt process my payment. I tried 4 times, have proof of this!!!
June 7th the follow morning Allys website was up, was able to post payment. After this payment all phone calls stopped. I figured this made them happy.
June 10th called told Ally representative that I would make a 600.00 payment later on in the month of July but before August. She said if I did not have the payment in before the 17th which is my grace period that It would still be sent over to collections.

July 22nd attempted again on internet this time attempt was 6 times even made a complaint on their website. Called Ally could not get in touch with anyone it was 6:40pm got a message stating hours of operation 7am to 7pm Monday thru Friday 9 to 5 on Sat. and closed on Sunday. Even though it states they are open 24hours.
Got on the automated line it stated that my next payment was due 8/11 for 241.36 I even have a bill stating that as well.
July 25th at 6:30 pm my car was repressed. During the time the repo man was hooking up my car who said he would tell them It was a voluntary repossession if I handed over the keys. I called Ally again I got the message of hours of operation, I just started mashing numbers to get through got In touch with a human begin at JP Chase and Morgan bank said she could not do anything I would have to get in touch with Ally.

July 26th 7:01 am called Allyreceived message of hours of operation. 888-925-2559
July 26th 7:20 am ---received message of hours of operation.
July 26th 7:38 am--- finally got in touch with a man name Roily or however you pronounce it. Asked him why I could not get thru to anyone if they opened at 7am, he huffed and hung up on me.
July 26th 7:39am called Ally back somehow I got wonderful Roily back and I asked him why he hung up on me. He hung up on me again.
July 26th 7:40am called asked for Manager. Managers name is Jusus, pronounced Jesus in English language. Told him Roily hung up on me and I would like to make a complaint, of course nothing happened. Then I told him my car was repoed but I had made a payment in June and was going to make another payment and who would I speak too. He looked up my account and said Oh repression was too early. Then he asked me if I received a letter. No I receive no letters from Ally just my next bill. He said that the letter was sent out the day of Repression and I should have received that first. He said he could not handle my account that I would have to speak with, his exact words.Work out payment Department. I asked him if that was the correct name and what was the number to call. He stated that Work-out payment Department was the correct name and that they did not have direct line that I would have to call Ally back at 8am when the Work-out payment department opened and get transferred.
July 26th 8:05am called Ally asked them to transfer me to the Work out payment Department, they had no idea what I was talking about. I ask for Jusus they said he was busy so I had to tell my story over to the girl and then she transferred me and said that the number was 877-341-7555 (1740) His name is Bob and he is my Account Manager.
Transferred over to Bob.

Spoke to rude Bob he acted like he had no time for me. He said he had been trying to get in contact with me for two weeks and never received a call from me. I did tell him he was a liar because I keep in constant contact with Ally and what number did he have? He said he only had one number. I knew that was a lie they always called me on both lines and Ally has always left messages so I know he never tried to call me. He said he also tried calling Relatives to get in contact with me and so on Friday the 22nd he sent out an order to repo and it was out of his hands I would have to contact. Dallas Redemption Services in Texas 877-845-8862 which was an office below him but they dont open till 9am and even then I would have to what 24 hours after my repo because the work takes so long to process.

July 26th 9am I called Dallas Redemption Services Ronda told me to call back a 10am they didnt have my file. 10am I called again said for me to call back at 11am. 11am called (by this time they could keep that pos aveo!!!!!) Finally at 11am she said that it would not be until 2pm when the repo company sends over my file then I will know where my car is and how much to get out.
July 26th 2pm I called back Car was reposed by United Auto Recovery and I owed 1,318.00 and some change.

July 26th 2:30 pm I called Bob back and asked him why I owed so much and why was it repoed when I made a payment last month? He stated my June payment was applied to the April payment that was missed and the extra was applied to May payment. Which left 241.00 owed for May, June was 277.62 and July was 277.62 and since he had not heard from me he sent out the order. ( these numbers do not add up I paid extra in Jan, Feb, and March) which means I owe less. By July I should have owed 595.48 that is with the late fees.)
I told him since March 10th I have called and spoke to many representatives of Ally and I had and extension in March for April and May.
He then told me to hold on he would look into the March file, Then he said and I quote, If I had looked in the March notes of your file your car would never have been repossessed. I then asked him what in the hell his job was then if he was account manager and he was to manage my account. He stated and I quote again My job is to collect money, not to make phone calls and most certainty not to leave message to people who do not call back, however, in order for the bills to be paid I have to make contact and have some sort of communication, and that is what we did not have. Also Bob stated before he hung up on me. I do not know how much slower I can explain this too you and it does not matter you were late, you car is reposed and it is out of my hands.

July 31st received two letters of repossession from Ally with a certified date of 07/27/2011. With amount 1,242.36 stating if I paid this I could get my car back on 08/11/2011.
Past due payments of (1 241.36 and 2 277.62 ) 796.60 wrong this should be 518.98!!
Late charges 95.76
Expenses 350.00 350.00
= 1,242.36

Also on my credit report they stated I was late on March note and June note the two months I paid!!!!!
None of the amounts are correct and I can not reach anyone at Ally to tell me how the amounts have added up to this amount. Why one letter states this and another that. I dont want the car back now it to much of a hassle this is the first time in my life I have had anything taken from me, I tried so hard to keep it, all I wanted was explanations and I got put down. Now I know how others feel.
2469 days ago by Customernomore
Im sorry this happened to you. It's sad and you feel helpless like theres no one in the world to help you, and you dont even know where your car is. You dont mention what state you live in. I too went through a similar situation, but we did get our car back, thanks to god! I live in Southern California. Back in 2003 there was a class action lawsuit in our state against GMAC for wrongful repossessions, so I dont know if that has anything to do with us getting our vehicle back. I hope everything works out for you!
2245 days ago by Onlyfair
I just had a similar situation. I'm in Canada and the company is treating us the exact same way. I had Lisa from ally credit call me numerous times a day, and someone who said she was Lisa's supervisor. I tried speaking with them in regards to a payment option as I had lost my job but I had my wonderful boyfriend who was going to make up payments for me. Anyways, ally would not work with me because my co-signer wasn't available to be spoken to. (He was my stepfather who since left my mother, got re-married and moved) nobody knows where he went or what his number is. So ally would not speak with me about a payment option.

I live near Toronto and my daughter lives in Ottawa. Friday morning I dropped my boyfriend off at the train station to go to work at 7:30am, I came home and didn't have to leave until around 10:30-11:00am to get my daughter from school around 3:30pm. It takes 4-5 hrs to get there by car depending on traffic. When I got home, I packed my car for the long ride and (as I usually did, ) put some of my daughters toys in the car, including a nintendo ds she got for Christmas which was her favourite toy. I came out of the house at 10:30am to find my car missing along with all my and my daughters things missing. I called ally to find out if my car had been repo'd or if it was stolen. I asked lisa if it was repo'd, she said and I quote "yes it was!!" I was surprised by the happy sound in her voice and I found that quite unprofessional. I asked her where my car was and that I need to get mine and my daughters things. Lisa said and I quote "your car is in Brampton, go get your things!" and she hung up on me.

Driving to Brampton would have been 40 minutes on a good day, let alone taking a bus, train, and two more buses to haul all of our things back. Needless to say, my daughter started crying when I didn't go get her, she also knew her toys would have been in the car (I had to tell her father the situation). I had to call ally back a few times just to get the phone number and address. Lisa and her supervisor both laughed at me and were incredibly insensitive and rude, I explained my situation and how I tried to make payment arrangements with them and they wouldn't work with me. When it was GMAC, as least they were friendly and would work with me if I was going to be late on a payment.

I got my things back, I had to make an appointment for Monday, traveled by bus, train, and two buses just to get there, and they rushed me to clean out my car and was constantly shoving a clipboard in my face to sign saying they can throw anything in the car out BEFORE I was even finished cleaning it out. That day it took me 8 and a half hours to get my things back. All because I fell behind by less than 2 months. They caused a little girl to cry and panic over her things because this company did not want to work with me.

If anyone wants to speak with Lisa about her actions and unprofessionalism, this is her work contact number. These people have too much power over our vehicles, I will never get my car back. Lisa's supervisor made that clear because I lost contact with my co-signer. They towed my car straight to the Brampton Auction House. They weren't even going to give me a grace period to catch up. It was basically take my car and auction it right away! Here's Lisa's number 1-800-673-1385 ext 4088. These people need to stop harassing people and playing on their emotions. I believe the only reason the repo'd my car without working with me is because I did the right thing by calling when I lost my job to make arrangements and they put in the order a month later.
2245 days ago by Mambo Odette
Scaminformer should be ERASED from the internet
2245 days ago by Mambo Odette
Scaminformer should be ERASED from the internet
1657 days ago by Bsanders22
its unbelievable how much our stories are alike. it was suggested that I file complaint with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau ( I did)

The work it out" dept is actually the Loss Mitagation work it out dept"
this is "in-house financing"

I got two letters as well, made a payment after each letter and they still repo'ed my car. Claimed I was 90 days past due. which I have never been 90 days past due.

they removed payments from my account and reapplied them at a later date, fattening their pockets with more interest.
Told me to make an instant payment - money gram- and some money grams are applied days later.

I EVEN TALKED TO RHONDA! I recorded our conversation and she told me "your first two payments don't count.

PLEASE JOIN MY FB PAGE " Ally autos unhappy customers"
I have paid over 30, 000 on this car and its "repo'ed" for a small portion of the last payment.

Ally will steal your car AND your soul! BEWARE

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