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ANC(Mailing name: Judging
ANC(Mailing name: Judging and Evaluation Center James Mallory They Got another poor person if this is a scam....... Kansas City, Kansas
26th of Jun, 2011 by User501969
I recieved a piece of mail from ANC(Award Notification Commission) stating i had won 2 million Dollars today in mail. Being in the current conditions of most people I felt it was finally my lucky day. I mailed it back as soon as i could. From what i have read on here about it i got scammed. So if I did get scammed ( probably 100 percent that i did) I just want to let people know that..... So that others will not fall for it as i did just because that i had solved my money problems.....
2483 days ago by Woody51
i got a official mail delivery from award notification center, how stupid do these people think we are and i am not saying those who got scammed are stupid just desperate, with all the monies it takes to print these bogus awards notifications you would think they were broke by now, but no these people are slick so just remember if its to good to be true its most certain to be a fake. so please people read carefully and remember give away means give away no money required!!!
2483 days ago by Unscam
I got excited for about a half a second, then decided it was a scam. Now that I found this website, I want to say Thnk You!
2482 days ago by Jones59
When I got this piece of mail I thought the same way a lot of other felt think how much money it cost to send out this stuff but think again about how much money these scammers will make say they send this out to three thousand people at $11.89 and everyone of those people responsed they have made $36, 000.00 and it only cost then very little money for stamp and print. So people please don't give the scammers the satifacation of taking your money.
2475 days ago by Chamoritagirl
Aloha to all of you who have posted this on here. As you all are aware, when they ask for money then it's too good to be true--IT'S A SCAMM. Like one person who said it best is "remember when you win you don't pay anything." I just want to put out that I won a lottery several years ago and they didn't ask me for money to be send via the mail. I took my winning ticket to the "legitimate" lottery center and I was asked a few questions and got my cashier's check for "X" amount of dollars, so we all have to come together to stop these scammers. So don't give in to any prize give away that request for money for processing fees, etc. Best thing to to do is go on line to ensure these folks are legitimate before you send any money. Good luck and thanks for your input.
2474 days ago by Utec
I just received the so called award of $2, 000, 000.00 in the mail and knew right away that this is a scam. I looked up the name on the computer and found this website. Thanks warning the public about this scam.
2467 days ago by Anonymous
yea! thanks people for the info dang they almost had me till i found this site. thank you again i really dont have the money for that and yall saved me that money.why dont the police try to catch these people steeling the money?if i was the one steeling i would be in jail. whats wrong with the system?
2466 days ago by Furby2
I just received an "OFFICIAL MAIL DELIVERY" notification in my mail today, July 26, 2011 from the JUDGING AND EVALUATION CENTER, supposedly located at P. O. Box 2905, Kansas Cit, KS, United States Of America, or that is the address on the return envelope in which I am supposed to send my the entry form that says I have the opportunity to win the grand prize of $2, 000, 000.00, along with a "Premium Acquisition Fee" of $11.98 But wait, this is so important--"To elect SPECIAL "RUSH PROCESSING" Add $3.00 (Total Enclosed $14.89)." Now, it is sad to say that thousands of people especially the elderly, are taken in by these scam artists, (for lack of a kinder word to call them) every day and lose their life savings. But I am not one who believes that I can get rich simply by opening an envelope and mailing in $15 to a P.O. Box number in Kansas especially since my name isn't Dorothy, my little do'gs name is Journey, not TOTO, my house was not just hit by a tornado, and the biggest hint of all is that the return envelope has as part of the return address the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. If that isn't a dead give-away that this a scam from someone in a another country, I don't know what is. And as you can see, I am not afraid to sign my real name to this.

Elaine Mincey
2458 days ago by Merlitt
just also received my letter in the mail saying i had actully, won the 2million prize, charlottesville va.wouldnt it be nice, if poor people really won, do they reliaze, how much is taken away from us, who are less fournate, than others.
2458 days ago by Merlitt
also receiving alot of scam emails from far away places, the most recent is one i got from someone sending me afbi email, saying it wasnt a scam, i had won some money they also went on to say it was from a robert muller fbi, scam or not you decide
2451 days ago by Mcbear1954
I recieved a notification from the "Judging and Evaluation Center" stating that I had a chance to win two million dollars. The entry would be finalized once I sent in a total of $11.89. Being skeptical I checked on line and I am glad I did. I wonder just how many people are duped by scams like this. How can this type of scam be stopped? Could this be construed as mail fraud subjecting the senders to Federal prosecution? If there is an attorney reading please investigate.
Michael Cerrato, Brooklyn, NY
2441 days ago by Jtaukward
I got a letter form Judging and Evaluation Center, PO Box 2905, Kansas City, KS 66110-2905 stating that I had won $2, 000, 000 if my ANC control no. matched. They also said I needed to pay $11.89 to ANC in order for the receive the award. The letter was signed by William MacDonugal, Compliance Examiner.
What is this scam? I am uncertain how my name was choosen. Beware. I also got a call today from
America Wealth Publishing from a John Brown, wanted a money order for $150 to be collected by their rep. I was to win a new car and cash. I looked up America Wealth Publishing it is based in Twaine or some place. Be aware, this guy was slick. Stated I could call BBB.
2437 days ago by Luckylady
August 24, 2011
I got a letter from "Judging and Evaluation Center, " PO Box 2905, Kansas City, KS 66110-2905 stating that I had won $2, 000, 000 if my ANC control no. matched. They also said I needed to pay $11.89 to ANC in order to receive the award. The letter was signed by James Mallory. Threw it in the trash where it belongs. !
2430 days ago by Ktj
Just received letter from Judging and Evaluation, PO Box 2904, Kansas City, KS 66110. When I saw that I had to send $11.89 plus $3.00 to elect Special "RUSH PROCESSING". I thought --now why to I need to send money to win money? So I googled James Mallory, Judging and Evaluation Center and found this site. I'm glad it confirmed my thoughts. Thank you. It will be burned along with the other trash!!
2411 days ago by Vegasman1
WHAAAAAAAAAAT!!! First of all! If someone was giving me $2, 000, 000, then why are they asking me for $11.89AAAAAAAAAAA? Please!
2392 days ago by Thefineprint
I got the exact same thing as all of you saying that I've won 2 million dollars if I pay the 11.89. However, if you read the fine print on the seperate piece of paper sent with it you'll notice a few statements: "the purpose of this sweepsteakes is to promote various products featured by sponser: NextGen, Inc., Overlank Park, KS 66210. NextGen Inc makes our mailing list available to companies whose products or services may be of onterest to you." ..."All entries become the exclusive property of the Sponcer, and not all will be acknowlaged or returned." in bold at the back side bottom: YOU HAVE NOT YET WON" even if entry from says you have. then it continues further saying if you win they have the right to use you in promotional media and magazeens... the money they ask for probably is the only way to get enough funds to give away the cash prizes, some profit, and a way to get the addresses and permitions to send you a bunch of junk mail. PLEASE if you get these things they are obligated to tell you all the conditions. Do yourself a favor and READ THE FINE PRINT THAT IS PROVIDED!!! Thank you. P.S. This is not from another country the product hosts main office is in MO, USA at the adderss: 21 NE Skyline Dr, Lees Summit, MO 64086-5691. P.S.S. Next-Gen, Inc. is not BBB Accredited. For customer Service for this sweepsteaks or to STOP THE MAILINGS call NextGen Inc at (913) 338-1823. Thank you.
2392 days ago by Thefineprint
Oh yeah, I almost forgot to mention . The odds of winning if you do send the money in, it's actually processed and there is an actual grand prize winner (which is also stated in the rules that there may not be one) are 1 in 300 million Stated in the official rules. You're better off trying to win the your local lottery.
2367 days ago by Hortense
Got one today in the mail from the Judging and evaluation center in Kansas city KS for 2, 000, 000.00 send in 11.89 YEAH RIGHT ! REALLY! Thanks for the website info and God help those that believe this crap to be less
trusting and more skeptical...sad that the world is the way it is today...especially when so many are financially defunct...Shame on Mr. James Mallory .( if that IS his real name!!!)...remember!!! scamming innocent people will not help your fact, what goes around, comes around...beware of your own bad karma!!!
2366 days ago by Vafa Abbassi
Dear Mr A N C in p.o. box 2905, Kansas City, KS 66110-2905 U S A
I was born at night but it was not last night.I am going to pray for you very hard.
God bless you & change your evil ways.
thanh you.
2363 days ago by Lcdiesel20
Punk azz bitches!!! Ill go down there n burst a cap n james...whatever da fuck it iz AzzzzZZZ!!! People hide cha shit!!! Its not jus uncle SAM!!! but it make me wonder...I should get in da scam business...loloahaha> Just be carefully out there!! Da world is crazy in every spinn
2329 days ago by Debra Spratt
I received the same letter you all did and I didn't respond I almost did but I got on the internet and this is what I found others that were scammed too. But you know shame on these people who think they can do this and get away with it. I just put you all in Gods hands and let him deal with you because he can do a better job of judging you than any man can. This is so cruel because there are people who really do believe this is true. But some day you will get what is coming to you, and I'm so glad that it won't be me judging you. Thank you.

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