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Brighter Image Dental
Brighter Image Dental Lab press-on veneers, professional teeth whitening, dental image, brighter image tooth whitening gel, Msc Dvelopment, Inc.,Brigh
30th of Jun, 2011 by User517768
I ordered and paid for Press-On veneers on 1/19/11. I have talked with Laurie Hall, sales/marketing director, numerous times and received excuse(lie) after excuse(lie). Today is 7/1/11 and I still have not received the veneers or any communications from them. A delivery date could never be obtained by me or my credit card company. For a dental lab that provides so many diverse services to be so inept/dishonest is incomprehensible. The president/director, Bill Watson, advertises that he wants to know of any problems or improvements that he can make to improve service, so I emailed him, and just like Laurie, No Response. I am a retired law enforcement officer and I intend to follow up on this Fraud by talking with Federal and State enforcement agencies. Brighter Image needs to refund my money, instead they just ignore me like I don't matter and act like no one can or will make them return my good faith money. They have my money and I have no product, what type of business practice is that?
2513 days ago by Unhappy
I bought veneers from this company 6 and a half months ago, paid in full $1, 925.00 and still no product! I keep getting the run around for my refund. AVOID THIS COMPANY! Laurie is a scam artist, she will say they have been shipped, you call her back a week later and then she will say they are being made now and ready to ship in a week, the machine is broken, shipping lost the information and it goes on and on. Same for the refund, she claims it has been sent. Then you call back and she will say accounting is working on it. Lies all lies... They did send an upper set but one had a hole in them the other made me look like I had buck teeth and I couldn't even close my mouth, they stuck out over my lower lip. What kind of quality control is that?.

Now they are saying they will not send me a refund or deal with me any longer because they feel I am difficult and will not be happy no matter what they do. Not true, I will happy once they refund my money! Bill Watson, says they will not work with me until I take down my online postings about them. I will once they either send me what I paid for, or refund my money!
2498 days ago by Sup That
omg i had the same thing happen to me ... where the heck is my product that was supposed to be here um a month ago!
2498 days ago by Aboeuf
Sorry they are scamming you. Thanks for posting though because I was about to plop down $1500.00.
grateful in Georgia
2487 days ago by Conalu35
My friend purchased from this company in April 2011 with promises of delivery in 2-3 weeks. With several chats with Laurie Hall throughout the next 4 months, no product and one promise after another. Now the product did arrive but are not at all satisfactory - not fit, color nor do they look like they were done by a dental professional. My friend is in the process of getting them returned and a refund to his credit card. Point of information, if you pay by credit card, a credit card company can be of assistance by you disputing the charge. Check it out.

With all the complaints I have been on the internet, it seems that perhaps a letter to the Attorney General in Texas, Better Business Bureau and the licensing department for Professional Licensure for the State of Texas will be the next step!
2487 days ago by Unhappy
I have filed complaints with the Better Business Bureau, The Attorney Generals offices in Both my home state and Texas as well as filed with the Federal Trade Commission. All to no avail. Your credit card company can help you, but only for a set amount of time, anywhere from 30 days to one year. Call them for the exact time that they can reverse the charges. What they are doing constitutes intent to defraud. I urge you all to file complaints and keep on them. I call almost everyday. They are now telling me that they are still deciding what they are going to do with/for me... I posted above and now it is going on 9 months, still nothing from them. I ordered on Nov 22, 2010 They are claiming that because of my posting online that they will not work with me until I remove my postings, which I wall not do until they correct the problem. I will not remove them but I will update them once I receive a full refund and nothing less. Also post your complaints all over the internet to help prevent others from being ripped off by these scam artist.
2487 days ago by Unhappy
They also changed their website information to Press on removable veneers trying once again to hide from all the negative postings about them...
2486 days ago by Sophie67
Yes I ordered them in April (my mom posted above) and all I got was lies and promises that went unfulfilled. Then after I filed a dispute with my credit card company (after the four months) - low and behold I received them - and they suck! Don't even fit over my teeth - and look like something you could buy in a halloween store! My credit card company told me that they will handle it - but I have ALL chat messages printed as well as all the emails full of lies and deception - so my card company told me that they are taking care of it. I have been on chat with Brighter Lab for the past two days trying to get a return authorization which is apparently needed to return these cheaply made veneers - and guess what ... laurie says she has to get that number from accounting - and low and behold - I am getting the run around for that as well - and after two days of bugging them about getting it...they blocked me from theri "chat"! They did say that i could return them with a tracker so they I know they got them ...but I do NOT trust them to do that. Laurie also confirmed in an email to me that "Yes, we have a 30 day money back guaranty" - thank god I work for a law firm and print everything! I think only Laurie and Sheri work there...I paid $550 for mine -and now I see they raised it to $750 - anyone out there going to order from them - IF IT SOUNDS TO GOOD TO BE TRUE - IT IS!!! Just down right horrible - I am not sure how Laurie and "sheri" (if that isn't Laurie as well) - sleep at night.
2485 days ago by Madwteeth
I order these a month ago, with Laurie Hall, then.. I called a month later and sheri said... this takes a lot of time I need 3 weeks.
2482 days ago by Alan
OMG - i had the same problem ... Laurie - all talk and no action - got my money and never replies to my email. I ordered teeth whitening from them... don`t bother ... rip off artists... con artists... if you want to waste your money go ahead and order... you will not be satisfied though and you will never get your money... it`s about time someone put a stop to these people. I even tried to complain to Bill Watson - another waste of time... there really should be a law against these people.
2480 days ago by Tattedbeauty
Happened to me, but really gonna sue their asses!!! And they know it, I'm not playing around with them not one bit, they got 4 days to get either a. My money or B. Some veneers or they next call they will recieve will be from my lawyer, and they have been made well aware of this fact!!! No good s.o.b's i ordered in June its now august no product and then they tell after I ordered it will take 6 to 8 weeks they go by date and my date hasn't come up they get no more time after Friday. Then the next they will be hearing from le is when I fly to fort worth and take them to court!!!
2477 days ago by Unhappy
We all need to file complaints with Texas and your State Police internet fraud division and with the Internet Crime Complaint Center most of these can be filed online. Just look them up. They told me mine are ready to be sent out but they will not until I remove my postings online. Which we have every right to post these reviews about them to protect others from becoming victims. They also did not return the call from my bank about the charges. They are showing clear case of intent to defraud.
2466 days ago by Harley4664
I will join any lawsuit
2460 days ago by Tattedbeauty
Well I had sicked a pittbull lawyer on them, Laurie hall didn't want to come to the phone, they were all hiding, then my lawyer stated who he was and why he was calling then all of the sudden Laurie is veneers are now in the mail n on the way, with a gaureentee if I don't like them, I can call back n they will send me new ones, I guess she thought I was joking when I told her imma sue then she looked him up, plus with the letters from the Texas better business bureau, and the Texas commissionars office they knew I wasn't playing, and if these veneers don't fit right..they will hear from my lawyer again and again
2456 days ago by Antonio0626
I agree with all comments, I purchase both the upper and lower press on veneers around the end of April 2011. After sending photos of my mouth and teeth, I called and spoke with Laurie and she said the veneers should be mailed out around May 23, 2011. However, no veneers, and no communication from the company (still to date), I have had several chats with Laurie via the phone and computer chat, and she has given numerous excuses such as the machine is broken through the month of June, to my veneers being re-made, and now in August the lab having problem getting molding or fit for both veneers on the model. I became concern with this being a scam after I was unable to pull up the website, however I went the Brighter Image Lab and again contacted Laurie who assured me that everything was legitimate. I feel duped. I spent 1, 150.00 the largest purchase I ever made online. It took several weeks to decide on making the purchase. I think Laurie is stalling, and making promises of delivery product to perhaps prevent litigation. I have kept all copies of our conversation, and at this point I am going to find out how to get my money back. The company delivered my product. The contract states "no refund." Where is the product? Please do not buy from this company. I have not had any communication at all about the product and status of my order, just delays when I inquired.
2456 days ago by Antonio0626
Company did not deliver my product.
2455 days ago by Antonio0626
As a follow-up: [email protected] is an invalid email address. I used this email to send my photos of the my mouth and teeth.
2455 days ago by Unhappy
Antonio, the only that works I think is the email address [email protected] They sent me another upper last week and they holes in them and did not fit. I received a phone call back from the Internet Crime Complaint Center and they are having a detective contact me. So I encourage all of you to file a complaint with them. Hopefully, even if I don't get my money back we can at least shut them down, so they will not rip off others.
2447 days ago by Shelly Smile
I called the company and asked them to explain this page and I was told that most of these complaints was from one group of guys trying to slander them because they just wanted there money back for work that was already completed.

I was concerned because it took longer for me to receive my veneers but I did receive them and im very pleased. This site almost made me not order and I would have had to go without new veneers.

I would be very concerned about these posting. The company has been in business for over 12 years.
2441 days ago by Antonio0626
The company is in business, however they are not servicing all of their customers at the same level. It should not take, now 6 months to complete my order. To date, I have not received any calls from the company. Certainly, I was impressed with the advertisement, and gave the company sufficient time to complete my order, despite being told that the order was being completed and shipped several times by Laurie Hall. I am glad the product has worked for some. As for this site being a group of dissatisfied guys trying to ruin company's image is false in my opinion. I don't have time to waste. I am looking for answers because at this point I feel I am being scammed. I requested my money back. I have not heard from the company. If the company does not improve on how they communicate with their customers and the status of their order, people will continue to find ways, and this site has provided a way. I am going to take the company to small claims court shortly if I don't hear anything. It seems that company get very angry when complaints are filed. Where are the representatives of this company disputing these claims being made. Purchase the product at your own risk, perhaps you might a satisfied customers. However, I suggest looking for other sources for that wonderful smile. If I had done so, I would probably would had my snap-on months ago. By the way, if you are facing a similar situation as I have, don't stop with filing complaints. File complaints with the Better Business Bureau, Texas State Attorney Office, Texas department of Licensing and Regulations, FTC, and post where every possible to resolve your problem. If I get a refund, I will stop posting. Where is my product?
2437 days ago by Unhappy
Shelly Smile sounds more like Laurie Hall, trying to pass herself off as a customer. I don't buy that story at all! I have not received my veneers and I placed the order on 10/22/2010. The ones they sent had holes and did not fit. If anyone wants to see photos, they can email me at [email protected] and I will happy to show them the lack of quality!

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