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City of Quincy
City of Quincy, Illinois -- OUTRAGEOUS CIVIL RIGHTS VIOLATIONS AGAINST TEEN WITH ASPERGER'S SYNDROME -- Doctors, teachers, counselors, and police fai
27th of Aug, 2011 by User948928
The reason why I'm writing a "scam report" about this is because, despite exhausting every other possible avenue to a solution, including making reports to Lisa Madigan's office and the federal Justice Department, no action has been taken against my abusers. Not only do they continue to walk (and work, for that matter) free, but they continue to violate my basic rights as a human being and American citizen on a regular basis, knowing they always get away with it every single time. Their relentless effort to deflect responsibility for their own actions by making me look like the bad guy has gotten so out of hand, people here think that I'm just crazy -- and as far as job opportunities, even McDonald's won't hire me now. Even more importantly, despite the best efforts of the Quincy Police and other authority figures to convince me that it's basically "me vs. the world", I am VERY far from being the only victim in this area. Of course, that's not what most people believe. But maybe it's not that far-out of a scenario: Not only is this city and most of the other surrounding towns seriously lacking in a sense of accountability, what with its strong local "good-ol'-boy system" and all, but Mayor Spring himself is well-known for his political connections all the way up to the Madigans and even President Obama -- which may explain why our nation's current establishment doesn't want to admit that any wrong-doing is going on here. But this official finding by a state appellate court, in a case where I was falsely committed to a mental hospital, is proof enough of my version of events: But that's only one incident in a long train of civil rights violations. The "people in charge" basically see me as an easy target for a variety of reasons. For one, I actually have Asperger's syndrome, a high-functioning developmental disability which I have been officially diagnosed with since age 7. I also come from an extremely dysfunctional family where drug use and domestic abuse are the norm, and my mother and stepfather were no exception to that. However, both of them had a good reputation in the community and used that to their own advantage. They deflected the blame from themselves by manipulating others into believing that I was actually a "bad child" and the real cause of the problems at home. Dr. Ronald St. Hill -- a "pill-pusher" psychiatrist at Blessing Hospital whom I saw on an outpatient basis since I was 13, agreed with my mother word-for-word but completely disregarded my version of events. (Keep in mind that doctors like him are required by law to report abuse allegations to the Illinois DCFS, regardless of what they believe). He claimed, without any factual or logical basis, that my perception of the events at home was distorted and that taking an anti-depressant would fix that. But it didn't. So every single time a problem arose at home, he would increase the dosage of the medication until it reached dangerously high levels. Since the medication never had a meaningful effect to begin with, you'd think the logical thing to do at that point would be to try a different medication. But in the world of this terrible excuse for a doctor, the solution is to prescribe another meaningless medication on top of what was already prescribed. And when I'm already on a high-enough level of that medication too, prescribe ANOTHER medication on top of all that, repeat ad nauseam. But that's not all. When making their decisions, my teachers and IEP team at the school in Barry (about a half-hour outside of Quincy), where I was going at the time, stood by the actions of my mother and Dr. St. Hill through all of this. All of these medications severely affected my cognitive performance, and my grades at school dropped from straight A's in the 7th grade to C's and D's in the 10th grade. By then, my medications actually started "knocking me out" during the daytime and even at school, but even then the school staff refused to address this (let alone report Dr. St. Hill to the DCFS). Instead, their "solution" was to allow this all to keep happening while putting me in all special-education and online classes in the 11th grade. Over this entire time period, Dr. St. Hill diagnosed me with all sorts of other mental conditions that I didn't have, including eating disorders (even though I was eating normally and everyone knew that), bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia. As major as all of these diagnoses are, I actually received NO testing whatsoever to prove the existence of these conditions. My mother would just lie to Dr. St. Hill during my appointments with him that I was having symptoms of all these disorders, and the doctor would believe her word-for-word despite my repeated insistence of the contrary. My mother also began calling the police (it would have been the Pike County Sheriff's Office at that time) to our home because of my supposed "behavioral problems", but even they refused to investigate my detailed and well-founded claims of abuse. Since both of the sheriff's deputies in Barry personally knew my stepfather, they used the "oh, he would never do that" logic as their basis for believing him and my mother. They would often have me forcibly incarcerated in Blessing Hospital's psychiatric unit as a result. (Police officers are also mandated reporters.) When I accused my mother, the doctor, the police, and the school of being part of a "conspiracy", the doctor diagnosed me as a paranoid schizophrenic (once again, no testing was performed to prove the existence of this condition). While a normal parent would be heartbroken upon learning that their son has such a condition, my mother seemed to seek comfort in learning from the doctor that my job and educational opportunities would be severely limited for the rest of my life due to my mental health record. I will never forget how, on the way home from that particular doctor's appointment, my mother taunted me about my diagnosed conditions like it was all my fault. Oh, and on top of all that: When I reported the abuse to the DCFS myself, they too refused to investigate due to "lack of evidence" (of course there won't be any until you actually investigate, dumbos). After my mother and stepfather separated in 2009, my mother moved us to the actual city of Quincy. But the staff at Quincy High School, too, sided with my mother and the doctor when making decisions for my IEP. At this point, I got so fed up with the adults that I wrote a letter to one of my friends from school, asking for her help. But she thought my story of all of the "people in charge" being in with my mother and stepfather was too far out to be true (I guess that's what happens when so many people in positions of power are allowed to get away with this kind of thing so many times), so she actually turned me in to Mrs. Edgar, the school principal, stating that she was concerned about my mental health. (I had mentioned to her that the doctor diagnosed me as a paranoid schizophrenic). But what happens next is completely inexcusable: Although the letter I wrote to my friend contained a detailed account of verbal, mental, and physical abuse I suffered at the hands of my parents and my doctor, Mrs. Edgar didn't report it to the DCFS -- she, accompanied by my social worker Mrs. Cox, went straight to the very same people that I accused of abuse!!! And guess what happened? Despite not being a threat to myself or others, I ended up back in the psychiatric ward without an examination -- and on top of all that, despite being a legal adult and having rights under the state Mental Health Code, I was illegally placed on the child/adolescent unit and only given the same rights as everyone else there. I repeatedly tried to reason with the hospital staff about this, but Dr. St. Hill's excuses for this -- both complete and outrageous lies -- was that the newly passed mental health code broadly expanded his authority to have me involuntarily committed, and that I did not have the rights of a legal adult until I graduated from high school. I even asked him to prove this, and he refused, claiming he "didn't have enough time". (The reality is that the 2009 mental health code laid down a much stricter standard for involuntary commitment, and a person's rights as an adult take effect immediately upon turning 18.) The conditions on the child psychiatric unit of Blessing Hospital are absolutely deplorable. Every single time I went there, I came to realize that most of my fellow patients, too, were only branded as "mentally ill" for alleging abuse from their parents. So basically, this means that any abusive parent in the Quincy area can use "mental health treatment" to their own advantage. For the record: domestic violence is a crime, the common sense solution is to lock the perpetrator up. But in the eyes of Dr. St. Hill and his underlings, apparently the solution isn't to lock the parents up for domestic abuse -- instead, it's lock the victimized children up and dope them up on psychiatric medication until they can "deal with it", all while potentially ruining their lives with a mental health record!!! And, to top that all off, the unit's "treatment" program places much more emphasis on obeying authority figures and being forced to do tasks completely unrelated to mental health treatment under the threat of staying at the facility longer, than actual counseling and intervention. If you were actually a patient there, you'd see what I'm talking about. The hospital staff were also verbally and mentally abusive, making all sorts of absurd excuses for my false incarceration and claiming that my mother's behavior at home was "justifiable". I will never forget one particular nurse who stated point-blank, in response to my description of a physical abuse incident at home, "maybe because you deserved it". The involuntary-commitment case related to that hospital stay was dropped before jury selection. But the ordeal was far from over. Once again, despite my repeated and well-founded allegations of abuse from my mother, I was discharged back to my mother's home. My in-patient social worker justified this by lying that the local Salvation Army kicked everyone out onto the streets during the night, making them a much more dangerous option. (The reality is that they do have an overnight shelter, and I ended up going there on one occasion when I was homeless.) When I came home, the abuse only worsened. My mother began barging into my room on a regular basis to make sure I wasn't trying to contact my friends for help. When I was able to contact an old friend from school, my mother called 911 and claimed that I physically hurt her and my younger sister and was making death threats. Although my mother spoke to the Quincy police in a completely emotionless and nervous (as in, indicating that she was lying) tone of voice, was acting in a manner totally inconsistent with someone who had just been threatened, and I thoroughly explained my mother's history of abusing me to the police, they still sided with her version of events and had me sent to MacFarland State Hospital in Springfield. They, too, refused to believe my version of events -- until their thorough psychological evaluation proved that I was telling the truth and that all of Dr. St. Hill's diagnoses were completely false. But by then, I had already been court-committed. The above appellate court decision struck down the involuntary-commitment ruling in that case, on the grounds that the Quincy Police and the Blessing Hospital emergency room had violated my civil rights. But it didn't stop there. After refusing to go to a boarding home, on the grounds that I would not have enough freedoms as a legal adult, my social worker at MacFarland was completely unwilling to consider any options other than going back to my mother's house, once again despite repeated complaints of abuse. This social worker, too, also pulled the "the homeless shelter is much more dangerous" garbage with me. So, I ended up back at my mother's house -- though I moved out on my own within mere months. But even with my name supposedly cleared, my mother and the Quincy Police would not give up. In several incidents that scream of being staged by the Quincy Police (most likely in retaliation for exposing them in the appellate court), I was barred from entering the premises of the Quincy Mall and several other local businesses due to completely false allegations of sexual harassment, sometimes from people I didn't even know. In January of 2011, Armstrong Dawson, the owner of Auntie Anne's, claimed that I was stalking, threatening, and sexually harassing his young female employees. Despite the presence of customers who could have proved the allegations wrong, the Quincy police only interviewed Dawson's employees and the Mall security guards. This incident is appalling on its own, but within months, half of the businesses in Quincy (mostly on the east side of town) began denying me service for the same reasons. Seriously people, it's not like these incidents all "just happened" on their own. My mother tried to use these incidents to her own advantage to "prove" to others that MacFarland Hospital was wrong about me not being schizophrenic. In August, my mother obtained a set of my apartment keys from my landlord, despite the fact that I signed on the contract that she was not allowed to have my keys. Her reasoning was that she was my Social Security payee and felt that she needed to "check up on me" because I was "not making rational decisions". She also stalked me to the Quincy public library, where I told her in front of patrons to stop harassing me. I did report this to the Quincy police, but they refused to do anything about it because of my prior record with them for mental health-related calls from my mother. As a last resort, I showed up at her house demanding my apartment keys. When she refused, we got into a fight that spilled out onto the street. Since she had been telling her neighbors about my supposed mental-health issues and always acts like a good person around them, they sided with her in the fight and threatened to intervene on her side. When the police arrived, they once again had me incarcerated in the Blessing Hospital psychiatric ward and also refused to grant me my Miranda right to a lawyer. Fortunately, I had a new doctor on the unit, Dr. Johnson, who sided with my version of events after an examination and released me without medication after a week. If this had happened anywhere else, the people responsible for all of this would be in prison, no questions asked. I personally think that everyone who turned a blind eye to all of this, including our country's Justice Department, should face legal penalties. If our country thinks it's wrong for countries like Russia and China to use tactics like this against their own people, then perhaps they should hold the same standards for our own system. Of course, maybe I really have lost my sanity and just don't recognize it. Whatever the case, the facts surrounding these allegations speak for themselves, and public exposure is instrumental in getting pathetic individuals like my mother, Dr. St. Hill, Mrs. Edgar, and Mrs. Cox to face the consequences for their actions like any other member of society would.

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