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CoffeeCup Software
CoffeeCup Software coffee cup software, Suzanne Norvell Buggy Software, Very Poor Support Internet
16th of May, 2011 by User911251
CoffeeCup software, what a disappointment...

Let me first tell you my experiences with CoffeeCup Software, Coffee Cup Software was established back in the 90's. They have been around a long time and enjoy a fairly good rep with the internet marketing community. I have purchased products from CoffeeCup Software on a few occasions without issue. It is for that reason that they had built a certain level of trust with me. Trust that apparently was unwarranted and undeserved.

I recently was submitted a video that I need to use for my business. It is a AVI file that is almost 250 meg in size. That is HUGE, much too large for my needs. Anyway, I needed a method by which I could make the file smaller and convert it to a more web friendly FLV file. Its supposed to be a fairly simple process but it requires either software or a online provider that can process a 250 meg file. Knowing that they had a large assortment of software solutions I went to CoffeeCup Software to see what they had. They had what I was looking for apparently in their web video program. I downloaded the program, started it, it seemed to start ok but as soon as the tips window popped up automatically the program would lock up, the little circle replaces the cursor, and you have to start the task manager to kill the program. So I thought, maybe it is in the wrong windows program folder, since its 32 bit it needs to be in a different folder... Nope, it is in the right folder. So I thought maybe it was a administration issue. I right click and run the program as admin, no success. I run Microsoft troubleshooter which tells me it will work with XP SP2 so I open it that way.. Nothing at all... Convinced that the software is not going to work for me I contacted CoffeeCup Software in order to get a refund. I should be entitled to a refund right? Its not as if I did not try everything to get it to work. What follows is my conversation with Coffee Cup Software regarding this transaction. First thing I did was properly request a refund from Paypal which CoffeeCup Software denied. Then this.


Ehh.. I need a refund. I assumed your product supported 64 bit machines. now after spending 2 hours of time trying to get it to work I see now that you do not support 64 bit. Well, I have 5 computers in this house and not one is 32 bit, even the one that is years and years old. I wish I had a computer that was because your program is exactly what I needed. Torrey


Hey Torrey, Thank you for e-mailing us! Unfortunately, CoffeeCup does not offer refunds on any of the opened (downloaded) software. To learn about the refund policy, please visit This information is also available on the purchase page to "Try Before You Buy," so you know exactly what you are purchasing and if it will suit your needs. We have this system in place because there is no way to prove that the downloaded programs have been removed from your system or have not been duplicated. Most software companies and major retailers do not offer any refunds on any software for this exact reason. We do offer free, fully functional trials of all our products to help eliminate customer dissatisfaction after purchase. However, as a courtesy, I will be happy to offer you an exchange to another program. Check out our software trials at:

Suzanne Norvell

Sales Manager

CoffeeCup Software


Wow, I have always loved you guys for your service and products.I have bought many of your products both under my account and my companies... I made a mistake, was honest about it. How am I going to use your program without paying for it if I do not have access to any 32 bit machines? You guys were the first people I thought of for this solution because I have been happy with you in the past. I mistakenly assumed a company like yours would support your products with updates.. I mean really Suzanne. Cmon...Who uses a 32 bit computer anymore. Since I have not had a problem like this in years I just naturally assumed your program would work with my computer. Anyhow, being a "sales manager" I am sure you understand the importance of word of mouth and repeat customer business.. Or maybe not from the looks of this response. Basically in your response your saying that 1) Your company does not allow customers to make mistakes (God I wish I could do that)

2) When someone does make a mistake you fall back on policy (not what I would have expected from you but ok)

3) You insinuate that a customer is somehow trying to use the product without paying and this is your reasoning.

4) Essentially the reason for the no refund policy is because you do not have sufficient controls to avoid piracy.

Is this basically what you are saying to me? I just want to clarify in case this story is needed to be posted elsewhere Anyhow, I am what some business' call a "super affiliate", I am a active, well respected, member of several forums and what most call a BIG MOUTH. I guess if it is worth it to your company to leave me with a bad taste in my mouth over 40 bucks that is your prerogative, however, I would venture to say it will cost you hundreds or more in future biz from me or anyone who knows me.


Hey Torrey, I totally understand that you made a mistake with the purchase and I am willing to help rectify the situation. This is why I am offering you an exchange to another software title so you are not stuck with a program that will not meet your needs. Having a 64-bit version of a software only makes sense for applications that need large amounts of memory (more than 4GB). Since none of our applications require that much memory, designing a 32-bit version works just fine. Suzanne Norvell

Sales Manager

CoffeeCup Software "Want to update your website from anywhere? Check out our new free service, S-Drive Streams. Visit for more information."

______________________________________________________________________________________________ Hey Suzanne,

Ok well then in that case, if a 32 bit version works "fine", Why does it not work on any of the 4 computers I have here. Apparently having a 32 bit version of the software is not working "just fine" if it is not usable on most of the modern machines. I have taken a look around and I cannot even buy a 32 bit machine if I wanted to in order to use the software. Here is a $380 laptop, cheap as I could find in a few minutes, even it is 64 bit amp;loc=01

Maybe I am misunderstanding but it sounds like your telling me it should work on any machine?? You say that having 64 bit version only makes sense for apps that need alot of memory (or customers with modern equipment)? So it does make sense that it should work on a 64 bit machine? I am more confused than when I started this conversation, really I am. Here I thought you could not run 32 bit software on a 64 bit modern machine yet you, and Microsoft, say I can. Please tell me how. This is where I am at with this. According to Microsoft they say ________________________________________ Most programs designed for the 32-bit version of Windows will work on the 64-bit version of Windows. Notable exceptions are many antivirus programs. -questions


So both Microsoft and you state that this should work on my 64 bit machine, however, whenever the program starts it freezes and stops responding. I have tried using Windows troubleshooter and opening it Windows XP style with no love. So, now that we have established that it should work on my machine and does not please provide a resolution so I can use the program, otherwise we can consider this a defective product by Paypals standards, and I would like a refund please. I have probably already lost over $40 in productivity arguing with you about this.



The software should work just fine on a 64-bit system. I actually have a Windows 7 64-bit Sony Vaio and it works perfectly well. There are a few things you can try to see if this helps. 1. Try running the program as Administrator by right-clicking and select Run As Administrator

2. You have have a built-in Web Cam or one attached over USB that is not compatible with our software. Try disabling the hardware and see if that helps. Everything we sell comes with a fully functional 21day trial that you can test before you buy for over a month. From this ticket, I cannot tell if you had the trial version working or if you just went right to purchase. If the above does not work, definitely take Suzannes offer for a complimentary exchange. We have quite a few other programs that you may like to have. ~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~

Scott A. Swedorski - VP of Product Development

CoffeeCup Software Inc.

Phone: 678.495.3480 "Want to update your website from anywhere? Check out our new free service, S-Drive Streams. Visit for more information." _______________________________________________________________________________________________

I already tried running as administrator. I am not new to this. I did not download the trial because there is no reason this should not work for me so I did not think it necessary. I am running a Asus G73 Windows 7, 64 bit, core i7. An extremely advanced machine purchased within the last 3 months. Basically I should not have to accept an exchange since this product should work. Since it does not work as it should its basically defective. Why would I want to exchange it for another product that I do not need with the "hopes" it will work with this machine. I understand the refund policy and I know who it is geared to. I spent 15 years of my life in sales management and alot of my duties required making exceptions to the policies when appropriate. This is one of those times. I am not looking to use software I did not pay for. I cannot use it and that is the fact of the matter. I have already spent way too much time on this. All I wanted to do was take an AVI file I have and convert it into a FLV. I am not a computer rookie and never have problems with backward compatibility therefore I went straight to the buy it page. I had no reason to think that your software would bug out on me and even if it did, based on my experiences with your company, I knew you would make it right if there was a problem. How wrong was I about that? I guess I am the type that falls for all that touchy feel good stuff you guys peddle. Apparently its all for show though because when it comes right down to it, its just about the $39 to you. And it is not the $39 it is the principal. Like you said, it should work on my machine and it does not therefore it is defective pertaining to this transaction. Thanks for your help Scott but it still does not work.

Please forward this back to Suzanne.

Suzanne, Keep the $39. You have earned it through your continued resistance to doing what is right for the customer in this instance. I am a master internet marketer, seo expert, and do not like being treated unfairly. I really expected much better from your company, I really did. I gave you every opportunity to do what is right but you insist on insinuating I am some sort of miscreant looking for free software rather than a valued, previous customer who made a simple mistake. Well, I am the type who "go's to the wall" over principal when I feel I have been wronged..

I am about to teach you a valuable business lesson.


That is all our communications. So basically what CoffeeCup Software is saying is, if you buy software from them, you had better just download the free version because if you actually pay them for their programming skills and expertise and the program does not work as promised

1) CoffeeCup Software will not even consider refunding you if their software does not work as promised.

2) CoffeeCup Software will try to satisfy you with the offer of more buggy software that you do not even need, as if that is some sort of consolation.

3) Coffee Cup Software will go to great lengths, as evidenced by this correspondence, to avoid giving a refund, and will shuttle you off to another department if they get tired of dealing with you.

So CoffeeCup Software, this is how I have decided to handle this.

1) I am submitting this report to RipOff Report optimized for your name and Suzanne's. (already done)

2) I am going to work on ranking said RipOff Report page for your name and Suzanne's in Google.

3) I am submitting all our correspondence to Paypal resolution center for their review. Since you admit the software should work on my machine and it does not, I expect a positive outcome in my favor.

4) I am contacting the BBB of Atlanta and recording a complaint against your company.

5) I will make sure I relay my negative experience with your company to any webmaster that will listen, in any forum or platform I see fit.

Its really a shame that someone has to go to these types of lengths over principal but I will. I refuse to let CoffeeCup Software run over consumers by offering products that do not work and then not backing them with any sort of support or refund when it does not work.
3168 days ago by CoffeeCup
As it clearly states on the CoffeeCup website:

CoffeeCup Software, Inc. has a No Refund Policy on all of our software applications and bundles. We do this because we offer FREE, fully functional trial versions of our software that you can download and try before you buy. These trial versions allow you to test the software before you decide to make a purchase.

We also provide an immediate electronic download of software purchased. This download is available immediately after purchases made by credit card, and is available at anytime after purchase in the Customer Care Center.

There is no way to guarantee that our software was actually removed from a system after it is installed, so this is also a way to help fight fraudulent activity.

However, this customer posted this complaint after he was issued a refund and he failed to include the text or mention the refund that was offered as a courtesy.
3040 days ago by T. Gage
I posted this BEFORE a refund was offered. The refund was only offered AFTER the posting at RipOffReport, regardless of what they say to whitewash this. You can find out more about this whole story at:

Notice CoffeeCup got the google alert about their brand and RAN to ripoff report.They are the anaymous poster at the bottom. You can see from their lack of tact and condescending tone why they did not sign their name to it as they did here..

Also please note that I admit I did the wrong thing in the first place but would delete the software (why not it does not work) in exchange for a simple refund. I am also a previous customer who trusted them enough from previous experience to just pay them rather than mess with a trial version.

In exchange they insinuated I was some sort of "software thief" who has nothing better to do than to try to scam them out of some cheap software. This is the reason they keep referencing "fighting fraudulent activity" in regards to this case. It is a veiled attempt to paint me as some miscreant. The real fact of the matter is there are ways to fight fraudulent activity without making your customers feel like thieves. They are just not willing or able to implement such precautions.

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