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CVS Minute Clinic walk in clinic Boynton Beach, Florida
28th of Dec, 2011 by User965254
Anyone thinking of using the Minute Clinic at CVS then you better think again!
I needed to go to the doctor for a checkup on a few things and because I
was feeling like I had a bad sinus infection. Instead of going to my normal
walk in emergency clinic, I decided to try out a drug store clinic. I was going
to go to the Walgreens clinic but I choose the Minute Clinic at CVS since I trusted the CVS brand. From the start things were a bit weird. First off, they didn’t have a direct number. I wanted to find out if I needed to set an appointment and how much a visit would cost. Figuring that it couldn’t cost more than my emergency clinic visit ($95) since they only have a nurse practitioner , I decided to just go and trust that CVS would take care of me. I went to the store in Boynton
Beach on the corner of Boynton Beach Blvd. and Congress and arrived around 10am.
I went to the back of the store and spoke to the nurse practitioner. I told her
I think I have a sinus infection and I also wanted her to look at my itchy slap.
She said sure and told me the price would be $79-$89. Not feeling well, I
figured it would be the lower of the two, first mistake. It’s $89 for new
patients which she could of just told me but intentionally mislead me (I found
out hours later it was $89 when I called their 877 number). She then looked me
over and prescribe amoxicillin and a pill for my sore throat. I’m not sure why
she didn’t give me a cough suppressant liquid since the thought of swallowing
more pills wasn’t too appealing and I thought I would get a z pak for the sinus
infection since its only 5 days of pills with the z pak vs. 10 days and many
more pills with the amoxicillin. She told me a z pak was expensive and there
was no generic (I later found that out to be a lie). I then told her about my scalp. She
kept avoiding the scalp questions so since I have dealt with it for a while I
suggested she just issue a refill of some medicine that worked for me in the
past. I then realized I forgot the bottle at home and told her I would run home
and would be back in 15 minutes. She then said she would have to charge me for a new visit! Real nice of CVS’s minute clinic! I then told her I would try to contact my doctor to get the name of it
but he wasn’t available. I actually thought she would look at my scalp and ake
her own diagnoses since I told her about the scalp before the visit even
started! I then told her if she isn’t able to address the scalp issue then I would
have to go to see my normal doctor at the emergency clinic. At that point she
said I should have brought the old bottle and if I ran home and got it then she
would only charge me $55 for another visit and would write one refill (real
nice of her!). Being short of funds, I declined the offer, paid the $89 fee and
bought some scalp over the counter product that she pushed on me. After arriving home feeling ripped off and even more sick (the sinus pressure was building), I tried to call their 877 number to file a complaint or try to get my money back. After waiting for 20 minutes on their 877 line, I spoke to a rep. She actually seemed very knowledgeable and even knew clobetasol liquid I use on my scalp from time to time. She told me the nurse practitioner should of addressed the scalp issues and prescribed the clobetasol. She told me a manager would call me back in 7-10 days! Since I didn’t want to wait 7-10 days, I then drove directly to me normal Dr. Tran in Delray Beach. I had to get the scalp issue addressed and I didn’t want to take amoxicillin and more pills for my throat. His fee was only $95 and he saw me right away. He wrote me a script for a z pak, guaifensen w codeine SYRUP for the cough and clobetasol liquid for the scalp It took him all of 5 minutes. No bs, no amateur hour games, just right to the point. I spoke to the CVS store manager and figured she could pull some strings with the CVS “Minute Clinic” so I wouldn’t have to wait 7-10 days for a resolution. I told her to try and get my money back or just issue a store credit at the CVS. She said someone from the Minute Clinic company would call. I waited for a hours but decided to a CVS by my house to get my prescriptions
filled. By this time it was about 230pm, my throat was on fire and my head felt
like it was going to explode. I tried to call back the other CVS with the
minute clinic to see if they could just issue a credit at my local CVS so it
would cover my prescriptions from my Dr. Tran but the CVS manager left for the day. I paid full price out of my pocket and left. I then got a call by a CVS Minute Clinic district representative named Karol or something. From the start she was rude and defensive. She told me the nurse practitioner did nothing wrong, took zero responsibility and said I would get a dime back. She just spoke over me the whole time and didn’t offer any solutions. She said the nurse practitioner wasn’t able to look at any scalp issues and couldn’t prescribe any itch liquids or creams like clobetasol for scalp issues. She then told me how amoxicillin is the number one solution for a sinus infection ( I prefer a z pak is less pills and a lot less headache). I then asked her why her nurse practitioner didn’t know there was a generic z pak. She got defensive and then just repeated herself while talking over me. I then tried to ask her for her name. She told me twice but I couldn’t hear because I was driving. I pulled over and then asked her for her name. She flat out refused to give it to me again and then hung up on me. Real classy for a person that is supposed to be a district manager of CVS’s
Minute Clinic. Whatever you do, do not go to CVS’s minute clinic when you are sick. They aren’t knowledgeable, they only can treat very minor issues and they care more about getting a quick $89 dollars out of you. CVS Minute Clinic. It should be renamed “CVS Minute scam”.
2680 days ago by Krazeemom
i was a victim of the minute clinic as well. I went in with a fever & cough & they diagnosed me with strep throat when I went to my doctor 2 days later he said I had bronchitis & a severe pneumonia. The girl who examined me said " I think it's positive" when she did the strep test. I couldn't understand how I had strep if my throat didn't hurt & my glands weren't swollen, which is why I went to my doctor after not getting better in a few days. I would of ended up in the hospital on my death bed with pneumonia. I will NEVER shop in CVS or go to the minute clinic again.
2671 days ago by Dempsey6911
Oh why did I not find this first! They got me too! Went in with extremely sore throat, fever, Denton, TX location on Teasly Ln. Came out with extremely sore throat, fever, and sick at my stomach that I was stupid enough to go to such an incompetent individual. No medication prescribed. Did strep test, not even sure she did it right she said it takes five mins, she looked at after two maybe and said well this is negative we can send another off and find out in 48 hrs if it is strep. WTF! The cashier at the front register could have looked in my throat and been able to tell I needed medication/antibiotic! I paid my copay and walked out, well I probably gave the twit some choice words on my way out, didn't even get my receipt / paper work. I was just floored at how lame this "visit" was. If I wanted to wait longer to get diagnosed and get the medication to star feeling better I would have waited till my reg doctor was back in town. I just don't know what upsets me the most the FACT that the CVS/ CVS Caremark/CVS MinuteClinic ripped me off or the fact that I was stupid enough to go there. I'm going to blame my ignorance on the fever and obvious throat infection, what is their excuse. Greedy money hungry corporation taking advantage of sick individuals. Way to go CVS, you must be real tough "kick 'em while their down". "hey I know how we can make another billion, let's open "clinics" and when folks are sick and can't get to their normal physicians we can screw them out some of their hard earned cash, we don't have to help them feel better or even have competent staff. Just have someone in there to collect copay and we can bill their insurance for more $ then they can pay again to a competent physician and it's a win win for us."

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