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Divine Divisions
Divine Divisions, DDM, Davis Direct Marketing, Prestige- Julia Davis Haash Milwaukee, Brookfield, Peqwaukee. Pyramid Scheme Scam Artist Quantum, Innov
6th of Jan, 2011 by User509302
If you have found this report, then look no further....especially if you have applied, will apply or are scheduled for an interview. Don't waste your time, or your money. I guarantee you will make more money and better benefits flipping burgers for McDonald's.

Here is a brief timeline of this awful company.

Started in 2006 give or take as Davis Direct Marketing (after the bonehead new rookie owner Julia Davis) in Menomonee Falls, WI off of Lilly Rd, just north of Silver Spring Dr.(the old name stickers are still on the door today). She "opened" her business (thought it was closely regulated from her previous "boss" Larissa Hawley from back in San Diego, California). Yes, this business came to us from a whole othercase of businesses gone wrong, and innocent entrepreneurs screwed over.

Just look up Quantum, Innovage or any of theses awful cult-like companies...the history goes forever, there are even ripoff reports that track and list every new company that opens up so people are aware.

Because she was a rookie owner, and to save operation costs, she moved into a pre-existing building with a differentrookie owner, Kevan Smith who "ran" Next Level Promotions (an Innovage basedbusiness to business toy peddaling operation).

Initially, Julia's business was paired with a great charity that raised money for exploited or missing children. The work sucked, pay was awful, but it was semi-rewarding knowing that "some" of the money was going back to help the charity. That's where the benefits begin and end. And I am sorry, you can't pay your bills on that.

If you haven't researched by now, the way she operated her business was she would conduct massive interviews. She pays a recruiter who places ads, and makes a list of names based on who applied and the admin or herself would call every name on the list. If you sounded young (late teens-late 20's), had a working car, didn't sound ghetto, spoke intellectually, sounded normal, a few kids or less, you were given a chance to interview. If you sounded ghetto, or rough, didn't have a car or anything like that you were skipped over, or told that they only had follow up questions for that time, and then would move on. Julia Davis Haasch many times has descriminated against interviewees based on age, appearance, backgrounds, and has even refused to give people legitimate interviews because of her opinion of the interviewee. Her target demographic is all she was interested in. But because of legal issues she started to be slightly less selective in her interviews..primarily because one man accused her of not moving forward in the interviewing processbecause of a felonious charge on his resume. He was right, she didn't move forward with him because of his resume, though she told him differently.

Not only did she prejudge based on sound, appearance and quality of resume or email address, she would often times make fun of the appicants based on their background's, schooling, hobbies etc. And anyone that had felonies listed, she would often times excuse them from the interview, or would ask a series of generic questions just to get them out of the office.

Initially, after she conducted her bazillian interviews, she would then do call backs of people she wanted to ask back for 2nd round interviews which then consisted of a full 8-hour unpaid day of observation at an event (typically gas stations, grocery stores and pet stores outside and in all weather) and consisted of the interviewee travelling in the car of the trainer to the event and wherefor at least the last 4 hours the interviewee is trying to impress the "trainer" by trying to work and solicit (all for free and the hopes to land the gig). What happened if the observation didn't go as planned for the interviewee? 9 times out of 10 it was up to them to find they're way back to their cars at the office, sometimes hours away. Pretty shitty, huh?

Evetually the 8 hours un paid day of observation caused problems so she shortened it to about 2 hours and even inisisted the candidate follow to an event where they could observe and meet back at the office for a 3rd round interview and make her hiring selections fro there.

After the poor kid gets hired, they now had quotas to meet before they could arbitrarily be "promoted" to a leader. A leader, in order to move up to an Assistant manager had to have a certain amount of first generation and 2nd generation employees who had to consistenly sell 300 or more in product every day out in the field. If they didn't make their numbers, they'd hav to go out at night and try and sell t-shirts and other crap often in bad areas and bars. They would go home, and come back bright and early to do it all over again. Supposedly, the assistant manager would receive a salary pay based on a percentage of sales. Not entirely sure because I never made it that far, good thing I didn't. For the "assistant manager" before they could be promoted, they had a "push" which had even greater expectations and requirements for quotas. Not too many people ever made it this far. And if they did, it took them often times 1.5-2 years to get there, not the 6-12 months claimed during interviews.

The most awful part of this is that most if not every single employee went damn near bankrupt just trying to be successful. You don't get paid mileage, no vacation time, no sick time, no benefits. You use your own vehicles, mileage, cell phone and everything else. Such an awful company. Yet it sucked so many innocents in, me and my friends included.

Like anything "shady" enough people got pissed off at the long hours, commission pay and bad "events", and after several accusations on this very site,Davis Direct Marketingchanged their name and location to avoid the heat. DDM is what it changed to, temporarily. DDM moved to a brookfield location, a block or two south of 124th and Capitol. While there the scam reports continued and the named changed again to Difference Defined Milwaukee. (Notice the pattern of DDM, the already cheap Julia Davis didn't want to change her incorporation name because it would force her to pay money for a new one, therefore she tried to stay within the realm of words that could fill in for D D M, what a cheap dumbass) Difference Defined Milwaukee lasted a little bit, but the truth of the business reaching so many started to hurt her financially. She got into a office space that was too big for her small and dwindiling company and she was getting to the point of not being able to afford it any longer. So, they moved again, and also with it a brand new business name and new location which is the present location still in Pewaukee off of Capitol Drive. Now under the name Prestige Marketing, and a clever"" website...she thought she surely was going to fool people and lure more in to her business. There were also changes in the marketing tactics. First it was selling toys andchild identification kitsto raise money, then it was selling toys for toy charitys, then it got as far as selling make up an spacrap inside of Sam's clubs (after losing events with all of the grocery stores) and even food and "protein beverages" of some sort. This was all being done by setting up an event, standing at a table all day and trying to convince as many people as they could to purchase the product. Eventually the scam reports continued to show up again, people were growing wise to the scam of a business Julia Davis Haasch operated and less and less were applying, and more and more were inquiring and asking better questions. If you've ever called and tried to get information, they play serious run-around and only offer to tell you information if you agree to come in for an interview, where even more run-around is played to the point you're confused and don't know what you're agreeing to anymore.

Iworked for the above mentioned monstrocity of a "company" through the 4th or 5th business name change, Prestige Marketing frompractically the very beginning( I lost track). There weren't too many of us that lasted that long because frankly, the turn around was so high. From what I can remember, only6 or 7 or so "assistant managers" ever made it to opening their "own business". Unfortunately none of them survived as they were promised would. This business is a cult that preys on innocent individuals' time and money and resources. You do all the work so she can reap all the benefits.

Alicia G.-Opened in Denver, CO? Major debt, was taken over by a different VP.

Jessica S.- Opened in Tucson, AZ. Failed, and left the business.

Becky K.- Opened in Cincinatti, OH. Failed, and left the business.

Casie S.- Opened in Colorado Springs, CO. Failed, and left the business.

Jackie O.- Opened in Las Vegas, Nevada. Failed, and left the business- +20,000 in debt because of it!

Katlyn S.- Opened in Mt Pleasant, SC. Failed, and left the business.

Jackie F. - Opened in North Carolina, not sure where she is today.

I feel so bad for these girls, they were some of the coolest and most down to earth people that had to ever go and get screwed overy by Julia Davis Haasch and her corrupt business. Where is Julia today? The last I heard, her and her p*ssy-whipped Husband moved to Texas, and the business was left in the hands of Angela D. who continued to run the make up/spa crap campaign inside of Sam's Clubs. I left before any of this unravelled. But now I am hearing that DDM is back at it again with an all new sh*tty website and stupid name, Divine Divisions. What a ton of crap.

I hope this educates even just one person. This place is a scam and an awful place to work. I don't even put it on my resume is an embarassing company and person to work for.

Need more names to look up? Try Mike Putnam, Larissa Hawley, DS-Max, Larry Tanenbaum, Cydcor, Smart Circle.

2643 days ago by Nnn86
The new company name is the 90/10 in Dallas. Everyone works inside of Sam's clubs. The products are not scams. The promotion promise is a scam.
2618 days ago by Brittany
Julia Davis now has a new business, same concept but different name and location. She is in Dallas, Texas and her business name is The 90/10. Avoid it, and don't apply for this position because you will be apart of an awful pyramid scheme and you won't make the money that you will be promised.
2585 days ago by Dog
JUlia has now pushed our Morgan who went to Fort Worth and Brandon who is in Atlanta from her office and Larrissa just opened an office with Jake in Atlanta. Has anyone had any good experiences
2386 days ago by Cjaclyn587
I just started working for this company a month ago. I have already lost $500+ in travel and clothes to wear to the "office." I work 12 hours a day and get paid for 7 of them, min wadge, of course, while trying to sell product to Sam's Club customers. I was promised that with the "steps" i learned to sell product, i would "ring bell" (sell $1000) a day 95% of the time and bring home 20% of that...the leaders i have work with have done that once or twice, in the whole month ive worked with them. I use my own car and dont get gas money for it, and was promised i would stay in hotels if i traveled, not a mattress on some guys floor i dont even know, just because he lives next to the Sams Club, and also works for the company. i dont know how this company is still around, and i dont want to know. i quit tonight. thank god ive already have another job lined up, hello guaranteed paycheck :o)
2386 days ago by Scoobydoo
you get reimbursed for food and gas, just fill out the paper work. NOT that difficult, right? We give you the tools to be successful, if you dont use them...youre not successful. makes sense right?
2258 days ago by Nolongerinthecult
I was a "chosen" one, and went to Dallas to meet all of the "top" owners, Angela D. and Julia Davis, to name a few. My owner (who isn't a top owner, and I don't believe he is a scam artist like Julia, though completely brainwashed) invited me, and I stayed in a very, very nice hotel with 100 other people just like myself. We were able to ask them questions about how to do better in the "field" (which is Sam's Club, selling crappy products and using systems to brainwash the consumer). Every answer any owner or leader will ever give you, is to protect your attitude and not allow the negatives to control your day. In order to do that, they highly discourage you from bringing up your work to your family and friends. They encourage you to call other people that can pump you up by making you think about the new Lexus you're going to buy, or that giant pool you'll have next year. As soon as you start bringing it up to your family, they then highly encourage you to QUIT! The next day of the "top leaders meeting" is a 10 hour seminar, where each owner talks about either how they made it through all the negatives, also ways to be compliant in the Sam's Club so they will avoid being taken out. Each "top leader" got recognition for their "$400, 000 raise this year" among a plethora of crap. I quit as soon as I got home from Dallas.

This "opportunity" is actually a giant scam, run by professional scam artists. I feel so sorry for the friends I have made in this business that still continue to use their own money, sacrifice their relationships, and believe they will become a millionaire.

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