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Filtropur FVS, Inc. High pressure sales of cheap crap vacuum for 1900.00 - take advantage of elderly consumers ,65-70, Broadview Heights, Ohio
19th of May, 2011 by User511633
A marketing card was mailed to my parents from "Allergy Relief Center of Nebraska" advertising air filters and vacuum cleaners. They returned the card to find out what it was about. The sales person arranged an in-house high pressure demonstration that lasted for JUST SHY OF 4 HOURS. The vacuum apparently can do everything including forgive your sins ("indulgence" only for the price of $1900.00)... Upon my inspection of the item, I completely reject the product value and would put it in the $160.00 to $200.00 range. The plastic components are not very rigid with exception of the filter container. It looks modern and has a motor that sounds like it operates at very high RPM so I'm sure it has reasonably strong suction, but all Dyson's have that and their TOP END machine is $599.99. I looked and there is VERY LITTLE product information about this vacuum. The manufacturer site does NOT have much specification information on the product. Very immature and undeveloped web site... There are NO reviews by Consumer Reports ( They have no review of Filtropur, FSV Inc., HMI Industries, or Health-Mor Inc. So now the product has an obvious design defect. The filter canister DOES NOT seal completely with the air input port on the front. The high pressure sent to the filter from the vacuum motor causes lots of air to escape the defective seal and you will see dirt, dust, and allergens (which they claim are completely removed) accumulate in this area on the vacuum and by deduction back into the air. What good does it do to remove dust and allergens from the carpet and put lot right back into the air where they will be breathed??? If they are going to advertise that it filters out 99.97% of 1 to 2 micron sized particles, how do they account for the % emitted back into the air before getting to the filter? What about refund? The product design alone is enough cause to return it right away!!! I don't believe there is any vacuum worth $1900.00 after seeing this piece of junk. Thanks for reading this and be super careful not to entertain in-house high pressure sales people.
2521 days ago by Anonymous
the cleaner works patended four step filtration, proper care must be taken upon filter replacement happy customer
2506 days ago by Wackpack123
I just saw a demonstration and was browsing the internet for reviews before I buy one. I had the exact opposite experience. The "Sales Man" was not high pressure at all. Further more this review lost all credibility with me when I read him group FVS Inc, HMI Industries, and Health-Mor Inc. I currently own a Filter Queen( an HMI or Health-Mor product) and they are in not way associated with Filtropur (FVS Inc.). I know this because after reading your complaint i called Filter Queen and asked. It sounds like you may have been in a bad mood while seeing your parents demonstration??? or maybe you have had bad experience with companies like this in the past, but I for one thought the products were great.
2477 days ago by Tb80631
I'm a vacuum store owner I have seen many good and bad vacuums this one has to be one of the biggest jokes that a have ever seen. I had a customer one of these Filtropur in my store to day looking for some filter so a called the company to try and get a replacement filter for him after getting the runaround for about five or ten minutes i said i just need a replacement filter! " well the man how does that is on vacation" and i said "so if one person is on vacation your hole company shuts down?" and the phone when silent. I have been working with vacuum for many years and this is one of the first ones i have ever seen and to me its just the same as any other bagless peace of junk but with one heck of a price tag. If your in the market for a "good vacuum" stick with the trusted names Oreck, Simplicity, Sebo, Riccar ext not some door to door rip off.
2476 days ago by Funnyturtle9
My mom has bought the filtropur system and it has changed her life. She's allergic to pretty much everything but the sun. Before the purchase she had to buy custom allergy medications from Canadian and have them shipped to our house about 1-2 times a month (depending on the time of year). Now she hardly takes them. She started off with 2 air cleaners and the Commercial (which is not a vacuum. They explained it as an allergen remove). 2 weeks later she went back and bought another air cleaner for her office at work, because she found that every time she came home she felt awesome but she'd have to take her medications through out the day when she was at work.
As for the person that needed a new filter buy it from office you bought the Commercial from. They always have them in stock. It's just common sense that if you buy something from some where you go back to get what you need. Its safe to say if you buy a portable water filter from Walmart. when it comes time to get a new filter you go to Walmart to get a replacement you don't call the number on the back of the box.
2466 days ago by Bignic63
I bought the commercial over a year a ago and I love it. At first I had the same problem with the bucket not going on right, so I called the office I bought it from in flint and they sent out the nicest gentlemen to show me how. I think his name was Dan, but after he showed me how to properly put it on I haven't had a problem since. Both my sisters have it now and they love it as well. I couldn't imagine my house without it.
2438 days ago by Linda Ryan
We were called about a survey on air cleanliness, and assured this was simply a survey. A couple of days later we received a follow up phone call informing us that our name was drawn and we were winners of some items, and all we had to do was allow the deliverer to show us an air purifier for 45 minutes. The caller assured me there were no strings attached and made it sound like they were conducting research. The young man arrived a few days later and spent over 2 hours showing us the purifier and a vacuum cleaner that was referred to as a cleaning system. I felt the whole approach was deceitful and wrong.
2436 days ago by Gwynn19
Wow, Some of you must not know how to properly use the machine or just do not possess the common sense to figure out how to use a vacuum. I have my own particulate detection equipment. I purchased the commercial because I tested every seal and it didn't pollute at all. And as for the guy who allegedly owns a vacuum store, you are pushing crap like the Oreck??? What a joke! Shows what you know. I get filters every so often by calling the manufacturer... use your head. Best of all the motors have a lifetime service plan so I wont have to buy another machine ever again.
2205 days ago by Bikes
I'm not sure if the vacuum is good or bad. I do have a hard time understanding why a company has to be deceitful. I too took a survey. I received a call back about a month later saying I was lucky got drawn for 2 night stay at motel and a food processer. All I need to do was let the research company come into my home and watch a half hour demo on a new air purifier system. They won't be selling anything just want feed back for the new product. lie! They were in my home for two hours and they were selling a complete air system for your home. air purifier, air filter and vacuum. Yes very expensive and hard to believe anything she said since they started out with a lie to get into our home. Bad business to be deceitful up front.
2196 days ago by BigMikey87
I for one am an independent contractor for Filtropur Inc. And I use this Commercial in my own home, I have tested it and checked it and ran every thing you can think of through this machine, and never had a problem with it, I sleep and breath better now. Also to the man that said they lie to get in your home, I don't know how the people that actually set the appointments do it, but most of the experienced reps like myself call and set our own appointments with leeds that we got from people that we sold to already. All you skeptics just need to keep quiet, this machine is very good and WORKS as do the other components to the system, First night I ever had the air cleaner my counter started at 20000000 PARTIALS!!! after just a little over an hour on high it was down to 650000, then when I woke up I was only at 1000-2000
2182 days ago by Jenna22
All I really know is that I can breathe easier since I have had the air purifier in my home. Smells better too.
2165 days ago by Dixtracted
OK... My complaint is not about the product but about shady tactics...

I responded to a craigslist job posting which stated: "Customer service and delivery positions available. 10-15 people needed immediately due to expansion." The next day, someone from the "Allergy Relief Center" called to set up an "interview". It was, however, not an interview but a presentation telling us (the "interviewees") how much money we could make selling Filtropur Air Purifiers. They wasted over two hours of my time between preparing for, driving to and from, and listening to their presentation.

If they are deceptive with their craigslist job postings, I certainly wouldn't trust them to be honest about their expensive product.
2147 days ago by AMoran
Hi my name is Celly, and I purchased the purifiers and the commercial vacuum about a month ago and love it. I have 2 daughters that suffer with asthma and allergies and since I bought this GREAT equipment it has helped them a lot. I myself that have allergies and I feel great. I can breathe better thanks to the Allergy Relief Center for everything, you’re the best!
2139 days ago by Hydro2k4
Allergy relief center is not high presure they want people to have the best product on the market and that aould be the sfs and the commercial. Dyson uses trickery to make people think their vacs work but the dont dyson and all other companys like hoover and high end like kirby use the same trickery. They blow the dust back in the air and the commercial does not this leads to the cleaning effect. Dyson is trash and so is all the other vac companies on the market.
2124 days ago by Anon618
The system is crap. The sales people are pushy and rude. I would not suggest this product to anyone with allergies. Save your money. When they call they offer a gift but a lot of the reps will not give it to you unless you buy a system and half of them do not even bring the gifts with them. They say they are not selling you anything when they call but they do, which to me is false advertising.
2121 days ago by Mickolas3851
i just started for this company and was worried it was a scam, however after a few showings i love this job, i bought one of the complete air systems with my first paycheck, since then, my asthma, and allergies have almost dissapeared, these products are the ONLY air filter systems that the epa and fda have rated as a class 2 medical device, i have never personally heard or seen anyone in the company lie to anyone about anything, and for those of you who are mad because of the demo, it only takes about an hour, atleast that is how long my presentations take, and that isnt bad considering YOU are the ones who gave the info for people to come to YOUR home for the presentation. simply stated that most of the complaints on here are not justified and false, if u have a problem with this company that is your problem, but to say that this is a scam is a bold faced lie.
2108 days ago by Coatvrider
We purchased one in March after the approximately 4 hour pushy demo. I really liked it initially, but I hadn't even finished the first time through when it started "throwing" one of the little wheels off that holds the roller brush in place. It broke of a clip so it would no longer stay on. I contacted the sales office and they had me bring it in. We have 4 pets and the brush was full of hair. The brush and bearings had to be replaced. They decided not to charge for the repair since I had just purchased it. Then they told me it tends to do that with hair. Their solution? Clean the hair off the carpet first with a carpet rake. I haven't used it since. I just don't have the time or energy to pre-clean the floor so I can vacuum. What a crock. They told me that it is illegal to sell a used vacuum in Colorado, so no returns. No such law exists that I can find. I need to contact them and see if they will do the right thing. What good is a vacuum you can't use if you have pets and why wasn't that disclosed during the demo? As to the posting from the salesman, yes, they were let into our home by my very gullable husband to get the "free" items. A cheap plastic "food processer", travel vouchers, and a kitchen knife they were out off. The travel vouchers are basically useless. My pevious and current vacuum is an Oreck that is 17 years old. Only real problem with dust has been when I didn't get the bag seated properly. And they now have high filtration bags. I will stick with my Oreck!!
2088 days ago by Happyfamilyguy
I am a Filtropur customer for life i love their products since i have gotten the super system mine and my families allergy attacks in the home have been cut in half and best of all my son DOES NOT USE HIS INHALER...They said it makes the indoor pollution better and it really did in less than 30 days our allergies are almost gone and I have had my super system for almost 3 months ..We couldn't imagine our lives without it because it truly is a class 2 medical device just like the box of the SFS says it is..For all of you ignorant people that don't know what your talking get information on the products before you think you know everything. KIRBY'S, ORECKS AND ALL THE OTHERS ARE JUNK, AND THE MAN THAT OWNS/RUNS A VACUUM STORE YOUR JUST MAD YOU DONT MAKE THE MONEY THEY DO BECAUSE THEIR MACHINES ARE WELL WORTH THE MONEY AND YOUR STUCK IN THE STONE AGE AND DON'T ACCEPT CHANGE...FILTROPUR COMMERCIAL ARE REPLACING VACUUMS BECAUSE THEY TAKE THEM AS TRADE INS SO YOUR HOME IS BETTER.
2046 days ago by Kate2020
I am wanting to know how I can trust anything that you all have to say. How do I know if someone that likes the products didn't make all of the above stories up and post them with a separate name...when we post something about a product we should be forced to give our full name so that others can verify your story personally.
2037 days ago by Jrepairguy
VERY deceptive advertising practices, if you ask me! When I called, they LIED to me when I asked them if this was a high-end vacuum cleaner and they said, "No". No thanks, I'll keep my Kirby Sentria, which is very sturdy and well-built. A few years ago, Filter Queen came out and after 2-1/2 hours, the guy couldn't find ANY dirt ANYWHERE in my house. Ditto for Tri-Star! I think that says a lot about my Kirby, and I won't ever have anything else, particularly something made entirely of plastic and yet billed as "Commercial"! Besides all that, I have a whole-house electronic air cleaner, UVA light to eradicate viruses and bacteria, and a HEPA after-filter on my heating/cooling system, so I would have no use for this flimsy-looking PLASTIC vacuum cleaner.
2037 days ago by Jrepairguy
Happyfamilyguy, I have had Kirby vacuum cleaners for decades, and they are definitely NOT junk! They last for at least 20 years, on average; I just replace mine every couple of years because I like using a new vacuum cleaner on my floor coverings. My 16-year-old carpet still looks like new, too. And the Kirby rebuild warranty is second to none! As far as what you said about the vacuum cleaner repair shop owner...please, these guys see it all, and I would trust them before anyone else! Sounds to me like you're a Filtropur dealer...someone with more than just a passing interest at stake in this plastic and very over-priced vacuum. I would never pay what these idiots are asking for a PLASTIC vacuum cleaner, especially after they lied to me on the phone about exactly what they were trying to sell. Hell, my new Kirbys never cost me more than $850.00, and when I buy a new one I always donate the old one to people I know, and most of these people are still using these machines with no problems whatsoever 10, 15, 20 years later. Perhaps you should take a Valium and try to chill instead of making outrageous statements and spewing venom.

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