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Gaylord Security / Gaylord Industries Kevin-Diane Gaylord Discriminated my race and diability after a car accident working for them and 2 surgeries wi
10th of Nov, 2011 by User664618
I worked for this company for 7 years and was in the security business a total of 13 years. This is a story of the small guy up agaist a big guy like david and golaith. I was a top salesman for gaylord security which is a dealer for ADT security, i have found that the most important thing to gaylord security owners kevin-diane gaylord is money and sales. What happened to me after 7 years is unspeakable and i wish it on no one and as the bible says bring the darkness to light. I was hurt in a rearend car accident well working my job at gaylord security this accident required time in the hospital with a broken neck continued treatments and pain 2 neck surgeries. I was told by the owner kevin gaylord that he would take care of me well off work and not to worry take all the time needed. As i was done with my second surgery my 24 year old sister in law and 1 year old baby nephew were beat to death. As the detectives were trying to figure there case out they realized a 20 year old realative was there when the murders occured. The police came to my wife and i seeking help about this person and taking him back and forth to meetings with the detectives. As he is mentally ill and abusing drugs he then turned on my wife and i due to his belief we were helping the police to much. He threatened to kill my wife first and then myself in very graphic detail. As all this was happening a realtve was having a hard time a single mother that had a good life going and due to the murders also turned to drugs, at this point she dropped her 4 year old son off on our door and we begain raising him and today we have custody and he is doing great and now 6. I called my employer kevin gaylord and told him after a few months i was ready to come back, he stated great we need your sales, i asked him about my money that he takes out of every sales persons check and calls it a hold back account. My belief as i had over $11,000 Taken out of my checks with the company giving no weekly,monthly,yearly account o the total taken out. There is a portion of the pay sheet that says hold back account $193.97 or $279.96 he takes 5%-10% of our weekly gross with no account as required by law. As he was excited i would be back as he stated his attitude change when i asked about this illegal fund and my money as i was in need of it He quickly stated oh i have to go and will call you tomorrow. As three weeks went by and several calls and voice mails to him i finally reached him and he stated he had been busy and couldnt call me, i again asked hi about my money he said you wont be getting any and said i was fired after he insulted me and discriminated agaist me and my disabilities due to the car accident well working for his company. Its been over 14 months my family has lost our home,SuV,Pride, and this has brought on other help problems stress anxiety panic attacks etc. The doctors have stated this is due to this situation. Kevin gaylord also has sent me a fax stating i will never work for ADT again. I filed a claim with the EEOC and was sent a right to sue letter. I have not got a lawyer yet due to the cost i have sent over 75 letters out and phone calls to attorneys. Also i brought to the attention of the Washington State labor and industries of the illegally ponzi scam by gaylord security. The labor and industries saw that there was a problem with the info i sent them that they recently this week did a audit of gaylord security with the auditor in person at gaylords office. Gaylord security operates in Wash, Arizona, Oregon, California, Colorado, Nevada, Texas, Louisiana, Idaho. He has kinda a puffed up attitude and spirit and advertises that he is one of the top ten dealers of adt in the nation. Due to his scam in all these areas he has acquired a nice lifestyle he lives in a $875,000 home drives a mercedes and lexus and travels all over the world. I have had contact with my first employer Harry Stone who was the first dealer in the world for adt who was a great employer and treated people with respect and understood if you treat your people right the will go to battle for you. I worked with him or 7 years working the way up the ladder. Sad but it came time for harry stone to retire at 69 and that brought me to the next local dealer. Kevin gaylord and myself at different times both worked for harry stone kevin gaylord as a installer and myself as a salesman and manager. arry stone has agreed to testify on my behalf as he knows both of us and was both our employers at one time and knows are character.I have sent kevin gaylord letters stating that i wanted to settle this and keep it out of court but again his feeling of arrogance has stopped any agreement. After not hearing back from the gaylords kevin or diane i sent letters to adt and some of the officers of the company and received a letter back showing support anone letter from a adt attorney stating they are not reasonable for the actions of there dealers. I know this to not be rue as they oversee all sales and any problems fall back on the dealer or adt. But after talking to other adt dealers i know it seems they are more concered about the sales than the human factor and how the dealers treat people. Kevin-diane gaylord at that time sent me a letter stating he would settle this for $1500 and twice has sent this to me. I had a cpa look over my info and there is over $11,000 in his slush fund, over $23,500 in stolen accounts by kevin gaylord, $119,543.26 in lost wages, pain and suffering $ 225,000 and loss of enjoyment of life $250,000 and future lost wages $250,000. I tryed to settle this and was even willing to let it get behind me and settle this for $5000-$12,500 but i have only been offered $1500 by the gaylords and melaine mohoric who is the gaylord fulltime bookeeper and owns a company called horizon financial which operates out of her home. Melaine mohoric is a prt of this due to her being the bookeeper. I am asking for what ever help or positive words i can get from people as i try to bring the darkness to light . I hoe to not have anyone go thru this as i have the whole time i was healing and dealing with my family problems not one time did i recieve a penny even thou kevin gaylord told me he would take care of me and i asked about flma for time loss which is a federal law. Also i asked by state and federal laws to see my records of employment and were never answered by the gaylords. these are all state and federal laws a worker has dealing with there employment. Please if you need a security system make sure you know who your buying from as many dealers hire who ever they can to sale , in washington state federal court last year a 15 year old girl was raped in her home by one of these door to door sales people woring for a dealer of adt. gaylord security has had there own legal problems in the past. So if you need security buy from a know local company that you are going to be able to call and get help if needed. The same security system that gaylord installs is at home depot $199 or lowes $229 its all about the siren if some ones going to break in believe me they will not continue when a siren goes off. the fbi has written reports about this the bad guy takes off when the alarm goes off.If you live in the country good luck as it may be 20-30 minutes before they show up so, really its the noise.With adt corporate,brinks,monotronics or any big dealers yes it will cost you more thru the corporate office but at least it wont be installed by a dealer who just hired the installer two days ago and is doing his first install on your house. Also belive me the standard package a dealer offers is $99 and 3-5 years of monotoring for $34.99-$49.99 which cot them $5.00......Big profit. This system will include a keypad,siren,phone jack{which does no good if the phone line is cut}2-3 door or window sensors,1 motion detector. and stickers and signs which you can get on ebay or ebid. The signs and stickers also will stop most bad guys , remember most of these people are drug addicts and want easy in and easy out to get items to pawn,trade,or sale. The former dealer i worked for gaylord security use to sale signs to sales people....Funny huh. Again please be safe and secure and do your research in the long run because its cheaper doesnt always mean its better, you will find that many dealers have had law suits due to alarms not going off or attacks on homeowners, stolen id info the sales person that you jut met knocking on your door or thru a telemarketer 20-30 minutes ago is going to ask you for your social security number and credit card info, or blank check. Wow yes this is true by the law and the federal govenment never give your social out its not met to be used for things like this. Most people never question it and hand over what ever info is asked. Beware of this dealer and his illegal practices as stated earlier the labor and industries are on to this scam but it takes time.I am not the irst person to have problems with kvin-diane gaylord at gaylord security as i have quite the amount of info however most people have stopped i wont until this is settled by gaylord as i have tryed or i sue with my right to sue letter from the EEOC.
2816 days ago by Mimi1234
Yes i also worked at this company and also had problems getting paid. I think the whole thing is a scam, they have people in a a office telling they are adt and that they get a free security system. Its not free the min. is $99 plus tax and believe me that wont cover a home maybe a small trailer, oh did they forget your locked into a 3-5 year contract if you pass gaylords credit check. The other fee that your locked into is a montoring fee of $34.99-$44.99 which is absurd you can get the same monotoring for $4.00 a month. Also all the dealers like gaylord just sell the contracts to adt so its not even real adt installs or service...Buyer Beware

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