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Global Resources
Global Resources LLC Pantheon Consulting Scam Northbrook, Illinois
23rd of Jan, 2011 by User614938
Our Company was contacted by a woman( Shelly )who asked us if we would be interested in speaking with a " senior area manager " who would then send someone topreform a quantitative and qualitative analysis of all aspects of our business, if wewere interested.We said sure- what do we have to loose!

The next day, a man named Dick Wilkinson came to our office to chat with us further. We were offered various available services, such as tax analysis with a guaranteed 5 year savings, sales and marketing analysis, productivity and operations analysis and the list goes on. A total packeage would average around $32000.00.My husband and I chose to have a tax analysis done as, who does not want to save money on taxes? We were then asked to sign an authorization formfor survey services , which stated that upon the conclusion of the analysis we would owe Global resources $600.00 if we chose to go forward. The original cost was $1050.00, but after conferring with the office in HIS CAR, we were then told our cost would be reduced to $600.00.Dick said that if we agreed to the tax savings, we would not owe another dime to the company until our accountant looked over our return and signed off on it. He arranged to have a " senior business analyst "come to our business on Friday.

On Friday, a man named HK Desselle- the senoir business analyst came by and showed us his analysis which he did the night prior in his hotel room.. Yes, we could save money on taxes and signed up to have a senior tax analyst and a business consultant come by on Monday to futher look into tax analysis and savings. We then gave HK a check for $650.00...stupid us we did not remeberDick had originallytold us it would be for $600.00.We were told at this point that when all was said and done and our accountant did not like what she saw, we could back out not owing another penny.

Flash forward to Monday. The senior tax manager arrives ( do not remeber his name) with no business card and no business consultant. Half way through our conversation with this man, he mentioned that 1/3 of the total $12,500.00 analysis fee was due before he could commence.We toldhim that that was not the original agreement we had with Dick, who said nothing was due until everything was said and done and our accountant signed off on the savings.He said he was not sure why " the other guy" would make such a promise as that was not company policy.This manthen said he needed to go to HIS CAR to phone the office to see what he could do.

Hecame back to say that no, company policy DID require us to pay 1/3 of the $12,500.00 upfront. We were perplexed as to why there were such discrepancies between the two Global Resource Employees and that in itself told us something was not right. We told this man that we were no longer interested in any services by Global Resources. He became a bit belligerent and said a few nasty things then left.

The next day we wentto Ripoff Report and confirmed our suspicions that Global Resources is a scam. We put a stop payment on our check which luckily had not been cashed yet. So, not out any money but we could have been!!!

Come to find out the company has no office @ 707 Skokie Boulevard and their phone number connects to a landline and is unpublished and is based out of Buffalo Grove, ILL. Apparently they change their company name often to avoid suspicion

. Buyers Beware...they are good at what they do and lie like the best of them!!!

3345 days ago by Mrs. Scarlett
"He said he was not sure why " the other guy" would make such a promise as that was not company policy"

I just went through a very similar experience with Global Resources. Their "analyst" told me one thing about the ways they would work with me on the payments and the products they were offering. By the next day, the "consultant" and "Project Manager" had decided by lunch that I was not a good candidate for their services as I was unable to afford them. This was information their analyst should have figured out in the two days prior when she completely monopolized my time and told me I couldn't afford to *not* have them come in. I paid the day's fee as I was so upset and shocked by what had just happened over the past three days, I just wanted to get them out of my office. By the next morning, I too stopped payment on the checks.

They are manipulative, deceptive sugar-coated snakes and they will badger you mercilessly from pre-sale to collection. If you have been harassed by them, I strongly urge you to file a complaint with the BBB and the State Attorney General's Offices in both your state and IL (the state from which they operate). They have decided my $5, 000 balance can now be reduced to $500 (which I will not be paying) and since they have received notice from the Attorney General's Office, it seems they are willing to forgive it altogether.

I don't want to see another small business trying desperately to stay afloat fall victim to these creeps.
3321 days ago by Vberbano
Thanx for the insight. I am a CPA contacted by Global Resources withan interview scheduled for Monday morning. I'm not going to waste another second on this scam.
3307 days ago by Anonymous
Same for me. They wanted me to join a conference call on Monday. I e-mailed them and said, no thank you.
3293 days ago by JeffCL
It is a shame that small businesses in need of help are taken advantage of in a way that it seems Global Resources does. Luckily I discovered several sites showing these problems now as I had just applied to work for them. I think I will pass.

What caused me to apply was the fact I have started a small business consulting firm that does what they ADVERTISE they do but without the rip-off. Consider the following the next time any of you look for this kind of service:
1. I can determine how much I might save your company in less than 2 hours
2. I can transfer that information to a Budget P/L Statement in less than 4 hours
3. I can have a virtually new business plan to you, including a new budget, in another 4 hours
4. I can analyze the selling price of the items you sell to assure that each is paying its fair share of COGS, Wages & Expenses in fewer than 5 hours.
Total - 15 hours and a cost to you of just over $400

How can I do this? I wrote the Software over 20 years ago to run my own business with and it is not available anywhere else. The Software is a unique combination of Bookkeeping, Accounting & Cost Analysis that is designed to balance Overhead with Sales and, add Profit to your bottom. Virtually all small businesses lack the expertise to run an analysis such as this and it is why many fail.

For more information check my website; .There is also a link to send me your questions.
3258 days ago by Bbrc
This web site is a scam. The first comment was from a business owner that is broke, ran his business into the ground and now is angry because someone would not fix it for him. He does not have any money to pay his bills or for help, so why try to collect from someone who is broke.

Then, after reading the first comment the second commenter stated that he is thankful for the info because he is a CPA and has determined, somehow, from the first comment that this is a scam.

Then, the third commenter made a quick decision based on some vague information he found on some web site.

The the forth commenter calles Global Resources a scam and trys to sell you his over priced software package for $400.00.

This is a waist of my time.
3214 days ago by Geosman
I have a sinking feeling. As a heating contractor I too was approached by a representative for SMS for a "Free" business analysis that if I felt had value would cost $500 if I liked it or would be free if I felt it had no value. When I expressed apprehension at the proposal, the canvasing person called his boss for a conversation and then passed the phone to me. Party at the other end claimed that one of the companies best business analysts was in my area for a meeting the next day and that the meeting had been rescheduled...if I would commit to the survey it would save a wasted trip from Chicago to Columbus and he needed to know how much time it would take to get from downtown to my office. (Sounds fishy? I should have seen this pressure sale coming). Next day we get a call indicating the analyst would be late by at least an hour. (Analyst picked up a rental car in Detroit and was driving to Columbus; I should have seen this coming too. Analyst was very personable but rather than work with the financial statements that were requested the day previous, she wanted all payroll financial and tax records for the past 3 years. Interviewed all employees for a Matrix to see what their perception of the business was and what they perceived as their position in the corp structure. In all the Analyst spent two days consuming my total time and that of staff which I had been told previously would be a simple analysis for $500. She was very professional and I do not question the value of her work. I questioned her that the $500 could not possibly cover her time assessing my small company and learned that the $500 was likely destined for the SMS canvasser who initially set up the assessment but it needed to be made out to a company called Global Resources Inc.. In return, she needed my signature on a paper to schedule a trainer...Trainer it turns out is $245/hr and wants to do 120hrs on site with a 20% per-diem for travel and lodging. (Analyst and trainer likely split a portion of the $245/hr with a healthy portion reverting to Global Resources / SMS. I'm trying to cancel out of this arrangement as the services are way overpriced and do not include the business software that helps make my system work. I know what needs to be changed just hate being badgered by hidden details at the last minute and suspect this operation is now what our attorney general calls "walking the dog" by finding additional charges that need to be added as we go a long. They say the trainer will work out the payment details???? They say they have the best tax attorneys and best business attorneys and CPA's. Oh boy this sounds like bend over and say thank-you! Wish me luck. Perhaps I can at least draw assistance from our list of clients that include the State Atty. General and the President of the Ohio Bar Association.
Buried in the business
3147 days ago by Joe In Tampa
Here's how these guys work...I get a phone call and the guy on the other end is telling me that his company works with designers and engineers of buildings where my products and services could be useful. They would be willing to set up meetings with these firms but they need to send in their "guy" to access my company. The meeting was set up for the next day with Terry Buttertworth. He presented a business card from a company called SMS. Their website is There was never any mention of the designers or engineers that were mentioned as the hook to get in the door. This was December 6th, 2011.

He was just the frontman and said he needed to send in another guy, John Adamonis the next day to do an analysis of my business needs. That would cost about $500.00-Don't pay if you don't feel there was a value! No risk to me.

John Adamonis shows up the next day. I shared a ton of financial, personal and business data with John. I spend most of the day laying out my business challenges. Very smoothly, he keyed on my greatest fears and played back worst case scenarios. Now, this was so cleverly done, I didn't even realize what had happened until several days later when I had a chance to reflect on how I had allowed this to happen. By the end of the day, John has me convinced that his firm, via their deep resources, can help me get past these immediate business challenges.

Just shoot me...I gave him a $2, 000 deposit and signed a contract to pay an invoice presented at the end of their work. He does me a favor and waives the $500 fee mentioned earlier. I was under the impression that there would be one guy coming and he was local to Tampa. The rate was $265/hr.

The next morning, 2 guys (Paul Nadolny and Jesse Howard) show up and we spend about 3 hours where I am teaching them-my business and the unique challenges coming via federal regulation. They had no industry specific knowledge.

I give one guy total access to my Quickbooks and the other one spends the afternoon typing. I figure these guys are going to come up with some really solid insights into where I can steer my company over the next 2-3 years.

3:00 PM comes and here's what I get. A 1-1/4 page summary of the conversation we had that morning and about 1/2 page of the opportunities that I told them I felt I saw as a potential future direction.
Basically a re-hash of everything I had told them earlier in the day. The guy with QB gave me a breakeven number that was within $40K of the number I gave him earlier in the day. They left me with a spreadsheet to manually load and forecast cash flow. (Oh boy!)

The total damage: 2 guys at $265 (ea) per hour for 7 hours, $52 per diem each and over $700 in travel expenses for a guy to hot-shot from Houston to Tampa to pull this scam off. Total spend $4, 557.76 wasted. The other guy was from Tampa so his per diem covered an $8 sandwich from Subway.

Not that it matters but this site also has complaints from former employees commenting that the per diem is factored into the compensation.

My advice, if you see these guys coming, run-don't walk to the nearest exit. I've done some dumb things and every lesson I learn in business cost me dearly but I can honestly say that I have never felt more violated than when I handed these guys over four grand.

I will also be filing a report with the IL Attorney General over thier business practices. As I read more off this site, it's clear that inspite of all of the well crafted statements from the president of this company and their

Why take the time to complain and make this public? Like most small business owners today, I work very hard for the money my company generates and I try to take care of my employees and family. Getting caught up with this Global Resources LLC bunch wasted some very valuable resources for me. If I can save one single other business owner the experience I had, then there is some vindication for my stupid mistake.
3037 days ago by Ramiro
Global Resources LLC...THIEVES

I need some advise,

Our company was contacted by this man, Greg Healey and asked my wife if we would be interested in talking to a business analyst at no cost if we weren't satisfied with his services then the next morning this man showed up at the office Buck Crouch spending four to five hours in the office gathering information to come up with a plan, the next morning he came back and told us what he proposed...

He told us it was $ 245.00 dollars per hour and that it was going to take about 100 hours for a consultant to come up with a business plan then we said we didn't have any money he said don't worry about it because we can set up a payment plan...

The next morning two guys showed up at the office Stephen Dew and Christopher Nawrocki they were in my office going over the company's finances to see what we need it to do, the next morning they came back with a plan but they also said that they needed to get a check for $8, 324.71 and claimed to know nothing about a payment plan and that they didn't work like that and the need it the payment upon completion...

They were harassing me and my wife and didn't leave the office until they got a check,

If someone has any comments or advise please let me know
3017 days ago by Lisa210
Global Resources LLC/SMS-They are SCAM Artist in a Suit.


Wow!! All of the reviews on this page are identical to the experience we received today from them. We initially recieved a call from a "Representative" from SMS stating that they have some Great Business Analyst to come in to give our business a Free Consultation. We agreed to a meeting. On 5/1/2012, Patrick Reagan from SMS came in to have a 20 minute sit down with us. He basically told us that he would have a Business Analyst here tomorrow (5/2/2012) to fly in from Chicago. The understanding was that if we were satisfied with the Findings of the Analyst Reports, we moved forward and pay $1000. If we were unsatisfatory with the Findings, we had no obligations to pay.

So on 5/2/2012, Brian Montgomery, Senior Business Analyst with Global Resource LLC was here by 10am as scheduled. It started out with a 3 hour interview, than I gave him 4 years of Financials, did some more talking, and he was off to the corner to enter in his data. That was day 1.

On day 2, he was here by by 9am. He interviewed 5 of my employees, punched in the rest of the data we gave him and by 1pm, he finally sat down with us and gave us his findings. He printed out about 20 sheets of reports with fancy charts and coloring. He gave us a break down of what he found on our company. I was in Shook. I was really looking forward to what his findings would be. And it was nothing. Everything he presented was Data we’ve already had. He wasted 2 days of my life! He did not make any kind of recommendations of what type of “Help” he thought we needed but instead read a 4 page catalog to us on what the Prices of the Consultants would be. It was $245 hour, Travel Fee’s, and a Per Diem Fee. At that point, my husband said, “You’re a joke, you wasted our valuable time with no Findings, I want you to gather your stuff and leave”. This was at 1pm.

At 5pm, he was still here. I had no idea what he was doing on his computer after my husband already kicked him out. (Please note, my husband had left the office already). He than sat down with me one last time and asked me Why I didn’t want to hire their Consultants. I said, because there’s no way we were paying $245 hours for anyone to come in here and waste our time. He than, completely insulted me and said he has another deal for us. He said that we didn’t have to pay him any of the consulting fee’s upfront, but if we were to profit .5% more for 2012 than 2011, Global Resource would get .15% of the Company’s Profit. I laughed in his faced. There was no way in Hell, we were gonna give these people a share of our Company.

He than got on the phone with whoever he was on the phone with and started talking back and forth and asking me questions, such as:
Why don’t you want to hire us?
Do you not want to grow as a company?
What happens if you fail as a company?

At this point, my husband got back, and was furious that he was still here. My husband asked him about 10 times to leave. He was still in the other room. He than came back to my desk and said, “Ok, I’m gonna write out the invoice for you now. It’s gonna be $1000. How do you want to pay?” I laughed in his faced and said, “We are not paying you Shit” (pardon my language). It than took him another 20 minutes to gather his stuff. At this point, we had one of our employees played Bodyguard on this man. He finally left.

Global Resource LLC and SMS comes into our Business with their Clean Cut Suits and Laptops with a Great Rent-A-Car. What a Scam. A really Great Scam if we were stupid enough to fall for it. I was actually hoping to hear something enlighting from these people. The one thing that he did say, was “You guys should give yourself a pat on the back because your numbers are really great and you guys are really growing”. NO SHIT Shirlock. We know our numbers. I’m not gonna pay you $1000 to tell us that.

SUCH A WASTE OF TIME. SCAMMERS!!! BEWARE!!! RUN as soon as you see their name!!


Small Business Owner-San Antonio
2973 days ago by Caughey62
I do not have a complaint with Global Resources or SMS. Ihave a problem with for sending me a job opportunity with a bunch of scam artists. I have spent the better part of the day tweaking my resume and cover to apply for a position z as a suited crook. Great! Beware of That all I have to say about that.
Caughey in California
2957 days ago by Rdvillegas
wow, that last complaint was almost exactly the same as i experienced today. The senior executive name was also the same, i assume it was the same guy.

I have to sayI had a bit of suspicion since the call from SMS, because under for them to get me to talk to them they told my staff they were a contracting company, i took the call thinking it could be a potential new client. They also told me they would send a local rep to come and see what they can do to hero us bring in revenue. however, they did not mention a fee as in the previous story. They told me to give them 15 min of my time to talk to me about what they do and them lend them a corner if the room to do some work on the computer and then they would let me know what they could do for me. couple days later a senior executive Brian Montgomery comes in asks lots of questions asks for financials and by more it is about 6pm, he leaves makes a time to come back the next morning and come back at that time in which I spend about another full day answering questions and then he goes to his computer imputs see info and prints in out for us to look over and tell us what he could do for us, which sounded pretty good but i told him i would have to go over it with my other partner and i was also planning on checking out the company. he then tells me i have to give him an answer that moment, he can not come back cuz he had other clients to see and he can't do it over the phone. I tell him ok well ill let you know, he them tells me there will be a fee if he or someone comes back i told him well then come back, that's when he pulls out another paper Asking me to sign that says i am not agreeing to pay the $945 i agreed to pay over the phone. I told him i never agreed to paying any fee so i am not signing anything. It was very late and i was trying to leave so by now we were outside in the parking lot i told him no thank you got in my car and left. and after reading these thank goodness i did, i just wished I would have checked out the company yesterday before i wasted almost a whole day with him.
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2947 days ago by Turkeyjoe
I applied to be a business consultant with Global Resources thinking that it would be a great way to meet new people and assist businesses. As part of the "vetting process" Global Resources emailed me an exercise to complete which involved as assessment of "ABC Company's" problems and finances. I spent about 8 hours over the weekend on the exercise and emailed it to the company Sunday evening at about 8 pm. Monday morning, I got an email saying that my exercise results were satisfactory and I could move onto the next stage towards employment. Then I noticed that the date time on the email telling me I passed the exercise was one hour before they opened the email up that I sent them with the exercise as an attachment. I sent back an email asking if they have even looked at the work I had spent so many hours on over the weekend. A few hours later, I got an email from them saying that "the selection committee has chosen to pursue other candidates who are a better match the position. . . Since this decision has been made, it is our policy to discontinue contact with you. . ." I called them on their lack of ethics and they have now discontinued contact. Works for me. I cannot imagine how a company like this stays in business for twenty years. My personal impression is that Global Resources is run by a team of first rate scam artists. BUYER and POTENTIAL EMPLOYEES BEWARE!!!
2926 days ago by Glasldy
Same as above. These people SMS contacted me, no cost to me. The next day someone shows up for me to sign an agreement and asks if I know about the fee? No I don't and cancel my appointment for Mon. Monday guess who shows up. Antonio York from Global Resources. He says she was not authorized to cancel my apt. well then "I'm authorized, cancel it and don't come back. I am not interested. Your approach is just like George S May Co. who is now out of business cause they are crooks" All this time they are telling me they are nothing like them, and they are exactly like them. Guess who comes back and hour later? Got it Antonio York. My secretary says he just wants to talk to me for a minute, the company flew him in from L.A. and he wants to find out what went wrong. I said how much clearer do I have to make myself. I don't want anything to do with your company, I am not going to give you a perfect stranger all my financial info. Of course there is NO COST to me, BS. Not interested, get out. Please beware of these people. My X worked for George S May and found out within one day what crooks they are. They just want to bleed you of your money . This Company is the same way.
2902 days ago by Jthompson
All great information about a company that according to this site is a scam. The other day I applied to be a consultant because I want to help businesses grow. I have had 30 years experience and wanted to be part of a great company that did that. I am glad I followed my instincts and continued to research what Global Resources LLC in Norhthbrook Il reputation really is. I checked for Global Resources LLC and found about 8 similiar names, but none in Northbrook IL. I will be sharing this info on my social network - no wonder their sales have dropped from $250, 000, 000 to $150, 000, 000 over the years - if that is even true. Wish we could alert more people to beware!

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