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goldendoodle world dee gerrish, diane gerrish, diane bircheat, lake ridge kennels, doodle planet Dee Gerrish of Goldendoodle World Insults and Slander
2nd of Feb, 2011 by
Diane aka "Dee" Gerrish of Goldendoodle World, has stooped a new low. She posted a horrible blog on insulting Amish men. Diane Gerrish thinks one of my friends who lives in central Pennsylvania is Amish and prior to the insulting blog about Amish men, Diane posted a nasty blog about me and mentioned my friend's name. A man she does not know and has never met.

My friend called Diane on the phone and asked her nicely to remove his name from her blog but she refused and the blog is still viewable. I heard the entire conversation between Diane and my friend and Diane was yelling so loudly that my friend couldn't get a word in. My friend had to literally scream at Diane in attempts to get her to hear what he had to say.

Below is the blog that Diane posted about how Amish men beat their wives and have anger issues: I am not posting the rest of Diane's blog where she discusses Internet dating.

The title is:

"One of the most common Amish names in Pennsylvania is the last name Yoder. There are about 1,214 families with the sir name . According to Wikipedia, the Amish (pronounced /?m/, AH-mish) (Pennsylvania
Dutch Amisch, German: Amische), sometimes referred to as Amish
Mennonites, are a group of Christian church fellowships that form a
subgroup of the Mennonite churches. There are many common Amish first
names for men such as Eli, Roy, Atlee, Moses, ,
David, Andy, Reuben, Levi, Ivan, Jonas and John. The Amish always use a
middle initial to indicate the first letter of the mans fathers name to
distinguish what family he was born to. Example, Eli J. Miller means
his fathers name could have been Jonas. Amish women's first names
commonly used are Esta, Fannie, Ada Mae, Edna, Miriam, Esther, Sarah,
Emma, Verna and Mary. There are many Amish people in , Pennsylvania. ; There are quite a few old working towns in the state of Pennsylvania such as Highspire.
Many factories and mills employ quite a few families in the state of
Pennsylvania. Many retireesor those with disabilitieslive there
too. Pennsylvania is the home for many Amish families whether they are
participating or not. Amish church groups seek to maintain a degree of separation from the
non-Amish world. There is generally a heavy emphasis on church and
family relationships. They typically operate their own one-room schools
and discontinue formal education at grade eight. They value rural life,
manual labor and humility. Due to a smaller gene pool, some groups have
increased incidences of certain inheritable conditions which means the
Amish heritage carries quite a bit of genetic health problems due to
inbreeding. The Amish do not participate in military service, so they
have never served their country for any reason whatsoever.

The Amish are very devout in their faith. They believe in the literal
interpretation and application of Scripture as the Word of God. They
take seriously the Biblical commands to separate themselves from the
things of the world. They believe worldliness can keep them from being
close to God, and can introduce influences that could be destructive to
their communities and to their way of life. But what happens if someone
who was raised Amish, leaves the group or breaks away from the group ?
What happens if someone has an Amish ancestry but isn't raised Amish ?
How are they influenced ? The Amish people do not drink, but does that
mean they not have other problems ? Those who do not participate as
Amish, may drink. They may live among regular people and go to different
churches. Those with Amish ancestry may have temper issues.
Relationship issues. Anger issues. Maybe they even hit the women they
are married to or are dating. Maybe they believe it is okay to hit the
women they will date in the future."

In a previous blog that Diane posted, she stated that my friend threatened her with bodily harm. As I stated, I heard the entire conversation and at no time did my friend threaten Diane. Here is a quote from this blog about her accusation: "Footnote: January 29, 2011. "Dan" called my home
to tell me he had "friends in high places" and that I "better leave his
name out of my blogs" or else he would "rip my face off".

This particular blog like all of her other blogs, is extremely long and tedious to read. However, I am posting my complaint about how she continues to slander me on and one of the things she said about me is this:

"Pine Acres 407-298-4973. (Just recently. Jan. 2011. For a short few days while she went to Hershey, PA.)

"This facility is where Sandra Johnson placed my mother during her visit
with Dan. The Orlando DCF didn't even know Mrs Johnson had left the
state until I forwarded the supervisor her blog message she posted at
this link,(I removed the link).

Diane Gerrish unfortunately is one of my sisters and she is ticked off that I have power of attorney for our elderly mother and that I am our mother's care taker. The above statement that Diane posted about my mother staying at Pine Acres is correct however, for Diane to complain to the department of children and families that I put my mother in a respite so I could take a break is simply outrageous. I do not have to report my whereabouts to anyone and it is NOT my sister's business where I go, what I do or who I do it with. I take care of her mother twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week and I deserve to take a break once in awhile.

Diane Gerrish posted this to my friend in her blog: "

"When Dan called my home this morning, his blood pressure seemed to be
quite high. Well, that is quite unfortunate. He doesn't know the facts
because he hasn't seen the actual documented evidence. He is taking Mrs
Johnson at face value so he is taking her side. I understand how he is
being misled. He said he doesn't want to be caught in the middle. As I
told him on the telephone, if he is getting involved with Sandra
Johnson, then unfortunately he will become a part of what is going on."

Instead of quoting my sister's nonsense, I am just going to post the URL where all of her slanderous blogs are about me.

3110 days ago by Sickofbeingslandered
Diane aka "Dee" Gerrish of Goldendoodle World in Cleveland, NC. recently posted this extremely slanderous blog online about me. My user name used to be Kawinomad. This entire post is nothing but slander. It is disgusting, vial, malicious, hateful, derogatory and defamatory.

"I know "Kawinomad" has been going through a rough time. But I heard she's planning on getting married again. She's been married so many times that when the judge issues this next marriage certificate, instead of putting the guys name on it, it's just going to say "insert name" here.

Yeah. She found this latest guy online through a dating website. She may have possibly even bought him on ebay. She said she didn't have deep pockets. There was a sale. Kawinomad says he's a nice guy though. Say he's very supportive. Like Oprah Winfrey's husband, Gayle. What ??? Come on..Just do her already and get it over with. I heard she tastes like chicken. Okay so Opra isn't gay. Or is she ? We don't know.

Oh my god and the best day of my life is this! I go on facebook and found new photos of Kawinomad and guess what ? She's fatter than her sister! Yeah! The same sister she has been calling "morbidly obese" and making fun of all of these years on the internet. Who knew! All of the photos she posted on ROR and everywhere on the internet making gay slurs and fat jokes about her sister and look who has been downing all the twinkies and ho hos! I hate when someone goes on the internet and makes fun of someone and then brags about themselves! I was like..oh yeah ? Boom! Look in the mirror, bitch! Your sister has lost weight and your fatter! Your clothes look like they are trying to escape to a thinner person!

So, boo hoo. Kawinomad has had issues and claims her ex husband cheated on her and dumped her. She said that's why they are getting divorced. Maybe she wasn't feminine enough ? Maybe she spent too much time on the internet and not enough time with him ? Hey Kawinomad, you light candles don't you ? You set your farts on fire, don't you ? Screw that guy. Your at least as feminine as Carrot Top. Your hair reminds me of Justin Bieber's hair caught on fire.

Kawinomad reminds me of the McRib. No one wants to see her on the internet, but for some reason she keeps coming back.

Oh my god, Kawinomad! Bitch I want ripoffreport to start selling shares on wallstreet and you to start buying them! You will be a freakin' millionaire! You have posted so many fucking rambling complaints on about your sister that you make Charlie Manson look sane! Are you brainless ? Are you sure you aren't tipping back the ole medication bottle too hard ? Man! Kawinomad is just jealous that no one knows who she is. Some one should tell her because I don't think even she knows. Her complaints on really look serious though folks. *rolling eyes* You know you've hit a new low in your life when you start pandering to the most common lowest denominator on the internet! Kawinomad has been blatently harassing her sister on and ironically enough, she's been posting images of her sister making fat slurs and gay slurs exploiting people's gay and racists tendencies!! But she's just bitter, jealous and over zealous. No one can accuse her of not being an over achiever!

Kawinomad, when you wake up tomorrow, there's still going to be liberals in the world, mexicans and blacks, Muslims and Jews and high school graduates. Pretty much, everyone who hates reading your shit on the internet.

I heard Kawinomad had an issue with hispanics in Kissimmee near her mom's house. Says the area now looks "ghetto". Well at least she knows their place in life. She moved her mom out of the house and claimed the house needed all types of renovations. Hispanics love lumber. All Kawinomad had to do was dump a huge pile of lumber in her mom's backyard and she could have gotten all types of work completed. Home Depo always has hispanics milling around. But Kawinomad said driving 70 miles round trip was too exhausting for her. Funny enough, when she was having her mom sign on the dotted line, and removing all of her mother's belongings she was like a gambler on a gambling binge! She had all the time in the world and drove all over the place.

Poor Kawinomad. She calls her parents and her grandparents racists on the internet. I think she does that because they have indian blood. No...not slurpy indian...Casino indian!!! Stop holding your nose! Yeah...that's a whole different smell. Stop cringing over there in that chair, Kawinomad! You know your a racist deep down inside of your blackened soul. You just can't come out in public and admit it. The problem is that Kawinomad couldn't date an indian guy. If she did and they went out dancing, it would rain!

An indian guy once asked Kawinomad out on a date and his name was "Sitting in jail". She had to pass him up. They were both double oppressed. Her pockets weren't deep enough to bail him out and his pockets had already been emptied by the jail warden. But if she had bailed him out, she would have had to bang him to pipe him for his land and then hold an umbrella over her head in case it rained. Kawinomad is so racist she is even against people who are blurple. You know what that is right ? You may have to use wikipedia for that.

So she and her new man have been dating for like four months. That's like four years if your gay. I'm so happy for her. I'm so happy her father didn't drown her when she was a baby. What ?? I said I was happy! That's how I roll, bitch. If you can't handle Lisa Lampenelli, get out of the roasting chair. Hey get back here, Kawinomad...I didn't say you could slink away that easy. *rolling eyes*

Look, you can't hold it against Kawinomad for looking for her next meal ticket. Somebody has to pay the utilities! Hey Kawinomad what's your new boyfriend's name ?

What is it ? Bankrupt? And there wasn't anyone with that name closer to ya down there in Orlando ? Wow! Imagine that. That must be like the second worst tragedy to hit Orlando Florida, if that were true. Man, I bet when they screw, afterwards she has to call in someone to fix the potholes. But not to worry new guy. I hear Kawinomad usually likes to be on top to keep the men from escaping.

Okay everyone... Kawinomad has been a poor sport and I see she's been squirming while sittin' in the roasting chair. Either she has the clap or she's got twinkies shoved up her vagina and plans to eat them later. *You can clap now and laugh... but please...use vagisil afterward and go wash your hands!* Wesa has all the power! Wesa #TEAMWINNING.

My Note: This is only one of Diane Gerrish's many, many slanderous blogs she has posted online about me. She even had the audacity to post that she is allowed to stalk me because we are related.
She doesn't have the right to stalk ANYONE. She doesn't have the right to SLANDER and HARASS anyone. This woman is operating a dog breeding business from her back yard in Cleveland, NC. and yet, her behavior online is extremely unprofessional, very immature and she has no Internet etiquette at all. Because she is running a 'business', I report her slanderous blogging on Ripoff Report for everyone to see. The contents on Ripoff Report are never deleted and will remain until the end of time or until the site is taken down.
Recently I had to report Diane Gerrish to the local authorities in her county because she threatened me with physical violence. The deputy I spoke to assured me he was going to go to her residence and talk to her. The very next day, Diane blogged that no deputy ever contacted her. I seriously doubt that she is telling the truth and I am going to obtain the report from the Rowan county sheriff's office and prove it. Diane actually believes she is above the law and she believes she has the right to slander me, stalk me, harass me and post hundreds of nasty, vial, disgusting blogs about me. Diane Gerrish has even manipulated the photos she copied from my friend's Facebook account. She replaced Hitlers face with mine and in other images, she put me in pornography. These images will never be removed from the site where she posted them.
It is clear that Diane Gerrish is mentally unstable and needs to be stopped. I am doing the best I can to get an injunction against her. Diane sells Goldendoodle puppies so here is my word of warning to anyone who is considering buying from her. Do your homework. Read all of the complaints posted online about her. Read her website. Look at and see the complaints. Look at and read all the slander she has posted about me. The link is: If you look to the right of the posts you will see dates of other blogs she has posted and almost every single one are about ME.
If you don't think she will do this to YOU, think again.
3048 days ago by Deegerrish
The posted content upon this website is without merit. I obtained a restraining order against Sandra Faye Johnson on May 16th 2011 for aggravated harassment both on and off the internet. This content has been copied and posted upon this website to continue a smear campaign by Mrs. Johnson and it will be brought to the Rowan County judicial system's attention.

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