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HRP Staffing
HRP staffing HRP hospital recruiting partners Scam, waste of time, asking for money, not a real address Plaistow, New Hampshire
13th of Jul, 2011 by User345277
I was contacted by this company to help them with their "outreach, marketing, and business development" efforts. HRP staffing is supposedly a recruitment agency that finds medical personal to fill in positions at hospitals, nursing homes, and other medical facilities. I was given the address to a "webinar interview." Once I logged in, I noticed that there were 130 other "interviewees" in the "audience" with me. This was the first suspicious part of this whole situation. What kind of "interview" includes 130 people at a time? After the presenter went through 40 minutes of presenting about the work the company does, the catch came at the end. So, in addition to ONLY getting paid when you actually fill a position at a hospital, you have to PAY HRP staffing to even start working. They ask for an initial payment of $350 because they need to cover the costs of their IT department and database entry software. I've never had a job where I had to PAY the company to actually start working FOR them. So I am pretty sure these guys are scammers and they get desperately unemployed individuals to pay them. Since they are in a different state, it will most likely will be hard to pursue them and see what's going on. In fact, their address is a P.O. Box 972 Plaistow, NH 03865. Once you google map it and take a look, there is nothing actually there... AVOID THIS COMPANY AT ALL COSTS
3312 days ago by Gzolber
I was also contacted by them and had an 'interview' set up for tomorrow morning. Their website looks credible...on the surface. Their social pages tell so much. They are 'liked' by nine people on facebook, they have never Tweeted a single solitary thing, and I was unable to view them on LinkedIn. Thank you for pressing me to further research them, so that I do not wasted 40 minutes of my time tomorrow in my 'interview'!

Gwen Z.
3312 days ago by Lsmeredith
I recently received an email from HRP Staffing and being a tad leary of scammer staffing agencies that take advantage of the long-time unemployed, I automatically did additional research and am NOT totally convinced they are an honest organization.

Lynne D-M
3311 days ago by Anonymous
I actually paid $179 and now think I may have been scammed. I was supposed to hear more this afternoon from them. I will keep you all posted what I find.
3311 days ago by Hunee1822
I am glad I read these complaints they contacted me today and I am glad I did not respond. Thanks for the feedback on them.
3311 days ago by Watchout123345
I can appreciate the concerns that you have; however, I do have one remark about your posting:

"In fact, their address is a P.O. Box 972 Plaistow, NH 03865. Once you google map it and take a look, there is nothing actually there."

You cannot Google a mailing (PO Box) address.Google can only find physical addresses (123 Main Street Anyplace, XX 12345).

For everyone: My fiance was contacted by these people via email. The first red flag for us was that t he three "available" interview times were all dates and times prior to the timestamp of the email. After doing a very quick Google search, you would think the company's website would be the top search hit, wrong. Finally, the "Contact Us" page on the website does not have a physical address or a phone number. That is all the information I need to know that this is NOT a legitimate business.

If you want to dig into this further, check this out:

- Plaistow, NH 03865 has only approximately 7700 people
- No hits on Better Business Bureau

Please make sure you use a bit of common sense before shelling out your money to these people.
3310 days ago by Debcap3
I received an e-mail myself today to schedule an interview, after looking at the address I knew it was a scam. I lived one town over from Plaistow, NH and their isn't big business. This kind of company would actually be located in a city that had hospitals. Unortunatley we are all desperate for jobs and being taken advantage of. How many times have you gotten your hopes up when you see the words "interview request"? Scam .. Scam .. Scam!
3310 days ago by Anonymous
I received an email from this company on 7/14/2011 and they offered me a interview time that had already passed. I started researching the company and could not find anthing on them. There website looks legit. Im glad I found all these postings. If it sounds to good to be true it probably is. If they offer me another interview (Im sure they will) I will take a look at it very carfully. I may call some of the hospitals they are supposedly affiliated with and try to talk to the hospitals hr to see if they even use this company... I will keep you posted.
3309 days ago by PTOWNGUY99
I received an interview opportunity, I am glad I found this site. I will not be doing my interview tomorrow. You should never have to pay to get a job.
3309 days ago by Eddiematt
I just got an "interview request" from HRP staffing. It looks so suspicious to me ... Thanks a lot for the info that everyone provided with. Now I am pretty sure that HRP IS A SCAM so anyone who receives their interview request ... don't get ripped off!!
3308 days ago by Anonymous
3308 days ago by Fkromo
Hi All-
I received an email from HRP Staffing on Saturday with interview dates Mon-Wed either @ 12-1p or 8-9p. I thought it to be a bit odd to get an email from a company as big as they say they are on a Saturday.
The other thing was my resume was sent to him from his VP (actually worded that way). Why would a VP be looking for employees, the companies here in Jersey don't do that, they have the potential employees apply or a talent search rep look for potential candidates.
I have received numerous too good to be true job opportunities over the past yr & a half and some (like AFLAC) I have attempted but found I would have to pay too much just to get a license before I could get started. I spoke with CareerBuilder about all the nonsense companies (insurance companies & the like)and they said as long as your resume is public it will continue to happen.
I'm glad that I decided to look into this company though because it is getting out of hand...
3308 days ago by Sav1can
Ive just got the same thing.! HRPStraffing lol..
Here is a little info for all those job seekers out there.. there is website to audit the companies website. its "" its a website auditor.. it gives you how many visits does the website get per day/week etc. whats its traffic rank. and brief info about the company as what their yearly revenue is etc..

if the website of the company does not have any records on alexa, it means its a fake website.. or gets minimum visits and just unreal for an actual REAL company..
or just write in google --> "(the name of the company) scam?" and search. in this case it would be "hrpstaffing scam?" you will end up reading a bunch of comments like the ones we have hear. and you will know its fake.

best of luck everyone..
3308 days ago by Sav1can
BTW, you will mostly get scams from business development, marketing and sales jobs. not so much from other industries..
3307 days ago by Stedouglas
I hope this isn't a scam. Like others I bought into this "opportunity!" With all the above comments, I've decided to contact the hospitals to ask them if they use HRP. I spoke with Oregon Health and Science and they stated they do not use recruiters outside of their own HR Dept. and a nurse recruiter located on-site. Also, I spoke with St. Joesph who has never heard of HRP Staffing. GREAT!! I'm going to cancel my transaction and figure out how to get this company off-line.
3305 days ago by Broadway1
I received the same e-mail from the staffer saying the VP asked her to set up the 'interview' with me. Given that it said marketing, recruiting and business development I agreed to join the webinar as I'm looking for a job in marketing. I looked at their web site and it looked legit.

So, I participated on the webinar, sounded legit until toward the end (I think) they said there was a training fee of $179 that would be reimbursed upon your first placement (the 'job' was for a contractor recruiter).
There were 178 people on the webinar and the guy started with a hard sell in saying that only 25 slots were available so sign up now. He was slowly counting the number of people on the webinar who were buying in.

Knowing that I should not have to pay for a job, while I was on the call I went to Google and typed in 'contractor HRP staffing' and this was the first page that came up.

I went back to the webinar and while the guy was talking I posted this link. The guy stopped and said 'wait a minute, I think someone is fooling around'. I then was immediately terminated from the webinar!!!

That gave me a good laugh. Thanks to all that posted before me. In looking for a job I think I'm getting hit with multiple scams per day.
3304 days ago by ZorroPlato
The first thing wrong with their interview offer is that I have no experience at all related to hospitals. Just like some of you, I did some research, and I couldn't find them on "who is".

The most prevalent thing to come up was this page reporting it as a scam. Thanks for being there guys. You are saving a lot of people plenty heartache and grief.

I won't be responding to this offer.
3304 days ago by Cduchemi
The fact that they dont actually spell out what the HRP stands for and the email looked pretty highschoolish that they sent led me to google if its a scam I didnt have anytime for the interview and its the first time a I ever heard of a VP fowarding a resume to a recruiter or an HR department they usually are worried about bigger business moves then someone working in their marketing department at an entry level, I smelled scam.
3304 days ago by Veronicade1
Okay I just got an email from them for Monday or Tuesday interview times. Firstly I'm a geek - a BIG geek, I faint if I cut my nails too short. I have never, ever, EVER worked in the hospital or health care industry (please see geek) but I am a legacy programmer and systems security analyst. So I did a little research on the email from Chelsey and turns out it's a vanity site at Her email is [email protected] The site is 'under construction' but she has a fake header of [email protected] Pop mail to put it simply - I have the same thing on my site. But mine is for a job search. So then I did a little MORE searching and verified what you all had said. Here's the $64, 000 question: if they're a HIRING firm why can't I see them on LinkedIn? Isn't that the whole idea of LinkedIn - to get people to come to you for work? Hmmmmm... so I googled HRP Staffing reviews and it was ALL complaints! Not one single person said "thanks for the great job". And now the LAST test - non-existent. Nada, not a blip on the radar. I check EVERY company that contacts me on and if they have less than a 3 I have to think about it.

To put it bluntly, save your money. I've been a consultant for better than 20 years and I've NEVER paid anyone to get a job for me. What they saw was a resume - end of story. No matching words, nothing except another pocket to pick. ANY respectable firm will NEVER ask YOU for money - they get that from the company. You are a cash cow to them - if you work for any length of time for any placement firm they get your wages plus what ever else on top of that for them. They're your pimp basically but sometimes it's good to have one. These guys are a corner shell game, a guy with knockoff watches or purses on a street corner with one eye turned looking for the cops. I emailed them back with my findings - bet I don't get a reply! I may have been born at night but I wasn't born LAST NIGHT! Schmucks...
3304 days ago by Gijane
Hey everyone,

I also got an e-mail from these people & found a least a few websites saying it was a scam...

First check the e-mail address... the fact that it's an odd e-mail address should be a red flag ([email protected])

THEN the funniest thing that I found on the website ON THE HOME PAGE was this...

"The United States Dept of Labor- bureau of labor statistics website shows The 10 industries with the largest wage and salary employment growth, 2008-18. It shows Home Health Care Services as increase from 958 in 2008 to 1, 399 in 2018 which is a 46.1% percent increase. And Nursing Care Facilities at an increase from 1, 614 in 2008 to 2, 007 in 2018 which is a 24.4% percent increase."


yeah & asking for money & not paying you before you place a job is just ridiculous...

I read Brodway1's post & it really makes me want to go in to the webinar, then just message the link out like 10 minutes into the presentation, just so people can recognize their own stupidity & STOP THIS BEFORE THESE PEOPLE'S GET ANYONE'S INFORMTATION!!!

I just lost my job a little over a week ago, but hell I'm not desparate enough to pay someone to get me a job where I don't even get paid until I get someone else a job.

Thank goodness the internet is an AWESOME TOOL! :)
3304 days ago by Anonymous
Hey Guys, I just got the same email from HRP Staffing and trust me, it's not legit, at all. If you spend money to get a job your just giving money away. DON'T DO IT!!! Thanks you guys for this website and these comments because people need to know that when you put your Resume in public view your bound to get scams.

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