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They vanished with eveyone's money
8th of Jun, 2011 by ....
They were charging people between 5k and 25k to 'fix' the clients Immigration problems - only they don't but do have clients money :( Melissa Rosario had clients deposit money into her personal a/c and not a business a/c. Guess that should have been a red flag. Soraya Leon is Melissa Rosario's 'partner in crime' So now instead of people having their issues resolved, many now face a ban from the US from between 3 and 10 years!!! oh yeah and office is now being looked after by a young man who answers the phone but doesn't know what's going on, just been hired to take messages. So basically, they have done a runner with their clients money.
3444 days ago by Loreramos
I have my case with this person, melissa, they said she;s out and that she will be back what triggers you to say that some people face a ban? where are you getting this info? please assist
3432 days ago by Ql3ww2
I also have my case with melissa and after reading this complaint, I went to an attorney. He found out that melissa has filed a frivolous petition for me and someone forged my signature. Very upsetting news. I have left messages but I never got a return call. I am going to immigration to make a statement and try to fix my problem. Good luck.
3430 days ago by Sadface
it's scam
3430 days ago by Sadface
It's true :( A lot of people face bans and are out of status. Not that Melissa cares about it... but yeah that's what she did to MANY people. Don't believe her, I know it's hard and sad but don't believe her.

I have a lot of information and I have done a lot of research with some other victims, and it's clear to me that it was convenient for her to have us out of status so that we would be scared to report her once we would find out that we were out of status. As for the people who were already out of status... of course they would not dare reporting her either.

I'm sorry if anyone still thinks she is real, but please don't make any more deposits, and don't have hopes and dreams. I was in denial for a longgg time too but I woke up and I know she isn't real. She's good at convincing you with stories and excuses and as real as it may sound, it's all made up.

If you have any questions or if you still doubt she is fake, ask me any question and I'll be more than happy to help.
Q13ww2 She did indeed fake our signatures. Did she make you fall out of status? How are you fixing your problem?
3422 days ago by Loreramos
What information do you have?? Research ? Please share if you are so conviced? You are jut making statements but don't give any factual information?! I have gone to my biometrics has anyone of you gotten this far with the process?
3421 days ago by Intheknow
Had biometrics beginning of the year, RFE in December, Denied last month! (after she had left the area) and if you look 'closely' you will see that Melissa has filed us under 'Asylum Seekers' and if you check your case status online at USCIS you may see a 'RFE'. If you are not out of status, do something fast because Melissa will want you out of status. If you have info on where they have moved to, please let us know. As for your EAD... it won't be happening.
3421 days ago by Intheknow
Loreramos, it doesn't take much to get information on them if you do your own research. Melissa has been evicted from the last business address and can check on website. Melissa get's evicted a lot. She doesn't live in a house for more than 6 months. She was in the process of being evicted from a house she rented in Windermere and made a deal with her landlord to keep it out of court. Her excuse to him was that she was having family issues (she seems to use this excuse often) and could no longer afford to rent the home for $2k a month. She then moved into a house that was 2 X bigger and 2X more expensive. I would guess that she also uses false SS#'s!! Yup... she sounds like a really upstanding, honest person. Who moves every 6 months!? and why?
3421 days ago by Mycase
how is being evicted relevant to anything else?
3421 days ago by HappyDay
multiple evictions = lacking moral compas
3420 days ago by Nyovels
I was also a client and worried but on June 27, 2011 I got a call from the office my work authorization was in after what seemed like forever i rushed over and yes it was there. I now have a social, and have a legal presence in the USA. My name in Navas Yovels. I have given permission to the office to show anyone a copy of my Work Authorization. I gave all of my worries up to God and It all has worked out. I know it takes forever and makes you want to doubt, but i am proof. I dont think anyone vanised, because i called the office today and spoke with someone. Someone or a company that vanished does not have anyone answering the phone, that cost money. You can write me and I am happy to share my experience and unlike others here I have shared my real name. my daughter is studying computer in college and after a little research, most of the threads here belong to the same person using different IDs. My suggestion is if you feel wrong call office and talk... threats and gossip will not help your case. Your pointing the finger at someone saying they are breaking the law, and talking about moral compas while you indeed came to a country and did not follow the law, that is how you became Illegal. I am not judging. I did the same thing. I am wishing you the best, but i know this attack on someones personal life will not help your situation. I am living proof that it can be done. I think you may have a big misunderstanding and you dont loose anything by trying. MyCase wrote correctly and has it right worry about your life and your family and work on what you can and try to solve it. My case online took forever showed denied then disappeared online and here I am today. I would not worry about where someone lives, making allegations we never know anyones life until we walk in there shoes. My cousin now shows approved on the computer and when I was in office someone else was picking up Work Authorization. Legalization is a long process and not easy. I am sure your worried and scared.. I wish you all the best and I hope you take this heart, Gossip, and all of this will not get your status. Worry about you, thats what i did and now I am good. I am going to try to see if i can get my cousin or some others that have got there status to write. Hope this helps I am sure if you stop the name smearing u will get the help you need you cant expect anyone to help when you are writing and using different screen names. I hope you find a solution and i will pray for you. Please stay positive, strong and leave it in Gods hands and with good spirit and it will work out for you. I am sure it will.. I am wishing you a great outcome...This to shall pass my friend. WWJW.. God bless You and your family..
3420 days ago by Askdjffdsafd
Nyovels, when did you apply for your EAD? and if you received it on June 27th, and you went to the office... didn't you think it was odd that there was NO furniture there? And WHY did you call the office TODAY if you already are legal? I also called the office today and didn't get any answer! I also was unable to leave a message as the mailbox was full and when I have left messages... they are never returned! So please explain this! I also went down to the office the other day and the phone has gone!! Sounds to us like you are a friend of Melissa trying to do damage limitation. As for your relative with pc skills.. she will also know that this website is run from Russia with no customer service!
3420 days ago by Nyovels
There is furniture there, Dont know who is giving you the information and i called today for travel documents, hoping to visit my mother. It took a little over a year but I am in status. No not trying to Protect anyone..I have no reason to lie, or give anyone false hope. Trying to give you hope that perhaps it could be a misunderstanding, or just bad blood due to these negative comments. My relative looked up ip address...that are available from the website. Anyway I am not here to harm or hurt anyone only hoping that this does help. Call tomorrow and I will too. Tell the man answering the phone your concerns. I will also let them know.. I will try to help. My cousin also got his approved it clearly shows online and we are waiting for card. we are breathing relief i hope you will soon.. My prayers or with You.. I think if you stop name smearing, You will get help, maybe that is why you are not being helped. Like i said i had doubts to, you have my name look it up no scam I am real, and have no ties to this company. I am only a satisfied customer my cousin is also. God bless you and your family...
3420 days ago by Alskdjfdskk
What is the address you went to collect your work authorization? Several of us know for a fact that there office is void of furniture since early May!

When did you apply for your work permit?

You state you 'were' a client yet you talk in present tense. You mention 'threat's' where do you read threats? The only way to get an IP is by contacting the web site administrator so perhaps there is a little speculation on that point.

Over 26 of us have had Asylum petitions falsely filed and you may be one of the fortunate one's who actually can prove you are entitled to seek Asylum in the U.S. the rest of us can't and that was NOT the petition that I asked for help with. Did you ask for Asylum?

So without knowing all the facts of each individual, you are making sweeping statements as to the validity of situations. Why do we not get a call returned? Perhaps you got returned calls as you had a valid case to file. The majority of us do not qualify for Asylum nor did we ask for it and that is against the law! PERIOD.
3420 days ago by Alskdjfdskk
Also - the majority of us were in LEGAL status BEFORE we went to Melissa and Soraya and now we are NOT. So please do not assume we were all in your position. And now that we are 'out of status' you want us to give our names!? You can give your name as you are OK, the rest of us are not and will not but if Melissa is willing to refund our money and do the right thing, then that would show she is genuine right?
3420 days ago by Nyovels
I was out of status.. denied three different times over 10 years. my cousin was legal. I dont know... I am only trying to help. Like I said it took me a little over a year. You have your mind made up. It seems as if you would spend your time and energy devoted to more positive, that maybe the results would be more positive. Like I said I can not judge anyone, all i can do is guess. I dont think no one has ran.. I dont think you would answer phones and pay salary if that was the case. I dont know. Maybe u dont get responses because of this. I dont know how helpful i would be if someone had smeared me. You mentioned there was a young man working there how would you know unless u spoke to him. All I am trying to say... Is call explain maybe your response will change. Maybe your responses are none now because of all of this. I dont know. I know that I can not judge.. Proper communication can move mountains, Poor communication can build walls. Did you ask for a refund..I wish u and your family luck and blessings. I believe in my heart that prayer works. Pray on it. I truly hope you find the solution you need and want, and your family can move forward. Remember Positive=Positive, Negative=Negative... Sounds like it could be work out with communication, and everyone on the same page an working together. I am sure the results could change.. Open your mind and maybe just maybe...things will turn around. .. I will be praying like i said.
3420 days ago by Askdjffdsafd
I believe most people would prefer to be more positive but many have given Melissa Rosario their life savings and are out of work and living of handouts of other's. Out of immigration status now, facing an uncertain future... possible deportation! No returned calls! Multiple messages left unanswered... office closed, Melissa evicted and never returns calls for months, frivolous petitions filed with no hope of approval - and we are being negitive!? hmm.. where's the positive in that? You still haven't given the address you went to to collect the work permit? We would all like to know where her new office is. That would be a positive thing.
3420 days ago by Sadface2
Alskdjfdskk how can I check and see that she filed for asylum??? I wanna know what she did! All I was told is that she faked our signatures and applied. I guess she didn't want us to see what she was doing because we would know she was lying to us.

I have been trying to get ahold of Melissa for months now. The guy who answers the phone always changes the story, plus he took my info many times but yet it's been months and I got no returned calls as promised.
As I can see, I'm not the only person who 's been ignored, so let us NOT talk about communications here as it's more than obvious that our calls will never be returned

Nyovels if you are making $7000 per person you wouldn't have an issue paying a guy $7-8 dollars a few hrs a week to answer the phone and fool people, would you? As long as the deposits keep coming in!
I believe Nyovels is either Melissa or Melissa's friend, trying to keep the name clean so that the money keeps coming in.
If it's true that you are approved like you state, and since you don't mind sharing your name, I assume you wouldn't mind sharing your case number, would you? And perhaps you can also send us a picture of your biometric appointment which should state your name Navas Yovels on it with that case number, hm? How about that? Come on... prove us wrong!! I bet you CAN'T do that ;) and don't even waste your time photoshopping any BS because eventually the lie will come out. Instead use your time wisely and just pray and ask for forgiveness, since you "love" praying. Also, if you really are a client who got approved... how did you come accross this page? What were you looking for? This page can ONLY be found when you type International Business Consultants together witht he word SCAM. Why were you typing in the word scam?????????????? oooohh, I can't wait to hear your answer ;)

And FYI my friend and I were both in legal status and because of Melissa we lost our status. My friend actually left the country due to an emergency and cannot re-enter, he's BANNED!!! We called the office so many times and I drove 4 hours only to find out that the office was completely empty! So if indeed there was something going on, he wouldn't be BANNED, he would simply just have to wait outside the US for his papers to finish.

So Nyovels as I stated before, I would advice you to start praying and ask for forgiveness because what's waiting for you and the IBC gang isn't very pretty at all.
I always pray and I'm a good person. But it makes me so mad seeing how many innocent people are getting hurt. I know I should hate Melissa but I was taught not to hate or be revengeful. So I will leave everything in God's hands. I will definitely pray for you guys because I know you will need it, I pray that you will realize how many people you are hurting, and I pray that you will stop and seek peace and forgiveness.

ps.. somebody has been waiting for almost 2 years for his papers... I will tell him to be patient and positive... even though nobody has returned his calls since beginning of April, thanks a lot for the advice and concern
3419 days ago by Askdjffdsafd
Sadface, the receipt notice tells us which class we are filed under and mine say's A05 and there are no fees for Asylum seekers so it also say's Fee Waived. So the CLASS A 0 5 is an Asylum case and we would have had to sign that and receive a copy of the petition. I didn't get a copy!! or sign any documents other than IBC's waiver. Not worth the paper it's printed on!
3419 days ago by Nyovels
whats waiting for me, and praying for forgiveness. i dont know u, or anyone here..who are you to judge me.. i shared my experiences I have no frienship with anyone in that company. Believe what you want and may. You can email me directly at [email protected] I am happy to show u.. I have learned in my life you think the way you are. I have no reason to mislead any one or photoshop. I am a grown up. I want one promise from you once you email me and i share my info with you, You stop, and go try to solve the problem. You are talking to me as if I did something to you. I dont know you or owe you anything. Dont make threats to me. I have done nothing to you. You voiced what you think, I voiced mine. My cousin just got approved and a friend of mine from the UK. I am waiting for your email. I dont know anyones life until i walk in there shoes and you dont either. waiting...
3419 days ago by Askdjffdsafd
Can you just please give us the address where you collected your work permit as you have stated you did on the 27th. That would really help and then we will go from there. Thank you!

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