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19th of Nov, 2011 by User466819
Our Attorney Scott Chapman has publicly announced a serious Civil Lawsuit on Criminal Mary Prantil. He even posted on my behalf on scam Report and also stated he encourages anyone that has a stalker like Mary Prantil to contact him, or if anyone has any questions regarding my case against atagonist criminal Mary Prantil to call him. Scott Chapman's web site is utm_source=Google&utm_medium=marketing&utm_term=Jan%2BWindglows&utm_content=Jan%2BWindglows%2BEXPOSES%2Bcriminal%2BMary%2BPrantil%2BRip%2BOff%2BReport&utm_campaign=Jan%2BWindglows%2BExposes%2BMary%2BPrantil%2BOn%2BRip%2BOff%2BReport Jan Windglows & Jim Morgan Verses Mary T. Prantil Lawsuit WON Against Mary T. Prantil Of Astoria New York This is a legal update concerning stalker, scam artist and slanderous Mary T. Prantil as Jan and myself, have currently sued prantil to the tune of $100,000.00 or more for her on going slander of our persons and company reputations over the last five years. Roughly ten charges have been brought against prantil to which some will evolve into several federal charges that we will enforce to ensure that she gets quit a bit of jail time for her unlawful activities, both on and off the net. Prantil's court date with us came and went and she didn't show up, wonder why? Maybe because she's a liar and a thief, that's why LOL. So, we can now add Blowhard to her other less then """"admirable """ ( NOT ) personality traits such as criminal, liar, fraudster, scam artist and punk that can't back up anything she says. This fruitcake tried to latch on to our good names to promote her own comedy crap over the Internet by posting smut and out right lies against us everyday, every week and year after year over the last five years however, everyone saw through it and shunned her as a result. Why? Because the public isn't as stupid as she thought they were and or, couldn't be fooled under her 60 plus fictitious names found on just about every scam site or social network that she was allowed to post on. A person can use whatever fictitious name they like on the Web yet, they can't hide their ignorance no matter how hard they try , as was the case with mary t. prantil. What's the old saying? Does it go something like, "You think a persons intelligent until they open their mouth...” or, "until they keep making the same mistakes in every post over for a five year period?" Prantil never seemed to realize this, in that she could change her name but the the sadistic and ignorant content she post always came back to her as the signature of a stalker scam artist. Mrs Prantil had her chance to show up to court in proving all the numerous statements and or, allegations that she's made against us over the years but didn't take this opportunity to prove her statements such as we allegedly “ripped her off”, or that we were ALEDGEDLY “Satan Worshipers and drank our own blood” to which were NOT, nor have we ever drank blood of any kind. Prantil ran away, when she was served the 49 page suit out-lining the criminal and civil charges against her, I guess she didn't want to waste her mommie's money in showing up to a court hearing, or trial that she couldn't win any way. That's typical of what a low-life personality like prantil's will do, who think their big and brave behind the guise of anonymity, but chicken shit when it comes down to backing up what she says on air or in the courts. We're in the process of removing many of her trash blog sites that go on to slam us with negative untruths all the way through them. Why? Simply because ( They are UN TRUE ) and were tired of seeing this freak abuse the first amendment and the good will of Social Media by abusing their policies. We've actually deleted at least fourteen or more other sites belonging to this idiot over the last five years due to her slanderous and liable content found on them yet, she finds another sucker, or home for her trash on another unsuspecting site or blog. Prantil makes the statement on “That we can run but we can't hide” yet were not the ones running and hiding here, but prantil is, as the courts can't seem to find her and nether can the police for some reason. Like anything this stalker says, everything in reality is the opposite of what she would have others believe. After all, we've seen this coming from her in the past over and over again however, this will be very apparent to everyone especially when the law suit comes back to us and we post for all to see. We are going to see who's running from who and further, who's going to be paying who with their future earnings, etc. Yes, the same suit we filed and apparently won against prantil due to her lack of courage in showing up to is the same suit that we will eventually post to show the world what a common criminal she really is in my opinion however, it's a small matter, as these lawsuits have the long arm of justice to them that will in turn find her where she decides to hide and we will enforce it to the letter in wage garnishment, leans, restraining orders and so fourth. In the past, Prantil has ran her sh*t mouth on ROR in saying that she was going to own everything we had, and that we were going to pay out all our future earnings to her, but as with everything she says, the opposite is true in that she will be the one paying out for lots of money for damages and court costs. Mary Prantil has wasted the New York tax payer's hard earned dollars for at least four to five years that we know of via legal stalling tactics regarding the 9 criminal charges brought against her via four other unrelated people from ourselves living there in N.Y.C. And she's been somewhat successful in pleaing out her case for reduced charges in the NYC courts simply because the New York Courts can't efficiently do their jobs and are more then likely, are getting tired of her case, They apparently want to clear their dockets of this nuisance or person. This won't be the case with us however because we plan to stay with this case for as long as it takes in putting her under a jail somewhere, in which she won't be allowed to carry out her harassing bull shit against other people, on or off the Internet. So in essence, and to my knowledge, this stalker is currently being investigated by the F.B.I. and D.O.J. for Internet Fraud along with other Internet Crimes against us and others as they are now backed up with the civil litigation and judgment award needed to officially prosecute, not to mention our signed complaints and federal charges against prantil that were filed directly with these named agencies etc. I wonder how funny prantil thinks all this is now? She's being made to back up her statements to which she can't, and to answer for her numerous actions of harassment and communicating a false alarm to the public about us and our innocent reputable on line business. We won the civil suit against her and moreover, have obtained court orders to her electronic and personal Internet information or hosting information that she's registered her liable web sites under, along with the downloaded site contents etc. and thus, this is a pretty open and shut case as far as I'm concerned as it all up there for everyone to see, including law enforcement officials and our legal team. All the links to prantil's liable sites will eventually come off the web along with the negative links on Google, Yahoo and other search engines as we filed the court orders just so you know. Criminal prantil is done harassing innocent people everywhere if we have our way about it, and she will be going back to jail real soon, for good hopefully. People like this moron only exist because we let them exist on the Internet and so, if we want to make the Internet a nice place again, I would encourage folks to step up to the plate and legally resolve any issues the have with a stalker, or blog trolls like prantil by suing, putting them in prison and or, all the above. If nothing else, at least step up to the plate and scrutinize the statements of cowards like prantil on the forum sites because they are up there to destroy you and the site itself, and let them know that their not welcome. People like this scam artist are brazen in that they will use the very sites created to exposes them in destroying the lives of innocent people who've done nothing. scam Report now has a negative rating on the Internet via the red box next to their links under every name. You ask why this is? It's because people like Prantil have posted so much trash up there on this site that it is now looked upon by the search engine companies as a poorly rated site via it's lack of credibility. Because of "SPAM" Mary Prantil, scam Report now looks like a cheap three ring CIRCUS where anyone can post whatever they want whether it is true or not. This is sad because there's a need for good while whistle blower sites like ROR to expose the fraud and scamming going on out there. In short, Scam Artist one and whistle blower sites zero, simply because the scam artist realizes that if they can discredit the forum sites then eventually no one will believe them and the scammer will have a free and open shot at the Consumer. In other words, get rid of the forum sites and you'll get rid of the warning system that keeps scammers from taking advantage of the innocent consumer. This is what Mary Prantil has contributed to by attacking us over the last five years and so, not only was she trying to destroy our small Internet business, but also your scam warning system. Eventually all these forum sites will go off the air simply because people won't believe in them any longer and this is to bad, but it will occur in that people will keep abusing the federal laws and the policies of these sites, and the sites will keep protecting and posting the trash of a person like prantil under the anonymity and first amendment until they all go down. This is occurring right now as when these scam artist crooks are exposed by people like us on these sites, the sites suffer because they are no longer are held credible by the public as a result. Why? They're not credible any longer simply because their permitting these criminals to dump their negative and untrue trash on innocent folks on the site, and then decided to keep the untrue trash posted on air for sensationalism purposes. As I've said before in other posts. Sites like ROR were intended to assist the public in the beginning yet, the scammers are taking advantage of the federal laws and abusing the sites themselves by maliciously harming others through false statements proclaimed as alleged fact about a company or person. You don't necessarily have to do anything to a scammer or otherwise malicious person to become the target of their liable or scamming behavior as all it takes is being in the wrong place at the right time, and someone trying to make a name for themselves by bashing your name on the Internet, such was the case with Mary Prantil and her statements against us and the business in question. Another point that people cursing the Internet should consider, what this fool attempted to us she could have just as easily did to you, or to a family member. Dullards like prantil like to hide behind their computer, or another's IP address while hurling nasty accusations at someone for their own amusement, and in hopes that they will be accepted by others and there of, get them to play along. This particular simpleton, lives in a filthy little one room apartment in New York City, has no friends, lives in a fantasy world of her own making that feeds her own HUGE EGO, and can't seem to get along with anyone be it in love or friendship or business world, from what I've heard and in my opinion under the first amendment. It's this type of low life with an uneducated mentality that we have to look out for especially, when they are given a Internet connection and have a reasonable knowledge in how to play the criminal court system, or are given a book and or, an instruction manual in how to harass businesses and individuals by some of the forum sites, such as prantil acquired and used against several honest businesses etc. However, Civil litigation is the best way to go if you can afford it, or through the criminal courts to stop a coward like prantil in her tracks because they won't ever show up to the hearing as was the case with our stalker. Through this, you can give them a good hard taste of legal reality. I would have loved to watch her statements get ripped apart there in the court room had she shown up, Yes I would. I would have loved to have seen her exposed through court transcript throwout the trial, that we would have posted over the Internet when it was all said and done. To show how stupid this individual is, and how easy it was to catch this particular scammer, she posted most of her liable post against us through her personal server to which lead us back to her home address in several hundreds of instances. To which further counts as a charge every time she posted LOL, Not that this wasn't bad enough of a show of stupidity on her part, but she went on to make hundreds of harassing calls under her two New York phone numbers being her home and cell numbers more soporifically, to which were traced back and used against her as well. Prantil left 60 or more good and hostile voice messages that we have in case anyone wants to hear them, in where she's stating all kinds of lies that can be proven as such through hard factual record. What I personally find absolutely hilarious about it all, is in that we have her on tape saying that unless we gave her a specific amount of money, she was going to slam us all over the net. She went on to say on a taped message to which we have in our Poisson, that her case worked out for her in that she was married and came into a bunch of money LOL, What a Creep. You can actually see her attempted extortion in the (Cease And Desist Letter that Prantil has posted all over the Internet) and on her Google blog site. In this document sent to us via regular mail and email PDF that was promptly forwarded to our legal team and law enforcement was a un-notorized and sloppy typed document that was signed in her own hand writing demanding $3,400.00 or $3,500.00 in cash or check from us. It further stated that she was going to turn us in to her local police department for grand larceny and deception LOL. Well, were still waiting to be charged because we didn't pay her shit and don't plan to at anytime in the near or far future. We don't bend to scum balls like prantil or scare tactics. MORON and SIMPLETION are the only words that come to mind when I think of this Prantil hag of a person. Hey guys, if you really want to have a hard laugh that will just make your day, please, please go to Mary Prantil's "Legal Defense" site. Go to the Mary Prantil Google profiles site and read this half-assed cease and desist letter written up by mary herself at . By the way, check out what the link itself says about Jan Windglows, that was made up by Mary Prantil herself, even this link has charges in it that prantil can't prove. I guess she didn't have the money or education to get this thing written up properly LOL. The fact of the matter is: We also have a right under the first amendment to give our opinions of Mary Prantil especially, when she's giving everyone her nasty little untrue opinions of us. We also have the right in defending ourselves in providing hard factual evidence that dispels the unprovable accusations this fool has launched against us over the years. As you can see, Prantil has posted our private pictures, links and residential information WITHOUT our permission in her distortions and lies in painting a picture of who she would like us to be that is in reality, NOT who we really are, or what transpired between her and ourselves five years ago. In short, if she has the case against us that she say's she has, then why is it that we sued her and her not us? Why was she afraid to show up on the summons to prove her case against us? This Stalker and Scam Artist is all mouth and no action. To top it all off, Prantil left a trail of hundreds of nasty and harassing emails along with various email addresses that she made up along the way on throughout the years, along with her postings on the scam forums, Stupid huh? Talk about stupid criminal types, let's not forget the viruses she sent to many of us, (All on record), and being used against her currently on the Internet and in the courts. Actually, I personally think she should be put on the show “The Worlds Dumbest or Funniest Criminals” just for shits and giggles. Prantil, has also stated over and over again “ That Spells Don't Work” yet this is just another lie coming from someone with a moronic personality simply because they do in fact work, just look at her life to prove it to yourself. She once had a good job, boyfriend, money, etc., and now, she has nothing and lives in a cheep dirty cramped apartment that her mother more then likely pays for, as the mother does with everything concerning her daughter, as far as I've been informed. She looked nice and healthy at one time but now appears to be sickly and depressed like someone whom might have a deadly disease likened to aids. Yes, just look at her appearance and come to your own conclusions. Yes, in our opinion, spells do work and prantil is a living example of this, not that her negative actions wouldn't bring a person down like this as well. Broke, sick and being sued by two people at the same time and not leaving out the criminal charges against her by two to four other people there in N.Y.C. plus the fact, of being prosecuted by the state of New York itself. Sounds like magick works to me and that she doesn't lead the charmed or successful life that she want's everyone to believe she lives. As I've said previously, no money, bad health, no love in her life with a good dose of legal troubles coming from every direction. Huh, doesn't sound like God is on her side, as she proclaims, what do you think? So listen folks, please be warned about personalities like prantil's if you value your peaceful life and prosperity as this fool can bring lots of disruption in your life by the bucket loads. Very few people ask us about the crap that this moron has posted about us on line however, once and a great while we do get asked, we send them the Lilith link, and they come right in to pick up spell work with our very legal and ethical sites. If your one of these folks who has read this trash about us some place on the Web, please be sure to read over the part of this site that exposes mary prantil to the public by reviewing her criminal records and charges in their entirety. We can even set you up to speak to many others unrelated persons to ourselves that have had numerous problems with mary t. prantil including the Manhattan New York DA’s office and N.Y.P.D. who is currently handling or prosecuting her case. Should you like to speak with our Attorneys that handled the lawsuit against her, we can provide these numbers for you as well. We are a clean magick site that adheres to the laws of the state of Idaho and federal government, we don't have any valid complaints against us over a fourteen year period of time quite simply, because we believe in doing the right thing by our Clients, and in running an ethical on line business. Prantil has stated as truth, that Jim Morgan is Michael Jenkins and they are the same person that works for Jan Windglows, to which is total crap as we are all different people. Michael Jenkins owns and operates his own site apart from Jan Windglows and her sites and more so, I James Morgan am retired from my own former business of Dragon Spells LLC. I, James Morgan would be the husband of Jan Windglows whom currently is and again, retired but periodically assist my wonderful wife Enchantress Jan with her two main sites You will also see the name Mike Cahill being slammed by this Prantil woman, Cahill is a another unrelated magic site to which attempted to assist mary prantil but failed due to prantil's violent behavior towards himself and others, she went on to charge back on this site several times before this site itself dropped her case. Moreover, Prantil went on a smearing campaign after this to trash the Cahill site out on the forum sites, as she did with so many others on the Internet. You can find his site at should you like to check him out and ask him about his dealings with prantil. So yo see, we are all different sites that practice our own style of magick and further, happen to know of each other on the Internet both professionally and personally in some cases however, we are also each others competition in the business world. Prantil has attempted to confuse the public to no avail by mixing us up and grouping us together in a effort to cause disruption in our various businesses yet, this like many tactics she's initiated have failed. I really don't know what this twisted mentality was trying to accomplish here with this tactic however, it just blew up in her face like everything else she tries to do in extorting monies out people. You've also seen Prantil slamming our Attorney of Scott E. Chapman found at the link below:, whom has brought the lawsuit against Mary Prantil and won it, whom is currently bringing other legal actions against her as well in our behalf. The same Attorney that she accused of copyright infringement and threatened to sue on We would encourage you to drop him a line should you have any questions about the validity of my statements regarding Mary Prantil and the legal actions taken against her by ourselves. Again, should you have any questions about the legal actions taken against Prantil by the New York court system, please call the Manhattan District Attorneys Office and give them her name, or you can contact us directly and we will provide the DA’s name and phone number so you can confirm this information. Another set of options you have, is in simply or in looking up her criminal charges by typing Mary T. Prantil in the case look up section of the site. In closing, Were so very, very sorry that you've been exposed to this trash written about us all over the Internet, but I can assure you that it's all coming from this same freak job being mary prantil, and that none of it has any merit to it what so ever, not a shred of truth ever comes out of this stalkers mouth or postings against any of us. It's unfortunate that some shallow minded and miserable people want to spread their negativity to others in the world just because they've messed up their own lives. Again, it's terrible that good people are made to suffer as a result of the evil actions of a few idiots that just can't seem to get their sh*t together. Whom believes that everything should be done their way and that the world owes them a living. Well, I guess not everyone can be saved and there's always going to be some un-evolved a*s hole in the world such as prantil. The sites above are about helping folks out of a tough situations or problems their having in life and more so, aren’t about the Devil, evil, violence or killing as this prantil person suggest however, we are about prayer, peaceful resolve, right action, justice and bringing people to Divinity through education and of course, through dispelling all the myths put forth by superstition and religion. Some of us have been in this field longer then others and hence, have our own unique ways of casting spells and handling our Clients, some of us offer more spell services then others and so fourth, so please take each site on its own merit via the information put fourth by each, and don't be afraid in asking questions before you contact any caster for spell work. Like I had stated previously, these particular set of individual sites are in fact their own entity’s, or not related to each other in any way so please, be educated in this fact and act accordingly when contacting any of us. If you have any questions at all regarding anything that this person has stated about any of us on the open air ways, please drop us a line and speak to us directly about it. We don't mind addressing your questions or concerns to your satisfaction. Thank You so much for taking the time to read this and we wish you all the best. Sincerely Jim Morgan THIS IS THE NEWEST UPDATE ON STALKER MARY T. PRANTIL. PLEASE GO TO THIS LINK OF :HTTP://IAPPS.COURTS.STATE.NY.US/WEBCRIM_ATTORNEY/CASEIDENTIFIERSEARCH?TXTCASENUMBER=2009NY002655&TXTSUMMONSNUMBER=&CBOCOUNTY=30&PAGENUMBER=1&FROMEMAIL=Y AND JUST TYPE IN THE CODE AND THEN MARY PRANTIL AND YOU CAN SEE HER 9 PENDING CRIMINAL CHARGES. DEFENDANT Name:Prantil, Mary T Birth Year:1964 NYSID:3088617J Back to Index INCIDENT AND ARREST Incident Date:June 22, 2008 Summons/Ticket #: CJTN:63355383N Arrest Date & Time:January 9, 2009 20:45 Arrest #:M09602686 Officer Agency:NYPD Command:20 Back to Index ATTORNEY INFORMATION Defense Attorney Name:Unk, Type:Private (Retained) Court Date:June 30, 2010 Court Part:B Phone:000 - 000 - 0000 Assistant District Attorney Name: Assigned:February 20, 2009 Back to Index NEXT APPEARANCE Date:December 12, 2011 Court:New York Criminal Court Part:B Case Details - Charges Case Information Court New York Criminal Court Case # 2009NY002655 Defendant Prantil, Mary T Charge Detail Disposition/Sentence PL 240.30 01 A Misdemeanor, 1 count, Arrest charge, Arraignment charge Description Agg Harass-2:communicate/alarm PL 215.50 03 A Misdemeanor, 2 counts, Not an arrest charge, Arraignment charge Description Crim Contempt-2nd:disobey Crt PL 240.30 02 A Misdemeanor, 1 count, Not an arrest charge, Arraignment charge Description Agg Har-2nd:telephone PL 240.30 1A A Misdemeanor, 1 count, Not an arrest charge, Arraignment charge Description Aggravated Harassment-2nd Deg PL 205.30 00 A Misdemeanor, 1 count, Arrest charge, Arraignment charge Description Resisting Arrest PL 120.50 03 **TOP CHARGE** A Misdemeanor, 1 count, Not an arrest charge, Arraignment charge Description Stalking - 3rd PL 240.30 02 A Misdemeanor, 1 count, Not an arrest charge, Arraignment charge Description Agg Har-2nd:telephone PL 215.50 03 A Misdemeanor, 2 counts, Not an arrest charge, Arraignment charge Description Crim Contempt-2nd:disobey Crt PL 240.30 1A A Misdemeanor, 1 count, Not an arrest charge, Arraignment charge Description Aggravated Harassment-2nd Deg Case Details - Appearances Case Information Court New York Criminal Court Case # 2009NY002655 Defendant Prantil, Mary T Date/ Part Judge Calendar Section Arraignment/ Hearing Type Court Reporter Outcome/ Release Status 12/12/2011 B PENDING No Type 09/26/2011 B Kotler, L PENDING No Type Russo, S Case Continued (adjourned) Bail Continued 06/21/2011 B Whiten, M PENDING No Type Johnson, Case Continued (adjourned) - Temporary Order Of Protection Issued Bail Continued 03/30/2011 B Whiten, M PENDING No Type Abbate, A Case Continued (adjourned) - Temporary Order Of Protection Issued Bail Continued 01/11/2011 B Whiten, M PENDING No Type Johnson, D Case Continued (adjourned) - Temporary Order Of Protection Issued Bail Continued 10/14/2010 B Whiten, M PENDING No Type Scanapico, N Case Continued (adjourned) - Temporary Order Of Protection Issued Bail Continued 07/15/2010 B Burke, J PENDING No Type Johnson, J Case Continued (adjourned) - Temporary Order Of Protection Issued Bond $1,500 Cash $1,500 (Cash) 06/30/2010 B Sciarrino, M PENDING No Type Johnson, J Case Continued (adjourned) - Temporary Order Of Protection Issued Bond $1,500 Cash $1,500 (Not Posted) 06/14/2010 B Burke, J PENDING No Type Maira, D Psychiatric Exam Ordered - Temporary Order Of Protection Issued Remanded 03/24/2010 B Whiten, M PENDING No Type Thimbrel, Case Continued (adjourned) - Temporary Order Of Protection Issued RoR Continued 03/09/2010 B Whiten, M PENDING No Type Johnson, S Case Continued (adjourned) - Temporary Order Of Protection Issued RoR Continued 03/03/2010 B PENDING No Type Unk, Case Continued (adjourned) - Temporary Order Of Protection Issued RoR Continued 02/17/2010 B PENDING No Type Oviedo, Y Case Continued (adjourned) - Temporary Order Of Protection Issued RoR Continued 12/10/2009 B Mcgrath, K PENDING No Type Barna, C Case Continued (adjourned) - Temporary Order Of Protection Issued RoR Continued 10/28/2009 B Burke, J PENDING No Type Morrison, Case Continued (adjourned) - Temporary Order Of Protection Issued Released on Recognizance 08/10/2009 B Burke, J PENDING No Type Barna, Case Continued (adjourned) - Temporary Order Of Protection Issued Cash $1 (Cash) 07/28/2009 B Whiten, M PENDING No Type Burrofato, Court Adjourned - Temporary Order Of Protection Issued Bond $1 (Not Posted) 06/09/2009 B Ross, N PENDING No Type Barna, Case Continued (adjourned) - Temporary Order Of Protection Issued RoR Continued 04/02/2009 B Kamins, B PENDING No Type Rodriguez, I Case Continued (adjourned) - Temporary Order Of Protection Issued RoR Continued 02/20/2009 B Burke, J PENDING No Type Bent, A Case Continued (adjourned) - Temporary Order Of Protection Issued RoR Continued 01/10/2009 APAR3 Allen, B PENDING Pre-Arraignment Deposition Given Harris, V Case Continued (adjourned) - Temporary Order Of Protection Issued Released on Recognizance These are the Anonymous names that Mary T. Prantil of Astoria New York uses to trash us and others on the scam Forums. Please be aware and know who and what this idiot is doing . If you would like to read more on her use of these names please pull up the prantil Facebook link off of the menu at : AKA Honest Person AKA Honestperson AKA Park City USA, AKA Uta, AKA Pittsburg, AKA Pennsylvania, AKA Washington D.C. AKA Washington, AKA Astoria, New York, AKA Pittsburg, AKA Pennsylvania AKA Park City, AKA Utah AKA Astoria New York AKA Phoenix Arizona AKA SadisticPsychicJanWindglowsHURTME2 - Houston (USA AKA Unhappy Client - Xxx (U.S.A AKA CONArtist-JimMorganNOTaWizardorMagicalPowers AKA Houston (USA AKA SCAMJanWindglowsSpellCastingSchemeOperation AKA Settle USA AKA Astoria USA AKA Honestperson Pittsburg U.S.A. AKA Cc - Essex United Kingdom AKA Enforcer Of Justice AKA Washington D.C., Washington AKA New York, New York AKA Phoenix Arizona AKA Honestperson Pittsburg U.S.A AKA Enforced Justice AKA Phoenix USA AKA UK Other AKA PsychicHater (Seattle Washington)United States of America, AKA do not tread on me (Astoria New York AKA OpinionatedAmerican (Tampa Florida)United States of America AKA Psychic Hater AKA Toronto Ontario Jesus Hates Satan PsychicINSeattle (Tacoma Washington United States of America) PsychicHater - Seattle (, United States of America WitchcraftHater - Seattle (, USA)

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