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Judge David P. Kreider Corrupt behavior on the bench in
27th of Dec, 2011 by User848549
In Alachua County Florida (i.e. “Gator Country”) Judge David P. Kreider is currently under fire for his proven corrupt activities on the bench. He and his cronies have been reported. Some of the agencies that are now aware of the criminal acts include the Alachua County Family and Civil Justice Center (which is seated in the Eighth Judicial Circuit Court of Florida and under the administration of Chief Judge Martha Lott) and the State Attorney’s Office of the Eighth Judicial Circuit of Florida (via Chief Investigator Spencer Mann). Various entities, including the aforementioned parties, have been provided with more than 100 pages of documentation—documentation that includes an organized /detailed report and comprehensive supporting evidence of criminal activity perpetrated by Judge David P. Kreider, etc. during the “Gibson case”. Please be sure to spread the word that if anyone has been a victim of David P. Kreider (in any capacity…he was previously a prosecutor) that the time to act is now. If victims have previously reported abuses by David P. Kreider they should aggressively follow-up and share their stories now while the “pressure is on”. It is time for David P. Kreider and the criminals that have colluded with him to be held accountable. To borrow from an associate's previous statement, the Judge Amanda Williams, Judge Mark Ciavarella, and Judge Gerald Garson cases, just to name a few, make it clear that corruption amongst judges is too prevalent; especially considering the turmoil that rogue judges introduce into people’s lives. More focus must be brought on the immense power that judges wield, and the accompanying autonomy that they have. The punishment for these types of wrongdoings must be severe so that these types of crimes by supposed administrants of justice will become almost nonexistent. It’s obvious that too many judges act without regard for the same law that they hold others accountable to on a daily basis. Most likely because those same judges feel, at least on a subconscious level, that they are “above the law”. Considering a judge’s annual case load, just one of these criminal judges can cause an enormous amount of harm and fallout…some of which some victims probably never recover from. To exploit a long-used saying I’ll close by stating “what’s good for the goose is good for the gander”...relative “slaps on the wrist” for these types of crimes will never bring them to the screeching halt that they should come to. Please share this message with everyone and help bring Judge David P. Kreider to justice for his criminal acts, and help ensure that corruption doesn’t remain a secret. In doing that we can also hold Judge Kreider’s fellow conspirators accountable and send yet another powerful message. That message being that the judiciary’s duty is to “serve the people” not “exploit the people” and that exploitation will not be accepted and will not go unpunished.
3207 days ago by S.B.
The below message was previously posted elsewhere. However, it has been reposted here because the comment pertains to the conspiracy involving the "Gibson Case" and criminal/judge David P. Kreider.


This is an important update to all that have knowledge of the “Gibson Case” and criminally-corrupt Judge (and former prosecutor / prosecutorial division chief) David P. Kreider. During recent months concerned parties who desire to see corruption stamped out and to see justice served have been the source of intense pressure upon various "insiders". One of those key “insiders” involved in the aforementioned matter is Martha Lott who, until last Thursday (04/05/2012), served as the Chief Judge of Florida’s 8th Judicial Circuit.

This message has been shared in order to announce that the scandal related to the "Gibson Case" has taken yet another big step towards it's complete unraveling. Yesterday (04/09/2012) at 05:34 p.m. EST it was officially announced that Martha Lott had resigned from her post as Chief Judge on 04/05/2012. Were it not for her resignation Martha Lott's current term as Chief Judge would have expired on 06/30/2013. To review the official resignation announcement, which ran in Alachua County's largest newspaper ("The Gainesville Sun"), visit the following url:

Robert E. Roundtree Jr. is now the Chief Judge of the 8th Judicial Circuit of Florida. Judge Roundtree has now inherited the problems related to criminal/judge David P. Kreider and Judge Kreider's various co-conspirators; and it is now Judge Roundtree's responsibility to promptly carry out the duties passed on to him regarding resolving those problems. For more information visit the url:

This is a testament to the positive impact that determined people can have in the fight against public corruption.

For the record, everything stated here is 100% true and corroborated by two reports and extensive irrefutable evidence that is in the possession of various agencies. Some of those agencies are within Florida’s 8th Judicial Circuit (within the circuit, included in those entities that are in possession of the aforementioned reports and evidence are the Chief Judge’s office and the State Attorney’s Office Chief Investigator Spencer Mann).
3155 days ago by S.B.
URGENT update for complaint titled “Corrupt Judge David P. Kreider now taints the election process - 2012 (acts from his base in ‘Gator Country’)”

I apologize in advance for sharing this lengthy body of information with you in this manner. Unfortunately, I have no choice (you will understand that by the end of this update). Public corruption is underway and various individuals are precariously desperate. I ask that you please take a moment to read this update in its entirety and review the referenced evidence that is at the included urls. If you haven’t already been following this issue and don’t yet know that this is credible, you will quickly realize that this information is 100% credible. Please share this entire message with everyone ASAP. You will be helping us disadvantaged justice seekers greatly and providing a great service to the public…even if all you do is help expose the criminals. We are in jeopardy and need help now. An ongoing criminal conspiracy is underway in Alachua County, Fla. and various public servants (some of which are powerful) are either aggressively, or—through improper inaction—in effect, covering-up those crimes (many of which are blatant and proven)...this is an undeniable fact. Please help.

ADDENDUM "B" FOR UPDATE #1 (06/04/2012):

The TRUTH HURTS…just ask Martha Lott (includes the below intro and four additional segments)

First and foremost, all other parts of this electronic complaint are true. This particular update is also true. Unfortunately I, and my compatriots with whom I am engaged in this pursuit of justice, have recently been informed that various individuals whom are obligated to do what is right are instead engaged in attempting to illicitly discredit this worthy (and completely credible) movement. Therefore this update has become necessary.


As indicated above, the well-publicized "...Anti-Corruption Report Number 5" was published on 02/15/2012. On 02/16/2012—merely one day later—then-Chief Judge Martha Lott (i.e. guilty-minded Martha Lott) promptly responded by wrongfully appointing proven criminally-corrupt Judge David P. Kreider to the Alachua County Canvassing Board using an atypical—atypical for canvassing board related orders—electronic signature. It likely also did not help matters for then-Chief Judge Lott that the below truthful comment coincidentally showed-up on the website of the “ABA Journal” (that’s “ABA” as in American Bar Association) also on 02/15/2012. The truthful comment appeared on an article dated 02/14/2012 and titled “Judge Accused of Dismissing $268 in Personal Tickets Is Criminally Charged, Put on Paid Leave”; the article was authored by Martha Neil. The comment was promptly removed by the website’s moderator but evidently it did not go unnoticed.

02/16/2012 Painfully Truthful Comment:

Judge Ballentine, and all judges for that matter, should be beyond reproach so it goes without saying that she should pay for her actions. Having stated that, for the most part her crime is a relatively victimless crime. Let’s see if the “powers that be” in Florida punish a judge (and ex-prosecutor) who is a criminal—a criminal that has willfully and egregiously left victims in his wake—as harshly as he should be punished. The Florida judge (and former prosecutor) is David P. Kreider. In Alachua County Florida (i.e. “Gator Country”) Judge David P. Kreider is currently under fire for his proven crimes and we should be reading a story about his criminal prosecution before too long. Judge David P. Kreider’s proven criminality is, amongst other things, a stain on the judicial system and his crimes committed under the color of law are irrefutable. That being the case it is an undeniable fact that David P. Kreider should lose his judgeship, lose his license to practice law, be permanently barred from practicing law, serve a prison sentence… For the record, Judge Kreider and his corrupt cronies have been reported. The Alachua County Family and Civil Justice Center (in Florida’s 8th Judicial Circuit and under the administration of Chief Judge Martha Lott) and the State Attorney’s Office of the 8th Judicial Circuit of Florida (along with its Chief Investigator Spencer Mann), as well as other agencies, are now aware of the crimes carried out by Judge Kreider and his co-conspirators. The aforementioned agencies have been provided with more than 100 pages of documentation. This documentation includes an organized and detailed report and comprehensive supporting evidence of criminal activity perpetrated by Judge David P. Kreider and his co-conspirators during the “Gibson case”. All judges must be held fully accountable and be made to honor the same laws that they subject average citizens to on a daily basis. (END COMMENT) - J, Author

This comment has been reprinted with the permission of the author--a fellow believer in the phrase “justice for all”. To date (06/04/2012) remnants of the comment remain at the ABA Journal website. Those remnants are as follows:

“Comment removed by moderator.

By J on 2012 02 15, 4:44 pm CDT”

To see those comment remnants see the following url:


B - backup copy[email protected]/7331474560/sizes/l/in/photostream/

Note: So as to in no way impugn the ABA Journal I must state that following Martha Lott’s resignation from her Chief Judge post the ABA Journal did in fact leave a comment up that addressed this issue. That comment is on a story titled “Longtime Comptroller is Accused of Stealing $30M From Small Illinois Town in 6 Years”. The story is dated 04/18/2012 and it was also authored by Martha Neil. The comment was posted by me on 04/20/2012 and it reads “This is absolutely amazing. One has to wonder…Legal professionals and the public should be aware. | Next stop Florida. ‘Why specifically?’…This is the gateway to some serious corruption and a major cover-up attempt.”

Once again regarding the comment posted by “J”, “J” also posted the above truthful comment on a “Reuters” article (and other online articles) on 02/16/2012—“coincidentally” the same day that then-Chief Judge Lott executed the illegal canvassing board order. To see the “Reuters” comment—a comment that was posted under the screen name “Jay-A1”—see the following url:


B - backup copy[email protected]/7331492826/sizes/l/in/photostream/


After events--events that indicated that a cover-up attempt was underway—had been witnessed this truthful electronic complaint was posted on 03/14/2012 and subsequently extensively disseminated in order to further expose the ongoing public corruption. This step further raised the ante for then-Chief Judge Lott and the other parties involved. Then to make matters even worse for the co-conspirators, unbelievably, on 03/19/2012—merely a month after the release of the corruption report referenced above and only five days after this electronic complaint was posted online--a second well-publicized corruption related report was released to the public. (*Note: Divine intervention is shining down upon this effort to extinguish this particular bout of public corruption. The co-conspirators would be well-advised to take heed to the signs and promptly end the ongoing travesty which has been sustained far too long.) But back to the report. This particular investigative report is titled “State Integrity Investigation” and in this report Florida received an overall grade of C- (on an A-F scale). At this point guilty-minded / then-Chief Judge Martha Lott likely knew that “the walls were closing in on her” and she needed to prepare an exit strategy. It was likely at that time that then-Chief Judge Lott “cooked-up” the idea for the monument rescind order (i.e. Administrative Order 1.3000 which she reportedly promptly executed on 03/20/2012…just one day after the release of the harsh investigative report). Then-Chief Judge Lott likely assumed that if she had to bow out that that would give her a reason to resign and the reason would be relatively low-cost when compared to facing a criminal conviction for charges related to official misconduct and public corruption. If the pressure became too great then-Chief Judge Lott likely knew that she would eventually have to make a decision regarding David Kreider’s wrongful canvassing board appointment. That decision—whichever way it went would quite possibly mean jail time for Martha Lott, and she likely knew it. Consider the following…due to the report of evidenced blatant crimes Judge David P. Kreider was proven to be criminally-corrupt in the latter part of 2011. That being the case he should have never been appointed to the canvassing board in 2012 in the first place. Actually as “J” indicated in the online comment addressed above, Judge Kreider should have been promptly and officially repudiated in 2011…or at the latest January 2012. Therefore, it goes without saying that if then-Chief Judge Lott’s “hand was forced” her least self-incriminating option would be to resign. Reason being, the act of then-Chief Judge Lott removing Judge Kreider from the county canvassing board would have indicated that then-Chief Judge Lott had made an appointment that she evidently knew she never should have made. The alternative option of reaffirming the wrongful appointment (and being deceptive in a judicial and administrative capacity yet another time) by upholding the wrongful appointment under the false insistence that the appointment is not wrong makes matters worse when the truth eventually comes out. In short, if this situation were to be discussed in terms of a chess match it’s safe to say that, regarding the wrongful canvassing board appointment order, then-Chief Judge Martha Lott found that she was in the situation of “checkmate”. With that being the case, when it starts to look like exposure is imminent an individual in Judge Lott’s “shoes” (i.e. Judge Lott’s guilty “shoes”) likely and understandably goes through a thought process at some point that is similar to the following plausible thought process:

(PLAUSIBLE INTERNAL THOUGHT) “…I can’t leave David on the board. Shoot! I can’t take him off either, because I know I should have never appointed him. I know what I’ll do. We’re (i.e. co-conspirators) already working on making this problem ‘go away’ so I won’t do anything. But if it ‘gets too hot’ I’ll just resign…but not because of this stuff regarding David. All this stuff regarding David is gonna, at minimum, land me a charge of official misconduct if it comes out. That’s a felony. Dang, I need a ‘clean’ exit strategy...”

With that you get Administrative Order 1.3000(A) titled “Rescinding of Administrative Order 1.3000”, otherwise known by us justice pursuers as “then-Chief Judge Lott’s likely intended ‘get out of jail free card’”. Additionally, the following fact also didn’t help Judge Lott’s ongoing cover-up attempt…an attempt which—as is evident from the disgraceful fact that this update (an update that follows the initial reporting of multiple and blatant crimes by nearly six months) is even necessary—unfortunately is still ongoing to date (06/04/2012). FACT: Truthful comments by yours truly were promptly featured prominently on various stories pertaining to Florida’s negative and highly-circulated “State Integrity Investigation” report results.

The above referenced comments were truthful variants of the below truthful comment. The particular comment below was promptly (i.e. on 03/19/2012) placed on the 03/19/2012-dated story published on the website. To date (06/04/2012) both the news story and the comment can be viewed at the Broward Bulldog website.

03/19/2012 Painfully Truthful Comment:

First the corruption report last month that showed Blagojevich’s own Illinois (and Chicago) leading the pack, and Florida trailing not far behind…now this State Integrity report. I’m sure the previous month’s “winners” are glad to have not taken the crown this time around. But seriously, I truly hope these reports lead to much needed change. If the public takes these findings seriously and subsequently starts demanding that our leaders be accountable then I’m sure some long-lasting improvements may result from the harsh truths revealed by the data presented in these reports. The corruption, lack of integrity, and lack of accountability is both sad and endemic. On a related note, a jurisdiction in Florida is now inadvertently setting itself up for an election fiasco that involves a corrupt judge who has several co-conspirators. You can’t make this stuff up…unfortunately it’s 100% true and corroborated by two reports and extensive irrefutable evidence that is in the possession of agencies, including those within Florida’s 8th Judicial Circuit (and Chief Judge Martha Lott and Chief Investigator Spencer Mann). The judge, and former prosecutor, at the heart of the issue is David P. Kreider. Take a look at

for more information. I say prison sentences for all those who think they are above the law, especially public servants whom we should be able to trust. Then and only then will the governmental paradigm undergo the shift that is so dearly needed. Unfortunately the lack of ethics, lack of honor, and lack of concern for one’s fellow man has infected governments worldwide on both an institutional and cultural level. (END COMMENT)

(Note: A second/related truthful comment was placed on 04/11/2012 regarding Martha Lott’s resignation.)

To see the “State Integrity Investigation” report for Florida and the aforementioned truthful comment see the following link:


B - backup copy[email protected]/7331528650/sizes/l/in/photostream/

(The news story—the news story at the above link—that is focused on Florida’s report results is titled “Weak ethics agencies, lobbyist regulation tarnish Florida in national integrity investigation”. The story was authored by “Broward Bulldog” investigative reporter Dan Christensen and it was published on 03/19/2012 at 06:07 a.m. EST.)

To see Administrative Order 1.3000(A) that immediately followed on 03/20/2012 see the following link:


B - backup copy[email protected]/7331579410/sizes/l/in/photostream/


On 04/08/2012 at 12:12 a.m. EST the “Florida Times Union”—one of Florida’s most widely circulated newpapers—ran a story titled “Government wants Tony Nelson's money - and wants him in prison sooner, not later | Tony Nelson was convicted of bribery in February; prosecutors want payments, no delay in incarceration.” The story was authored by reporter Timothy J. Gibbons. Once again a painfully truthful comment by yours truly was posted. The comment was posted on 04/09/2012 at 04:31 a.m. EST and it read as follows:

Next stop Alachua County, Florida. “Why specifically?”, you ask.

David P. Kreider [Mr. Kreider, a proven criminal, is a corrupt Alachua County Court judge. This criminally-corrupt judge also happens to be both (a) one of the circuit's former prosecutors and (b) a former Division Chief for the State Attorney's Office.]

William “Bill” Cervone, State Attorney for Florida’s 8th Judicial Circuit

J.K. “Buddy” Irby, Clerk of Alachua County

Pam Carpenter, Supervisor of Elections for Alachua County

The conspiracy / developing scandal related to the "Gibson Case"

The two irrefutable reports and extensive corroborating evidence that is in the possession of agencies, including those within Florida’s 8th Judicial Circuit (and Chief Judge Martha Lott and State Attorney’s Office Chief Investigator Spencer Mann). The comprehensive reports and evidence span a total of more than 100 pages and in-depthly detail criminal activities carried out under the color of law by criminal/judge David P. Kreider and various other co-conspirators.

This is the gateway to some additional serious corruption. (END COMMENT)

To see the “Florida Times Union” article and my accompanying truthful comment see the following link:


B - backup copy[email protected]/7331613238/sizes/l/in/photostream/

Note: To date (06/04/2012), seeing as how this issue is still unresolved associates and I still frequently post variants of the above comment in hopes that those involved as criminal co-conspirators will soon face justice and in hopes that this sad, troubling, disastrous, and horrific situation will soon come to a proper conclusion. The abuse and injustice has lasted far too long…mind-blowing long. What has been witnessed is unbelievable, jaw-dropping, and fit for a movie screen. Unfortunately, the events are not fiction and the events involve the real lives of real people…including horribly suffering victims. The co-conspirators (including those who in effect conspire by failing to act) continued transgressions (and inaction) are only making things worse for everyone involved—everyone meaning both the wrongdoers and the righteous—with each passing day. But back to the news story.

The aforementioned news story and comment apparently was the breaking point for guilty-minded / then-Chief Judge Martha Lott…it had likely finally become “too hot in the kitchen”. As indicated above, the “Florida Times Union” is one of Florida’s most widely circulated newspapers; it is also a paper that touches the Gainesville / Alachua County areas (related to that is the fact that many of the Jacksonville area readers have personal contact with many of the Gainesville / Alachua County residents). That being the case, the above content likely could not easily be ignored by then-Chief Judge Martha Lott. Thus Martha Lott likely decided to “cash in” her “get out of jail free card” and on this day she tendered her resignation. The “Gainesville Sun” was the first to announce Martha Lott’s resignation from her Chief Judge post on 04/09/2012 at 05:34 p.m. EST (approximately 17 hours after the above referenced Tony Nelson story ran and approximately 13 hours after my comment was posted). The resignation was retroactive to 04/05/2012. It is likely that then-Chief Judge Martha Lott made her resignation retroactive by several days in order to conceal the cause-effect relationship (i.e. in order to hide the fact that she was resigning immediately after the release of the story about busted Tony Nelson—a story which in some ways possibly shares similarities to this case of public corruption…and a story with an attached truthful, but negative, comment related to her). Be they right or be they wrong, were anyone to draw the conclusion that that story/comment was the “cause” and that the resignation was the “effect” that could have easily been deemed suspicious behavior by then-Chief Judge Lott; and that could have brought about scrutiny that would have potentially resulted in tremendous fallout considering everything else that has undeniably occurred. Everyone who has intimate knowledge of this matter and the “Gibson Case” knows that various forms of obfuscation (including, but not limited to, rampant backdating) has been utilized by the co-conspirators…this is an undeniable fact. It must be stated that obviously one of the likely reasons no official reason was given for the resignation was because Martha Lott did not want to compound matters with another lie and as for being honest, well at that time it was too late to start telling the truth about Judge David P. Kreider’s criminality (Martha Lott knew full well she should have told that truth—instead of pursuing the chosen course of action—months earlier in 2011 or January 2012 at the latest, not April 2012…remember, many of David P. Kreider’s and the other co-conspirators’ proven crimes are blatant and thereby required little to no investigative effort).

To see the resignation announcement run in the “Gainesville Sun” on 04/09/2012 see the following link:


(In the event that an error message is received click through it, this is a valid link/story. The story is titled “Roundtree selected as replacement chief judge” and it was authored by staff writer Chad Smith.)

B - backup copy[email protected]/7331663918/sizes/l/in/photostream/

The night following the resignation announcement run in the “Gainesville Sun” on 04/09/2012 I shared the below truthful comment with the “Gainesville Sun”. I actually shared the comment twice; however, neither of the comments ever publicly displayed on the “Gainesville Sun” announcement story:

04/10/2012 (i.e. the night of 04/09/2012) Truthful Comment:

“This is directly related to Judge David P. Kreider and the ‘Gibson Case’"

To see the two comments see the following link:[email protected]/7331696040/sizes/l/in/photostream/

(Disclaimer: To be fair I am stating that evidence did not accompany the above comment.)

The following evening (04/10/2012) at 07:57 p.m. EST the “Gainesville Sun” ran an article titled “Lott resigns as chief judge after controversial order”. The article was authored by staff writer Cindy Swirko and the tone of this article is such that it speculates in a convincing manner that the reason for Martha Lott’s resignation was the likely staged fiasco likely cooked up by Martha Lott on 03/20/2012 when she executed the aforementioned order titled “Rescinding of Administrative Order 1.3000”. Of course this reason has never been affirmed by the 8th Judicial Circuit (for more on this see “Addendum ‘A’ for update # 2” below); but that’s not surprising because that is likely not the genuine reason for Martha Lott’s resignation from her Chief Judge post. These people are “slicker than snot on a doorknob”…the involved individuals likely trade off one criminally-problematic order issue (i.e. the issue tied to the wrongful canvassing board order that is entangled in a David Kreider – related cover-up) for a more benign likely staged problematic order issue (i.e. the issue tied to the monument-related order; an order that likely would not have been rescinded, despite the opposition, were it not for the undeniable implosion of this ongoing criminal conspiracy). That kind of deception makes the telling of half-truths a heck of a lot easier to successfully pull off.

Additionally, the 04/10/2012 “Gainesville Sun” news article contains the following informative excerpt:

“…(Martha Lott) wrote in an email to 8th Circuit Court staff that she resigned after a conflict with court administrator Ted McFetridge. (New paragraph) ‘This week the court administrator and I butted heads for the first time in 33 months. Because Ted McFetridge is so valuable to our circuit, rather than lose him, I have chosen to resign as Chief Judge, ’ Lott wrote.” (END EXCERPT)

To see the 04/10/2012 “Gainesville Sun” story titled “Lott resigns as chief judge after controversial order” see the following link:


(In the event that an error message is received click through it, this is a valid link/story. The story is titled “Roundtree selected as replacement chief judge” and it was authored by staff writer Chad Smith.)

B - backup copy[email protected]/7331718134/sizes/l/in/photostream/

It is safe to assume that a reasonable person would not resign from a high-ranking Chief Judge post due to having a routine workplace conflict with a fellow professional co-worker solely over a monument-related order—especially when the order was reportedly rescinded weeks earlier. Obviously the Martha Lott – reported conflict that occurred between then-Chief Judge Lott and Court Administrator Ted McFetridge was no routine workplace conflict; but interestingly the 04/09/2012 “Gainesville Sun” resignation announcement gives the impression that, regarding the reason for Martha Lott’s resignation, Court Administrator Ted McFetridge “didn’t have a clue”. NEWSFLASH to Mr. McFetridge…in the absence of more weighty known issues a recent non-routine workplace conflict might just be the reason an employee resigns. However, a plausible scenario is that Mr. McFetridge knows that and that his position, according to the 04/09/2012 “Gainesville Sun” article, that “…he wasn’t sure why Lott stepped down in the middle of her term…” is a position that has been taken because it has got to be hard to publicly accuse a co-worker of a crime…even more so when she hasn’t yet been officially charged (and especially when that co-worker is a judge). [Note: As stated previously, these people are slick. The fact that the article states “…he wasn’t sure why Lott stepped down in the middle of her term…” and not “…he didn’t know why Lott stepped down in the middle of her term…” was not lost on us. Subtleties like that make a huge difference in the long run…if you don’t believe that, just ask any of the several lawyers on the Alachua County payroll or any of the several lawyers on the Florida payroll for their opinions. While on this side note, everyone should remember that the article clearly states that Mr. McFetridge said “Those (resignation reasons) are discussed among the judges”.] Back to my previous point. I have never had to bear that burden (i.e. the burden of criminally condemning a co-worker) myself, but I imagine that it would likely be an uncomfortable thing to do. There is a major criminal conspiracy underway and if Mr. McFetridge learned that he had been entangled in that conspiracy through no fault of his own that, in my opinion, would be good cause for a “knock down, drag-out argument”. What follows in this sentence is an undeniably true fact; although Mr. McFetridge may in theory be an innocent party in all of this, he is nonetheless involved due to the fact that then-Chief Judge Martha Lott forwarded him the wrongful 02/16/2012-dated county canvassing board order. With that action came the placement of Ted McFetridge’s name on that wrongful order. That information has been shared with the public and it is understandable that an innocent party would be upset if he found out about it via some public source after the fact. If that had happened to me I would have “torn my workplace apart” for, as Judge Lott stated, “…the first time in 33 months.” Additionally, if the situation wasn’t that complicated I might also have still “torn the place apart”. For instance I would have “torn my workplace apart” if the situation was akin to the following plausible situation. PLAUSIBLE SITUATION: Ted McFetridge, the acting court administrator found out about allegations of judicial corruption from a public source instead of Chief Judge Lott when it is reported that Chief Judge Lott has known about the allegations for months…that would also definitely make me “tear the workplace apart” if I were the acting court administrator. That being stated, if either of those things accurately reflects what happened I just wish Mr. McFetridge would have done the tough, but right, thing and unrelentingly pressed for the issue to be handled “by the book” so that this conspiracy would have come to a screeching halt back on 04/09/2012. Having stated all of that, the following is worth mentioning because it touches on an additional plausible scenario related to the preceding commentary. This matter involves criminal activity that could possibly jeopardize the careers and livelihoods of all who become involved in it. That being the case, any employee that works closely with Judge Lott would possibly be wise to resign and thus remove himself from potential liability if at any point he discovers that wrongful activities are being conducted in the workplace. But that too poses a problem for the wrongdoer for the party that chooses to part ways then becomes, for all practical purposes, a “loose cannon” that is no longer in the fold. In that scenario (from the wrongdoer’s perspective when she isn’t yet ready to face law enforcement meted justice) it’s best for the wrongdoer herself to resign because, although it will—at least in normal circumstances—result in diminished earnings, she can “sleep better” knowing that the “team player” with whom she had the conflict will likely continue to “toe the line” and not “make waves” due to the fact that he is still a member—likely a temporarily disgruntled member but nonetheless a loyal member--of the team. “Waves” are not an option in this situation…various individuals are teetering dangerously on the brink of receiving prison sentences and THEY ALL KNOW IT. Anyone who routinely handles county canvassing board orders in the 8th Judicial Circuit (those such as judicial assistants, etc.) would have eventually noticed the deviation from the norm (i.e. the use of the electronic signature) upon close inspection of the 02/16/2012 Order appointing proven criminally-corrupt David P. Kreider. Once again, this commentary is NOT charging that Court Administrator Ted McFetridge has himself engaged in any crimes or that he is even aware that any proven crimes have been committed. This commentary is simply laying out plausible scenarios in light of the established facts pertaining to this matter and the information provided in the 04/09/2012 and 04/10/2012 “Gainesville Sun” articles (as well insight obtained from the official 8th Judicial Circuit press release issued on 04/10/2012 by Court Administrator Ted McFetridge). We acknowledge that there are likely at least a few other plausible scenarios that have not been touched upon in this section related to Mr. McFetridge. It goes without saying that in some of those alternate plausible scenarios Mr. McFetridge will be 100% COMPLETELY INNOCENT (yes…the redundancy is intentional, we really want that last “INNOCENT” point to be clear to Mr. McFetridge). Again, we acknowledge that Mr. McFetridge may be 100% INNOCENT…guilty-minded / truth-dodging Martha Lott—well that’s a different story. Martha Lott is doing all this illicit multi-month “running around” when all she had to do was run and do the right thing when she first identified Judge David P. Kreider’s (and the initial co-conspirators’) criminality back in either late 2011 or January 2012. Had she done that, much of this sad, tragic, and horrible fallout would likely have been averted.

Pursuing this course of action is a must on our end. The advantaged co-conspirators are constantly at work “behind the scenes” and their obfuscation and dissemination of misinformation is best countered by sharing the truth and/or sharing well-informed insight that has been garnered through experience. With something as simple as a mere press release the co-conspirators have the power to wreak havoc via officially sanctioned lies. That’s risky and they haven’t done it yet (one doesn’t want to get caught lying…some of the co-conspirators have recently learned that the hard way…hence the reason for no public rebuttal to this truthful complaint), but it’s safe to say—based on proven prior bad acts—taking an official stance based on one or more lies is not off-limits for some of the criminals that are involved in this situation. Therefore, we have got to lay out all the information for the public to digest at each opportunity that is provided.


Is all this in this update mere coincidence? Better yet, is all this in this update, in addition to everything else that is pointed out—pointed out with supporting evidence mind you--in this electronic complaint, mere coincidence? Methinks not. Guilty-minded / truth-dodging Martha Lott’s actions speak volumes. The fact that not one public denial has been issued also speaks volumes…and it speaks even louder when one considers all of the (1) inappropriate coercive pressure that has been placed on those that directly or indirectly facilitate the free speech that makes this justice-seeking campaign possible and (2) inappropriate actions that have been taken “behind closed doors” even by those who were previously uninvolved but who have now themselves become “accessories after the fact”. It is also no coincidence that the public has never been provided with an official reason for the resignation (the reason is likely a dark truth that no one on the “inside” is willing to admit yet). But back to Martha Lott. As a matter of fact, by the time of the January 2012 report (i.e. the “additionally damning” second report) then-Chief Judge Lott was herself in a problematic spot. Having stated that, it wouldn’t surprise me if the initial reported “controversial” monument-related order was also intentionally written as a part of then-Chief Judge Lott’s “emergency backup plan” exit strategy. As is indicated in the above referenced 04/10/2012 “Gainesville Sun” article, that reported Order was written on 02/21/2012…more than a month after the January 2012 report and also after then-Chief Judge Lott had already been subjected to extensive pressure regarding this matter. There is such a concerted effort to hide the truth regarding this issue that we are now of the mindset that this issue goes much-much deeper than was initially thought. People charged with administering justice are attempting to cover for proven criminally-corrupt Judge David P. Kreider and his fellow co-conspirators. Having stated that, it is not farfetched to think that then-Chief Judge Martha Lott possibly conceived the idea to execute the reported “controversial” monument-related order at the very same time that she was executing the wrongful canvassing board order (i.e. on 02/16/2012). If that is the case then then-Chief Judge Martha Lott either post-dated the reported Order, or actually waited a couple of days before executing the reported Order, so as to make the connection between the two orders less apparent. As stated previously, everyone with intimate knowledge of this matter and the “Gibson Case” knows that various methods of obfuscation are being utilized. Those methods include, but are not limited to, manipulating dates (this is an undeniable fact)…that makes this small bit of suspicion and speculation reasonable.

I urge all readers to promptly view the evidence at all of the urls of this update so that everyone will know the truth for themselves. And before I forget, in case any of the “bad guys” who happen to be employees are reading this (and I’m sure they are) I’ll remind you that it is not okay to follow wrongful orders. If you are an employee and you are engaged in the furtherance of additional crimes regarding this issue or furthering the cover-up attempt you are in violation of both ethical and professional standards (and possibly even in violation of criminal law yourself) and we ask that you immediately seek assistance from independent agencies to promptly end this travesty. The victims are suffering horribly more and more with each day that passes as the ongoing criminal act is perpetuated via the cover-up related actions/inaction. Please “show some grit” and refuse to do wrong…you literally have the opportunity to be a hero. Those who are following this matter closely have come to the realization that this reads like something one sees at the theater…however it is 100% reality. If you are reading this I ask that you imagine how you would feel and how adversely your life would be impacted if you had been a victim of public corruption (or a witness to public corruption) and the county and state governments, instead of properly addressing the issue, utilized the tools in their arsenal and the extensive resources at their disposal to cover-up the corruption and silence your signals for help and/or your whistle-blowing. I have witnessed that travesty and I can tell you that it is a disastrous, horrific, and multi-dimensional life-wrecking thing for all victims who experience it. As I end this update I’ll state that we have been informed that the co-conspirators are precariously desperate. Independent law enforcement is needed in Alachua County, Fla. pronto…significant public corruption is there. THIS IS SERIOUS.

IMPORTANT ATTACHMENT (Please read it in its entirety):

This update is 100% true and further substantiated by things including, but not limited to, two irrefutable reports and extensive corroborating evidence that is in the possession of agencies, including those within Florida’s 8th Judicial Circuit (and the aforementioned Spencer Mann and Chief Judge’s office). The comprehensive reports and evidence span a total of more than 100 pages and in-depthly detail criminal activities carried out under the color of law by criminal/judge David P. Kreider and various other co-conspirators.

Also refer to:

[Updated most recently on 05/07/2012. This is the initial url and the complaint at this url will remain online to serve as a referral to the below mandated url.]


[This is where all of the updates following 05/07/2012 will be in the future. As of today (06/04/2012) no post-05/07/2012 information is posted here (this is explained below along with other important information that is provided).]

Please read this important notice:
Inexplicably, at this critical time, the ability to update the completely truthful complaint that is displayed at the above listed initial url has been blocked (this problem just arose in mid-May 2012). was notified in hopes that the issue would be remedied promptly (especially before the involved co-conspirators made any additional damaging/wrongful maneuvers or inappropriately benefited from the dissemination of any additional misinformation outside of scrutiny). On 05/19/2012 indicated that it would no longer be possible to update the information at the well-publicized initial webpage/url and essentially that the complaint would have to be duplicated and that all future updates would have to be made at a new webpage/url. [Additionally, for the record, approximately 171 relevant tags or loosely related tags were replaced on the initial electronic complaint after the “edit block” was enacted. (Note: So as to not be misleading, I must state that not all 171 of those tags were distinct from the text in the body of the electronic complaint…however, several of the tags were distinct.) Those 171 tags were replaced with the six tags “base, his, now, philip, process, taints” (the other five tags that remain and which were already in place are “corrupt, david, election, judge, kreider”). However, it is our position that was likely somehow compelled to remove those tags so we do not hold that against Furthermore, it is our position on this end that that is a relatively minor detail.] Now back to the prior discussion. For all who aren’t aware of the following fact I’ll state it for you – FACT: When proceeding from scratch the process of constructing an intricate and detailed electronic complaint like the one that was already constructed is a tedious process…and this update needs to be done now. We are aware that coercion is taking place so we hope that stays strong and doesn’t impede our ability to complete and update the second url. (Note: I intend to complete the second url soon {which will also encompass the integration of this update into the previously constructed electronic complaint}; FYI, if that does not happen {or if the electronic complaint takes on a tone, style, perspective, etc. that is not in line with the previous writing} it is likely because we will have somehow become illicitly impeded against our will. Our side is the side that is righteous; and that being the case, I state that if any readers ever come to think that we have been impeded, restricted, confined, etc. we urge you to doggedly seek answers and accountability independently and/or along with those who have intimate knowledge of this issue.) However, until the second url is completed refer back to the initial url as you review this update. For the record, we are not impugning at this time for we are fully aware that powerful forces are at work and the fact that the initial complaint has remained online is a testament at this point that, and those affiliated with the company, are not “sell outs” and that they are truly champions of free speech and advocates who give a voice to the millions who, were it not for companies such as and its affiliated parties, would largely be voiceless on the internet. This will remain our position so long as continues to champion the causes of the righteous and does not further hinder our efforts to proceed with our truthful complaint at the second url. We utilized from the beginning of this most recent stage of this fight for justice knowing that we had edit capability (a capability that, to the chagrin of the co-conspirators, lends itself well to the creation of organized, easy-to-follow, and mistake-free truthful updates). That being the case, the “edit block” our truthful complaint is now unexpectedly experiencing after being so committed to this endeavor is particularly distressful…obviously this situation is already far too distressful and we don’t need any additional problems piled on.
3155 days ago by S.B.
Correction – The caption under the url (i.e. the "Gainesville Sun" url for the 04/10/2012-dated article) should read:

(In the event that an error message is received click through it, this is a valid url/story. The story is titled “Lott resigns as chief judge after controversial order” and it was authored by staff writer Cindy Swirko.)
3145 days ago by S.B.
The criminal cabal operating under the color of law in Alachua County, Fla. is going down…and hard! Criminal ex-Chief Judge Martha Lott has fallen (she resigned on 04/09/2012 retroactive to 04/05/2012) and criminally-corrupt Judge David P. Kreider is on his way down. That’s right, criminal ex-Chief Judge Martha Lott…check! Outta here! The entire gang is perilously desperate. Information about this highly important matter is all over the web. Justice seekers are fighting serious corruption and ask that the public shine a bright light on all these vermin by turning their eyes to this issue and keeping an intense “burning focus” on it. In addition to the complaints .com truthful electronic complaints [Note: The first complaint—a truthful complaint that was last updated on 05/07/2012—is up but, unfortunately and inexplicably, “edit blocked” for some reason. The second complaint is to-date (i.e. 06/13/2012) still marked “Under Construction”…hopefully we’ll be able to address this inappropriate hurdle soon and get the completed and up-to-date electronic complaint up-and-running (building these truthful electronic complaints from scratch is a very tedious process and several involved parties know this and are presumably inappropriately capitalizing on that fact).] Much has happened since 05/07/2012. Be sure to see the information at the below url:

The information at the above url was first circulated on approximately 06/05/2012. However, it wasn’t until the business day of 06/07/2012 that it was most circulated by us justice seekers.

NEWS FLASH: Practically immediately after the widespread circulation of the information at the above referenced url a MAJOR EVENT happened involving the University of Florida. UF President Bernie Machen reportedly ANNOUNCED HIS RESIGNATION ON 06/08/2012!

That’s right! 06/08/2012! Exactly one business day after the widespread release of critically damning information for the criminals involved in the “Gibson Case” ongoing criminal conspiracy. We justice seekers can’t swear that Mr. Machen’s resignation—a resignation with a structure that, all things considered, “smells of spin”—was related to the Alachua County, Fla. public corruption scourge that has resulted in the “Gibson Case” ongoing criminal conspiracy but we are in possession of evidence that suggests that those things might be linked. Beginning on 06/11/2012, a highly important email that addresses those potential links (and other crucial, yet currently not publicly-released, information/evidence and NAMES) was forwarded to more than 100 journalists, legal professionals, and other “investigative professionals”. If those events are linked it will be exposed! That email’s title/subject is as follows:

“MAJOR event / potential indicator on 06/08/2012, etc. (re: rampant and far-reaching public corruption)”

The email addresses the Alachua County, Fla. public corruption scourge that has spread to the point that it has currently (as of 06/13/2012) and wrongly entangled Florida’s / the nation’s 2012 election process. Justice will not be denied! We are committed and this day of reckoning is long overdue….it’s time for all the criminals to ante up their “pounds and pounds of flesh”. Many are aware that this issue reaches to Tallahassee, Fla. and possibly beyond. The “dominoes are falling” and all who are criminally involved (even if only involved as “accessories after the fact”) will go down. That’s a promise! The “walls are closing in” already…and they’re closing in fast.

For the record, everything stated here is 100% true and corroborated by two reports and extensive irrefutable evidence that is in the possession of agencies (including evidence later forwarded—forwarded during the month of June 2012—to “investigative professionals” that are likely not involved as co-conspirators). Some of the agencies that are in possession of the two reports and accompanying extensive irrefutable evidence are within Florida’s 8th Judicial Circuit (within the circuit included in those entities that are in possession of the aforementioned reports and evidence are the Chief Judge’s office and the State Attorney’s Office Chief Investigator Spencer Mann).

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