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Keen A list of Keen psychics whose predictions never came to pass Internet
3rd of Jul, 2007 by User932375
Here is a list of Keen advisers who did NOT make accurate predictions for me. In other words, I asked them to make predictions on several questions, and these "advisers" were wrong in their predictions. (I try to be generous too, If an adviser has an 80% sucess rate with me, I will put them on my defense list below. Eli Casey
Psychic Michael Sebastian
Lady Celest: asked her about an investment, she admited she was not good at investment questions (in her defense), and she was wrong about the investment. She was correct on some predictions regarding health, however, and was very careful to mention her dislcaimer about not substituting her advice, over the advice one would normally recive from a trained doctor (in her defense).
Josh Evans
Jennifer Moran: (not one right prediction, which is funny, because even a guess often has a 50/50 shot).
Your Love Star
Victoria Sands
Psychic Michael Sebastian
Lady Becky
Stella by Starlight
Master Psychic Natalie
Ask Fran
Helga Morrow
Journey by Spirit
berta76 Your Secret Keeper
Empress Dawn
Roxanne Davis
Rainnbeaux I missed a few, but you get my point. Most of Keen's pshycics had a very low sucess rate making predictions for me. Some of these people were very friendly to talk too, and I felt some of the honestly wanted to be helpful, but this list is not a judge of thier character. All I am saying is that I asked them questions, and they gave me answers that were wrong. These were all some of the highest rated "advisors" not to be confused with the fetuered listed advisers: advisers who pay to have thier listing added to a list. One advisor who is aften at the top of the fetuered listing is: Pennyc: She is charging someting like $40.00 a minute right now. This is more than Silvia Brown (a very famous psychic) charges for a reading. I had Pennyc read for me and she was wrong on almost every question pertaining to different issues I asked about. When asked why predictions did not happen, she just moved up her time frame. I noticed that deorahmills also will move up her time frames. I recall reading one client's feedback whose time frame on when her ex wold comeback had been moved up and up over a year. The poor Lady. In Defense of: (advisors who's majority of predictions did come to pass)
Steven Craig - was a little over 50/50 with me. Slightly better than most of the other one's I talked too.
Queen of Cups18 - was actually succesfull with all of her predictions, and even advised me to save my money and not call too frequently. Not too many like her on Keen. Some highest rated advisers who are pending with their predictions, meaning untile a certain amount of time passes I can not rate one way or the other. magicalsandra- pending predictions
TheLadyRhiannon- pending predictions
LadyPersephone- pending predictions The hardest part of the Keen experince was trying not to become addicted to it. It is perhaps as addicting as ciggerets, but way more expensive. One could easily spend 10s of 1000s of $$$ in the blink of an eye with nothing to show for it. I feel most people fall into the "emotional traps" When is he/she going to come back to me. My advice is to never talk to anyone you do not trust 100% about deep emotional questions. If you are curious if someone is a psychic it is better to try one when you are in a place in your life were you are not feeling emotional. There are some on Keen who I feel may be psychic, yet also alow there clients to constantly call them over and over in the same day week, asking the same questions over and over. These people maybe gifted, but are not ethical unless they tell you that this type of reptitive behavior is obssesive, and that you could stand to loose a fortune very quickly. A good adviser is someone who gives you good advice. Good advice would inclued how not to loose all your money in one week. Generaly, a person suffering from depression does not consult a professional theropist more than once a week. The reason for this is that you do not want to fall into the trap of dependancy. If an adviser or Keen for that matter really cared about you as a person, they would help you set a limit on how much you were allowed to spend on Keen in a given week or month. For the amount of money I have seen some clients spend on Keen, they could have gotten a good psycho theropist to help them with thier emotional problems, and then it wouldn't matter is he/she came back or not. One should also beaware of what a "cold call" is. And other tricks people use, like magicians and carnis to fool you into beliving that they have some type of power that you do not. I would say that the majority of advisers on Keen are a fool's adviser. To know if a person has psychihc abilites you must test them with a series of questions. At least 10-20 and have diffent subjects in mind. They should not all be about your ex or one issue. An adviser should also be able to pick up something very personal about you. If you call and the first thing out of the advisor's mouth is, "I know why you are calling, it is about your ex." Well, I belive that about 99% of the people who call Keen advisers are calling about an ex. Also bare in mind that some letters like J and S are very common. "You will meet someone who has a letter S in thier first or last name." Of course I probbably will!!! Now, if someone says: Who is Sara? And I say: She is my mom. And they say: She is not a smoker, but has an infection in her left lung, and likes to paint, with water color, mostly tulips. And I say: wow, you are right!!! Something with that level of detail may go beyound mere guessing and probability. Is he/she going to call me has a 50/50 chance. If an adviser says he/she is going to call you in six days because their car will have a flat tire, and when you go to pick them up, you will be delayed because of heavy rain, that begins to cut the probabilty down a bit. I had one Keen adviser say to me: she will call before the end of 07'. Before she calls you will meet a girl you will be very attracted to and have a relationship with. Being that this prediction was given in June, there is a ton of time for his prediction to be accurate. He has a very high proability rate going for him. Is it going to be summer fall winter? Try to narrow it down. And no, I have never been in a relationship with someone I was not attracted to. Thank you for stating the obviouse. Sorry for the grammer, I wrote this fast. But, I hope this is helpful and saves you some money. Hey call one or two if you are curious, but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't be stupid and spend a ton of your money on these people!!!! If you are in an emotional state because a relatioship just ended PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't call these people. Get on some anti-depressents, use the money to take a trip somewhere nice to get away. You will be so much happier, and wealthier if you do. Alex
New York, New York

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